Submissive Soccer Moms: Rich Bitch


Once she arrived, she let out an accidental howl, "Oh my, you really are a slut, aren't you?"

On the bed, still bound, and dripping in sweat, was the MILF, attempting to cum by bouncing her ass up and down. The sight was so desperately erotic that Layla almost felt sorry for her. The MILF pleaded, "Oh Mistress Layla, please help me cum, I need to so bad."

Layla smiled, walked to the bed and untied the slave's legs and extracted the drenched toy from inside the slut's cunt. Layla, attempting to look naughty, sucked the excessive juice from the toy. She explained, "How bad do you want to come, mommy-slut?"

"Desperately," the horny mother of one responded.

"I will let you come," Layla offered, "with this."

Sammantha Jones looked at the long thick cucumber and although appalled by such a slutty act her words said the opposite, "Yes, please, fuck me."

Layla asked, all sweet, "You want your daughter's soccer coach to fuck you with this long thick vegetable?"

"Yes, Mistress Layla, fuck me with whatever you want, I need to come so badly."

Layla loved the complete submission; things were going even better than expected. Sammantha Jones, the biggest parent bitch of her parent group, was now begging and pleading to be fucked by a vegetable. Layla untied the horny slut, handed her the cucumber and said, "Go at it, slut."

The ravished MILF instantly inserted the wide cucumber in her red hot cunt and began to fuck herself. Her eyes were closed, so she was completely unaware that Layla had pulled out a camcorder and was videotaping the naughty masturbation session. Layla ordered, "Beg to cum, my slut."

The MILF opened her eyes and looked directly into the camera. Her mouth dropped open and she stopped. "Please, Layla, don't tape this."

Layla glared, "Are you questioning me?"

"No-no-no," the sexy redhead backtracked.

"For your slight act of disobedience, you need to be punished," Layla informed.

The humiliated mother put her head down and whispered, "Yes, Mistress Layla."

"Take out the cucumber," the powerful Mistress ordered.

"Yes, Mistress," the slut obeyed, a loud plop escaping the MILF's cunt as the vegetable was released from the slut's tight cunt.

"Clean it up," Layla ordered, still taping.

The once powerful mother opened her mouth and took the sticky cucumber in her mouth. As she sucked off her juice she pondered her exit strategy. Once this humiliation was done, she would have to get the tape. That tape could end her.

"Fuck your ass," Layla commanded.

Sammantha looked back up, her eyes full of fear and stammered, "W-w-w-with this?"

"Is that a problem?"

"It won't fit," the MILF attempted to reason.

Layla went to her bag and returned with a smaller black dildo. "Shove the cucumber back in that old cunt of yours while you fuck your ass with this."

Relieved and horny, the rich beauty took the toy and after reinserting the vegetable in her eager cunt, slowly slid the smaller toy in her ass. A slight pain burned inside her ass, but it was compensated by the fire burning in her cunt. Although awkward, she began to pump both the cucumber and dildo in and out of her two holes, ignoring the still filming camcorder.

Layla ordered, "How does the dp feel, slut?"

"So, good Mistress Layla, I am close."

"Stop," Layla ordered.

The MILF obeyed and cried, "Please, Mistress Layla, can I come?"

"Look into the camera and tell me what you are," the soccer coach ordered.

Past any sort of dignity or caring, the rich, redhead, mother, said, "I am Sammantha Jones. I am a complete lesbian slut who is owned by Mistress Layla."

"Nice," Layla purred, adding, "if you want to come all you have to do is one more sacrifice."

"Anything," the MILF responded, believing it.

"Give me permission to add your bi-curious daughter to my harem of sluts."

Sammantha was not expecting this. She stammered, "I-i-it is up to her."

"So you have no problem of me seducing Tiffany and having her as my personal fuck toy?"

"No," the MILF responded, knowing that she had no power to stop her.

"So I can have your beautiful daughter on her knees begging to be my slave?"

"Yes, she could use some discipline," the MILF moaned.

"So true. I can have your obnoxious daughter between my legs lapping at my delicious cunt?"

"Yes," the mother agreed.

"So I can fuck her pussy and ass with a strap-on?"

"Yes," the mother replied, resigned to their fate.

Layla put a strap-on on her beautiful body and crawled onto the bed. "Ready for your Mistress to fuck you?"

"More than anything," the mother moaned.

Layla pulled the cucumber out of her slave's pussy, left the dildo in her ass and leaned into her. Layla's seven inch cock easily slid into her slave and she started slow. Layla loved to look directly into the eyes of her latest conquests and loved what she saw: pure, unbridled want and submission. Even without the tape, she knew Sammantha Jones was hers.

Her thrusts became faster and deeper as the MILF screamed, "Oh, yes, yes, fuck your owned slut, harder, Mistress, harder."

Layla obliged, pumping all seven inches of the hard plastic cock into her MILF slave.

"Yesssss, thank you Mistress, fuck me, fuck me, fuckkkkk," the sexy redhead MILF bellowed.

Layla buried the cock deep into her sub and lay on top, allowing her sub to have the whole resonating thrill of the orgasm that was currently sending waves through her body.

Sammantha Jones huffed, "Oh my God, that was the most amazing orgasm I have ever had."

"Of course it is," Layla said, pulling out and off her sweaty exhausted slut. Once she had taken off the strap-on cock, she climbed back onto the bed and lowered her pussy onto her MILF's face.

Sammantha licked and licked for an eternity as juice continued to dribble down her face. It wasn't easy to breathe, but Layla would move enough to allow some air.

Layla feeling an orgasm bubbling inside her, began to rub her wet cunt on her slave's face and soon a second orgasm ripped through her body. "Aaahhhh, that's it mommy-slut, you will make a good lez."

Layla rolled off her slut and said, "I'm going to have a shower."

Once her young Mistress had left, Sammantha sat up; her face coated with pussy juice and looked at herself in the mirror. Her make-up was a mess, her hair tangled and her face shiny with cum. She looked like a cheap whore and felt like one too. She grabbed her robe and sat on the edge of her bed and waited.

Layla took a long shower and returned to her slut's room in only a towel. She smiled when she saw the new sub waiting for her. Layla yawned and said, "Slut, I am pretty tired, and I have a very busy day planned for us tomorrow, so I suggest you get some sleep." Layla crawled into Sammantha Jones king-sized bed and got snug under the covers.

Sammantha moved to join her, but was recoiled, "No, no, slut, you can go sleep in your daughter's bed." Sammantha began to leave. "Also, slut, on all fours. Crawl to bed." Humiliated, the MILF obeyed and slowly crawled away.

Layla smiled at the complete subservient obedience of her prize possession. Tomorrow she would try her other seductive move: sweet and sensitive. Tomorrow she would seduce the adorably cute Clara Walsh.


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/12/18

Loved the story. I would love to see the rich milf get dominated and humiliated some more.

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by Anonymous11/24/17

Great story. Id sove to see what happens next. Maybe the maid dominates and humiliates samantha. Please continue.

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by Anonymous11/07/17

Great story. Please write a sequel!!!

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