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Stuffed In Her Ass


Christine and I were at the supermarket the other day picking up a few things for the weekend. It was late in the evening. As we shopped the produce aisle I immediately remembered the conversation we were having last week comparing the size of a man's cock to that of a cucumber. Christine was always intrigued at the idea of what it might be like having such a huge hard thing like that in her. The conversation that day progressed to the point of me suggesting the idea of using it in her ass. Christine loves anal sex and I imagined what it would be like seeing her cute rear end getting something that big. Just the thought of it made me nuts. I could only fantasize how wide her asshole would have to stretch to accommodate anything so big.

Now here we were in the produce aisle walking past the cucumbers. I immediately stopped. I began sorting through them looking at the different sizes and shapes. I found one that was about ten inches long and pretty thick. I figured it to be nearly two and a half or maybe even three inches thick at the fattest part. Christine was watching me so I held it up and then dropped it into our basket.

She never said a word the whole time we shopped or even in the car. When we got home we had a quick bite to eat, then changed into some relaxing attire. I sat down in front of the TV pretending like I didn't have anything else planned. I knew Christine was thinking about what I bought and I decided to see if she'd say anything. It didn't take long. As soon as she sat next to me she asked.

"So what did you have in mind with that cucumber?"

"I think you know. We've talked about it enough," I answered.

Christine smiled. "Now?"

"Yeah," I replied. "Why not? Go change for me... stockings..., bra..., high heels.... and that's it."

Christine got up and headed to the bedroom.

About five minutes later Christine was in the living room dressed just as I asked. I had the video camera set up to film this extraordinary event. I've always wanted to do this to Christine and I had to get this on tape.

She knelt on the floor wearing her stockings, bra and heels waiting for me to begin. She was in the position I like most, with her ass up in the air ready for me to use it. Seeing her like that had my cock getting hard already and I hadn't even done anything yet.

I grabbed the ten-inch cuke carrying it over to Christine. Then I surprised her. I handed it to her along with a bottle of lubricant saying, "here... you do it. I'm going to watch." Then before I walked away, I surprised her once more. I slipped a blindfold over her eyes.

"What's that for," she asked?

"You'll see," I answered. "I have a few things in mind."

Christine loves being a tease, especially if she knows it'll get my cock hard.

But now I was turning the tables on her. She knew I was up to something, but had no clue what it might be. No doubt the anxiety would be building in her while she used the cucumber. I'm sure she would be wondering when... and what would happen next.

I sat on the sofa while she squirted a good amount of lube into her asscrack. She spread it around with her fingers being sure her entire crack was well lubricated. She pushed one finger in through her anal hole working some inside. Then she squirted another big glob in her hand and using two fingers slowly pushed as much of the lube into her ass as she could. I could see that her whole rear end was covered.

Christine then lubed up the cucumber wiping over its entire length making sure the whole thing was well coated. She was being so careful too, so as not to get any on the floor since the blindfold prevented her from seeing what she was doing. I'll bet she thought that being so deliberate with the process would make her a tease. Honestly she was. I was getting anxious to see her fuck that cuke into her ass. "C'mon Kitten, push that big thing up your ass. Daddy wants to see his little girl's asshole stuffed."

"Yes daddy," she replied in a soft sexy whisper. She just loves to pretend being my little girl and acting so dirty for me. Our naughty "daddy"... kitten" scenario always arouses us both.

She placed the tip of the huge cucumber against her tight asshole. As large as it was, it looked even bigger now that it was between her asscheeks. She began pushing and wiggling it around attempting to stretch her anal hole open so she could slide it in. She was pushing slightly then wiggling it again, and then applying more pressure to it. "UGhhhhhh," she groaned. The tip had widened her hole enough for it to enter. "That's it honey. Looks like you got it started," I excitedly commented. She began pushing a little more. I could see it moving. About an inch was in her ass making her anal hole stretch wider. Then she twisted and pushed and her tight hole opened almost to the thickness of the huge cucumber. I could see her asshole gripping it and I'm sure her anal ring was stretched wider than ever before.

She continued working it deeper taking another inch. "Ohhhhh, daddy.... it's so big," she grunted out.

"Yes Kitten, I know," I replied. "But you look like such a filthy slut fucking yourself like that." My cock was already hard and I was stroking it while I watched my sweet darling little girl acting like a whore for me. "Keep going honey. Stuff that hot little ass for me."

Christine groaned as she pushed on the end of the cucumber forcing more into her tight little bottom. "Oh my God daddy...," Kitten moaned in a desperate voice as it slowly traveled deeper into her rectum. "IT"S SO BIG..."

Then as Christine continued to push a little further...., "ooohhhh..." she heard it. It was the sound of a soft voice gasping in disbelief at what was happening in our living room.

What Christine didn't know was that while she was busy inserting the cuke up her asshole, our neighbors Bob and Kathy quietly walked in and were seated on the sofa next to me. They had seen everything right after the blindfold went on. The moan Kitten heard was Kathy.

Christine and I had spent many evenings together with them. They're great company. Most of the time it was just getting together to watch a movie and chat. Of course, as our conversations would progress, we ultimately would wind up talking about sex. Christine always mentioned that when she and Kathy were alone, usually in the kitchen, they compared notes. Bob would also tell me how Kathy thought Christine was so sexy and she didn't know if she could ever be as naughty in bed. Obviously Christine told her about many of the kinky things we've done. Bob would even ask advice on how to get his wife to let loose and be more open-minded. If Christine only knew I had this planned? She was performing like she's never done before. My only reservation was that I hoped Bob's wife Kathy didn't freak out when she saw what Christine was doing.

Bob looked at me smiling when his wife let out her expression of astonishment. She had been staring at Christine almost mesmerized at what was taking place.

Christine stopped instantly when she heard the noise. "What was that? Is someone here," she asked? The cucumber was about half way in and she was panting and taking deep breaths.

"Why are you stopping Kitten," I asked ignoring her question? "C'mon... be a total whore for me and fuck your ass with it."

"Is there someone else here," she inquired again not really sure?

I crawled over to her and slapped her ass. "C'mon you nasty little whore. Show me what you can do." Then I started teasing her with my tongue licking her soft asscheeks.

"Oh daddy, I feel so dirty like this. It's so big... And..." She paused a moment.

"Is there someone else watching me?"

"C'mon Kitten. Show us how dirty you are." At first what I said didn't sink in. Then after a moment...."OH NO!!! NO!!!... Please don't tell me....."

I interrupted her. "Yes Kitten... Bob and Kathy are here. Now don't stop. Show Kathy how you act like a whore for me."

I had my hand on Christine's ass and I could feel her embarrassment. It was one thing to act like a slut in private with your lover, but in front of the neighbors too? She could only imagine what Kathy thought right now. Christine knew how conservative Kathy was and for her to see this display of kinky perverted sex play... well..., for sure she had a whole new image of my Kitten.

"Don't stop Christine," I coaxed. "Just think...'slut'"

After a little hesitation and some more urging, Kitten slowly continued. I'm sure the blindfold was the only reason she could keep going. If she had to look Bob and Kathy in the eye, she most certainly would have been much too humiliated. It was embarrassing enough just knowing they were there watching.

Christine gently pulled on the cucumber and part of it backed out of her hole. As she did, her anal ring gripped the cuke tight and I could see her tight flesh hugging it. It looked so damn nasty. There's just something so hot about a beautiful asshole getting stuffed, especially with something big. Christine then pushed it back in to about the same point, taking half of the cucumber again. "That's it Kitten. Fuck your ass. Fuck it for daddy."

She was such an obedient girl, even with an audience. She kept sliding that huge cucumber back and forth through her asshole. After a while she picked up the pace and was stuffing her hole pretty hard. I asked if I could help. "Want some help, honey? Want daddy to help fuck your tight little ass for you?"

I put my hand on hers holding the cucumber and guiding it through her sphincter a few times. "You're a dirty little thing Kitten, you know that? How many girls do you know shove cucumbers up their assholes? How many let their neighbors watch them act like perverted sluts?"

Even though I was trying to humiliate her, Christine was moaning out more and more. She was getting into having this large object sticking in her rear end. So I decided to coax her on.

"How about showing daddy how you can take the whole thing." I asked?

"Oh daddy!... But it's so big, she moaned out.

"C'mon Kitten... you can do it," I coaxed. "Show daddy how deep your ass is."

"All of it daddy, Christine asked as if checking to be sure?"

"Yes, honey..., all of it. I want to see the whole thing buried in your slutty ass."

Bob and Kathy were quite excited at what I was asking her to do. Bob was rubbing his crotch and Kathy had her legs tightly squeezed together with her hand stuck between them.

I held Kitten's hand tight on the cucumber. "We'll do it together, okay? All the way in."

"Oh daddy.. go easy please." Still holding her hand I began pushing. The cucumber began going in deeper and deeper. "OOOOUuuuuuuuuu, daddy!!!" "Ohhhh daddy..." I pushed more... and more... steadily forcing it up her ass. I've never seen anything like it. Her ass was swallowing the huge green cucumber inch by inch.

"Oh Kitten, you should see how much is in you. What a nasty little ass... You're such a hot little anal slut."

There was less than an inch left. Her anal hole was actually closing up as the contour of the cuke was getting smaller at the end. She had easily nine inches buried in her ass. Christine could hear the comments coming mostly from Kathy.

"My God.. how can she do that? She IS a slut."

I took my hand away. "Okay honey, we're almost there. Now you do the rest. Shove it in your ass." Christine placed her thumb on the tip. She pushed. She let out a deep grunt, as there was a lot of resistance. I'm sure the cuke had pretty well filled her rectum and the other end had to be pushing on the walls deep in her ass. She pushed harder... and slowly it began moving deeper. Christine was moaning, grunting.... "Oh my God daddy...."

"Don't stop honey. Shove it all in. Remember, you're a slut and you love having your ass filled. She gave another hard push with her thumb.... and... "OOOHHHHHhhhhhhhhh, she gasped almost frantically. It was gone. Her puckered anal hole closed up tight and the whole cucumber was stuffed inside her gorgeous bottom.

"FUCKKK!!!!," I yelled out. "You nasty little slut. You took the whole thing. It's all in your ass. What a dirty whore... you anal fuckslut... stuffing your tight little shithole like that."

I was out of control yelling obscenities at her because it aroused me so much. I was rubbing my cock through my pants like crazy. Christine was breathing heavily trying to explain how she felt. "Oh daddy..., my ass.... it's so full."

Bob was going nuts too rubbing his cock with one hand and feeling his wife up with the other. "You lucky son of a bitch," he screamed. "You got your own personal whore."

Right in the middle of our living room floor I eased Christine onto her back. She was moaning to me how full she felt. "Daddy..., I don't know if I can hold it. It feels like I have to go."

"Just hold it in Kitten," I ordered. I want you to keep it in your ass for me."

"I'll try daddy,... I'll try," she whimpered in obvious discomfort trying to keep the big cucumber in her rectum.

I spread her legs and started licking her pussy. "Want daddy to fuck you," I asked?

"I'll bet your cunt is really tight now."

I put my middle finger on her tight anus. It was almost hard to believe that right on the other side of her cute little pucker was a ten-inch huge vegetable buried in her ass. I pushed my finger against her hole. It easily opened allowing my finger in. Instantly I came in contact with the end of the hard cuke. I pushed deeper, letting my finger follow the shape of the object. My finger felt squashed between the huge vegetable and the flesh of her rectum. "Can you feel me in there Kitten, I asked? I knew she could. I just wanted to hear her moan again. "Does my slut want her ass finger fucked too?" I probed around feeling the soft warm walls of her anal cavity. When I pulled out I pushed on the cuke again just to make sure it was in as far as it could go.

Bob had brought Kathy reluctantly from the sofa. They were kneeling on the floor with me. I think Kathy was more nervous watching than Christine was performing. "Ever touch another girl's pussy, I asked looking at Bob's wife? She shook her head fast saying, "No!" I sensed a quiver in her voice as I think she knew what was on my mind. "So go ahead. See how wet Christine is?" Kitten didn't say a thing. She just lay there allowing us to examine her naked body.

I grabbed Kathy's hand and moved it between Christine's legs. I placed her fingers on Kitten's wet cunt and then I backed away. "Go ahead Kathy. Feel her cunt."

Kathy timidly ran her fingers over Christine's slit. It was obvious that Kathy was somewhat intrigued at feeling another female pussy, as her fingers roamed all over between Kitten's legs. I sensed she was enjoying it when she whispered out, "she's so wet." When she let one finger slide in a bit, Christine moaned out making Kathy pull away. "Don't stop Kathy," I urged her on. "She likes it." I know Christine was really embarrassed having our neighbor fingering her pussy. But despite those feelings Kitten couldn't help from expressing her enjoyment of the soft touch of Kathy's hand.

Then I suggested to Bob, "Why doesn't she have a taste?"

Kathy quickly looked at me snapping back, "OH NO!! I couldn't."

"Why not," I asked? "Are you worried about what Christine will think?

Kathy remained silent and didn't answer.

She's just a slut for our enjoyment," I explained.

"I don't know," she finally replied. "I've never done that before.... lick another girl's pussy?" Kathy just shook her head.

"First time, huh" I replied? "So go ahead.. try it. Two pretty girls gettin' it on together... FUCK!!... you two will look so hot..."

Bob wasn't saying a thing. But I could tell he desperately wanted to see his wife acting like a filthy bitch for him. And going down on Christine licking her cunt would certainly be good for starters.

"C'mon Kathy," I kept coaxing. "Christine will love it.. trust me.. you will too."

Kathy was thinking about it. Part of it I'm sure was being caught up in the excitement of what Christine was doing and part of it was her own curiosity. Either way I know Bob wanted to see his cute blonde wife go down on Christine.

"Is it okay Christine," Kathy asked as if looking for Kitten's permission?

"What are you asking her for," I immediately snapped out? "She's just whore. If you want to eat her cunt... just do it."

I could see that Kathy had a hard time believing the way I talked about Christine having so little consideration for what she might want. I'm sure she was curious as to why I treated her as nothing more than a body to fuck and to use for my sexually perverted fantasies.

"Go ahead Kathy," I continued. "You have to understand that Christine is a fucktoy for us to enjoy.... and nothing more. I could see that Kathy was almost convinced. "Watch... I'll show you. She's just a slut willing to do anything."

While Kathy and Bob watched I crawled up between Kitten's legs, unzipped and guided my hard cock to her pussy. "I'm gonna fuck you Christine." I announced it right in front of our guests. I moved forward and my cock entered her cunt. Damn, was she tight. The cuke was stretching the wall between her rectum and cunt so much that it constricted the size of her pussy. I leaned forward and shoved myself in all the way. Then I began fucking her tight hole. In seconds Christine was screaming. "Ohhh daddy... Ohhhhhh daddy.... you're gonna make me cum." I started ramming her harder and faster. "Go ahead slut..do it.... cum for me. Cum for daddy. Show Bob and Kathy how hard you can cum with your ass stuffed and my cock in your hot wet hole."

She was moaning out of control as my hard shaft scraped across her clit over and over. I reached down grabbing her blindfold and ripped it off. Now she could see Bob and Kathy intensely watching. I can only imagine the feeling she had knowing that our neighbors were right there watching her fuck.

"C'mon whore," I yelled. "Are you going to cum? Or should daddy shove more up your ass?"

I knew she was very close to an orgasm, so I backed off and pulled my cock out. I'm sure she was wondering why I did that. I quickly turned to Kathy, "see... just a slut.. that's all. Now you finish her off. Suck her clit and make her cum."

Kathy's face instantly became petrified. Bob was all kinds of excited. He wanted to see his wife acting dirty with Christine so badly. I placed my hand on the back of Kathy's head and pushed her forward. Even Bob was coaxing her too. "Go ahead honey. Do it!"

I kept pushing her head down. Then finally she stopped fighting and let me. Her mouth got closer and closer until finally her lips touched Christine's wet pussy. Kitten moaned out, "Oh my God... Yes... Yess...Lick me... Make me cum..." I pushed Kathy's head forcing her mouth completely over Kitten's hot juicy cunt. "Ohh Yesss...," Christine cried out. "Suck my cunt...lick my clit.... Please!!..."

"Look at Christine Bob," I remarked. "She's begging for it. Isn't she an incredible little bitch?"

"And look at my wife too," he replied back in disbelief. "I can't believe she's doing this."

Kathy's tongue was all over Kitten's throbbing pussy making her squirm around on the floor. I guess Kathy was pretty turned on too. For a sweet innocent wife, she was slurping through Christine's cunt savoring the taste and wasn't afraid to show it. She was moaning, "Mmmmm...Mmmm...Mmmmm..." Then in matter of seconds Kitten began to orgasm. She groaned and screamed out, "I'm cumming..."

I put one of Kathy's hands down on Christine's ass. Then I whispered to her making sure it was loud enough for Kitten to hear. "Want to feel that big cucumber? Go ahead.. stick your finger in the slut's ass." Kathy must have been extremely aroused after licking Christine. She must have been curious too. She took one finger without hesitating and poked it up Christine's asshole. From Kitten's reaction it intensified her orgasm immensely. She began thrashing about wiggling her ass on Kathy's finger moaning, "I'm cumming... I'm cumming..."

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