tagBDSMSubmitting to a Stranger

Submitting to a Stranger


It's getting towards the end of a long hard shift at work. I'm physically and emotionally drained after a long morning's work and I look at my watch… Only half an hour to go. Then I get a call from one of the customer service advisors, there's a very angry passenger that just got off a longhaul flight and he's demanding to see the manager. I sigh and head to the customer service desk.

I walk up to the man and tell him that I'm the manager and asking him to come with me to my office where we can discuss matters further. He agrees and follows me. When we get to my office I motion for him to sit down and he does. I quickly look at his papers and start talking to him.

'Mr Jennings,' I say, 'I realise that the service we've provided you with on this flight is well below your expectations, indeed well below our own standards and I apologise unreservedly for this. However, I cannot change what's been done, but I will do anything in my power to provide you with an acceptable compensation.'

The man leans forward. 'Call me Steve and I'll call you…' he looks at my nametag 'Sally.' Then he smiles.

I smile back at him. 'OK Steve, how about I give you twice the air miles you normally receive for this flight?'

He looks at me and laughs. 'You call that compensation? That's nothing!!!'

I swallow and keep smiling. 'OK, how about a free economy flight for you and a friend to any of our domestic destinations?'

He shakes his head. 'I've just spent 18 hours on the flight from hell, having food spilt on me and being verbally abused, not to mention the fact that my seat was lumpy and my video screen didn't work. You gotta come up with something better than that!'

I get out of my chair and sit down on the desk in front of him. 'Now please Steve, let's be rational. I cannot offer you anymore. I sincerely regret what's happened, and the people responsible will be punished, but I can't give you anymore than I've already offered.' My phone rings and I pick it up. It's another emergency, but I tell them to contact someone else because my shift is over.

He smiles at me, places a hand on my thigh and says to me 'I could sue your employer, but I won't. I accept your offer.' I look at him, there's a glimmer in his eyes that sends a cold chill through my body. I look down at his hand, he squeezes my thigh before he leaves go and I feel disappointed that he doesn't move it further up.

I finish the paperwork and see him off. Then I get my things and go to the staff car park where I get my car and start driving home. I don't notice the car that's following me because it's a busy route. I pull up outside my house and still don't notice the car that's parking outside. I go inside, kick off my shoes and head upstairs where I step out of my uniform. I'm standing in my bedroom dressed in my black lace bra, black g-strings, black garter belt and black stockings when the doorbell sounds.

I wrap myself in a sarong with my bra straps showing, then I walk downstairs and open the door. It's the passenger from the airport. He looks at me and smiles.

'What are you doing here?' I ask him.

'I've been thinking,' he says. 'I'm not happy with the compensation and I think someone needs to be punished.'

'I already told you that the crew would not get away with what they did.'

'I don't care about the crew. As far as I'm concerned you all work for the same company and if one misbehaves you all need to be punished.'

'I'm sorry, but you can't take this out on me!'

'Maybe not, but maybe yes… You don't want me to tell your manager that I'm even more unhappy with your service than I was with the in flight service, do you?'

'Oh, you can't do that, I was just promoted, come inside.' I don't want him to make a scene outside my house.

He smiles and enters my house and grabs hold of my sarong. 'You won't be needing this.'

I stand before him dressed only in my underwear and he pins me against the wall and licks my lips before he kisses me deeply, his tongue invading my mouth and I can't breathe. I know I should fight him off, but I get aroused. I fancied him at the airport, and now in my entrance hall, wearing only underwear and feeling his bulge against my stomach I lose every will to resist.

He asks me to lead him to my bedroom and I walk in front of him, up the stairs into my bedroom, which is, huge and dominated by a wrought iron king size bed. He looks appreciatively at the bed and nods. He commands me to kneel in front of him, which I do. He then commands me to unzip his pants and get his cock out. I do this. It's big and hard and looks so juicy. I start to lick it but he stops me.

He then commands me to undress him while keeping one hand firmly wrapped around his cock. I put my left hand around his cock and start undressing him. I remove his jacket and his tie and his shoes. I struggle with his shirt buttons and he tells me I'll be punished if I pull any of the buttons. I'm so nervous and in the end I pull two of the buttons.

I'm so nervous and I look at him and beg forgiveness, but he tells me it's too late, I will be punished once I finish undressing him. I manage to get the shirt off him and then I pull his trousers off. He's then standing naked in front of me, with my hand around his cock and wearing only his briefs. I take off his briefs and admire his body, his cock is so big and hard in my hand and I feel really wet.

Then he tells me to leave go of his cock. He tells me I was a good girl for undressing him, but I need to be punished for pulling out the two buttons. Punishment number one is for me to go out to his car on the street and get a black bag from the back seat. I move to put my dressing gown on and he says that the punishment is to do it in my underwear.

It's the middle of the day and I feel humiliated when I sneak out into the street and get his black bag. He's watching me from the window. I run upstairs with the bag and hand it to him, but he won't take it. He commands me to open it. I open it and find a lot of ropes, a black scarf, a couple of dildos and a whip.

He tells me it's time for punishment number two. He commands me to turn around with my back towards him, and I do that. He covers my eyes with the black scarf and ties it around my head. I can't see anything. He commands me to kneel and open my mouth, which I do and then he shoves his hard cock right down my throat and tells me to suck it. I start sucking his big juicy cock. I suck it as deep as I can and I run my tongue over the veins. He tells me I'm a good little girl and not to stop sucking no matter what happens next.

I feel a cold draft just before the whip slaps my ass. I wince but I don't stop sucking. My ass stings a bit and then I'm whipped a couple of more times. It's not hard, just enough to make me wince and I can feel that my ass is shining bright red. He tells me to use my hands as well when I suck him and I start stroking his balls and getting a firm grip around the base of his shaft. I let go of his cock with my mouth and start sucking his balls instead. I can hear his sharp intake of breath as I run my tongue over his tensed up balls. He lets me suck on his balls for a little while and then he tells me I'm a naughty girl. He never allowed me to stop sucking his cock and start sucking his balls, I will be punished again, later.

I'm forced to start sucking his big juicy cock again. I lick off all the precum and suck hard as he fucks my mouth. I feel his hands on my head, holding it in place as he fucks my mouth real hard, telling me to suck harder and harder. I suck as hard as I can, running my tongue over his shaft. Then I feel his cock twitch and he comes in my throat. He yells out to me to swallow all his cum and I do, it tastes so good. When he finally pulls out of my mouth I lap up all his cum and I smile.

He tells me to get up on my feet, which I do. He then leads me over to my bed and makes me lie down. He takes my left arm and ties my left hand to the bedpost. He then does the same with my right arm. He then does the same to both my legs. Then he disappears. I lie there, tied to my own bed, in my underwear for a while and then I hear him return. He tells me that this is my punishment for sucking his balls. He runs his whip over my body and then he gently whips my mound, hitting my throbbing clit with just enough force for me to cry out in extreme pleasure.

I can feel how wet I am between my legs and he laughs at me. He starts pulling at my g-strings. He pulls them real tight between my pussy lips, against my clit and then he pulls them harder and releases, harder and releases. It's painful and extremely pleasurable at the same time. I moan, but he tells me I'm not allowed to cum. He then tugs so hard at my g-strings against my clit that my g-strings tear off.

He licks my mound and tells me that I'm a good girl for shaving it regularly so that there's no hair at all. Then he straddles across my stomach and starts squeezing my tits through my lacy bra. Then I feel him stick his cock under the bra and between my tits. He squeezes my tits hard together and tells me to try to lick his cock. I raise my head and manage to touch his cock with my tongue.

He then tugs hard at my bra until it tears off. He sits there with his cock between my tits and starts squeezing my nipples real hard. My nipples are erect and big as cherries and he keeps squeezing them. He pulls my tits together tight around his cock just by pulling my nipples and he fucks my tits. He tells me to open my mouth and he shoves his cock inside to make it wet again and then he continues fucking my tits for a while.

He lets go of my tits and steps off the bed. He comes back a couple of minutes later and sits down between my spread legs. His fingers start tickling my wet exposed pussy and I moan out loud. Then I feel him separating my pussy lips with his fingers and his tongue starts flicking across my swollen clit. I feel my pussy juices running down my crack. Then he starts fucking me with his tongue. His tongue goes deep inside my pussy and licks my pussy walls, lapping up all my juices. At the same time I feel his face pressuring my clit and I beg him to allow me to cum. He laughs and runs a finger down my ass to my asshole. He penetrates it ever so slightly, wiggles a bit and says I can cum. My pussy contracts around his tongue, my body starts shaking and I cry out loud. I squirt pussy juices all over his face as I cum in waves.

He laughs out loud when I'm done cumming and I feel the weight of his body over mine as he lies down on my, starts kissing me and telling my to lick all my juices off his wet face. I quickly lap my sweet juices off him and he rolls off me.

I feel his hand over my pussy and he tells me I'm not wet enough. He rubs my clit hard a couple of times and this makes my juices flow again. He tells me that's better. He then walks away and comes back to the side of the bed. He tells me it's time to play. I feel him running something along the inside of my thighs. Then he pulls my pussy lips apart and I feel something small and cold penetrating my wet pussy.

He puts whatever it is well inside my pussy and walks off. When he comes back he spreads my pussy lips again and shoves another thing inside. It feels just like the first thing and my tight pussy is beginning to stretch now. He repeats this two more times and it feels like I've got four fat fingers stretching my pussy, but my pussy hole is still closed. Then he starts licking me again. It feels so good. I feel like I'm being licked and fucked at the same time. He walks off again and comes back and smears Vaseline around my asshole. I beg him not to fuck it and he says he won't, not yet anyway. But he takes another one of the finger things and penetrates my ass with it, it sits about an inch up my asshole.

Then I hear him turn on a vibrator and I soon feel it running up and down my wet slit, across my clit. My pussy wants to contract but it can't cause it's stretched to the limit. He then flicks a switch on the thing in my ass and it starts vibrating too. I feel so good, I beg him to let me cum but he says that if I cum he'll fuck my asshole real hard so I don't dare. I'm biting my lip and I hear him laugh at me. He then rests the vibrator firmly between my pussy lips and tells me he'll fuck my asshole if it falls over.

He goes off and comes back and I can hear him take photos of me. It makes me feel so hot and excited, I really wanna cum but I don't dare. He removes the vibrator from me and pulls my hole open, it's so wet and slippery he keeps losing his grip. So he unties my hands and tells me to hold my hole open wide so that he can see what's inside, and then he takes more photos.

Then he pulls the little vibrator out of my asshole and tells me to pull the others out of my pussy. I struggle to pull them out and he keeps photographing me when I do it. He asks me how often I masturbate and I tell him that I do it every day. He then commands me to finger fuck myself and he keeps taking photos. My legs are still tied up when I start pumping my pussy with my fingers. I rub my clit and penetrate my pussy. I ask him if I'm allowed to make myself cum and he tells me that I have to cum right then.

I shove one finger in my asshole and I scream as I cum around my fingers. My juices squirt all over my hands and I slowly stop fingering myself. He tells me to rub my juices over my tits and then place my arms along my body. He straddles across my hips, locking my arms in place and then he starts licking my pussy juices off my tits.

He gets off me and unties my legs, he tells me to roll over and hold on to the head of the bed. He then ties my hands again. With my hands tied I'm commanded to get up on my knees, which I do. I feel the movement behind me and then I feel his tongue running up and down my slit. He asks me if I want him to fuck me and I say yes. He tells me that I have to beg him and I say 'Please fuck me Steve, please fuck me deep and hard'.

He puts his cock head against my clit and rubs it up and down my slit. It feels so good. Then he penetrates me with his cock head and holds it right there. He's holding on to my ass so I can't move backwards and get more of him inside me. Then he shoves his shaft deep inside me and holds again. I feel his balls squished against my pussy and he just presses so deep, he's stretching my pussy in every direction and I moan. He's still holding and then he grabs hold of my tits. Then he slides almost all the way out and he starts pumping me.

It feels so good as he fucks my pussy real hard and pinches my nipples real hard. We move in a rhythm for a long time, he slides in and out of my tight wet pussy. Then he pulls out and I complain and he tells me not to. Instead he slides right underneath me and moves his cock inside my pussy again and commands me to start riding. It's difficult to ride with my hands tied, but I love to be fucked this way and when he starts sucking my tits while I'm riding I moan out loud.

I feel so good and I tell him I wanna cum but he says not yet. He tells me to stop riding and he climbs out from underneath me. He makes me turn over, it's extremely uncomfortable since my hands are tied, but he helps me cross my arms. He commands me to put my legs way up in the air. I feel his hands on my calves, pressing my legs against my body, pulling my ass and pussy up, totally exposed. He slowly penetrates my pussy and shoves deep inside, the weight of his body pressing my legs against me as he kisses me deep while pumping my pussy so deep and hard.

I feel his balls slam into my ass as he's fucking me. His sweat is dripping on me and he's fucking me furiously, harder and harder and faster and faster, I beg for mercy, I want to cum, he says not yet. As he's fucking my pussy deep and hard he again pushes the little vibrator an inch up my ass and then he yells for me to cum. My pussy contracts hard around his big shaft as he fucks me deeper and deeper, I feel myself squirting and he keeps pumping. I cum in several waves and then I hear a loud groan as he explodes inside me.

He collapses on top of me and after a while he pulls out of my pussy. He undoes the blindfold and unties my hands. He tells me I'm a good little fucktoy and then he tells me to go downstairs into the kitchen and make him some coffee. I'm still wearing my garter belt and stockings and he tells me not to put any more clothes on. I walk and I feel his cum running down my thighs. He stops me, runs his finger over the drips and places it in my mouth and I suck it off.

I hear him shower as I'm downstairs, making his coffee. As I'm stirring he walks up behind me and squeezes my tits. He's all dressed but then I feel his cock on my ass. He leads me over to the table, says he wants my pussy one more time, he makes me lean across the table and he fucks me hard really quickly. He pulls out just as he's cumming and squirts his cum over my ass. He tells me not to bother with the coffee. He asks me for my schedule and I give it to him. He marks a couple of my days off and tells me not to get dressed on those days.

He leaves his little vibs with me and says that at 10 a.m. on the days he's marked I'm supposed to put 4 of them inside my pussy and one up my asshole, then when the doorbell goes I'm supposed to walk downstairs, let him in and then walk upstairs and lie face down on the bed until he gives me instructions on what to do next. He pinches my nipple and drives off. I go upstairs and masturbate and long for the next time he's coming around, in 3 days time…

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