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Subliminal Broadcaster 2000



Andrew McGregor possessed few marketable social skills. He worked as the head engineer at Belmont Electronics during the week, and spent his lonely weekends toiling his workshop over his various inventions and experiments. Andrew had a tremendous gifts as a scientist. Andrew made plenty of money at his job, but he dreamed that some day one of his inventions would grant him a passage into the privileged life. As far as Andrew saw it, copious amounts of cash were the only way to escape his maddening isolation.

He lived in a quiet neighborhood in a spacious bungalow. His parents were dead and he had no siblings. Andrew didn't really have any friends outside of his work; he hadn't been on a date for over four years. His isolation caused his brain to focus with maddening compulsion on various things. It was how he defined meaning for himself. The most important of these obsessions for Andrew was his beautiful neighbor, Michelle Fowler.

Andrew had kept a covetous eye on Michelle since she and her husband, Nigel, moved in next door to him three years ago. Michelle was tall, about 5'9" with curly dark hair that fell a little past her shoulders. She was in her late twenties but still looked like she could be in college. Her eyes were bright blue and coupled with her dark hair, they gave her a threatening, otherworldly beauty. Andrew drove himself crazy thinking of what she would be like… He took to spying on her whenever he got the opportunity. He could sit in his back yard and hear everything her and her husband were doing.

At night, Andrew could sometimes hear Nigel and Michelle Fowler fucking each other's brains out. Thinking that another man was enjoying her tits, her cunt, her sweet ass filled Andrew with an aching bitterness.

Other nights they would fight and scream horrible things at each other. Sometimes, Andrew fantasized about dueling with Nigel and then taking Michelle back over the hedge and into his bedroom.

Thoughts of Michelle had filled Andrew's head to unhealthy levels. He was not a bad looking guy. He had been a long distance runner in college and still was in great shape. Other women would be available to him if he were interested.

And Andrew knew that he could never have Michelle Fowler. She held no feelings for him except for a mild contempt at his social retardation. Still Andrew couldn't help dream that somehow he would someday coax her into his arms, and somehow convince her to leave her dick-head husband and marry him instead.

He needed to come at the problem from another angle.

Andrew put his mighty scientific brain to work. He went to the AV store and purchased several thousands of dollars worth of materials. He also took some top-secret electronic devices from his work. It several weeks of late nights and long weekends, but he finally got the first prototype ready for a test run.

He called his invention the SB 1000, the "SB" standing for subliminal broadcaster. The SB 1000 could broadcast through any electronic device that produced sound: a stereo, a cell phone, a television set, a clock radio. The operator would record messages that would be broadcast at a frequency just barely beyond human awareness. The messages were too low to hear consciously, but they would assail themselves strongly on the subconscious level. Theoretically, the subject should think that the messages being broadcast by the SB 1000 were his or her own thoughts.

At least that was the way he thought it would work. Andrew didn't have his hopes up; most inventions are duds on the first run.

Andrew decided he needed a subject to test it out on. He wanted to try it on Michelle, of course, but he wanted to make sure he knew if it worked before attempting a trial on her. He studied his neighborhood, looking for the perfect case subject.

Andrew found the perfect person in Shannon Joyce. Shannon lived three doors down and attended the Junior College in town. There was a rumor in the neighborhood that she worked as a stripper somewhere out on Route 40. Shannon definitely had the body of a stripper, thin with big fake looking tits. She was young, 22 or 23 years old. Her hair was almost completely black and she painted her eyes heavily to give her a sort of Vampirella/Undead look. Her lips were full and her eyes large and almost sad looking.

She was definitely a party girl. There were always friends coming and going from her apartment, and she went out four or five nights a week… Andrew knew that Shannon had a lot of boyfriends and girlfriends and new people were staying the night at her house all the time.

Andrew set up the SB 1000 in the shed in his back yard and aimed it at Shannon's house. He tried to think of what he should put on the message. He needed something that would prove that it worked or not.

"Shannon, you want to bring me over some CD's to listen to tonight." Andrew recorded after a moments thought. Then he loaded the tape and turned on the broadcaster. He set the speed for normal and waited.

Two hours later, Shannon was at his porch, offering him several Love and Rockets CDs. She had never stopped by before, and Andrew could only think of once that they had actually said hello to each other… He accepted the CDs with a promise that he would return them shortly. Shannon stood there looking at him. She had a worried look.

"I know that it's strange that I am over here letting you check out these CDs. But I just kept thinking that I should help you develop your tastes in music. I don't know why I was thinking about it. I thought that I should loan you a couple of my favorites to see if you like them or not. I don't know why I am so worried about it." The poor thing looked terribly confused. "I hope you don't think that I am some sort of psycho or something."

"I would never thing such a thing. You are just being a good neighbor." Andrew said. She smiled and waved as she turned to walk across the lawns to her house.

Andrew decided to raise the stakes and make the next message a little bit more interesting. In this one he told Shannon that she was to come over early tomorrow morning and make him breakfast. He also told Shannon that she thought that he was very handsome. He told her that she liked to think about him touching and kissing her.

He awoke the next morning to find Shannon wearing her nightgown and standing in his kitchen. The smell of bacon and eggs filled the house… Shannon poured him a cup of coffee and served breakfast… Andrew could easily see her large nipples poking through the flimsy material. Shannon saw that he was looking at her and blushed. He could tell that she liked him looking at her body. Andrew couldn't believe how well the SB2000 worked.

After Shannon did the dishes and went home to get dressed and go to school, Andrew recorded a new message to broadcast at her house later that evening.

"Shannon, you are extremely attracted to your neighbor Andrew. He is all that you are looking for in a man, and you know that he can make you feel better than any other man alive… You want to have sex with your neighbor Andrew. You can't wait much longer to have him screw you. He is so smart and everything he says is such a good idea. Shannon, you love to listen to Andrew talk and you love to listen to what he tells you to do. He makes you very horny. You receive deep satisfaction from making Andrew happy."

Andrew loaded the tape and turned the SB 1000 to ¾ power. It was a longer message than the others, and Andrew thought that it might take a bit longer to sink into Shannon. He was right.

Nothing happened for close to 48 hourse and Andrew was starting to think that his luck was turning. Then she knocked on his front door, dressed in a tight velvet dress and fish net stockings. Her long shapely legs met the ground with a vicious pair of stiletto heels. Andrew opened the door.

"Hi Andrew," Shannon said, "I know that I don't really know you that well, and that you aren't really the kind of guy that I go for, but…" She looked down the street for a second. "Do you mind if I come in for a couple minutes?"

Andrew led her into his living room. He offered her a glass of wine and she accepted. When he returned she striped to her panties and bra and was kneeling on the coffee table with her ass in the air... Shannon's eyes were spacey and unfocused. She reared up on her knees and starting messaging her tits.

"Andrew, I think that I would rather you fuck me instead of the glass of wine… I don't know what it is about you, or why I never noticed it before, but I can't stop thinking about you. I dream about you every night."

Andrew unbuttoned his pants and stepped over to Shannon. She eyed his fly hungrily and let her hands wonder down to retrieve his prick and see how hard it was…

Shannon pulled Andrew's member out and softly wrapped her mouth around it, slowly bobbing her head up and down on his shaft. He could feel her take him deep in her throat, and he quickly provided her with a stomach full of cum…

She proved unsatisfied and using her skilled mouth brought Andrew's shaft to attention again quickly.

"Now, fuck me," she pleaded, "take that big prick of yours and fuck me real good."

Andrew slowly fed his 8 inches into her quivering pussy and worked up to a frantic pace, pounding her cunt. He arched her back and rose to meet his thrusts, relishing in being conquered. She moaned and cried out in bliss for him to do it harder and harder.


As lovely as Shannon looked as he stood above her and watched as she hungrily worked on his cock, she was not the object of Andrew's desire. He knew that using the broadcaster on the college student sucking his cock was one thing, but if he wanted to do the same to Michelle Fowler, he could not act so off the cuff. A case as delicate as the one before him required a well-thought-out plan.

Andrew went to the bank and withdrew thousands of dollars and then went to the music store and bought a $10,000 public address system. He purchased several extremely powerful yet tiny speakers. He went home and set up in the attic. That night he had Shannon go over to their yard and hide the tiny speakers outside of the Fowler's windows. They were wireless, and once hidden, were impossible to detect.

Andrew had enough power to now broadcast to the entire neighborhood… His initial readings suggested that the Subliminal Broadcaster would be effective up to almost a thousand yards away. He estimated that he would have seventeen total houses under his influence. Of course at the direct center of his subliminal assault on the neighborhood was the Fowler household.

Andrew took an evening to think about what exactly his message would say. He fucked Shannon for a while in front of the fire but then sent her away so he could think about all the elements that it needed to contain. He poured himself a scotch and water and lit a cigarette.

At four-thirty in the morning he went to the attic and recorded his message. It was perfect. He made sure that all of his equipment was functioning properly and then he fed the new message into the system. He imagined the neighborhood waking up to a new way to think about the world tomorrow morning. He fell asleep with a smile on his face, eager for the morning.

He actually woke up in the afternoon. He saw that the NW sun was fading behind the clouds. He called for Shannon, but she was gone. He went upstairs and checked the SB 2000; it had been working for almost 12 hours now. He wondered what effect it was having on the neighbors.

There were several families with good-looking women in them… He thought about the Thompson with their two college-aged daughter. He thought about the girlfriend of the Hodges kid. She was always over at his house and her body was magnificent.

First though, he had to know what was going on over at the Fowlers. They were both home. He could see their cars in the driveway. He dressed in his jeans and t-shirt and walked over to the Fowler's front door. Nigel answered it almost immediately.

"Oh," Nigel said smiling really big when he was that it was Andrew, "look who it is girls, Andrew." Nigel had hated Andrew after catching him staring at his wife one too many times, but there was no trace of contempt now. "We were having a couple of people over, please join us Andrew." Nigel said. "We were about to sit down and eat."

A tall Asian woman whom he had never seen before met him in the foyer and gave him a hug making sure that she pressed her pointy tits against him and sighed in his ear. Her name, she said, was Lamina and she was from Hong Kong originally. Michelle stood behind her and smiled big at Andrew, sticking out her incredible tits.

"Don't be such a whore, Lamina." Michelle teased her friend and took Andrews hand and lead him into the living room… "I am so glad that you came over. We were just talking about you… We never see you, even though we live right next door to each other… Lamina and Candice, my two friends from college, thought that you sounded really nice. We were thinking about giving you a call… See if you wanted to come over or something."

"Thanks, Michelle." Andrew said, "It will be fun to spend some time getting to know you and your friends.

Michelle blushed and leaned forward to kiss Andrew lightly on the mouth. "That is so sweet."

Andrew found that he was blushing too. "Not in front of your husband Michelle."

"Oh, jeez," Nigel said. "I don't mind. He studied his wife and her friend fawning over Andrew. Michelle Fowler had reached to Andrew crotch and started to massage his prick through his jeans. Nigel grinned in a satisfied way. "I'm sure glad that you came over Andrew. I used to think that you were creepy, staring at my wife all the time and always tinkering around in your garage. And it looked like you never had any friends, until that Goth chick from across the street started hanging out with you…"

"Now, I can see that you are all right." Nigel stopped as if he were thinking about something painful, then his brow cleared. "I can tell that you are a good guy. Hell, if you want to have sex with my wife, I wouldn't really care. I can tell that Michelle wants to ride your cock. I can tell when she gets like this. My wife can be a real whore. She needs to get good and fucked by you."

"I would like to have some fun too," Lamina pouted. "I will let you do anything that you like with me… I don't care as long as it gets you off."

"At least let our guest sit down for a moment and have a drink." Nigel led the rest of them to the living room… A petite blonde dressed in a habit stood at the bookshelf.

"That is Candice. She is about to take her vows and become a nun. She was the theology major in college."

"Hello Candice." Andrew smiled.

"Hello." She stammered. Her face was full of confusion when she looked at Andrew. Her pretty mouth quivered as she struggled against the effects of the SB2000. She shook his hand. "I apologize I am not feeling myself."

Andrew grinned. Candice had bright green eyes and what looked like long red hair. She was at least as beautiful as either Michelle or Lamina. Her full, lush lips quivered when she looked at Andrew. He knew that the SB 2000 was working on her and she was having a hard time ingesting his message.

Andrew sat down on the couch and Nigel made him a Scotch on the Rocks. Michelle and Lamina sat on either side of him, not being able to keep their hands to themselves. Candice sat across from them, studying her friends wanton abandon with a shameful, yet inquisitive eye. Andrew watched as her defenses shuttered and fell.

"Candice?" Andrew asked.

"Yes," she said weakly.

"We are going to call you Candy from now on."

"I hate that name," she said.

"I don't care. Andrew doesn't care. You are now called Candy."

"Candy," she repeated.

"And I would like you to take off that habit. I would like to see what you look like."

Her hands took out several pins and soon her habit was on the floor at her feet. Her long hair fell well below her shoulders in gentle waves. Candy eyes watched him carefully, hoping to find pleasure in his gaze.

"You have not cut your hair yet, good." Andrew said.

"Yes, I will do it in one week when I take my vows."

"That may not happen any longer, Candy, I'm sorry."

"Not happen?" Candy asked, confused. "I have invited all my family and my friends."

"Your family will understand. As far as your friends go-" Andrew undid the buttons on his Levis and started to retrieve his cock. "As far as your friends go, I think that these two at least will have no problem finding something to do instead of sit in some church watching a perfectly fuckable body go to waste."

"But what about my promise to God?" Candice said. She couldn't help but steal a glance at Andrew's sizeable weapon. "-I am to be a bride of Christ."

"Yes, but will Jesus be jumping down off the cross to bang your delicious body six-ways to Sunday?" Andrew laughed and turned to kiss Lamina deeply.

"That- that is blaspheme." Candice said, but didn't sound too much like she meant it. "I must get away from this house of carnal temptation, I must-"

"Candy. Candy I want to sit right there and be quiet." Andrew rose from him seat and walked to where the young novice sat. Tears were streaming down her face as the message pounded her again and again, breaking her down.


"Yes." She whimpered, her breasts heaved under the plain white dress she wore.

"You know that I am Andrew, and you know that it is very important to listen to what I say. Listen to your own mind, Candy. I know what you should do… Think about how smart I am and what good ideas I have."

Candy smiled wide and relaxed a little. She looked up at Andrew with loving, overwhelmed eyes. "Yes, Michelle was telling Lamina and I about how nice you were…"

"You should listen to your friend, Candy. Listen to your heart Candy."

"I am trying…" Candice said faintly as she fastened her gaze to Andrews semi-hard cock that dangled a couple of feet from her mouth. Finally, Andrew sensed that something within her grew too exhausted to fight and collapsed, leaving her totally in the SB 2000 and Andrew's power. Finally she said in a somewhat higher voice than before.

"I know I should listen to you-" Her head swayed slightly and her eyes shut for a moment.

"That's right my dear. You can trust me, Andrew."

"Trust Andrew."

"That's right, very good. Candy, how do you like your new name?"

"My new name?" Candice asked.


"I am Candy now." Candy said. "I like it. I think that it is fun."

"That's good." Andrew made her look up into his eyes. "I want you to listen to me very carefully, Candy. You must remember what I tell you and follow all of my suggestions."

"I would love to." Candy gasped, gazing up at Andrew.

"I want you to quit the church. You are now devoted to me instead of that business. You are to be my follower from now on. You will be the first member of my flock. No more Jesus, God, or the Bible. From now on, there is only Andrew. You are his instrument upon the earth. He is your salvation and you purpose is to please him."

"Andrew is my salvation. I am here to please you."

"Very good. You will move into this house with Nigel and Michelle. You will no longer cleave to your fruitless vows of chastity and celibacy. You are now a creature of fuck devoted to the uses I devise for your body and your mental facilities. When I am not in the need of your services, you will spend your time working out, buying me gifts, or trying to recruit the most beautiful people you encounter to come and join us in our new neighborhood group." Andrew caressed the woman's face. She smiled up at his with complete absorption.

"I will all that you command of me."

"You will now find both females and males attractive. You will want to fuck almost anyone that you see, but will not unless you are told. You will only let those that I ordain touch your lovely body. You will, of course, remain solely devoted to myself, Andrew, no matter who you are told to couple with… You will love me with all your immortal soul, but you will not feel any jealousy. You will take great joy in knowing that I fuck others besides you… You will help me realize these enjoyments."

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