tagInterracial LoveSubmissions of a White Wife Ch. 05

Submissions of a White Wife Ch. 05


After being chained naked to the breeding bench for about half an hour, the black women returned, removed the pillow from under my hips and freed my ankles.

My husband Ed took me back to the table where we had been siting, and got us more drinks.

It appeared as if I was the opening act. As we sat and I rested, we watched other white women chained to the breeding benches just as I had been. Multiple black men took turns fucking the helpless white women. I have to say sitting there naked, with the sperm from two black men leaking out of me, the scene was incredibly erotic.

By that time, all the white women were naked. The musky smell of sex that permeated the place was even stronger.

I noticed that my clothes were nowhere in sight. Ed told me that someone had taken them. I guessed that they didn't want me to leave early and wanted me to be naked as long as I was there.

There were so many other naked white women around, I fit right in.

Before long another young man strode over to our table. "I'm Jason," he proclaimed as he sat down not waiting for an invitation.

Jason was a young man standing about 6'3" and 210 pounds, very dark with short hair. I could see by the way his muscles rippled under his shirt that he had a great build.

As with the black men before, he pretty much ignored Ed.

"I'm Mary," I simply responded. It didn't seam right to offer to shake his hand. I wasn't sure just what to do, perhaps spread my legs for him? I was pretty sure he intended fucking me.

He sat down next to me. As we exchanged pleasantries, he just picked up my purse, and began going through my billfold.

"Who's this?" he queried holding up a picture.

He found a photo of my younger daughter in a bikini.

"That's my daughter Kathy," I responded. "She's 16," I added.

"Nice," he replied. "She into black men too?"

"No," I answered. "She's too young. She's still a virgin."

As soon as I said that I saw a lecherous glint in his eyes.

"You'll have to introduce us."

Putting my billfold down he said, "Let's dance." It was more of an order than anything else.

I eagerly allowed myself to be led to the dance floor by the tall black stranger.

We proceeded to dance close, erotically, bodies touching, me white and naked, him black and clothed. All the while I felt other black men's sperm running down my legs. I knew this would be a night to remember.

Before long Jason pulls me tight against him. I look up, our lips meet, and we begin a long lingering kiss. I feel his tongue pressing against my lips. Instinctively they part allowing full access to my mouth. My tongue responds, searching his. We're locked in a tight embrace, gyrating to the beat of the music.

I can feel a growing hardness at his crotch.

He breaks off our kiss and looks down at me.

"You're horny for more fucking."

It was a statement and didn't require an answer.

He lead me upstairs to a bed room and closed the door.

I helped Jason off with his clothes. God, how marvelous he looked. All the black men I'd been with were tall, and had hard, toned bodies. And their cocks were all at least twice the size of Ed's.

As soon as his black cock was free, I got on my knees and began to suck it. It just felt so natural for me to do that.

I'd learned what a thrill it was to serve black men. It is amazing how just their presence commands submission.

I wrapped my mouth around his black phallus and began to make it grow and throb in my mouth. I so love the feeling of power that gives me as I lick, suck and stroke such a wonderful pleasure organ. Like all the black men before, Jason had a wonderfully large and thick cock. No wonder I was so addicted to black sex.

"That's it bitch," Jason said. "Suck my nigger cock. I'm gonna cum in your mouth and let you eat my black cum."

He garbed a handful of my hair and began fucking my mouth.

I tried to relax my throat and time my breathing with his thrusts. I wanted to see if I could take all of his length, witch was at least about 10 inches.

He saw what I was doing and encouraged me, "You're a good white slut. Deepthroat my black cock. Let me cum right down your throat."

I just let him use me, he thrust deep inside my throat as I worked to keep from gagging from his deepest thrusts.

Before long he pushed deep inside, and I felt him explode sending torrents of his black seed directly down my throat.

I started to gag, and instinctively pulled back.

He wasn't done cumming. He continued spewing cum over my face, hair and chest.

I quickly recovered and looked up at him as I took my fingers and wiped cum off my face and breasts. Licking my fingers clean each time.

"Get on all fours on that bed," he commanded.

I eagerly did as directed, raising my still cum slick pussy toward him in anticipation.

He got right behind me. I momentarily felt the head of his penis pressing against my labia. They easily parted for him, allowing him to fill me full depth with his black baby stick.

Oh how I loved the way he stretched and filled me. As he started thrusting, I loved how he bumped up against my cervix with each stroke.

"Fuck me hard," I pleaded.

Jason didn't need much encouragement. It was obvious that fucking white women hard came naturally to him. He grabbed a hank of my hair, pulled my head back as far as it would go. At the same time, he administered s hard stinging slap on my ass.

He continued pulling my head back and slapping me as he thrust savagely into me.

"You're a real white cum slut bitch!" he exclaimed as he proceeded with his assault on my body. "I like that in my white bitches. You just can't get enough nigger cock. Can you?"

"No," I exclaimed. "I need black cock. I need it bad!"

Oh god! I was cumming again, hard.

Each deep thrust of that beautiful ebony shaft unleashed torrents of orgasmic passion that I could feel traveling out from my vagina to my extremities.

"You commin' hard on my nigger cock, ain't you bitch?"

I couldn't answer.

Then there was a pause in Jason's assault as he withdrew and repositioned his cock against my ass.

I knew what was coming. I knew I'd have to submit completely to Jason's will.

Using mostly the cum on his cock from my fucking by other black men earlier in the evening Jason proceeded to press his thick black dick into my ass.

I worked to relax as best I could.

The pain as he stretched my sphincter as intense. I let out a soft cry as my fingers clutched the sheets.

He worked himself in slowly, but steadily.

Once in sufficiently Jason began thrusting, going a little deeper each time.

I worked on yielding to him. Gradually the pain lessened.

I started cumming again by the time I heard Jason groan and felt him unleash another torrent of cum deep inside my ass.

He pulled out and brought his cock up to my face.

"Here bitch, clean me off."

Without hesitation I proceeded to lick him clean, tasting myself on him as I did so.

By the time I was finished, Jason was hard again.

He kept fucking me until I passed out from booze, exhaustion and sexual euphoria.

When I awoke in the morning, Jason was there beside me and we fucked again.

When I used the bathroom, I caught a look at myself in the mirror. I looked a mess. My hair was disheveled. I had dried cum on my face, breasts and in hair.

I asked Jason, "Is there someplace where I can clean up?"

"You don't need to clean up," was his response. "You look just like the white slut you are."

He led me back downstairs. Ed was still there. He had slept on the floor.

"Do you have my clothes?" I asked Ed.

Jason interrupted, "We're keeping your clothes. We send white whores like you home naked."

With that, Ed and I walked out of the club into the light of a new day.

Ed didn't offer me his shirt.

Actually he said, "They're right. You're a black cock slut now. Everybody should know it."

It was early. I didn't notice anyone as we walked to the car.

Back at our house, Ed parked at the curb so I would have to walk the length of our walk into the house.

As he got out of the car he said, "Our neighbors should know what a slut you are now."

When I stepped inside our two daughters were up and at the kitchen table. As soon as they saw me, they started giggling.

"What have you been up to?" Kathy the younger one asked as she stared at me in wonderment.

"Your mom's a slut for black cock. She was fucking black men all night." Her father simply explained.

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