tagBDSMSubmissive's Journey 08

Submissive's Journey 08


I really don't know who gets more devilish impulses – Miss Susan or Miss Barbara.

Of course, it is especially hard to tell, since the two of them often put their heads together, sometimes whispering and giggling, as they dream up ways to torment me. By "torment", I mean torment in the most wonderful, loving sense. If you recall my statement about how Susan could keep me simmering for hours at a time, just imagine what could be done to me by two intelligent, erotic, gorgeous women whom I adored.

Even when neither of them is in my presence, the very thought of either can get me creaming in my jeans – that is, when I am permitted to wear jeans. They found ways to give me pleasure mixed with just enough pain to make my experiences exquisite. Today was no exception.

The day started 'normally' enough. Barbara came over early to share breakfast with us. Some nights she stayed with us; other nights she went home for some alone time. I served them breakfast wearing an outfit that Barbara had purchased for me. It was sort of like a maid's outfit. That is, if the maid was actually a slut whore who had taken on a part-time job as a maid.

It consisted of a small frilly hat, some frilly cuffs for my wrists, and 5 inch ankle straps. The remainder of the outfit consisted of an apron. This tied behind my neck and in the small of my back. The front came up enough to cover the bottom half of my areolae (letting my nipples peek over the top), and came down only enough to barely cover my sex. As I strutted in my heels, the loose ends from the tie at the small of my back dangled down, brushing my buttocks as I moved.

As if that was not arousing enough, as I served my Mistresses, they would casually stroke my exposed butt, or my soft, sensitive inside thighs. Sometimes they would even reach under the front hem to whisper fingertips across my labia. After we all had eaten, and I had cleaned up, I noticed Barbara shooting a look of inquiry at Susan. It is amazing what information lifting a single eyebrow can convey. I saw Susan nod in reply. The two of them turned and looked at me. The look that they gave me told me that they had dreamed up something special, and I felt my knees go weak, and felt my heart hammering in my chest. What was I in for this time?

Barbara said to me, "Go to your room, remove all that you have on, and then join us in the basement."

The basement! My breath caught for an instant, as I remembered Susan first catching me in the basement, and how my life had changed since that day. "Yes Miss," I stammered, and hurried to comply.

In my room, off came the heels, the wrist cuffs, and, with two quick tugs, the apron. Before rushing to join my Mistresses, I took a quick look in the mirror to check my appearance; a habit I've gotten into. It was a good thing that I did. I had forgotten the small frilly hat. I quickly unpinned it, and smoothed my hair back into place.

At the basement steps, I slowed down both because I did not want to appear awkward and because I did not want to fall down the steps in my excitement. I don't know what I was expecting to see. What I DID see was my two wonderful Mistresses holding a goodly amount of rope and standing on either side of a chair.

"Sit down, girl," Susan said.

I did as I was commanded.

"Hmmmm. I think we need your hips farther forward," Susan decided.

I scooted forward until she told me to stop. Barbara placed something firm behind me that I could lean against, sloping backward. Satisfied with my position, they began tying me, securing me firmly to the chair. Loops around my torso from below my breasts to just below my navel held my trunk firmly in place. Loops around my shoulders and my upper arms held them back in position. Loops around my legs and the chair's front legs held them fast. This pulled my thighs well apart, fully exposing my pussy. To complete my restraints, ropes were coiled around my forearms and the chair arms, leaving only my wrists and hands uncovered, palms up.

Barbara said, "Open and close your hands, girl. Are they working okay?"

I experimented. "Yes, Miss."

"Good," she said, smiling.

I felt very vulnerable; immobilized, with my very sensitive tits and cunt left exposed. Of course, I trusted both of my Mistresses, but still, feeling so helpless triggers something primordial. I felt my body starting to sweat beneath the enclosing ropes. I focused on taking slow breaths, to calm myself.

Just as I was getting accustomed to my situation, Susan handed Barbara a blindfold. Barbara grinned as she saw the look of surprise appear on my face. In a moment, I could no longer see her grin as she secured the blindfold over my eyes. The darkness was complete. Deprived of vision, my sense of hearing sharpened. I heard them walking around the basement, making noises. There were sounds of boxes being opened, papers rustling, things being gathered.

I had not been aware that Susan had moved close to me, so I jumped, as well as I could, when she spoke into my ear. "We are going to play a game," she declared. From the tone of her voice I could visualize a great beaming smile as she said this. "We are going to place objects in your palm, and you are going to guess what the object is. If you get it correct, you get a reward. And if you get it wrong, you get a punishment. Barbara and I will take turns. Simple rules, I think. Any questions, girl?"

I briefly considered asking what the reward and/or the punishment would be, but I doubted that such a question would be answered. So, I merely replied, "No, Miss."

"Very well; let us begin. It is my turn first," Susan stated. There was a pause, and then I felt something placed into my right hand.

"What is this?"asked Susan.

My fingers closed on it. It felt hard, circular, metallic, smooth. After a few moments I replied, "A coin."

"What type?" she asked.

"Ummmmmm... a quarter, Miss." I was not certain, so I held my breath, waiting for her response.

"Correct," she confirmed. And after a moment, I felt her hand glide caressingly over my right breast. Ohhhhhh. A lovely reward. After the caress stopped, I sat waiting for an indeterminate amount of time. My Mistresses seemed to be in no hurry. Apparently this game might go on all day.

It became Barbara's turn. She handed me something heavy. It felt like the handle of some sort of tool. But as I was manipulating it with my bound arm, it fell out of my grip, and rattled on the concrete floor. "May I have it back please, Miss?"

"No, girl. If you are clumsy, that is your fault. You will have to guess," Barbara declared. She was always the stricter Mistress of the two of them.

"Is it a screwdriver?" I ventured.

"No. It is an awl. You are wrong," she stated flatly. There was a pause. Suddenly I felt the sharp sting of a riding crop strike my defenseless breast, causing me to yelp! Now I had an inkling of the types of punishment I would receive. I also realized that the pauses between turns were designed to let me more fully experience whatever sensation I had just received, as my breast ached and throbbed.

I tried to focus my mind for the next challenge. The item that Susan placed into my hand had a long thin shaft. I carefully manipulated it, and easily identified it as a toothbrush.

"Right," she said. After another pause, I felt her fingers stroking my exposed pussy, causing me to moan softly.

After a delay, Barbara put a tube into my hand. Without thinking too carefully, I said, "A tube of toothpaste." This probably came to mind because I had just handled a toothbrush.

"Wrong!" she said. "Feel the size of it. That is our tube of KY jelly." I cringed, awaiting my punishment in the darkness. I think I must have subconsciously drawn my upper torso back hoping to lessen the pain on my tits. I was unprepared for the crack of the riding crop directly on my vulnerable cunt! I shrieked from the pain! Now I knew why the game was taking place in the basement. Its thick walls can absorb a lot of sound.

I got Susan's next item incorrect also. I don't know why, because it was the mouse from our computer, and should have been easy. Perhaps my mind was still reeling from the pain coursing through my pussy. As Susan's soft gentle hand lifted my left breast I was briefly confused because she had said that my answer had been wrong. Therefore I was quite shocked when I felt the hard slap of her other hand come down onto the tit she was holding! I moaned again, but this time in pain.

But I was correct guessing Barbara's next challenge, which was a large wooden spoon. After a breathless pause, I felt her soft warm lips engulf the nipple of the breast that had just been slapped. She began suckling, quickly transforming the pain into intense pleasure.

The game did indeed go on for hours. My most embarrassing, humiliating moment came when I realized that after all this time tied into the chair, I needed to pee. When I informed my Mistresses of my urgent need to urinate, Susan said, "We are not going to go to all the bother of untying you at this point. Go ahead! Pee!"

For a moment, that command did not fully register. "Mistress?" I queried.

"You heard me. Pee. Now!" I felt a hot flush start on my face and creep downward, but I couldn't hold it any longer. Releasing my sphincter muscle, I felt the hot stream of piss flow over my labia and upper thighs and begin pooling under my ass on the chair. Even more flowed from me, the acrid smell of my urine striking my nostrils. Continuing to empty my bladder, I heard the sound of piss overflowing the chair seat and piddling on the floor of the basement beneath me. I felt like dying of shame, but my Mistresses merely laughed and gently stroked my chin and burning cheeks, telling me what a good girl I was. I was surprised at how much this gentle reassurance soothed me.

As the game proceeded, some of the items were difficult, and my incorrect answers resulted in varying punishments with the riding crop or their hands. But not all of the blows were harsh. Either that, or it just felt that way because my Mistresses had brought me to a state of deep submission. I found myself trying to guess what part of me would receive the punishment. And to my amazement, I felt myself trying to offer that body part to my Mistress. Either I was an excellent guesser, or I was giving subtle clues by my body movements, because I often received the stroke where I anticipated. I was stunned, however, the first time I was struck on my feet. I had forgotten they were exposed and vulnerable.

Once again I found the mixture of pain and pleasure I was receiving to be extremely arousing. I did receive pleasure – lots of it. I received kisses on my breasts, collarbones, neck, cheeks, lips; even on my open palms. No kisses directly on my pussy though. Perhaps the angle was a bit awkward, or perhaps my Mistresses did not feel that I deserved that reward.

But my breasts were suckled, tugged, rolled sensuously until I groaned with delight. My cunt received its fair share of attention. My labia were stroked, tugged, caressed, and parted to expose the opening of my vaginal tunnel. The tunnel itself welcomed fingers, dildo, and ultimately a vibrator. Nor was my clit neglected, having its hood retracted so its shaft could be stroked by loving fingers. I had not been allowed to cum at all during the entire game, and by this time I was in a white heat of arousal.

Ultimately, I heard Barbara say, "Now for the final item of the game, and this guess is for the grand prize."

I waited. I felt something warm and soft placed into my hand. Closing my fingers on it I gently explored it and felt my mouth go dry. I managed to choke out, "It's a breast."

And Barbara's voice came from directly in front of me, offering no clue, as she asked, "Whose?"

I explored it even more with my hand, trying not to be distracted by how much its nipple was hardening. I knew that I had a 50-50 chance of being right, even if I took a wild guess. But the breast in my hand felt rather full, and Barbara is more petite than Susan. So I swallowed hard, and said, "Miss Susan's."

There seemed to be a very long pause as I awaited Barbara's response. Hands went to my blindfold, untying it. As it was removed, in moments my eyes grew accustomed to the light and were able to focus. The sight that greeted me was both of my Mistresses topless, and Susan leaning over, her breast lowered into my hand. I was right, and I had won! They were both smiling at me in a way that made my heart melt.

Barbara said, "Now for your grand prize." She lowered one of her breasts into my other hand, which instinctively started to caress it, as I continued to caress Susan's. They each reached forward and began caressing my tits, neck, face and hair, while Barbara took the vibrator that she had switched on and slid it smoothly into my self-lubricated vagina.

Barbara informed me, "Since you were such a good girl in our game, you may cum as quickly as you wish, and as many times as you wish."

My arousal was such that I did not need that command repeated. My first orgasm ripped through my body in what seemed like seconds after I had been given permission! It was quickly followed by a second, as my Mistresses worked their magic with their hands, and I received the giddy sensation of having their breasts in my hands and sight!

After that, I lost track of the number of peaks I reached and orgasmic contractions I experienced. The sensations blending into an almost continuous release! Finally, I must have shrieked and slumped, my hands going slack on their breasts.

Smiling, they straightened up and untied my restraints. Barbara took my chin lovingly into her hand to get my full attention. "Relax and rest here, girl, as long as you wish. We want you to feel fully recovered. After that, clean up the mess you made on the chair and the floor, and then go upstairs and shower yourself clean. Your duties are done for today."

"Yes, Miss," I must have said in a dreamlike or trance-like voice, because they both burst out giggling as they climbed the stairs, leaving me to rest. The thought came to me that the basement is becoming one of my favorite places in the house, as I slipped into a gentle slumber.

(continued in part 9)

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