tagLoving WivesStuffed to the Gills

Stuffed to the Gills


That rat bastard was going to pay for this, she'd forgiven him the first time but when Elena found evidence of him cheating on her with at least one but possible two women oh she was going to make him pay. She scrolled through the program that she'd installed on their desktop to monitor his actions online, the bastard was rather full of himself Manuel was, but not that bright. Some days she wasn't quite sure what had prompted her to marry him and then was reminded being six months pregnant with his child was a good motivator.

Divorce came to mind but she pushed that aside, that would be too good of a result for him right now, she had other plans in mind. Fingers tapped rapidly over the keyboard, a few mouse clicks later and she had delved into the underground adult sites in the towns nearby. There was something particular she was seeking and it took a little while to find the right place for her revenge. A few more clicks and she wiped out as much of the search history as was possible.

She kissed Manuel goodbye, waited till he pulled out of the driveway, and made her way upstairs to the bedroom. Elena stripped down and stood in front of the mirror, hands on her hips. Her skin was light in color, hair quite dark as well as her eyes, and her face betrayed her mother's Hispanic heritage. A dark purple lace bikini was first pulled on, covering her shaved pubic mound that she'd touched up this morning in the shower. A matching lace bra was put on next, the front clasp was shut and she adjusted the straps and cups till they were as comfortable as a bra was going to get.

A pair of black jeans followed, the length of the jeans was one size shorter than normal as she intended to wear a pair of pink heeled sandals. A pink t-shirt was slid over her torso and dark hair pulled out of the back. The t-shirt had a little fancy stitching but otherwise it was fairly plain, she didn't want to risk ruining a good shirt after all and this was going to get dirty. A light spray of Jasmine cherry blossom spray followed by running a hairbrush through her hair and putting it up into a pony tail and she felt ready to go.

Elena put the car into park and took a deep breath, exhaling slowly then picking up a small purse and stepping out of her vehicle to head inside the store. Dark eyes glanced around at the patrons, there did seem to be quite a few of them and most were keeping to themselves and yet she could feel eyes upon her. A small smile was offered to the store clerk and she finally laid eyes upon the sign she'd wanted, heading towards it. Through one door she passed, paused to look around and found a door at the end of a line of doors to enter into. Once inside she settled into a plastic chair, pulled out a couple of dollars and fed the video player selected a movie that seemed ok to her and began to wait.

It wasn't long till she heard the door to the stall next to her shut followed by the whir of a dollar bill being inserted into the machine. The sounds of a bad porn filled the booth and were followed by the unzipping of pants. She heard the occupant shuffle around within the booth and then finally saw movement at the hole in the wall between their booths. Breath was caught in her throat as anticipation was heightened, eyes watching impatiently at the hole till finally the tip of the occupants dick appeared. She slid to her knees and waited a moment, noting that he was still soft, fingertips took the shaft lightly in and gently began to caress his skin. Tongue darted out and she lightly licked the tip over before taking him into her mouth.

The taste, she'd forgotten what it was like to taste a cock other than her husband's and this one was a bit saltier perhaps he'd been sweating recently. Her tongue lightly stroked the underside and she could feel him growing, the tissue expanding within her mouth till he was fully erect and just enough to fill her mouth. Elena could feel her panties grow wet at the naughtiness of it all, kneeling before this hole in the wall with a strangers cock in her mouth and it strangely felt right to her. She stayed that way for a few moments, tenderly stroking the underside of his cock with her tongue before beginning the slow bob of her head. Index finger and thumb gently pinched the shaft and began to lightly stroke as his moans came to her ears. It wasn't long, perhaps it had been quite some time since this man had been blown, and she felt him swell and release his load into her mouth. Dutifully she swallowed it all and lapped the cock clean of any sticky residue then whispered, "Thank you for the cum sir."

Tongue lightly licked her lips clean as she came off the high of what had just happened. It felt dirty as rightfully it should, but it also made her feel oh so alive much more so than her marriage had made her feel in the last couple of years. The door in the next stall shut again and so she prepped herself again, hoping this one would last longer than the first. Instead of a cock though, fingers came through the hole and reached down towards her chest to which she arched her back and offered up to him. A soft moan escaped her lips as he groped her, desiring more she pulled up her shirt and off her torso. She watched as his dark fingers caressed her through the bra then undid the front clasp. The bra was shrugged off her shoulders and both articles of clothing were thrown onto the chair.

Soft moans as he pinched and twisted her tan nipples, how long had it been since someone had groped her so? Eventually the hand returned back to its owner and the hole in the wall was filled with shaft and ball. This cock was much larger than the last one, obviously above average, and she could feel her mouth water at the opportunity to play with it. Elena leaned forwards to begin placing soft kisses over the shaft, head, and heavy sack. Her tongue slid out to caress the wrinkled sack, rolling around the heavy balls within. "Got a big load for me in there dear," she whispered before taking one of the balls in her mouth and rolling it around gently, giving it a soft suckle. It's twin was treated to the same before her eyes returned back to the shaft, now almost fully erect.

Lips met the tip and parted to allow him to slowly enter, head moving forwards to fill her mouth with the hardened member. She felt the head hit the back of her throat, paused for a moment and pushed herself forwards feeling her eyes get a bit moist. The cock was taken as far as she could manage, held in her till her body screamed for oxygen and slowly she backed away from it. A few moments were spent looking over the glistening of her handiwork, not quite all of the shaft but enough that it would do.

Her tongue rolled about in her mouth for a few moments, building up a reservoir of spit. Her tongue was stuck out and she began to bathe the cock from root to tip, generously spreading spit over it. Once she'd covered the member thoroughly she rose up a bit to drool out the spit over the center of the cock. Elena's hand came up to wrap fingers around the shaft and slowly she began to stroke his member. She leaned against the wall just to watch how the skin moved up and down over the cock and admire the pulsing flesh within her hand. How long had it been since she'd been this turned on she wondered.

Elena let her tongue roll over the head again before lips wrapped around it and a soft suction was applied. Her hand steadily increased the rhythm of its stroking, pumping him hard and fast, thank goodness for those crazy shaking workout devices. She pumped him hard and fast, the suction of her mouth upon the head as strong as she dared to apply, tongue rubbing the underside of the head.

The first burst caught her a bit off-guard and caused her to gag a bit, the head popping free from her mouth. As she recovered from the gagging his cock continued to spurt cum at her, ropes of cum covering her face, neck, and chest. It almost seemed to never end and yet she felt sad when it did, the show had been rather impressive to say the least. Elena gave his cock and balls a bath with her tongue, making sure that she got every last drop. Finally she whispered to him, "This slut thanks you for your cum sir."

She sat down on the floor, resting her back against the wall and taking a bit to catch her breath. She was a mess, could feel his cum all over her and it was an exciting feeling so dirty and yet so alive. A little cum that was coating an eye was wiped off and looked at before she licked it off of her hand. Two down she thought and so far it was even more fun than she'd hoped, perhaps she would have to make visiting here a regular thing.

A knock came at the door to the booth and snapped Elena out of her day dream. Here she was on the floor of the booth topless and covered in cum, how would she explain this to anyone at the door she worried until realizing that anyone at that door should also be aware of the hole in the wall and what really goes on in these booths. She rose up and walked over to the door, cracking it open to see a tall man in a blue polo shirt with a name tag that read "Marcus - Manager". Elena gulped a little and opened the door enough that she could see his face, "Is ummm, something wrong?"

Marcus smiled down at her, he'd seen her come through the doors with that look in her eyes. He knew the look, had seen it plenty of times, a cock starved woman coming in to anoint herself as a slut. It hadn't taken long before two customers had walked out with a look of pleasure that meant more than simply having jerked off to a movie. Really he didn't know why some guys were willing to pay for what you could get online for free but he thought it might have more to do with the privacy of the booth versus their own home. Either way he'd worked here long enough to be able to distinguish between those that had jerked off and those that had gotten more. Usually that was from another guy, but a mouth was a mouth often enough, but sometimes it was a woman and from the looks of things he was more than accurate with that assessment.

"Oh I just thought I'd swing by and ensure you were having a good time at our fine establishment and see if perhaps there was any way I could be of service in ensuring your continued enjoyment here." He grinned, it was rather cheesy sure but the look in her eyes said that the words didn't matter, as long as he had a cock it would be more than enough for her today.

Elena opened the door wider, she'd taken enough risks today what were a few more and besides she was far from being done with today's adventures. "I think you could find a way or two to make my time here ever so much more enjoyable. If you would have a seat in the chair I think we could work something out nicely." She waited till he took the offered seat, then came to kneel before him, hand caressing him through the material of his pants. "May this slut free you from the binds of your clothing?"

So that was her game, she was a bit submissive and he was more than willing to play along with this game. "No little one you may not, you're too over-dressed to serve me. First you need to remove the rest of your clothing." He watched as she pouted for a moment at being denied her request, rose and slowly stripped out of her clothing. A nod of approval was given to her strip show, he leaned over and picked up her panties, "You'll offer these to the next guys you service through that hole until one of them wishes to take these home as a souvenir. In fact I think you have a customer awaiting." He glanced towards the hole in the wall and motioned towards it.

She blushed and nodded in agreement before turning her eyes to the cock patiently waiting for her at the wall. Light steps carried her back over and she kneeled before it, taking the dick in her mouth and applying light suction to it. This was her second favorite part, feeling one grow within her mouth it swelling full of blood due to her encouragement. Fingers lightly tickled the scrotum, playing lightly with the balls within. She glanced back at Marcus, feeling a swell of pride as she noted his approval. Attention returned to the cock in her mouth, quite the mouthful this one was not as much as the previous one but still pleasing. She worked the bottom with her tongue and wrapped several fingers around the shaft to begin to stroke it.

Mouth moved to the sack, taking him in to give gentle suckles and soft caresses with her tongue. It had taken her a very long time to learn how to suckle a scrotum properly, gentle enough that it didn't cause pain but enough pressure that it was pleasant. The time spent was well worth it when she could hear the groans coming from the other side of the wall. The balls were rolled around in her mouth lightly, tip of the tongue lightly stroking each ball as her hand continued to jerk the shaft. So intent on working that cock she almost didn't feel fingers slide down along her rear and gently caress soaked pussy lips. Two fingers slipped into her, causing her to groan against the cock.

Elena returned to bobbing her head upon the shaft, keeping in rhythm with the fingers buried in her pussy. Fingers followed and proceeded her mouth, a firm grip upon the shaft. It didn't take much to push her over the edge, she'd been close to it for quite some time now and as Marcus's fingers delved her insides she felt a surge of pleasure flood over her. Moans freely vibrated over the cock in her mouth and the pleasure she had wrought upon it finally caught up to the owner and she felt her mouth flood with cum for the third time this day. His cock was allowed to fall from her mouth and join its predecessor in coating her chest in semen.

Elena barely remembered the order, but she did recall it and as she recovered from orgasmic bliss she spoke to the hole, "This slut thanks you for your gift sir. Would you perhaps like my panties as a memento of your time here?" Secretly she was a bit happy when the person declined to take them, it meant she might get another chance to further obey the order. When she finally turned to look back at Marcus her eyes went wide as they took in the sight before them, the largest cock she'd ever personally seen. Granted she'd seen larger in porn but this one was enough to cause even a bit of intimidation in her and yet anticipation at serving such a well endowed man.

Marcus grinned a little at her response, at his size it was give and take with how women would respond, sometimes favorably but more often than not they were intimidated by him. So many guys wished to be huge, he found it was sometimes a bit of a curse and there were days he wished he was more average. As Marcus watched the lust cross over Elena's eyes today was one of those days he was proud to be as well endowed as he was. "Come here and show me how well you think you can suck cock my slut," he ordered.

She obeyed, crawling along the floor as it felt fit to. Elena could feel the cum sticking to her body and the fresh load coating over the top of the previous loads. Her juices leaked down the insides of her thighs and dripped onto the floor. Never in her life would she have envisioned herself in this position, on all fours in the booth at a porn theatre, covered in various men's cum and about to suck on the biggest cock and absolutely craving this. Maybe she'd have to thank her worthless husband for pushing her to become the slut she truly was, or maybe not. He still was worthless after all in her opinion.

One hand reached out to grasp the shaft and she realized that her fingertips did not reach her palm, the girth alone would have been impressive to her. Never before had she pictured herself a size queen until now, and now she found herself craving him, loving the size of the member before her. Elena rose to her knees and wrapped her other hand around the shaft, just holding it gave her shivers up and down her spine. Her head bent towards the dick and her tongue stuck out to roll along the dark head, moaning at finally getting to taste him.

Marcus reached a hand forwards to rest upon her head, guiding her to take him in her mouth. He knew it wouldn't be much that she could take in, but the sight of her lips stretching to wrap around the head made up for the lack of length she could swallow. It was obvious that she wished to take more than she was able to, but there wasn't much that she would be able to do about it. A true slut he would push harder, but he had a feeling this was her first time going out like this and so he took it a bit easy on her so as to not break the spell she'd cast upon herself.

Her jaw already ached from stretching but she ignored it, just the feel of him in her mouth was thrilling to say the least not to mention the hand upon her head. It all just felt right and drove to her to desire to give the best head that she could possibly give. Hands were moving in rhythm to stroke his shaft as she drooled over the top to try and add lubrication. She took a few moments to work up some excess spit and drool it upon him before getting down to the real work of stroking that cock.

It seemed she had only just gotten into a decent rhythm before he gestured back to the wall indicating that she had another visitor. Not breaking stride she glanced over to check out the new arrival and grinned a little at seeing he was almost fully erect and of a fairly good length if a bit thin. Elena wiggled herself around, never letting go of Marcus and positioned her rear to face the wall. Reluctantly she let go of Marcus with one hand to reach back and guide the tip to her soaked, swollen lips and thrust her hips back easily taking at least half of the offered cock and was rewarded with a moan of surprise and pleasure. She looked up at Marcus and when he nodded his approval at her decision she positively beamed with delight at having pleased him and went back to working that massive member.

Marcus wasn't a huge fan of sloppy seconds to be honest, but he wasn't so foolish as to break the mood and risk having her decide she'd just gone too far. That had happened once to one of the associates who wandered in before his shift and the poor fellow had to work an eight hour shift with a massive case of blue balls afterwards, Marcus was so not putting himself in that position. Besides watching her work that ass in desperate need of being fucked was just damn sexy. He scooted the chair a bit closer to the wall then leaned back to enjoy the show and blow, some days life was just good.

Taking advantage of the movement of the chair, once she resettled herself, Elena pushed all the way back feeling the slightly sticky wall pressing against her rear. She held that for a bit, just working her muscles against his cock and giving her time to get back into rhythm with Marcus. She wasn't fully sure what had come over her, this was much further than originally she'd intended to do and yet when she saw that cock sticking through the wall all she could think of was how perfect it would be to loosen her up a bit in preparation for taking this monster in her hands. Slowly she began to bounce on the cock, groaning against Marcus as she launched into another orgasm.

It wasn't long till she was riding that cock hard, taking full advantage of the length for long, hard strokes against him. She had moved Marcus from her mouth to wrapped up between her ample tits, taking advantage of her whole body rocking. She made sure to lube him with plenty of spit and licked the tip every time it reached her mouth. There was a part of her that was hoping he would explode and give her a fresh coating of cum and another part of her that hoped he held out long enough to fill her up.

Eventually she felt the cock within her twitch and seconds later begin to fill her with it's warm load. She slowed and held him deep to enjoy the feeling of the warmth spreading within her. Once she felt that he had finished Elena rose up, feeling him begin to drip down her inner thighs, turned around and bent over to take the sticky cock in her mouth to suck and lick him clean. As its owner began to withdrawal from the hole she whispered to him, "This slut thanks you for your gift and wishes to offer you her panties as a memento." She heard the surprise in his voice as he expressed a desire to take her panties so long as they smelled of her. The panties were picked up and before she handed them over, were gently wiped against her soaked pussy and then rubbed together to ensure the scent was embedded deep within the fiber.

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