tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStudent Teacher Ch. 01

Student Teacher Ch. 01


(Edited more thoroughly -- but I still need an editor!)


Jessie walked from the staff room feeling confident. The teachers tried to make her nervous about the new class she was to teach but it didn't cut any ice with her. At every school she had been assigned to, the teachers had tried to put her and the other student teachers off.

She had an advantage this time. A fellow student teacher had been there last week and gave her the low-down on the class, so she knew this would be an easy week. Everyone was eighteen and just waiting to finish the term in two weeks. Her friend said they would all settle down even without her presence. She was just there while they revised and so she might not even have to teach. "This is going to be a piece of cake," she laughed.

She sat at the head of an empty classroom refreshing her memory over school rules and the time table while waiting for them to arrive.

The first student rolled in chewing gum and sat down looking bored. Jessie smiled then buried her head in a notebook revising for her own exams. She needed just this week and one exam to pass the course. Following that was the onerous task of finding a teaching post.

As they filed in it was obvious her friend was right. They were quiet and seemed ready, if not eager, to get on with studying for they only had a few weeks to go and just needed to stay out of trouble.

The low buzz of conversation was silenced by Jessie clearing her throat and calling for attention. "As I understand it you all have assigned work. You're not going to classes but will remain here all day; is that right? I'll be here if you need help," she said with a smile. She looked around the classroom seeing a bored, 'can't wait for end of term', bunch of students.

The guys had already checked her out and liked what they saw. She was a petite five-foot-five with a perfect hour glass figure. Most of the girls were taller but they didn't have her curvaceous body, except Melisa but she didn't count. Anyone could see Melisa's large breasts for a joint or a ride home.

"OK. If you need me for anything just let me know," she said. The young guys murmured indecent proposals to that statement but she pretended not to hear. Her face reddened a little and she wondered what she might do if they became too obvious with such rude remarks. She hated confrontation and would do anything to avoid it. Thankfully she had been right to ignore them as everyone quickly settled down.

In the last school a rather large football player had made an obvious pass at her in front of the whole class. There was an awkward moment of silence and she felt everyone looking at her expectantly. She made a mime of receiving the ball and turning it into a joke. The young guy gave her a big smile and the rest of the class went along with it. They too settled down, as she had evidently won them around, even though they had to sit through a particularly boring lesson.

It was well before lunch when the class became agitated but she couldn't see what was happening. It might have been a note circulating or some gossip designed to antagonise one of them. Whatever it was she needed to nip it in the bud before they got out of hand for they were obviously bored and in need of a distraction.

She stood up and asked for their attention. "Has anyone practised interview techniques, for university or work placements?" she asked.

"That might be something useful to do as a break from studying. My guess is you need one," she said. When they laughed politely she was pleased with the reaction.

"Who wants to role play in front of the class? Any budding actors or actresses?" she asked. Having the students squirming from the idea of performing put them onto the wrong foot and defused the earlier rising agitation. She again felt confidently in-charge of the class.

A volunteer put her hand up. "OK, Jenny, I'll interview you for a college placement," she told the girl. In front of the class she interviewed her but despite being in the drama group Jenny didn't do too well. "Not bad but you need to remember they don't know you and may be tired and bored from interviewing other applicants," she said, to the whole class, not just her.

"Why don't you interview me and I'll show you what I mean," she said, trying to be helpful.

Jessie stood at the door waiting for Jenny to prepare herself. The girl smiled nervously at her so she walked across the front of the class and sat at one of the desks.

"Its not right miss you don't look like a student, you're even too well dressed for a teacher," she complained. "You need to get into the role," the young, would be actress, explained.

The others joined in playfully teasing her. She was wearing a smart business suit with high heels and had done so since starting the training course. Her smooth complexion and long hair left her looking too young to be a teacher, even a student teacher, so she dressed older, maybe too frumpy.

"OK! OK! Quiet, I give in," she laughed. At least they seemed keen to join in this lesson. She had always worried about controlling a class, for she was more of a follower than a leader, yet the last few weeks had passed without mishap. It seemed she would pass the test with full marks when the teaching examiner decided to turn up.

Jessie slipped off the jacket to hang it on the back of a chair. Slipping out of the high heels was a relief. She hated them but needed the extra few inches of height. She slipped a hand into her hair to loosen it a bit but it fell down over a shoulder. Meaning to pull it back under control the class convinced her to leave it and to pull the pins out all together.

"That's nice miss you should wear it like that all the time," Melisa told her. "Here, let me help. If you want to be a student you shouldn't be so formal, we aren't in the army you know," the large young woman cajoled Jessie.

A few in the class groaned wondering what the girl was going to do knowing Melisa had little sense of propriety. Her heart was in the right place but she had been looking after her family for some years, since her mother died. It meant she tended to mother everyone, not always in a way expected or welcomed.

"You show her Mel," some of the students remarked, in way of encouragement. They all thought the last person to show anyone how to dress was Melisa. The girl was good natured but known for her outlandish dress styles. It looked like being fun so they coaxed the teacher into going along with it.

Melisa was a tough character used to dressing the youngsters in her family and was putting that experience to good use now. Before the teacher could recover from the first assault another adjustment was made to her clothing. As expected Melisa had unbuttoned the blouse a couple of notches, for her own ample cleavage was always on display.

Before the poor teacher could pull the top back together the young dresser had hoisted up her skirt. She tried to pull it down but Melisa had it gripped in a fist while she rolled the waist band up at the back. It was rolled thick and impossible to unwrap from under the tightened belt.

Her long jet black hair was loose and floated over her shoulders as Melisa pulled her around like one of her siblings. It looked as though she was being shaken up like a cocktail. She had lost the thick rimmed specs so it was difficult to focus. The class showed its approval with murmurs of encouragement. Not all of them decent suggestions.

Of most concern was the short skirt as it was way above the knees showing too much thigh. The girls may wear them short but she was no longer a young student. Her bra was on show but she hadn't noticed it while nervously pulling at the blouse and skirt.

"Thanks Melisa but it's not a play just a short act," she said, trying to disguise the discomfort by sounding amused. She stood before them feeling very uneasy. She wondered if this was a breach of discipline to lose marks over. She had better get herself straight before the examiner walked in.

Jessie tried to pull the skirt down only the waist band was rolled up tight under the belt which had been tightened a couple of notches. "You had better loosen the skirt, it's too short," she told the girl. The guys voiced their approval but she ignored them. The girls added their opinion too but she thought they were being patronising.

Melisa walked off to sit back down at her desk obviously not going to help. She looked at Jenny smiling up at her from the other side of the desk. The young woman had pinned up her hair and donned Jessie's jacket and glasses ready for another interview. The little madam had her high heels on too!

Jessie clenched her fists in frustration and sat down to at least hide her legs for a moment.

As though it were a cue Jenny asked her a question and Jessie wondered if she should just carry on with the role play. It would soon be lunch time so probably too late to expect the teaching assessor. She shrugged her shoulders and leant her head to one side in what she thought was a typical girly pose. "I guess so," she replied, purposely being obtuse.

Her tone of voice mimicked a dumb teenager. She had decided to play along with them and show how not to be interviewed. She concentrated on playing at being an eighteen year old girl, which wasn't too difficult, as she had seen far too many of those strange beings recently

Jessie was twenty-eight and thought of herself as a mature professional woman. After having so much pressure and responsibility recently it was fun sidestepping the questions while playing at being a bored insolent teen.

She pulled her hair away from her face to look at Jenny for something had changed. The questioning had suddenly altered in character to become an interrogation. Jenny had a sharp tone to her voice and deepened it to sound more authoritative.

"Sorry, Miss, what did you say?" Jessie asked, continuing in the little girly voice. It was more than just the question she had missed, the atmosphere had changed, and everyone was looking tense.

"This drawing is obviously your art work, is it not?" Jenny asked.

Jessie looked at the piece of paper with a blank expression. It was an exceptionally fine drawing of a woman in sexy underwear provocatively posed before a blackboard. The lewd suggestions scribbled around it were from different pens.

So this was the note being passed around class, raising the noise level earlier. A look of recognition passed across her face as she realised what had happened. She nodded her head in recognition of the solved mystery.

Why was Jenny showing her this rude picture that was obviously meant to be her? She looked at Jenny with a confused look returning to her features.

"You recognise it then. This note was passed around the class disrupting everyone around you. I won't tolerate disruption of others who are here to work. Say what you like about me but keep it outside the classroom, understood, young lady?" Jenny said with serious undertones.

The heavy tone confused Jessie as this wasn't a part of the interview scenario they had discussed. "No! I didn't do that, what are you talking about?" Jessie flustered, not wanting to join in this new game. One moment she was day dreaming, shrugging her shoulders in a vague answer to questions and the next minute she was being accused of disrupting the class.

For a moment she felt as though this was her high school and she was about to be sent to the principle. She shook her head to clear the nonsensical situation. Before she could put a stop to this new role play Jenny spoke up loudly addressing someone behind her.

"Mister Chapman, how were students punished when you started out? "Jenny asked, with an obvious smile on her lips, which bordered on becoming a smirk.

Jessie looked round to the back of the class. She dropped her face in the long dark hair almost gasping out loud. This must be the teaching examiner and of all things he was marking her ability to enforce discipline in class. She sat at the desk in trepidation wondering what to say to explain away this stupid situation.

How long had he been there listening to their role play? Damn! She had been playing at being a student too well and the way she was dressed must be a breach of discipline too. If she could have pulled down her skirt as she stood up and the assessment had been for class participation it might have been explainable.

She took a deep breath, that sounded more like a sigh of resignation, readying herself to stand up to face the demolition of her career.

He had the miserable sketch in his hand studying the drawing showing amusement rather than annoyance. Perhaps she might appeal to his sense of humour. Thinking of her friends notes she remembered the comment on his lack of humour and there was something else too that she couldn't quite remember.

Her legs shook too much to stand. Jessie looked up at him ready to confess to anything just to get the awful moment over with.

"In my time a student would be caned. Not acceptable now but then discipline has suffered as a consequence," he stated firmly.

"I agree Mister Chapman. What do you have to say to that young lady," her student asked. Jenny leaned forward to whisper. "Keep quiet and I'll get you out of this otherwise you'll lose your career," Jenny told her.

She couldn't play along with this it just wouldn't work, anyway it was wrong. "I'm not." She started to say she wasn't a student but was cut off.

"I know you regret it so say no more," the student told her. Jenny patted her teachers head meaning it to be condescending as a way of showing superiority. Her teacher was about to rebel so she deftly palmed her chin. The grip was tight preventing the teacher from speaking.

Pulling up her teachers face enabled her to look down at the woman from a position of superiority. Jenny brought to mind a part in a play to add authority to her voice and apply pressure on her teacher.

"You're a fine artist and I understand the artistic temperament courts controversy. You need to pass your last exam, so don't cause trouble in my class, understood?" Jenny demanded of her teacher. She was alluding to the teaching exam and by the look on her face Jessie caught on.

Jessie tried once more to denounce the girl only the words slithered out meaninglessly. It must have been a mental block preventing her from declaring her position before this powerful man after being humiliated. At her age she was dressed like a slut and had obviously lost control of the class. Whatever Jenny had in mind she would have to go along with, it was her only chance for redemption.

"Sorry miss, yes miss, thank you miss," she said. Feeling it was a complete capitulation Jessie slumped into the seat hiding somewhat behind the desk and her long hair. She felt as though she might sob as if in a private world hidden away behind the long dark hair.

Jenny and Mister Chapman stood by the teacher's desk chatting. Jessie squirmed in a student's seat irritated at having her authority stolen from her by a young girl. It was too late now to stand up and declare she was the teacher, she would look a fool. She felt more than foolish for she had been downright stupid.

The situation was intolerable. She should be standing there with the examiner discussing her future; instead this eighteen year old student had usurped her place. She felt as though all the power and authority as a teacher had just slipped through her fingers.

Sitting there as a student pushed her back to high school days leaving her feeling small and insignificant. She was a child wishing to be recognised by the teacher and a powerful imposing man. To escape the dreadful feeling of helplessness she was willing to raise her hand for permission to be excused.

Everyone around her knew what had happened and it had placed her further in that girl's power. She tried to remind herself she was an adult and a mature responsible woman, not a young irresponsible student. She managed to gain enough self-confidence to put her hand up.

After all, the student teachers put their hands up in class, though not to leave the room. It was obvious she was being ignored. She needed to get out of this class and pull her clothes back together, for she dare not do it in front of him, in case he took a closer look at her. Besides the practical issue, it had to be admitted, there was a need to run away and hide from them all.

The students could see she was being ignored and were enjoying her predicament. At last Jenny took notice. She had to for the students were starting to giggle at the sight of a teacher sitting with her hand up waiting for permission to speak.

Jessie was visibly relieved to at last escape the dreadful tension. It was dreadfully humbling but she had to do it. "Please miss, may I go to the bathroom," she asked. Hearing her trembling voice asking the young girl for permission to use the bathroom was dreadful.

"Not now young lady, you will have to wait, class will break up soon for lunch," Jenny interrupted. Her voice was hard and she meant what she said.

The rest of the class understood the message as clearly as Jessie did. She was being firmly put in her place while Mister Chapman looked on. He nodded with approval at Jenny's show of discipline.

They watched in silence their teacher reluctantly lowering her hand, looking as though her whole body was collapsing with it. The mood of amusement changed to derision for their teacher as she clearly submitted to Jenny's new found supremacy. At the same time they were delighted with their fellow students rise to power, looking up to her with admiration.

If Jessie got up and stormed out now she might be stopped by Mister Chapman. She would be recognised as being too old to be a student and the sorry situation would emerge. She would be thrown off the course and more crushing still, she would be laughed off the course.

She tried to calm down while carefully watching them with the terrible thought that her future career was in this young girls hands. She wished she could hear what they were saying.

"It is refreshing too find a teacher that believes in discipline," he said.

"Oh yes! My father was a strong disciplinarian, Mister Chapman," she lied.

When he walked in the door he had nodded, mistaking her for the teacher. It was then she switched into teacher mode. Easy to do when you've spent the last too many years listening to the same old hackneyed sayings they trot out. She was sure he wouldn't recognise her as a student and she was right.

"Call me Bernard if you like," he said.

The old devil was flirting with her! She blushed but then realised he had seen the teachers records and thought she was nearly thirty. Jenny looked across at her teacher and marvelled at how young she looked. Especially since she caved in, her whole body language had changed.

"Oh no, I couldn't. My father taught me to show all men respect. He taught me to be a respectful woman, sir," she said, as sincerely as she could without laughing. The whole class knew what he was like with student teachers, not that he ever got anywhere with them. Jenny was determined to make trouble for him and perhaps at the same time gain some points for Jessie.

"I just remembered something I found in the back of the cupboard. I am sure it would amuse you, perhaps bring back memories," she smiled. Jenny was good at presenting winning smiles to adults. The old teacher fell for the respectful demeanour and was ready to follow her anywhere.

In the store cupboard she bent under a low shelf with less modesty than usual. "It's here somewhere, do you mind waiting while I find it?" she innocently asked.

She and two others knew exactly where it was for they had been tasked with clearing the cupboard a few weeks ago. It had been amusing finding it in the dust and they had played at being teacher and students.

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