tagGroup SexSubmissive Ch. 06

Submissive Ch. 06


Submissive VI-The Assignment

Sandy Martin stood in front of the mirror with shaking legs, smiling in spite of herself. It was 2:10 on Saturday afternoon and she had a date in less than an hour. She didn't know if her nervousness was from fear or from anticipation. Whichever it was, it was an intoxicating nervousness, a nervousness that spoke of something forbidden, yet something she wasn't about to call off.

* * *

It all started when she spied Becky, a student of hers, making love to Mrs. Johnson, the mother of another student. Becky was not just making love to Mrs. Johnson, she was dominating her, doing anything to her she pleased, while the older woman was helpless to resist her.

Subsequently, that scene kept repeating itself in her mind, becoming the source of several intense masturbation sessions. Finally, she couldn't stand it any longer and approached Mrs. Johnson. Even then, she refused to admit that it was really the submissiveness of the situation that had turned her on, and that it wasn't Mrs. Johnson she wanted, it was her shoes she wanted to be in.

But Carol Johnson turned the tables on her. When she'd gone over to meet her that fateful evening, it wasn't Carol Johnson she ended up with. It was Becky. And the scene unfolded in much the same way as the scene she'd witnessed between Becky and Mrs. Johnson.

Going to school that Monday morning was probably the most difficult thing she'd ever done. She was certain that everyone knew; that all the whisperings in the hallways and in the classrooms were about her. And it got worse just before third hour. That was when Becky and Kristin were in her class.

But that class had gone well. Neither Becky nor Kristin acted any different than they did any other day. And that went a long way towards easing her tension and helping her relax. The next couple of days passed without incident. She did get a knowing wink or two from both of the girls when nobody was looking, but nothing that would compromise her position at the school.

And then came Thursday. On Thursday her three senior English classes had papers due, papers that would count a significant part of their final grade. It was at the end of her seventh hour class when it happened.

Billy, usually one of the first students out the door at the end of the class, was the last one out that day. He gathered up his books and headed towards Miss Martin's desk to turn in his paper. "Miss Martin?"

"Yes Billy," she answered. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, you know that Becky is my girl friend, don't you?"

She hesitated, feeling her body beginning to tense. She knew there was only one place this conversation could be headed. "I knew you were both in the senior play, but I wasn't aware that you were a couple. Why?" she asked, barely maintaining her composure.

"Oh, no reason," he smiled. "Anyway, here's my assignment. If I were you, I'd make sure nobody else saw it, if you get my drift." He handed her the paper, smiled, and turned to leave.

"Oh, one more thing," he said. "You'd better read it right away. It could prove to be very instructional." And then he left.

For a moment, Sandy just stood there. Finally, she sat down in her chair. Reaching over, she picked up the paper and examined the cover. It was a plain white sheet of paper with his name and her seventh hour English class typed on it, and nothing more.

Hesitantly, she turned the page. In bold letters centered across the top of the page was the title, 'Teaching the Teacher.' She gasped and quickly closed the paper. It took her only a moment to gather her things and head for the door. Twenty-five minutes later she was seated at her kitchen table reading the paper.

* * *

Pornography, she thought to herself as she finished chapter one of the two-chapter paper. What else could she call it? It was the story of her and Becky, with Mrs. Johnson and Kristin thrown in for good measure. Oh sure, the names were different, but not so much so that anyone would be misled about who the characters really were.

But chapter one covered the whole story. What could chapter two be about, the future? She put down the paper, went to the cupboard and poured herself a stiff rum and coke. Returning to her seat, she downed a third of the drink in one swallow and picked up the paper. It was then she realized that, yes, she was nervous, maybe even scared. But she was also excited. She could sense where the story was going and that ultimately it would call for her to give herself to Billy. That she should rebel against this never crossed her mind. After all, she'd allowed herself to be dominated by Becky, and she knew she'd allow the same with Billy. All he had to do was demand it, and she felt certain he was about to do just that.

As she worked her way through chapter two, she found her hand drifting purposefully towards her womanhood, massaging herself through her slacks. Halfway through the chapter, she slammed the paper over on the table, stood up, slid her pants and panties down past her knees, and sat back down. She quickly turned the paper over and continued her reading while her free hand dove towards her pussy. She felt her fingers lightly massaging her clit as she lost herself in Billy's story, the story of what was yet to come.

Somehow she managed to finish the chapter without cuming, at which time she closed the paper, stood up, shed her pants and panties completely, and headed for the bedroom, discarding her blouse and bra along the way. When she reached the bedroom, she spread herself out on the bed and immediately sent one hand pounding into her pussy while the other hand grabbed her tits, mashing them into her chest. She moaned to herself as she writhed on the bed, her body already at a fevered pitch from her reading. She thought of Billy, that it was his cock that was in her, that it was him she was surrendering herself to. She arched her back, rolling her head from side to side, and felt the familiar feelings of ecstasy wash over her body as she continued to toss and turn across the bed.

When she calmed down, she started thinking about what she'd read, and what it meant. Clearly, Billy was fully aware of what had happened between Becky and herself. He was also aware of Kristin's relationship with her mother. Where the first chapter had dealt with events that had already happened, the second chapter dealt with the future. More precisely, Sandy realized, it dealt with the next two days.

Chapter two was based on Sandy's submissive nature. It was not so much a work of fiction as it was a game plan for the weekend. An outline of exactly what was expected of her. She was to surrender herself to Billy Saturday afternoon, but not before he tested her with two other tasks. The first one tomorrow, and second one on the way to meet him on Saturday.

And then suddenly, Sandy sat straight up. Oh my God, she thought. If this was a game plan, she needed to go shopping. Tonight!

* * *

Seventh hour English was drawing to a close. She looked over the class as they read their books silently, or as they pretended to read while they waited for the last bell of the day to set them free. But she couldn't bring herself to look at Billy. She knew he'd been looking at her. Indeed, he hadn't taken his eyes off her during the entire class. Even now, when he was supposed to be reading, she knew he was looking at her. And she could feel her pussy juices flowing as her already damp panties got even wetter.

At last the bell rang. "Don't forget your assignment for Monday," Sandy called out as the students rushed for the door. All the students except Billy, that is, who sat in his chair making pretenses at gathering his books and papers.

As the last of the kids fled the room, Billy walked to the front corner of the room opposite the door and sat down on a desk top. The desk was situated in such a place that someone would have to actually enter the classroom to see him.

Finally, Sandy looked him in the eyes. He returned her look, but didn't say a word or make any other movement or gesture. He just sat there, looking at her. Slowly, Sandy felt herself crossing the short distance between them, stopping just a few feet in front of him.

Her heart was pounding and her knees felt weak. She knew nothing would happen between them now. Not here, and not today. At least not according to chapter two. Even so, she knew that right now she was giving herself to him, making herself available for his use, whenever and however he chose to use her. And just thinking about what that meant made her pussy flow.

"You have something for me?" Billy asked, breaking the silence. She nodded her head nervously. "Well?" he asked when she just stood there.

She grabbed the hem of her black skirt and slowly raised it up her black nylon-clad legs. When she reached her panties, she hooked her thumbs in their sides and slid them slowly down her legs until they reached the floor. Bending over, she picked up the tiny black panties and handed them to Billy.

Billy took the panties and rubbed them lightly in his fingers before raising them to his nose. He smiled as he looked at her. "You're as excited as hell, aren't you?"

She nodded her head nervously. "Yes," she said, speaking her first words since class ended.

"You'd fuck me here and now, wouldn't you?"

She looked at him through big, nervous eyes, before looking towards the door. When she looked back at him, there was a single tear slipping from her eye. Again, she nodded her head. "Yes."

Billy stood up and wiped the tear from her eye. "Turn around and lean over the desk," he commanded.

With only a slight hesitation, she did as instructed. But her heart was racing. This wasn't supposed to happen, she thought, at least not according to chapter two. She bit down on her lower lip when she felt him lifting her skirt onto her back, and she shivered as he ran his hands over her naked buttocks. And she let out a sigh of relief when he pulled her skirt back over her ass, grabbed her shoulders and stood her back up.

He turned her so she was facing him and grabbed her tits. He held her eyes with his as he massaged her bosom. "That's a very sexy garter belt. Did you get it just for today?" he asked while he continued fondling her tits.

"I bought it last night," she answered nervously. "The nylons and panties, also."

He smiled as he released her, taking a moment to smooth out the fabric of her blouse. "Well, I've got to run now. I'll see you around," he smiled knowingly. "Thanks for the present." He leaned in, kissed her lightly on the cheek, gathered up his books and headed for the door, with her panties stuck haphazardly in his notebook.

Sandy watched him leave before she stumbled to her chair, taking several minutes to regain her composure. She tried to grade some of the papers that had been turned in the day before, but gave up after just a couple, unable to get Billy -- or the rest of chapter two -- off of her mind. Finally, she gave up completely, loaded up her things, and headed home.

She spent that evening trying to wade through the pile of papers, trying to occupy her mind with something different. It worked, partly. But she was never able to completely free herself from the visions of what was to come. In the end, she went to bed with her hand between her legs, and dreamed of Billy.

Fortunately for her, she had errands that needed tending to Saturday morning, errands that occupied her time and her mind. It was noon when she finally got home and found herself, once again, alone with her thoughts, with two hours still to go until it was time to leave.

* * *

She took one more look in the mirror, at the wrap around black skirt, and the nicely toned legs covered by black nylons and perched upon black high heel shoes. At the red blouse, cut deep in front to show off her shapely, but somewhat small bosom. One more look at her watch confirmed that it was 2:10 and time to leave.

She took a deep breath and turned, grabbing her purse as she headed for the door. According to chapter two, she had one stop to make before heading to her final destination. Somewhere she'd never been before. Somewhere she couldn't even imagine herself entering just a few short weeks ago.

Not only was she going to "Big Bert's Adult Entertainment," she was going alone, without an escort to protect her. She had no idea what to expect, but her imagination had no trouble coming up with all sorts of seedy scenarios. Oh well, she thought. All she had to do was go in, buy a dildo, and leave. It would be embarrassing, but she could manage it.

* * *

It didn't take long to reach "Big Bert's." It was a stand-alone building located in back of a small strip mall. She was surprised to see six or seven cars parked out front. She parked her car, took a deep breath, and opened the door. Time to get this over with.

She entered the store and looked around. To her left, there were movies for rent or purchase, to her right was the checkout counter and magazines. Near the checkout counter was a doorway that led to an area for watching movies. She could only imagine what went on in there.

In the back of the store, she saw the area she was looking for. As she made her way back, she was aware that all eyes were now on her. It was no wonder, she thought. Look how she was dressed. She looked like a god-damned whore in her red blouse, her black wrap around skirt and her "fuck me" high heel shoes. Having all these horny men ogling her made her nervous. But it also excited her and she could feel her pussy beginning to flow.

Billy watched quietly from behind the curtain separating the checkout counter from the office. While not exactly a regular, he did frequent the establishment often enough for Big Bert to be willing to help him out. Certainly Billy was interested in seeing how Miss Martin would react to this environment, but he was also looking out for her. Sex and fun were one thing, but this was the type of place where a woman by herself could find more than a little trouble.

Damn she looks hot, he thought as he watched her move to the back of the store. He watched her pull a piece of paper from her purse, glance at it, and then look back to the shelves. He watched as her searching began to take on a greater urgency, and he watched as she turned towards the counter, a look of near panic in her eyes.

Bert made her wait a couple of moments before he turned to her. "Can I help you?" he said in his gruff voice.

She hesitated. "Yes," she said a last. "I need a dildo. A specific dildo." Billy smiled to himself as he watched Sandy struggling through the situation he'd created for her, one that was intended to create just a little more embarrassment than he'd originally described in chapter two.

"I need this," Sandy said as she handed him the piece of paper.

"I see. I think I can help you," he smiled. "Hey, John," Bert shouted suddenly, his deep voice booming throughout the store.

"Yeah, what do you want?" a voice answered from the back of the store.

"This lady wants that 12 inch black dildo. You know, the real thick one with the balls attached," Bert shouted back.

Billy watched Sandy as her face turned as red as her blouse. He could only imagine the embarrassment she was experiencing as the two men shouted back and forth across the store for everyone to hear.

The other man stepped through a door in the back and held the dildo up high enough for everyone to see. "This one?" he shouted.

"That's the one. Stay there. I'll send her back." Big Bert looked at Sandy and smiled. "There it is. Go get it."

Sandy thought she'd die as she walked to the back of the store. "Are you sure you can handle this?" the man smirked as she reached for the phallic symbol. "Maybe you'd prefer the real thing?"

She tried to smile as she took the dildo and turned back toward the front of the store. Before she could take a step, WHACK! She jumped and gasped, not expecting the whack on her ass. But despite the infringement on her body, she no longer had the mental strength to face the man, so she ignored the blow and quickly started back to the front of the store, her wobbling legs barely able to support her.

Glancing around the store she saw that everyone was looking at her. She was so humiliated she wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. But deep, deep down there was a feeling stirring, a feeling that she couldn't deny. Deep down, she was turned on. As much as she wanted to run away and hide, there was a part of her that wanted to lie down on the floor right there in the middle of the store and bury all 12 inches of the dildo into her dripping pussy.

When she finally reached the front of the store she set the dildo on the counter. "How much?" she asked softly, her voice shaking.

"Well, the truth is, I was going to give this to the little woman at home," he said, a devious grin on his face. "It's the only one I have in stock. I'm not sure I want to sell it."

Sandy looked at the man, a look of disbelief on her face. "Please," she said at last. "I'll pay whatever you want," she pleaded. Chapter two had been very specific about the dildo she was to purchase, right down to the manufacturer and model. She thought briefly about buying a different model, but quickly dismissed the notion. Billy had been specific, and she didn't want to risk his anger.

"Well now," Bert said with a smile. "If by payment you mean money, the price is $20.00. But like I said, I'm not sure I want to sell it. But if by payment, you mean something other than money, why don't you step into my office."

Sandy looked at the man, momentarily speechless as her mind tried to deal with this roadblock. She needed the dildo, but she didn't have time to deal with "payment by something other than money" at this time or she'd be late meeting Billy.

"Okay," she said at last, her frustration becoming apparent. "I can't do that now, but if you sell me the dildo, I'll come back later. I promise."

Bert looked at her for a moment before a smile appeared on his face and he began to chuckle softly. He reached under the counter, pulled out a bag, and stuffed the dildo in it. He handed the bag to Sandy.

"No charge," he said. "And no other obligations on your part, either. Billy said you were okay, ma'am. He was right."

Sandy stood there in shock as the man moved to the other end of the counter. Quickly, she grabbed the bag and headed for the door.

"I don't suspect I'll ever see you again," Bert said as she reached the door, "but I work until midnight tonight and tomorrow."

She looked back and couldn't help but smile. "I'll keep that in mind," she said as the door closed behind her.

Billy peered out the front window as she got in her car and left. "You really had her going, Bert. You shouldn't have let her off the hook, though. She just might have come back."

"Oh, she would have," Big Bert smiled at the young man. "And she still might."

"You're too much, Bert. Thanks again for your help." Billy stepped outside and walked around the corner to where he'd parked his car. He followed after Sandy at a leisurely pace, not really concerned about how long he kept her waiting.

* * *

Sandy Martin walked out of the hotel lobby, room key in hand. She quickly moved her car to a parking space at the back of the hotel, turned off the ignition, and took a deep breath. Well, ready or not, here I am, she thought. She opened the door, grabbed her purse and bag, and headed for the door.

The room was located on the second floor, halfway down the back hallway. She stepped into the room and looked around. She'd heard the story about Kristin's mom and knew it had taken place at this motel. She wondered if this was the same room. It seemed to fit the description, being a two-room suite, with the bedroom off to the right and a balcony off the living room.

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