tagBDSMSubmissive Beth Ch. 5

Submissive Beth Ch. 5


As the glass of Forest Glen Merlot caressed my palate, my thoughts were of Beth, there in the Punish Room, waiting patiently. I could not believe how well she had transitioned from a loving, caring girlfriend into a "slave-slut" almost overnight. During the few months we had dated, there had never been even the remotest hint of her seemingly innate submissiveness. To the contrary, she had often been more of the aggressor in our love-making. She was bold; she knew what she wanted and, more often than not, found a way to get it. I was happy in our relationship and would have remained happy even if there had not been a sudden turn of events.

I gathered my thoughts and headed back to the Punish Room. Beth looked beautiful, her arms high above her head, her head cocked to the side, her backside still sporting a red glow from her first whipping.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"My arms hurt like hell, David. Please let me down," she implored.

I moved in front of her. The chrome chain of the nipple clamps formed a "U" shape between her lovely breasts. Her nipples seemed none the worse for wear, but I knew it would be extremely painful for her when I removed the clamps. I reached up and undid each of the ropes from her wrist cuffs. As she let each arm come down, I had her shake them vigorously to help regain feeling in them. I took a handkerchief and wiped her forehead that was covered with tiny beads of sweat.

Reaching behind her head, I undid the tie holding the blindfold in place. I let the blindfold fall into my hands. She blinked repeatedly as the first light entered her eyes, but they soon focused on me. A weary half-smile formed on her lips.

I sensed that she was trying to say something, but couldn't form quite the right words. "That was fucking unbelievable," she finally said.

I took her hand and led her to a bed in the back of the room, then helped her body sag into the mattress. I sat next to her, brushing my fingers against her still sweaty brow.

"Do you want me to take the alligator clips off of your nipples?" I asked.

"No, not yet," she replied with that same tired half-smile. "I just need to rest a bit. I'll be fine."

She looked so gorgeous lying there in her nakedness, her breasts rising with each breath, the soft brown curls of her cunny forming an inviting "V" at the base of her abdomen. Her legs were only slightly splayed. I could tell she was fully enjoying her respite from the previous session.

"I am very proud of you," I said.

Her smile was wide this time. "I am proud of myself, Master. I didn't think I could take that much pain."

"You get more tolerant of the pain each time. It kind of grows on you."

She took a deep breath, letting out all of the feelings inside her body. "Hanging there like that, unable to protect myself. It felt so nice to be like that. And the whipping. Wow! I thought it would never end, and when it did I wanted it to go on."

I laughed. "I had to go easy on you the first time."

"Easy? That was easy?"

"I have much worse for you in my bag of tricks, my dear."

She looked up at me, her puppy-dog eyes wide open. "I'll be good for you. I promise. I want you always to be proud of me."

I leaned down and kissed her fully and deeply. Her arms went around my head and pulled me even tighter into the prolonged kiss. When we broke the kiss, I smiled. "I think Beth wants her reward."

She laughed, fully, for the first time this entire evening. Her hand moved almost unnoticeably to my thigh, then quickly grasped the hardness inside my jeans. "Might this be my reward?" she asked coyly.

"It would be for only the most deserving of subjects," I replied.

She squeezed harder. "I'm very deserving, I think."

"Then I think it is time for another first," I said.

She looked at me inquisitively.

"You told me just a few minutes ago that all of your openings were mine. So far I have been acquainted with only two them."

Her face turned a beet red. She bit her lower lip. "You mean back there?" she asked.

I smiled. "Yes, I think it's time."

"Oh, Master. Now I wonder if I should have agreed to…"

"The agreement is sealed," I interrupted. "But I'll give you a choice—another full body whipping, front and back, or a nice ass-fuck."

I could almost see her mind racing. A pregnant pause was followed by, "Will you be gentle?"


"Will it hurt?"

"A little. This is your first time. Later it will be easier, after you are sized."

"Sized?" she asked, wide-eyed.

"I have a set of anal sizers. Plugs that are increasingly large. You will sleep with each consecutive size inside you over a period of two weeks. By the time we are done, you will be fully available to me… back there."

She looked up at me for a long moment, contemplating my last words. Suddenly she turned over on her stomach, spread her legs, and arched her ass invitingly in the air. She turned her head toward me and whispered, "Be gentle the first time, Master."

My manhood yearned for release from my pants. I arose and dropped them to the floor, followed by my underpants. Beth eyed my cock apprehensively. "That is going to fit in my…."

"You will be pleasantly surprised," I interrupted again.

I moved to a drawer of goodies and found a tube of K-Y gel and a condom. Beth watched me as I returned, a look of trepidation in her eyes.

"Put the condom on for me," I ordered.

She reached out and accepted the tin foil package from me. Holding it in front of her, she unsheathed the latex shield. I stood next to the bed, my erection pointing skyward just inches from her face. She moved her hand with the condom toward me.

"No," I said. "Not that way."

"Excuse me?" she asked.

"No hands. It goes on only with your mouth."

"I… I've never done it like that."

"You'll figure it out, slut. Do it!"

I moved even closer. Beth quickly got the hang of it. She put the rounded condom just inside her mouth, between her lips and her teeth, and moved her pursed lips over the head of my cock. She struggled mightily, using only her mouth to work the condom over me. She found better success when she compressed her lips, tightened her hold on me, and slowly moved her mouth down. After ten minutes of struggling, the sword was fully sheathed.

I handed her the tube of K-Y. "The better you grease it, the easier it will be for you," I said.

"I can use my hands this time?" she laughed.

I nodded. "Get it mostly around the head."

Beth squeezed a large glob of gel onto the palm of her hand, then brought it to my yearning cock. She greased the length of it, paying particular attention to cockhead. My manhood glistened in the light.

"Now in your rectum," I said. "A lot."

Beth's face turned beet red. She squeezed some more K-Y out of the tube, this time quite generously over the tips of the middle and index fingers of her left hand. Reaching back behind her, she applied the gel to her nether opening. More than once I watched her middle finger disappear into the dark cavity.

"I think I am ready," she finally said.

I pulled two pillows from the bed as I moved behind her. "Raise your ass up!" I ordered, then eased the pillows under her tummy. The position was perfect for the task at hand. The view was utterly delightful.

"Open your legs wider."

She did, exposing the length of her hairy slit.

"Reach back and spread your cheeks."

She hesitated only slightly before complying, revealing the tiny, crinkled rosebud that was about to be deflowered. I knelt between her splayed legs, and grasped her hips. Looking down, I watched the head of my cock press into the target area.

I pressed only slightly against the tiny anus, just enough to let her feel it there. She kept her cheeks opened wide for me. I pressed in again, this time a bit harder. Beth groaned.

"I'm so nervous," she said.

"If it hurts too much, I'll stop."

Little by little I pressed and little by little the tiny opening began to give ground. I took my sweet time, moving in millimeters instead of inches, letting the pucker get more used to the intrusion with each passing moment. Her breaths were becoming more labored.

She had done a good job of lubricating the sword and its target, so good, in fact, that the first entry through the sphincter was surprisingly easy. Beth moaned again.

With just the head of my cock inside Beth's ass, I asked her if she was okay. "Just hold it there for a second, David. I'm getting used to it."

The sphincter is a pliant creature that expands to widths that are sometimes unimaginable. Beth's was no different. The anal orifice soon gave way, and my next thrust brought me into her. This time she gasped loudly.

"Does it hurt?" I asked.

"No, no! Oh, does it ever feel good! Don't stop!"

I eased my cock in to the hilt, feeling Beth's tight little anus around me in an excrutiatingly wonderful tight grip. I let it stay inside her, fully ensconced, to give her even more time to grow accustomed to its presence. She let go of her ass cheeks and grasped the bed sheet tightly in each hand. I withdrew about half-way and she moaned. A nice moan. A satisfied moan.

Still in a beginning mode, I eased back into her, all the way. Her grip on my cock was unbelievably tight. I even felt her constrict her anus around it several times, sending my psyche skyward.

"It doesn't hurt at all," she gasped. "Oh, yes, it's wonderful!"

It was time to get serious. Ever so slowly at first, I began an in and out fucking of Beth's sweet ass. With each movement, she moaned more loudly. Goaded on by her sounds, I moved more decisively, drawing my member almost all the way out, then moving it all the way in, faster and harder, until I became fully immersed in Beth's rectum. Soon she was grunting as I moved faster and faster. I had always prided myself in my ability to hold back, but this time was an exception. When Beth started to rotate her ass around my cock, pressing back into me, forcing me even deeper, I spilled my seed into the condom in what seemed like hundreds of wonderful spurts. Beth felt it and screamed my name over and over, holding the sheets so tightly she almost ripped them.

Totally exhausted, I let my manhood become flaccid while it was still inside her. We remained motionless on the bed, my body on top of her, until I slowly extricated myself. The condom fell off of my cock and dropped softly to the bed. I slithered off of her and fell on my back at her side. She shoved the pillows to the floor with her leg and moved next to me, the clamps on her breasts digging into my ribs, her cheek softly nuzzling my neck. I gently took each nipple clamp off. She winced in pain but took it bravely.

That "freshly-fucked" gleamed on her face and she sported an impish grin. I loved her so much.

"I never imagined it would be like that," she said softly.

I kissed the top of her head. "Your ass felt very nice," I said.

"It wasn't nice, David, it was great! Damn, my ass is still tingling like crazy and you're not even inside me anymore."

"It's past midnight," I murmured, exhausted from our activities. "You keep me up to late."

Beth looked down at my limp member. "I don't think it's up at all," she laughed.

We snuggled and soon fell asleep in each other's arms. My sleep was deep, but the few times I did wake up I began to plan the next "punishment" session in my mind. And we had only just begun...

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