tagMatureSubmissive Ch. 03

Submissive Ch. 03


Submissive III-The Rehearsal

Considering the circumstances surrounding the previous twenty-four hours, Mother and daughter managed to spend a somewhat normal Sunday afternoon. Carol cleaned the house, ran a load of laundry and did some grocery shopping, while Kristin studied a little, talked on the phone a bit and met her girlfriends at the mall.

Later, they enjoyed a quiet dinner together, before settling down in front of the television for the evening. Finally, at ten o'clock they headed off to bed.

There was never any question about sleeping arrangements that night. It was a given that Kristin would be sleeping with her mom, and that they would make slow, easy love before snuggling into each other's arms and drifting off to sleep.

Monday, it was back to normal for both women, with mom at work, and daughter at school. At 6:30 that evening they had rehearsals for the senior class play. Becky, Kristin's best friend, had the female lead while Kristin had a supporting role. Carol had volunteered to help out where she could; designing sets, helping students with lines or whatever else was needed.

The rehearsal had gone smoothly for a change, finishing up around 8:30. The usual crowd, Kristin, Becky, Billy and one or two others, stayed after to help Mrs. Johnson clean up.

Everything was nearly finished, when Kristin went over to her mom. "We're all heading over to Becky's for a bit. Do you mind finishing up alone?"

"No problem. We're nearly done anyway," Mrs. Johnson responded. "Don't be too late."

"Ok." Carol watched as they all headed out the door. 'Oh, to be eighteen again,' she thought wishfully to herself. Then, without giving them another thought, she went about picking up the last few items that needed to be returned to the prop room.

A sudden gasp escaped her throat when someone slipped up behind her and put their hands on her shoulders. Startled, she dropped what she was carrying and turned her head to see who it was.

"Sorry, Mrs. Johnson," Billy said. "I didn't mean to startle you, but I felt bad leaving you here alone so I came back to help out."

"Jesus, Billy," she said. "You frightened me."

"Sorry," he reiterated with a shrug. "Why don't you let me massage your shoulders. That'll make you feel better," he added pleasantly as he began working his fingers into her muscles.

"Mmmm, that does feel nice, Billy," she said softly as he stepped closer behind her and continued the impromptu massage.

Somewhere in the deep recesses of her mind, silent alarm bells started going off, warning her that something wasn't right here. But the massage felt so good, she ignored them. His hands worked their way slowly down her arms, stopping along side her breasts, brushing them accidentally. And the alarms became more frantic. But it wasn't until he actually grabbed her breasts that she reacted.

"Billy, stop that," she protested as she tried to step away. But he held her firmly, his hands squeezing her breasts as he drew her close.

"Please, Billy. This isn't right," she squirmed. But still he held her firm, kneading her breasts as he drew her body even closer.

"Relax, Mrs. Johnson. This will make you feel good all over," he said as he continued rubbing her chest and pressing his body against hers. Then he leaned forward, kissed her neck and nibbled on her ears, even as soft little moans began escaping her mouth.

Before she completely surrendered, Carol made one more effort, feeble as it was, to dissuade the young man. "Please let me go, Billy. I'm old enough to be your mother." She even reached up, meaning to pull him away from her breasts. But her hands, it seemed, had a mind of their own. And as a lust-filled groan filled the air, she felt herself pressing his hands harder against her chest, even as she began grinding her ass against center.

"There you go, Mrs. J," Billy whispered as he slipped his hands from her chest, then lowered them and began easing her tee shirt upwards. "Relax and let your body take over." And as a soft sigh slipped from her mouth, she raised her arms and allowed him to slip the shirt off unencumbered.

He returned his hands to her body, massaging her bra-encased breasts with one hand, while his other hand explored her tummy. And then he reached back and released the hook at the back of her bra and slid it forward, setting her tits free.

It was Carol's hands that reached her breasts first, leaving Billy's hands free to tend to her pants. Reaching down, he quickly undid her belt and unsnapped her jeans, before hooking his thumbs inside her pants and panties and sliding them down to her knees. Then he dropped to his knees and pulled off her shoes, before sliding the pants the rest of the way off.

Carol stood there dazed and naked, her fingers gently pinching her nips while her young lover knelt behind her. Only a minute or two before she'd been alone and going about her business. Now she was completely undressed and about to let an 18-year-old boy have his way with her.

Billy grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and squeezed, and then leaned forward and began kissing them, running his tongue over her soft creamy cheeks, nibbling lightly on whatever loose flesh he could find. And through it all, Carol's moaning grew louder, even as her level of excitement continued to build.

Billy eased himself to his feet, wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her tightly against his body, her back to his front. He sent one hand diving for her pussy, while the other moved towards her breasts. She was grinding herself against him madly as he continued to pleasure her, driving two fingers repeatedly into her dripping cunt as he slid his thumb over her love button.

"Oh, shit yes!," she gasped as magic sensations began shooting through her body. "Just like that, baby. Just like that." A moment later an animalistic groan filled the air as her loins began to erupt while her arms flailed about wildly and her body shook uncontrollably as the waves of pleasure engulfed her.

When Carol's body finally stopped shaking, she collapsed into Billy's arms. Holding her with one hand on her pussy and the other on her tits, he whispered softly into her ears. "Did you enjoy that, Mrs. J?"

She nodded her head, unable to speak.

"Well," he said softly, "I've got another present for you, and I think you're going to like this one even more."

He walked her a few feet to the back of a couch. In the play, he sat on the couch with Becky and watched TV. But now he had other plans for it.

Standing Carol against its back, he bent her over so her head and shoulders ended up on the front cushions while her ass was sticking up over the back. Then he stepped up behind her, quickly undid his pants and slid them down to his knees, before guiding his erection into the folds of her womanhood. When he was fully inside her, he paused, enjoying the feeling of her body reacting to his. Then he began slowly pumping his cock in and out, even as he squeezed and massaged her butt-cheeks.

Carol moaned helplessly as he pumped his manhood into her. She hadn't really recovered from her first orgasm, yet she could feel her body re-awakening, responding to the spell he was weaving.

'My God,' she thought, 'it's been ten years since a man's done this to me.'

She liked the way he filled her up, different than being with a woman, she thought. Not better, necessarily, but different. Her body continued to respond as he slammed his cock into her pussy. And as another orgasm washed over her, she arched her head and shoulders off the couch, clutched at her breasts and groaned like a woman possessed, before allowing her exhausted body crashed back onto the couch.

Without uttering a word, Billy ceased his assault, withdrew his cock from her pussy and inserted two fingers to take their place. He rubbed the fingers inside her until they were covered with her juices. Then he withdrew them and brought them to her ass, pressing the tip of one finger to her dark hole and easing it in.

A sharp intake of breath filled the air. "Oh, my God," Mrs. Johnson whimpered. But instead of fighting him, as he'd feared she might, she spread her legs wider and arched her asshole upwards.

Smiling, Billy worked his finger in slowly, working it from side to side as he edged ever deeper. When he had slightly less than two knuckles inside her he added the second finger and resumed his slow, steady assault, pumping her gently, gaining more penetration with each successive thrust until he was totally buried inside her.

"Oh Christ, Billy," Carol groaned. "This is so naughty." Then she pushed her head up from the cushions and craned her head around until she could look him in the eyes. "Your cock, Billy. Please, I need your cock." No sooner had the words left her mouth then his fingers vacated her ass, only to be replaced an instant later by the tip of his cock pressing gently but firmly at her back door.

She gasped as he eased himself into her forbidden hole. "Oh yes, baby, that's it," she whimpered. "Fuck my ass, Billy. Fuck my dirty, stinking ass."

With a hungry groan, Billy pressed forward until the head of his manhood popped inside her. He paused, giving her time to adjust to his girth before easing himself slowly in, and then slowly back out. It took several strokes to gain a firm position inside her threshold. Then he backed out until his head was barely inside her, hesitated, and slammed himself home. At first Carol's cry was a cry of pain, her whole body tensing at the sudden intrusion. But as he held himself buried deep inside her, unmoving, she began to adjust. It wasn't long before she began writhing against him, encouraging him with her movements.

From there things began to pick up. Billy began stroking his meat in and out of her until the pain in her ass became almost indistinguishable from pleasure. And then he stroked her some more, pounding her until there was only pleasure, even as she slammed herself back to meet his thrusts.

And then, amazingly, she came again, collapsing on the sofa below him as he withdrew his beast from her, and shot his load all over her back and hair.

Finished, he looked down upon her and smiled. "That was very nice, Mrs. J. Very nice indeed."

* * *

Slowly she started to regain her senses. It took a while for the cobwebs to clear out before she realized where she was -- in the middle of the stage at the high school, stark naked and laid out over the back of the sofa.

Billy. Where was Billy? Slowly, she eased her body up off the sofa. With her legs wobbling, she righted herself. Wow, she thought. There were no other words to describe what had just happened to her. Wow.

Looking around, she could find no sign of Billy. Strange.

Her next thought was to get dressed. Looking around, she saw her clothes, neatly folded beside her purse. She wobbled over carefully, only to find the panties and bra missing. She smiled. Must be Billy claimed them as his trophy, she thought. That's okay, he'd earned them.

She quickly slipped into her clothes. If anyone saw her up close, it would be quite obvious that she was bra-less. Other than that, she thought, she'd be okay. As she gathered up her stuff, she glanced over at the clock. Oh my God, she thought. It was 10:30. She'd probably been out for over an hour. She was lucky no one had found her.

* * *

She was able to make it to the parking lot and home without incident. Kristin was waiting for her in the kitchen, dressed only in a shortly bathroom that barely covered her ass.

She looked at her mother. "Oh, my God, mom. What happened to you? And where have you been, I've been worried sick."

"Oh, I just got delayed a little," she replied. "It's nothing to worry about. If you don't mind, though, I'm going right to bed."

Kristin followed her mom to the bedroom and sat on the bed as her mother undressed in front of her. A moment later she broke out laughing.

"What's so funny," Carol asked as she turned to face her daughter.

Kristin walked over to her naked mom. "Let's see. To start with, you were wearing a bra and panties earlier, now both are gone. Next, your hair seems to be sticky with something that resembles semen. And finally," she turned her mom around so her butt was facing the mirror. "Look in the mirror."

Carol turned her head around. It took her a moment to read the writing backwards in the mirror. But when she finally got it, she joined in her daughter's laughter.

Sprawled across both ass cheeks, written in bold red magic marker, it read "I've been fucked by Billy."

"I guess the secret always comes out in the end," Carol said, still laughing. She looked at her daughter and smiled. "I'll tell you all about it."

Kristin slipped off her bathrobe and laid her naked body down on the bed. "This I've got to hear," she laughed.

Carol lowered herself to the bed between her daughter's legs, then eased back so her back was against her pussy and her head between her breasts. She sighed as her Kristin ran her fingers lightly through her hair. Then she proceeded to tell her everything that happened, as best as she could recall.

"Mom, you're such a slut," Kristin said when she finished the story.

"Yes, I guess maybe you're right," her mother laughed. "Are you sure you didn't put him up to this?"

"No, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if Becky did," Kristin answered. "I think maybe we need a little payback with Becky, don't you mom?"

"Mmmm," she purred. "That could prove to be fun."

* * * * * * *

Thanks for reading. As always, I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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