Submissive Ch. 01


Her body was shaking wildly, but her new lover, showing no mercy, kept up her assault. And before she knew it she felt herself coming again, and again, until finally she just couldn't take any more.

"Please, no more," she gasped as she released her mistress's pussy.

Slowly, reluctantly, her unknown lover eased her fingers from within her, then lifted her head from between her legs. Gently, she kissed her stomach and belly button, before withdrawing her head so her fingers could trace light little lines down her legs before finally slipping off her feet.

She heard soft footsteps moving away from her, before hearing the creak of the door as it swung first open, then closed. And then there was silence.

Another moment passed before Becky lifted her leg over Carol's head and knelt on the table beside her. Reaching down, she rolled her slut onto one side and freed her arm from the fleece. Then, rolling her onto her other side, she released the other arm. Then she laid her back as she had been and tossed the fleece to the floor.

Without a word, Becky eased down on the table beside Carol. For a while they just lay there in silence. Finally, Mrs. Johnson rolled over and kissed Becky lightly on the lips. "It's time to go, sweetie," she said. "Up you go."

They got to their feet and began collecting their discarded clothing. "Who was she?" Carol finally asked.

Becky looked at the older woman and shook her head. "You'll learn the answer to that question soon, but not tonight."

They dressed in silence, then quickly cleaned up the room and left.

They walked to the parking lot together, but before they got into their cars, Becky turned to Mrs. Johnson. "Slut," she said firmly.

"Yes, Ma'am." Carol responded without Miss Becky.

"Keep next Saturday open. I'll be in touch."

"Yes, Ma'am."

* * * * * * *

Thanks for reading. As always, I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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I would love to see that live. Nothing like to women all over each other!

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