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Submission 101


(Please note that I do not condone or encourage Rape, this story is purely fictional, if you do not enjoy this type of fiction or find it offensive then please do not read any more!! any persons portrayed in this story relating to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. All characters in this story are over the age of 21. Also note that story this is set in south Wales, where the slang may be different to other countries, for example, Fag is used as a slang term for Cigarette.)

Submission 101

I've just moved into the loveliest street, the people here are so nice; however the lady next door is a little mysterious. She is beautiful though; she has long brown hair that sits softly on her pale skin and beautifully hypnotising brown eyes that make me want to gaze into oblivion. I hear her car leave every morning when she goes to work, one of the other neighbours told that she's a Welsh teacher in a comprehensive school. Hmm I've always wanted to learn the welsh language, maybe I could see if she teaches privately? No, no, that would be too obvious; I need to find a way to get talking to her without sounding like a complete weirdo. But how can I do it?

Its half past 3 and I haven't seen or heard her car yet, maybe she's running late? Maybe she's in a traffic jam? Maybe she was in an accident?! Don't be stupid, there has to be a reason why she's late... Maybe she's on detention duty... That's a sexy thought, having to keep quiet and obey her every command, watching her look up over her glasses with those eyes, fuck me, those eyes are so damn beautiful, I don't think I could ever say no to anything she ever asked me...

What am I doing? I'm lusting over a schoolteacher! And she's female! I'm not a lesbian!

Maybe I'm bisexual? I've never had a sexual experience with another woman before, but I have to say that if I were to have one, I'd pick her to do it with...

What the fuck? STOP IT!!

I'll have a cigarette to calm me down...

What's that noise?

It's her! She's 39 minutes late! I've just decided not to smoke in the new house, fresh paint and all that, I think I'll just smoke this out on the front steps...

I step outside and light my cigarette as I watch her coming from her car and walking up her steps.

Damn, why is she so irresistible? Those heels, that skirt, I can feel myself getting wet just looking at her.

I let her walk up a few steps before I make my move...

"Hello!" I shouted. A little too enthusiastic maybe?

"Hello." She smiles as she giggles at me.

"I'm Jess," I say meekly. "I've just moved in."

"I wasn't aware that this house was for sale?" She replies, only half interested.

"It hasn't long been on the Market," I say. "It seemed like a nice house and good street so I bought it. How are the neighbors? Any noisy ones I should watch out for?

"Well, I can't say that there are to be honest." She answers as she pauses half way up the steps.

"Everyone is really nice here, Number 12 has 13 year old twin boys, though, so be cautious." She doesn't seem to paying much attention to me.

"Little bastards are they?" I say with a grin.

She starts laughing at me.

"They're not too bad but they do have a tendency to knock on your door and run off." She takes a breath, "They think I can't see them coming up the street! There's no use complaining to their mother though, she's just as bad."

"Does she do it too?" I ask her.

I'm such a twat. She must think I'm thick as shit.

"No, she's just one of those parents," She says as she rolls her eyes,

"Ahh right" I reply.

"You haven't got a fag I could borrow have you?" She asks with tiredness in her voice. "Stress is NOT the word."

Anything for you my love...

"Yes, of course!" I say. Again, probably a bit too enthusiastic.

I hand her one over the low metal fence as she sits down on the steps on the other side.

She's sat close to me! My god, I'm going to die...

Why does she make me feel this way??

"Have you got a Lighter?" She asks as she gently takes it from my hand.

"No problem" I say as I hand her my lighter.

She's using my lighter....

I watch intently as she takes the first drag. Fucking hell she even makes smoking look amazing!

"I don't usually smoke," She says.

"But trying to teach a class full of 14 year old rebels isn't all it's cracked up to be you know!"

Tell me more....

"What is it you teach?" I ask her.

"Welsh." she says as she takes another drag of one of my cigarettes.

"Really?" I say, trying to act as if I don't know already.

"So are you fluent?" I ask her.

No, Jess that's why she teaches it...

She starts laughing and I laugh with her, trying to act as though I was joking.

"I learnt most of it in school and I just sort of picked the rest up as I went along" She says as she continues to smile at me.

She has such a perfect smile.

Never in all my life have I wanted to kiss someone as much as I want to kiss her right now.

"How do you say - my name is Jessica in Welsh?" I ask her.

I honestly didn't care what it was in Welsh. I just wanted to hear her say my name.

I didn't understand a word she said to me but she said she said my name so beautifully. I stare at her for a moment, taking in her beauty.

"How do you say it?" I ask her again.

I will do anything to hear her say my name again. She spends a few minutes trying to teach me the correct pronunciation and I can see that she won't be satisfied until I get it right. I need to satisfy her needs in any way that I possibly can.

After a few more minutes I manage to get it right.

"Wow," I say. "You're a really good teacher!"

She smiles again and blushes a little.

"It's a shame that my students don't think so." she says, still blushing.

"Well, if I had you as a teacher when I was in school, I definitely might have turned up to a few lessons." I say to her.

She blushes again and tries to hide her smile

I can see I've made her uncomfortable. Or have I? Maybe she's thinking the same as me...

"So," She says. "Made any friends yet?"

"Not yet," I say. "I wouldn't know where to start."

"Well I'm having a house party on Saturday, you're more than welcome to come over if you'd like?" She says. I can hear the eagerness in her voice.

I would like nothing more.

"Sounds like fun," I say. "I'll have to check my schedule and I'll get back to you"

Jess, you don't have a fucking schedule, she probably thinks you're a control freak that plans every minute of every day before you go through the door.

She giggles again

"Okay well I'll see you on Saturday then." She says as she stands up and dusts herself off.

"Okay bye!" I say, hardly able to contain my excitement

I stand up and peep around the corner and watch her as she walks through her door. I would sell my soul for just one night with her.

Before she shuts the door completely, she turns to face me.

"My name is Natalie, by the way" She says with a seductive look in her eyes.

She smiled as she closed the door. I'm not sure if I was imagining it or not, but the way she looked at me made me weak at the knees, she looked so hot, the way her shirt clung against her perfect skin, her perfect breasts pressing against the buttons, trying to break free. What I wouldn't give to suck on one of her nipples...

It's only two more days until I can see her again.

The next 48 hours were excruciating. I was dying to see her, but I had to play it cool.

She didn't tell me what time to turn up! Its fine, no need to panic, I'll just keep my ears peeled for music and people knocking on her door...

I glance in the mirror... Skinny jeans band T and converse? This will never do! I run upstairs to try and find something nice to wear. I look at the clock, its 8:23pm. I swap my jeans for a pair of fishnet tight, ripping them as I pull them on. SHIT. I can't wear these now! Or can I? I rip some more big holes in it to try and make it look cooler, throw on a just above the knee black dress, I take my hair bobble out and let my long wavy black hair fall down my back, throw on some eyeliner and mascara, along with a pair of black boots. I must say that I don't look half bad, my size 14 body doesn't look half bad in my 5"6 frame, my 34D breasts pushed together in my best black lace bra, along with my sexiest, yet most uncomfortable matching French lace knickers I definitely felt sexy as fuck. All I need now is some perfume and I'm good to go. I opt to use Britney Spears' Curious, my favourite.

I skip downstairs and get my fags ready. I wonder if she's drinking. I'll take some just in case, it's better to be with rather than without alcohol in someone else's party I always find.

I skip downstairs and head to the kitchen. I open the fridge and find a bottle of teacher's whiskey starring me in the face.

It seems appropriate for the occasion. I put my ear against the wall and can just about hear some music next door. I grab my stuff and step outside when I feel my heart racing, so I decide to have a quick smoke first. I sit on the same step that I did two days ago and light up another cigarette, looking anxiously at my bottle of whiskey, the temptation is just too great. I unscrew the top and take a long swig from the bottle.

"Hardcore." I hear a voice say from behind me.

I turn to face Natalie stood in her doorway, she's wearing a blue dress that stops somewhere between her thighs and knees, nude tights, black and white high heels, makeup that makes her eyes stand out, gold hoop earrings and a black cardigan. The best thing I like about what she's wearing is that beautiful smile.

"Shit, you frightened me then." I say as I smile back at her.

"You don't have to stay out here all night, you know," She says with a smile. "It's much warmer inside."

"I'll be right in, just finish this fag first," I say as I glance back at my bottle.

I feel sick. Not as if I'm about to be sick, sick as in the kind of feeling you get just before you get on a stage to sing in front of an audience.

She starts to walk towards me and I feel my heart pounding in my chest. I turn to look at her and I realise that she isn't sitting down. I look up to her and she's just stood there, arms crossed, looking down at me as if she's been waiting for me for ages.

I don't know what it is about the way she's looking at me, but there's something so authoritative about the way she is looking down at me, watching me smoke the last of my fag. I feel like I'm back in school, I'm the naughty schoolgirl and she's the teacher, standing over me, scolding me for not doing my homework...

I can feel her eyes burning into the back of my neck.

I doubt my fag and stand up.

"Come on then." She says, almost sighing while doing so.

I continue to look at the ground as I make my first attempt to step over the small fence.

I put my first leg over to the other side of the fence when I feel her hand grabbing my arm, steadying me as I cross over. I feel a surge of electricity shoot all the way through my body as she touches me. I take my time getting my other leg over the fence, I want to try and make this last as long as possible.

As I get my leg over I look towards her and catch her biting her lip while looking at my tits. I feel very surprised to catch her doing this but she sees me looking at her and she immediately looks away from me. I'm almost positive that I can see her blushing.

She walks in front of me and I follow her into her house, catching the ghost of her scent as she passes me, I inhale deeply. She turns to look at me and I cough, trying not to make it look obvious. She smells divine.

I follow her into the living room and am surprised to see that there's no one there.

"What time is everyone coming?" I ask her.

"Not sure." She answers, she seems quite distant.

"Ohh right." I say, Still confused as to what's going on here.

"I told them 7:00 but haven't heard anything from them." She says while parting the blinds on the window slightly with her fingers.

I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for her, maybe she doesn't have any friends or they all have better plans.

I look around the room and realize there's no food. No food at a party? What the hell? Come to think of it, I don't see any alcohol either. Apart from the whiskey I have in my hand.

"I'll just make sure that the doors unlocked." She says, rushing off into the hallway.

She seems quite on edge. Maybe I'm imagining things... I hear a click on the door and then hear her walking into the kitchen, followed by sounds of glasses clinking around.

She returns with two glasses of what seems to be cider and hands one to me, smiling.

I smile back and take the drink from her. I don't usually drink cider but I'd do just about anything for this woman. I put the glass to my lips and smell the alcohol. It smells a little strange. I know what cider smells like and this isn't your usual brands. I shrug it off with the thought that she probably couldn't afford the usual brands and had to settle for the cheaper stuff instead. She sits down and pats the seat gesturing me to sit next to her.

You don't need to tell me twice!

I sit down and hold my breath as I take another drink of my cider... Or whatever it is.

She seems a little more relaxed now and takes a sip of her drink.

We just sit there for a while in awkward silence and I look at the clock. It's 9:00. Two hours late? This is awkward.

I finish the last of my drink and place it carefully on the coffee table and pick up my whiskey, pouring about two shots worth into the glass. I turn to Natalie to see that she's looking at my legs and biting her bottom lip. I turn towards her fully and offer her some of my whiskey. She politely shakes her head no. I screw the top back onto the bottle and drink some of my whiskey, licking the last drops of it from my lips while doing so. From the corner of my eye I can still see her watching me quietly.

I know that she's staring at my legs again when I lean back into the chair, lift my arm up to the top of the chair to rest my head on, turning my body towards her while doing so, making sure that She's getting a good view of everything. I must have turned to fast because I went a little dizzy. I shake it off and smile at her. She smiles back with a smile that tells me that she's up to something.

And it's only then that I realise...

"Natalie?" I say with doubt and question in my voice.

"Yes?" She whispers back at me.

"You know when you went to make sure that the door was unlocked earlier on?" I say while raising my eyebrows.

"Yes?" She grins slightly as she answers me.

"I heard it clicking." I say, still looking at her.

"Doors tend to make that noise when you unlock them, Jess." She says, still grinning.

"But the thing is," I say, finding it increasingly hard to string a sentence together "Well you see Natalie, the thing is..." It's getting really hard to speak now. "You never locked it when we came in."

I look to her hoping for a reassuring response. I don't get one.

"I know" She says with a large grin spreading across her face.

Now I'm starting to get worried.

"Is anyone even coming tonight?" I ask her.

"Oh someone's going to be coming alright" She replies with a suggestive tone in her voice.

My eyes widen and I sit upright. I take a deep breath as I try to manage another sentence.

"Who?" I ask, now even quieter than a whisper.

She puts her drink on the coffee table and moves so that she's inches from my face. Her hot breath on my skin feels so good. Being this close to her sends my heart thumping even harder inside my chest, my breathing becomes shallow and I can feel myself getting wet again.

"You." she says.

The electricity between us is almost unbearable, I want to throw myself on her and obey her every command.

But I can't move.

Or speak.

"I know what you're thinking." She says to me. Placing one of her cold hands on the inside of my thigh, rubbing my leg and squeezing gently.

"You're not paralysed. The effects of the drugs you've just taken only last for an hour or so. Which is just enough time for me to get you the way I want you."

I stare at her helplessly.

"The second I laid eyes on you I knew I had to have you one way or another, it was just a matter of time before I had you all to myself." She says as she looks at me with that look in her eye again.

Even though I can't move I can feel my pussy getting wetter as she's talking to me.

She looks at the clock and stands up. She moves over to the blinds to close them and then she stands behind me. I can feel her watching me.

She bends down and moves my hair away from my neck. I can feel Goosebumps race over my skin as she starts to kiss my neck ever so gently.

I feel so useless, all I want to do is touch her and tell her how I feel, but that's impossible.

She picks me up and carries me upstairs. I'm surprised at how strong she is. For a woman her age she really doesn't look that strong. I mean, at a guess I would say she was in her late 20's. Maybe early 30's at the most but damn, she was gorgeous.

She gets me up the stairs and takes me into her room. It's lovely in here, cream walls, cream carpet, deep mahogany furniture and a king-size bed with cream and chocolate sheets, and a lovely white rocking chair in the corner by the window. There are candles everywhere, different shapes and colors, all around the room. She gently lays me on the bed and shuts the door, she then walks over to the window and shuts the curtains.

She walks towards me and leans over to turn on a lamp. I strain my eyes to look at it and can just about see it. It's really nice; it's a small table lamp with an old fashioned brass base and what looks like bits of stained glass window for the lampshade. She then starts to pull me into position. She has me on my back in the middle of the bed with my hands above my head. She then gets onto the bed and comes up to the top of the bed and grabs my hands. I can't see what she's doing but I can feel it, I can hear something rattling against the metal bars on the headboard of the bed. I can then feel her putting cold metal against my wrists and I hear multiple clicks as it encloses around my small wrists. It's a pair of handcuffs.

It's not something I would usually do for a sexual activity, but I can hardly protest. I try to pull away but it's no good, I can't even move my fingers slightly. The only thing I can do is blink my eyes.

She puts an arm each side if my head and comes down to my face. She kisses me softly on the nose. Again this woman never ceases to amaze me. She's practically kidnapped me, she's drugged me, tied me to her bed against my will and now she's kissing me on the nose!

She then makes her way down my body and I don't take my eyes off her as she does so. She starts sliding her hands up my dress and grabs the top of my fishnets. And then it all suddenly becomes real. This woman is going to rape me. She pulls my tights down and takes off my boots before pulling the rest of the tights off and putting them in a neat pile on the floor. She then unzips my dress, which doesn't have any straps on, much to her delight. She gently pulls it off and folds it gently and puts it in a neat pile with the rest of clothes. She didn't say a word while doing any of this, which I'm not sure if it was worse that she was quiet or not. She sits upright and looks down my body, smiling while doing so. She looks away to the clock behind me and quickly moves off the bed, her time must be running out. She starts to light the candles over the other side of the room, giving it more of a warm feel rather than a gloomy one.

"You know," She says. The sudden break of silence startled me a little. "I'm so glad that you came tonight, I was nervous that you wouldn't turn up. I've been watching through the windows all day to see if I could see you going anywhere. I don't think I could have bared it if you didn't turn up tonight."

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