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It has been 2 weeks, more than 2 weeks actually: 2 weeks, 3 days, 4 hours and some odd minutes. I kept telling myself that things would get easier. That this decision I made was for the best, and things would get easier. I needed to do this. I couldn't walk around for the rest of my life being someone's sex slave... regardless of how much I enjoyed it. It was time to move forward with my life. Not to mention that things between us had fizzled, I didn't have the time and neither did you.

When I had told you, you had tried to talk me out of it... but I had none of it. I was adamant that things were over, and our relationship would be purely platonic moving forward. However that was easier said than done. I could say whatever I wanted, but it didn't keep my mind from wandering. I had to fight myself every day to keep from calling you and begging you to guide me to orgasm after glorious orgasm. Throughout every day I would find my mind wandering back to our afternoons together, and reliving the experiences, until I found myself lying in bed, fingers in a soaked pussy cumming. My dreams always cycled back to you, and when I awoke, I was teetering on the edge of calling you again. I tried to get rid of you, by having sex with someone else... it didn't work, I still wanted it to be you. I envisioned it was you behind me pounding relentlessly into me; harder, faster, deeper, until I could no longer take it and I exploded into orgasm. I wanted it to be you punishing my ass, my pussy, my breasts until I begged for mercy. Two weeks, three days, 4 hours, and some odd minutes.

Things would get easier I tell myself again... I just need to get you out of my head, and move forward. With that I toss the blankets back, and get out of bed, where I had spent the night in restless sleep dreaming of you. It was time to start the day. I get dressed for the day, my white lace bra, panties, a simple button up blouse, and a pair of jeans. I couldn't help but know that you would not have approved of the outfit, but that didn't really matter now did it.

As I moved downstairs, I start a pot of coffee, and move to the bathroom to clean up, and brush my hair. Feeling human, I sip my coffee. Eight am... after this I can head outside and get a few things done in the yard I tell myself. Enjoying the morning sunshine coming through the window, I am startled back to reality when I hear my cell phone buzz at an incoming text. I look to see that it is you, and before I read the message I feel a shot of electricity buzz through my spine.

"I will be at your house in 15m, dress to impress." A simple message, yet the effect it has on me is immediate. I feel myself gasp, and my body begin to heat up.

Oh no he doesn't, I tell myself. He isn't just going to waltz in here and derail me. No matter what my body is telling me, I will not cave into this man. Pffft... dress to impress... he doesn't own me... not anymore. In fact I am not even going to let him in the house. All this going through my head, but I can already feel the wetness building. My body is on fire with desire.

"Get yourself under control Sarah." I say out loud.

I have no idea what I did for the next 15 minutes, time just rushed away, while I tried to give myself a pep talk of what I would and wouldn't say and do with you. But I hear the doorbell ring, and I know it is you. I take a deep breathe, and walk to the door, forcing myself to put on a pleasant smile.

"Good morning.... Ike," I say, remembering that I will no longer be referring to you as sir, or master... which is a change that takes us both by surprise.

You are wearing sun glasses, and I can see your brows arch in surprise over the top of them. I smile, knowing that I have just driven the point home.

"Good morning slave," you reply.

Refusing to back down I reply, "I'm sorry you have come at a bad time, I am just getting ready to leave, maybe we can do this another time."

You look me up and down and say, "Without your shoes on?"

CRAP, I think to myself.

Before I can say anything else, you raise the glasses up to the top of your head, you stare coolly at me. "We need to talk, it can either be out here where your neighbors can witness things, or you can invite me in... which is it going to be?"

"I... well... ummmm...." I feel my head spinning a bit as I try to decide what to do, and how to respond.

"Well....?" I hear you say impatiently.

"Yes, of course come in si.. Ike," I catch myself before I get the title out.

I open the door, to allow you in, knowing it is a mistake, knowing that this is the beginning of the end. NO NO NO, I tell myself, hold strong.

"Can I offer you a cup of coffee?" I say moving into the kitchen.

"Sure," you say following me in.

I pour you a cup, as you pull a chair out by the table and sit down. I sit it down before you, and back up leaning against the kitchen counter, placing some distance between us.

"Aren't you going to sit down?" you ask, knowing what I am doing.

"No I think I will stand," I reply, "what was it you needed to talk to me about."

You wait a few moments, as the silence sits in. "Please sit down with me," you say taking a drink of your coffee.

I must look shocked, I don't think I have ever heard you ask me for anything with the word please associated with it in my life. I feel myself moving across the room, and I pull a chair out from the table, still positioning myself several feet away. I cross my legs as I sit down, with a mental note that they are to stay crossed.

I see the sly smile perk at your lips.

"What did you need to talk to me about?" I ask.

You pause, watching me intently for a moment. Then place your cup down on the table, and look attentively at me again. I fight the urge to start fidgeting, force my legs to stay crossed, and force myself to meet your eyes, rather than looking away like I used to do. You can sense my imposed authority, as I make my stand.

"You are not dressed as I commanded." You say matter-of-factly.

"And you no longer have any right to command me," I retort proud of myself for the quick reply.

You stand up and walk to the window, peering out momentarily. I listen to your footsteps, but stay seated with my eyes ahead. I hear you walk back, and stand directly behind me. I am a box of nerves, and every nerve in my body is screaming to be fucked, but I make every attempt to maintain a cool exterior, and show no signs that my body and mind are not in agreement as to what they want.

"Spread your legs," you command.

I feel myself start to waiver, my body wanting to respond to your commands, my muscles strain wanting to obey. "No, we are not doing this," I say with a small quiver in my voice.

I feel your hands brush my hair from behind my neck over one shoulder, and your hot breathe on my neck. My body surges with heat in response, and I tense and gasp in air. "You think that you can just walk away so easily. I know you, and your body, and you can say what you like, but you still want this. One touch and your body was ready for me. You fight to remain poised, but I know that deep inside you are quivering with desire. At your essence you are submissive, this is what you want and desire, to fight it is to fight who you are; so submit to me now."

"I .... Am..... I can't... no" a series of jumbled words pops out making no sense at all.

"Are you telling me that if I were to bite down on your neck, and you felt my tongue dance over your skin that it would have no effect on you?" you whisper into my ear before clamping down. I can not help as a moan escapes my lips, and my head tilts to the side granting you more access and urging you forward. I feel my breasts throb and my nipples tighten in response, my pussy getting very wet.

You release my neck, moving back up to my ear and whisper, "Submit to me now, spread your legs."

I feel my legs uncross, and know that my convictions are failing; I am falling to my lust. I want this so badly, it is burning like an all-consuming fire within me. A pang of guilt cuts through the lust and gives me a moment of clarity before all is lost. Instinctively I stand up moving away from you. I must get away from the hot breathe on my neck, the whispers in my ear. I must regain my self control, or I will hand all control to you.

I walk to the window, with my back to you, and take a deep breathe, trying to get my feet planted on solid ground again. But no sooner than I am standing there and you are right behind me. I feel a sharp smack on my ass, and it lights a fire back through me again. The sting piercing through me, making every nerve in my ass and pussy twinge. I gasp out loud, and turn to face you, breathing deeply.

I want this so badly, but the internal battle still rages forward, as I fight to not yield to you. I attempt to move past you once more, I need more space. But you anticipate my move, step in front of me with a smile on your face. You grab my wrists in both hands, and step forward, forcing me to step back, and push my back against the wall, pinning my body between you and the wall. I gasp out and try to push you off, with no success. As you press one leg between mine, and pin both wrists in one hand, and raise them over my head. I look at you with as much defiance as I can muster, but my body is taking over, and I can not deny how much I want this.

"Submit to me now," you repeat.

I look away from you, refusing to speak, because if I do, I know that you will own me once again. I feel your free hand graze over my breast, as my nipple tingles in response.

"You think these clothes will stop me... I can see your nipples hardened through your shirt. I can see your breathing has changed, your eyes have dilated, and I am betting that if I were to unbutton your pants, I would find a very wet pussy, wouldn't I Sarah?" you question knowingly.

"Yes," I moan out, as I feel you pinch my nipple through my clothes.

"Submit to me now," you repeat once again.

I am quiet for a moment, as you await my reply, and I use all my strength to whisper, "no, I can not."

You sigh out loud, "you insist on doing everything the hard way. You will submit to me. It is going to happen today, so save yourself the fight, you are going to need your strength and energy for today, because I am going to fuck you until you can not stand up to walk. Submit now, so that you can feel orgasm after orgasm ripple through your body, like you know only I can deliver to you.

I feel myself sag, wanting so much to fall into your arms, and let you ravage me over and over again. I look down and see the bulge in your pants, and I think how much I would love to sink to my knees, take out your rock hard cock, and suck it deep into my mouth. Savoring the taste of your precum as I lick and suck from base to tip. I do want this badly, the need is almost overwhelming me. But from somewhere deep within I hear myself say again, "please stop, I can't do this."

I feel your hand graze down to my belly, and lower, to my inner thigh of my spread legs. I moan in pleasure as I feel you grab my pussy through my jeans, rubbing back and forth . My body taking over, I begin grinding down on your hand.

"I am going to punish you for having all these clothes on, you know I like easy access. Your ass will suffer for these jeans. Now beg me to take these pants off of you so I can continue playing with my pussy." The grinding on my pussy I just want more, more, more, I want your fingers sliding deep within me, bringing me to the orgasm that is lingering in the background.

"Yes, please," I moan out loud, desperate for more, "take them off."

I see your devilish smile spread across your face, as you unbutton the jeans. You release my wrists, saying firmly, " Do not move your arms, and narrow your stance." I obey without hesitation, and watch you take a zip tie from your pocket and secure it around my wrists. You look around and see the hook over the pantry door that I use to hang extra bags on. You smile smugly, and direct me to the door. Once there you lift me around the waist, and tell me to dip my hands over the hook. Once secure, I am standing flat footed on the ground, but am incapable of leaving unless I want to take the door with me. The idea of being trapped to your mercies sends a wave of excitement pulsing through my body as I feel you tug my jeans gently off revealing my panties. I hear you tisking lightly, "your pussy is going to be punished for these," you say as you pull them back and let them snap back on my skin. I gasp out, as the elastic cracks against my skin. "Spread," you command firmly, and wait as I widen my stance once again. You run your finger between the slit of my pussy through the cloth and chide... "these panties are dripping wet, yet you attempt to hold back still," your fingers relentlessly stroking my pussy through the thin layer of wet panties, "submit to me now."

"I need to cum," I moan out. "Please make me cum."

"Submit," you repeat, pulling your touch back just enough to drive me crazy without being enough to push me over the threshold to the orgasm I desire so much. "I know you need to cum, and all you have to do is submit."

I try to grind down onto your hand, but instead you pull your hand back altogether standing up and looking me in the eyes. I have a sex-crazed look on my face, as my desperation is mounting for release.

"Submit to me now," you repeat firmly.

"I want to cum," I persist, whining with my desires going unfulfilled.

"Then submit," you reply.

Angry that you are using my body against me, I gain a moment of fortitude, and look you square in the eyes, "NO."

Without warning, you drop your hand back to my pussy, pushing under the cloth and rubbing my juices onto your hand, making my knees weaken, and my mouth drop open in a silent moan. Once you see my mouth open, you quickly move your hand up to my open mouth, plugging two fingers in. "Taste your desires, you know you want this, I know you want this, so submit."

I suck greedily at your fingers, and watch the bulge in your pants twinge. I can see that you are enjoying yourself, after all you are a dom. You see my eyes watching your bulge, and remove your fingers from my mouth.

"Submit, and you can have my cock."

"Ike, I can't, I have already told you why, " I plead with you.

You ignore my pleading, "this shirt must go, you say, abruptly pulling it and snapping the buttons off, leaving it opened with my breasts and white lace bra showing. "I see that now I am going to have to punish these tits too you chastise looking at me.

I look to the side, averting my eyes from your penetrating stare. I am losing the ability to fight you off, my desires overwhelming. I feel your hands over my breasts massaging and pinching my nipples. I arch my back into your hands, and feel your hot breath blow through the fabric of the bra over my right nipple. "Please, make me cum" I beg, being taken back into the sexual reverie.

"Submit to me now, and I will feast on your pussy until you are oozing cum from multiple orgasms." Your hand goes down and begins working on my cunt again, driving the idea home, as I writhe against you.

"I....want.... oh God, please" I moan into you.

"Submit," you persist.

"Ike, please..."

"Submit," you pinch down and roll my nipple between your fingers.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh," I moan loudly.

"SUBMIT TO ME NOW," I hear your voice boom.

"Yes...... sir, ......I submit to you," I finally yield, caving into my desires, "you own me, .....I submit."

In one fluid motion you squat down between my legs, "hold on," you growl approvingly, "I like to eat at the table." With that you hoist me up by the legs, as I gasp in surprise, and carry me to the table, placing my ass down on the edge. You move back pulling my panties down, revealing my shaved naked pussy. I see you smile, knowing that was the one thing I maintained after I called everything off a couple of weeks ago. You rip my legs apart, to show my swollen glistening cunt before you, my clit peaking out from between pussy lips. "Cum as often as you like," you say with a triumphant smile on your lips.

With that your head disappears between my legs, and a moment later I feel your tongue like velvet beginning to probe my eagerly awaiting pussy. Lapping up the juices, I feel my body surge with pleasure, as your tongue grazes across my ever-so-sensitive clit, and I moan out in pleasure. "Oh God yes master, please don't stop," I cry out as you flick my clit relentlessly with your tongue until I explode in orgasm. I scream as I cum, the sensations washing over me like waves in the ocean, one after another. Your tongue still lightly moving, over my pussy as I come down from the high. Just as the orgasm subsides you amp back up, causing my legs to twitch and tremble. I feel you slide two fingers deep within me as your tongue continues gliding over my pussy.

"Yes, finger fuck me while you eat me, my pussy needs to be filled," I hear you chuckle as you continue your path with your tongue, going in circles around my clit, then a few flicks over the top, then another circle, and more flicks. I move my bound hands to your head, grabbing your hair and thrusting my pussy to your waiting mouth. Your fingers deep inside of me, probing back and forth as I lay before you on the table, holding my legs wide apart, displayed like a wanton slut. You bring me to a second then a third orgasm as I scream out in pleasure. Barely able to form a coherent thought, much less a sentence, I feel you remove your fingers from my dripping pussy. I grunt my disapproval and thrust my pussy in search of your hand.

"I think it is time to move this party to the bedroom you say," patting my pussy repeatedly with your hand and standing up. The little pussy spanks ricochet through my body because I am so sensitive with all the extra blood flow there. I twitch and moan out... "more, please more sir."

I hear you chuckle, "you will have to beg me to stop upstairs... now lets move," This time you give my ass a hard smack to end the conversation, and get me moving. I squeal and move off the table. I look you square in the eyes, before aggressively moving toward you.

A bit surprised, I see your eyebrow cock upward, wondering what I am doing. "You got what you wanted I say, and you promised me something else if I would submit, and I intend to take it right now," I say with determination and authority in my voice. With that I grab ahold of your belt loop with my bound hands, and give a slight tug, edging you to me. "You told me I could have your cock if I submitted," I see you smile as I unzip your pants, and tug them down a bit awkwardly with my hands still bound together. "Besides, I feel over dressed, with you wearing all these clothes," I say as your pants sag down to your knees.

"You were overdressed," you say as I sink down to my knees, "and that is something I am going to remind you of when we get upstairs, your body will soon remember who is ... aahhhhh."

I hear you moan, as I eagerly take you all into my mouth, plunging deep into my throat. "Well that is one way to get him distracted," I think smugly to myself, as I begin working your cock in and out of my mouth. I allow my tongue too twirl around the girth of your shaft, enjoying the salty precum that drops into my mouth. I suck hungrily until I sense you wanting release, and then pull back and begin bobbing back and forth, letting my tongue work the vein on the underside of your cock, while my lips and teeth graze along your skin. I am desperate to taste your cum in my mouth, desperate to pull the orgasm from you. I bring my hands up to gently massage your balls while I suck your cock diligently. Your small moans and groans spur me on as I continue licking, sucking, and massaging you for several minutes, until I feel you start thrusting your hips. Setting the rhythm that you want; your hand moves to the back of my head, and I feel your fingers lace through my hair. You push my head forward, and feel me begin to gag and choke as your cock pushes past my gag reflex.

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