tagInterracial LoveSubmissions of a White Wife Ch. 01

Submissions of a White Wife Ch. 01


My name is Mary. I have a white husband, but am black owned. I eagerly allow any black man my master chooses to use my body to please himself. It doesn't matter that they all cum inside me because I'm already pregnant with my master's black baby.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm pretty good looking, 35 years old, 5 foot 7 inches, 130 pounds, natural dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and enhanced 36 C breasts. I have very fair skin, which makes an erotic contrast when wrapped around very black Negro skin.

I wasn't always a slut. For the first 30 years of my life every thing was quite normal. I was a very ordinary housewife and part time waitress, happily married to my husband Ed for 13 years, with two beautiful daughters. Ed has a good job; we live in a very nice house. For those first 13 years Ed was the only man I was ever intimate with. I was quite content.

Then thanks to Ed my life took an unexpected turn.

It all started when Ed said he wanted to take me to a swingers' party. When he explained what that involved my immediate reaction was NO, NO, NO, NO! Ed was all the man I had ever wanted, and I had no desire to have sex outside our marriage. Especially I wasn't interested in public sex. I told him I was too old and too bashful to be fucked in front of other people.

As is his way, Ed kept working on me. He told me I had a very sexy body just made for swinging. He wouldn't let the matter drop no matter how much I protested. For weeks, months he badgered me.

The trouble is, I'm a very submissive person, and Ed is very persuasive. That's how Ed got me pregnant when I was just 16. So, Ed eventually convinced me to go with him and give it a try.

Ed has always bought me sexy clothes to wear. He insists I not wear bras. My breasts were natural 36b's then, so me being bra-less wasn't particularly noticeable, unless Ed selected my blouse. Ed wants me to dress erotically all the time. I usually comply. I even learned what fun it was being noticed and ogled by men. I actually like them hitting on me. What girl doesn't want to feel desired?

To get me ready for the party, Ed shaved my pussy. He likes me shaved, and always wants to do it for me.

He bought me a very seductive red mini dress with a plunging neckline for the occasion. That dress and heels was all he wanted me to wear. I had to admit as I looked myself over in the mirror, I did look pretty sexy.

When we got to the party, I was nervous as all get out. Ed made sure I had plenty to drink.

When a handsome man, ten years younger than me, sat down with us, I was flattered. We started making small talk, and he very shortly started rubbing his hand up my thigh. I was nervous and excited at the same time. My pussy was soon wet.

Thanks to the alcohol, we started making out right there were we were sitting. Knowing people were watching me being fondled, kissed, and fingered by a complete stranger in front of my husband has an incredible and unexpected turn on. Before I knew it I was in the middle of the room being fucked for the first time by someone other than my husband. And in front of a dozen or so people to boot. I came harder than I had ever cum before.

I saw him several times afterward, and he showed me a lot about sex I never knew. I learned how much fun oral sex could be, and that there were other positions than missionary. I started to realize that Ed wasn't much of a lover.

I was much more eager when a little while later Ed took me to another swinging party with about 50 people. I realized from the last time that I really loved being fucked in front of other people. Knowing I was being watched was a really exciting turn on for me.

That time I ended up being fucked by a 6'3"construction worker with a 10 inch long cock. I learned the joy a 10 inch cock can bring to a girl. I also went out with that fellow several other times. Once we spent an entire weekend fucking on his sail boat. I loved laying around naked in the sun on the deck after skinny dipping in the cool water. We fucked like rabbits. I was stretched out real good after that weekend.

Ed saw how much I liked being fucked in public. He started referring to me as a slut and a whore. I didn't really mind, because I enjoyed behaving that way. Being a slut made sex so much more incredible.

Eventually seeing me fucked by other men wasn't enough for Ed. He wanted me to start fucking black men.

I told Ed I wasn't sure I wanted to be fucked by a black man. I was raised to believe that blacks are different from whites, and that it just wasn't right for the races to mingle sexually. I didn't know what a black man would do to me, or expect of me.

But of course Ed pressured me and reassured me I was made for black men. He said I was already a slut since I had fucked other men. He said sluts fuck black men. He told me how erotic it would be for me to be taken by a black man, how the contrast of our skins would be so exciting to see.

I didn't agree right off, but he did get me thinking about it. I recalled that about a year before a black man flirted with me at my sister's New Years Eve party. Him being black and me being white, feeling that what he was suggesting was just plain wrong had really turned me on then.

Still, I wondered if I would have the courage to actually submit sexually to a man of a different race. I wasn't sure I wanted to have sex with a Negro. Ed kept working on me. Ed said it was meant to be. He said he wanted me to enjoy the taboo of interracial sex.

Of course I had heard the tales of black men being so much bigger, and therefore better sex partners than white men. Sayings like, "once you've tried black, you'll never go back." But, I never believed that. I figured that was just so much hype spread by blacks to lure white women to them. I could see a particular black man being better than one's husband. I had already experienced that most other men were better than my husband. And, as far as blacks having bigger cocks, I had already had a white guy with a 10 inch cock.

I was confused, and really resisted. I wasn't sure that I wanted to fuck somebody from what I was taught was an inferior race.

As I always do, I eventually gave in to Ed. I was at the age when my sexual drive was increasing; I was nearing my sexual peak as a woman. The more I thought about it, the sexier the idea became. The idea of having taboo sex with a black man became increasingly exciting to me. I found that just pondering the possibility made me horny. It was almost as if my body was telling me to do it.

Once I consented, Ed proceeded to advertise me on Craig's List just as he would if he wanted to find a stud to bred his mare. The ad referred to me as "a pretty white woman ready to go black", and included some photos. We got a lot of responses. Ed sorted through them and gave me his selections to pick from. I chose a younger man named Leo who was very black, with a muscular slim body, tall, and very well endowed, as he sent a picture of himself naked.

We agreed to meet at a restaurant. If all went well, I would go home with him.

Ed bought my outfit for that first encounter, a very short mini skirt and a peasant blouse with a deep plunging neckline. He made sure I wore neither panties or bra.

I was very nervous as we entered the restaurant, but I was really looking forward to finding out what it was really like to be fucked by a man of the black race.

We saw Leo already at a table. He smiled at me as soon as he saw us and stood. That smile made me feel more comfortable.

Leo was about 5 years younger than me, well over 6 foot tall, and very muscular. He was a professional man, very well spoken. His hair was very black, short and kinky curly. He just oozed sexuality.

Looking at him made me wonder how black a baby he might make in a white woman. And I immediately asked myself where that thought came from?

I was already getting wet when we sat down. My nipples were hard, pressing out against the thin material of my blouse. When excited my nipples protrude an inch. Anyone in the restaurant who looked could see how sexually aroused I was.

Our lunch was friendly, but very sexual. I ordered a salad, but didn't eat very much of it. I did finish two vodka gimlets though, which helped relax me.

Most of the time Leo had his hand on my bare thigh. As he rubbed my leg, he said, "You're a beautiful woman. You have a very sexy body, a body meant for sexing."

By that time, my pussy was so wet my skirt was soaked.

After we were through with lunch, Leo started to stand and simply said, "Come with me."

I walked out of the restaurant on Leo's arm, the center of attention. I felt as if everyone was staring at me. I could feel my wet skirt clinking to my legs. I was feeling very, very sexy. It felt marvelous knowing that shortly I would be the white prize of a very black Negro.

Ed followed us out of the restaurant, kissed me good night and said, "Good luck.."

Then he got in our car and drove back home.

When we got to Leo's Mercedes, he opened the door for me. When he got in, I slid over so I would be next to him. I really wanted to be his for the night.

As he drove, Leo stroked my thigh. That got me really hot. I turned my face up to him and kissed his cheek. I began rubbing his crotch with my hand. The bulge in his pants was large and grew harder as I massaged it.

Upon arriving at his house, he lead me in the walk and opened the door for me. As soon as we were inside with the door closed, we embraced right there in the living room.

Leo said, "You'll be staying a while. I'll be fucking you bareback, and I'll be fucking you good."

Standing we kissed, our tongues dancing in each others' mouth. His hands were all over me, feeling my breasts, fingers in my wet pussy.

He said,"You're sure ripe for sex. You're one horny white bitch. You ready?"

"Yes," I mummered. "I want you to fuck me. I want feel your black cock inside me."

"You sure are a white slut." He said.

"I can't help it," I responded. "Ed's convinced me I was born to be a slut."

Before long Leo pulled my blouse off over my head exposing my naked breasts. "Nice titties," he commented as he started to kiss and suck them.

He took each of my nipples between his teeth and sucked them to full erection. I arched my back and ran my fingers through the curls of his coarse, kinky hair. His hair felt so masculine, so different from white mens' soft fine hair. I loved the sexy feel of it.

After about five minutes Leo knelt down and removed my heels and pulled down my soaked skirt. He held me by the hips so I could step out of it.

"You have a nice ass, great for fucking," he observed. "And your bare pussy is dripping, ready for my black nigger cock."

I was soaking wet. I told him, "I need your black cock real bad!" I felt sooo sexy!

"Come," he said. "You're ripe for fucking."

With me completely naked, he placed his arm around me and led me to his bedroom.

As Leo quickly undressed, I lay back on the bed watching his muscles rippling under his black skin. As he approached me naked, I saw the biggest cock I'd ever seen. It was very erect, at least 10 inches long, so thick I could barely make my fingers meet when I wrapped them around it, and black, black black.

I spread my legs for him in anticipation. My heart was racing. I felt as if I was about to go over a precipice from which I would never return.

Reaching me he gently pressed the head of his cock against my bare pussy, slowly parting the labia.

Ever so carefully he started working that huge black phallus into me, pulling back slightly before penetrating me yet further. I felt my pussy being stretched beyond where any man had ever stretched it. It felt so hot, so sexy. I knew what I was doing was wrong, it was something that wasn't meant to be. White girls weren't meant to be fucked by black men with such oversized cocks.

He repeated his invasion and retreat and greater invasion of my pale body until he pressed against my cervix.

The attack of that mighty black cock hurt. But I found the pain to be a sexual turn on. I was thinking, "So this is what it feels like to be blackened!"

I started to cum almost right away. It was terrific, I came harder that I'd ever cum before. Seeing the lust-filled black man over me thrusting his cock into me, a white girl, vulnerable to his every whim, feeling what I was doing was contrary to the laws of God and Nature, made the experience so much more exotic and erotic.

After a few minutes the pain subsided a lot. And by then Leo was fucking me hard, real hard. He thrust his black cock in and out of me stimulating every nerve in my vagina.

I continued cumming. Orgasms started in my vagina and spread out throughout my body to my limbs in waves. My whole body was trembling and shaking.

Never, never had I cum with such force before. I couldn't say anything; I just moaned in rapture beneath my black stud.

I felt so totally sexually fulfilled. Ed was right, My body was made for black men to fuck. I was hooked, from that moment on, I was addicted to sex with black men. Never again would I be sexually satisfied by a man of my own race.

Then Leo came! He stopped thrusting and pressed his cock against my cervix. I could feel his warm sperm gushing into me, into my womb in heavy squirts. It was oh, so pleasant to receive the seed of such a viral black man. He came for a long time; I've learned that black men cum more often and in much greater quantities than white men.

"Now you've been nigger seeded," Leo said as the last squirt of his sperm went into me.

"You've a great body for fucking," Leo continued. "You take my cock well, and you sure came hard on it. Yup, you're a natural to it, a natural white bitch."

"Thank you," I replied. "I love being your white bitch."

Leo was still rock hard. Without pulling his cock out, he flipped me over so I was on top of him.

Being on top, I could control the angle of that black cock inside me as I undulated my hips really hard around that monster shaft. In that position, I was really fucking him!

It really turned Leo on when I rubbed my breasts in his face. He grabbed a breast in each hand and massaged them as he said, "you are a real fine white slut to fuck."

I went back to orgasmic heaven rolling that big black cock around inside me.

I realized that for me the die was cast, there would be no turning back. I had begun the life of a white cum slut for black men. I was the white slut for blacks my husband wanted me to be.

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