Stud Bitch Ch. 02


Shelly was still dressed conservatively as she had just come home from the office. I was scantily clad in my new purple garter belt and stockings. Her male co-worker was in our den and Shelly had convinced me it was time to suck my first cock. She picked up our digital camera, took my hand and said, "I can't wait to see you going down on Jerry." As Shelly lead me down the hall I was still very nervous but excited too. She would be taking pictures so I could see myself being a guy's bitch for the first time. My own cock was warm and semi-rigid, pushing against my thong.

Then we turned into the den and there was her friend, a fit looking man about our age, sitting in the overstuffed chair. He was fully dressed, like Shelly, and I felt sexy yet exposed in nothing but women's lingerie. She gave me a kiss, showed me the camera and said, "Why don't you pose for Jerry?"

I wanted to model the way she often did so I put one arm on top of the TV cabinet and the other on my hip. Shelly took a picture and told me to loosen up a little. I closed my eyes and imagined sexy posing I'd seen before. I pushed my hip out a little and moved one leg a bit behind the other.

Then Jerry spoke: "You've got a nice lean look in those stockings. Now show me your butt."

Jerry's voice was low and he really sounded like he appreciated my attempt to look sexy for him. I did as he asked, slowly turning to reveal my bare cheeks. I swayed my hips the way girls do for his enjoyment. When I was facing him again he was smiling and unzipping his pants. Now I was incredibly turned on, stepping slowly to him, eager to see his cock. He was nearly fully erect when I knelt down between his legs. Shelly was taking close up pictures as I admired this beautiful dick. I leaned forward, consumed by lust and I did it. I kissed my first cock!

I put my lips on his stiff rod and kissed it again. Then I parted my lips and sucked on the tender head of his cock. It was so much better than a dildo! It was warm and soft even as it was hard and standing straight up. I could barely believe it was me using my lips and tongue to suck and kiss Jerry's rod. "I'm really a stud bitch now," I thought as I began going deeper on him. I knew all the things I enjoyed when Shelly gave me a blowjob and now I was the one giving head to a man! I kept my lips wrapped firmly and felt his shaft sliding past as I went up and down his cock. I didn't just let my lips touch as I went, I sucked the way a guy loves to be sucked. Jerry was moaning.

Now I know why women slow down and spend time licking a guy's dick. In just a few minutes my jaw was tired from the energetic oral sex I was giving. I finally had to let him slip from my mouth for a break. I used my tongue to lick him while I made eye contact. Having a girl look at me while she's performing is a turn on and I wanted to be better than anyone for Jerry. As soon as I was able I had his cock in my mouth again. I felt like such a slut wearing my pretty purple lingerie and sucking a man I'd just met. Jerry had his hands on the back of my head, gently pushing me down on his big dick even though I needed no encouragement. I just couldn't get enough of being the bitch on her knees.

I was kissing and sucking the tip of Jerry's wonderful cock as Shelly took close-up pictures of me. Knowing I would see photographs of my first time doing a blowjob kept me excited. Jerry started breathing heavily and I knew he was getting ready to cum. "Take it on your face!" Shelly said and I began stroking him just inches from my lips.

"Take it, bitch, take it!" Jerry moaned as his creamy load shot from his cock.

Shelly snapped pictures as my lips were covered with a man's cum for the first time. Some landed in my open mouth and I savored the new taste. Not so very salty as some think, warm and sticky though, like nothing else.

I wanted to finish like the sluts in all those mpegs I've seen. I smiled with my sperm covered lips and licked them for Jerry and the camera. I'd brought a man to orgasm with my mouth and I was feeling rather proud. Then I used his cock to spread cum across my face. He was still mostly erect and I did what Shelly does for me; I sucked him some more on his very tender tip, extending his pleasure. Finally his hard on went down until I could get his entire cock in my mouth for more sucking. He couldn't take anymore, I had to stop and smile up from my kneeling position.

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