tagLoving WivesSubservient One Ch. 02

Subservient One Ch. 02


Still in Barbara's words: The previous episode described how my upbringing by my conservative religious mother taught that a wife should be submissive to her husband. I had taken that to its extreme and became a totally devoted subservient wife solely interested in pleasing my husband, Ken, and carrying out his every demand and wish. I had passed his test by sucking off close to two dozen anonymous cocks in succession through a glory hole at an adult store in a little over three hours, followed the same night by getting fucked by six men two to three times over for almost four hours. I virtually had a cock either down my throat or in my snatch continuously for seven hours, and Ken got it all on video. I will never hesitate to let my husband, or anybody else that he wants, fuck me -- anytime or anywhere.

After I passed my husband's tests our life continued to be good. He would go to work, I would putter around the house, we would eat, once in a while we'd check out the TV, but mostly we sucked and fucked: at least every day, usually twice a day, sometimes thrice -- especially on weekends. He gently got me into ass fucking but then advanced to rough and harsh. "Slut wives are supposed to take it hard in their ass," he would say. "Reminds them who's boss." He also liked to take me in the backyard. He would push me up against the fence, pull my panties down, wrap my legs around his waist and pound my pussy hard and fast. Since I was against the fence I couldn't move to his thrusts and my pussy took his cock full force. My head would be on his shoulder and he would ask if anyone from next door was watching. Usually they weren't but once or twice I thought I saw movement in an upstairs window. He would say, "It would be nice if they got a preview; then when we finally get to know them you could be neighborly and fuck 'em silly."

Every second or third Sunday we would pick up a businessman or two at a local hotel and lounge. Some were not comfortable with Ken tagging along with his camera. Ken would tell me to go by myself but I had to relate every detail of what happened. A couple of those times Ken thought I skipped over some minute detail and got really pissed. "God damn it! When I say every detail I mean every little one. You god damn better well remember and tell me every motherfuckin' thing or you're going to wish you had!" He was beginning to explode in anger more and more frequently over the smallest things.

One Sunday we latched up with a very successful businessman. We all ended up in his hotel suite and shared a drink. He fucked me like a gentleman. He then turned to Ken and said, "She is exactly what I'm looking for. I'll be in town until Wednesday and I'd like her to stay with me until then and be at my beck and call. How much would that be worth?" I saw Ken do some quick thinking and say, "$500, for 24 hours a day until Wednesday evening. She'll do anything you want." "That's a deal," he responded excitedly and handed Ken five C-notes. It occurred to me that I had officially just become Ken's whore.

He fucked me later that same night after Ken had left. I spent the next three days in his suite and had free reign with room service and use of the facilities. Every morning, lunchtime, and evening he would get either a blowjob or a fuck. Tuesday evening he invited two associates, and I fucked and sucked the three all night long and into the early morning. They all had good control and fucked me for a long time. Coupled with recuperating time, I had three cock sucks and six fucks spread out continuously from 8pm to almost 2am. Late Wednesday they asked and I gave them my bra and panties for souvenirs. They also had a few I-phone pictures and agreed to send copies to Ken "to prove to him I did my job."

On the way home after picking me up I asked Ken, "Am I now your whore?" He replied, "No, I'm not planning to whore you out, not yet. On the other hand if some money falls into my lap for you doing what you do best, it would be stupid to turn it down. So just focus on the fucking and don't give money a second thought."

Ken was becoming more demanding and exacting. Despite the photos that backed up my report he still accused me of withholding details and berated me. He again threatened that if I ever did withhold anything I would rue the day. He was also getting more and more exacting with everyday demands. His instructions on how to dress, do my chores, and prepare meals, for example, got ever more detailed and complex. It was almost impossible for them to be followed exactly. It seems I was being yelled at often and paddled more frequently for missing minute parts of his instructions. One day I complained about this not being fair. He slapped my face hard. "Don't EVER complain to me you sonofabitch! I decide what's fair, not you." He slapped me again, twisting my head around. "Do you fuckin' understand?" I mumbled I did. He slapped the side of my head a third time. "This will help you not to forget!" "I won't," I sobbed.

We expanded our pick-up places to include rougher bars. The clientele at these places were not receptive to Ken's tagging along and taking videos so we would go in separately. I was not to initiate anything but not resist any man that hit on me. The first of these places had only a couple of females among a bunch of hard-bitten men and cowboys. One tall and lanky cowboy with a tight ass introduced himself to me as I sat at the bar in a micro skirt and slightly unbuttoned blouse. Ken was watching from the other end of the bar. The cowboy was quite the gentleman and we danced many times to the overly loud rock band with pleasant conversation and drinking in between. The music was fast and tiring. After 90 minutes we were both sweaty and he invited me outside for some fresh air. He held my hand, led me to the darkened side parking lot and turned into Mr. Hyde. "You've been teasing me long enough, bitch," he snarled, lifted me up and sat me on the fender of a car, kissed me hard, and before I could say 'what are you doing?', raised my skirt, pulled my panties down, pulled his cock out, and started fucking me.

"Oooooo! You're fast," I said. "I don't like to mess around," he explained. I cooed back, "In that case I hope you fuck me good." He paused and said, "When everything's ready." He reached down and pulled my panties off, put them in his pocket, and wrapped my legs around his waist. Then he fucked me like there was no tomorrow and filled my pussy with hot cream in just three minutes. I was enjoying my fuck with moans and my eyes closed and didn't notice another man walk up. "This is my buddy, Jake," the cowboy said. "He's going to fuck you, too." Jake already had his cock out (evidentially part of the plan) and shoved it in my pussy within seconds of cowboy withdrawing. He fucked me for five minutes, long enough for me to cum and spill cum juice all over the car. Jake turned to cowboy and proudly proclaimed, "I made the bitch cum!" then gave me his load. The two then unceremoniously put their cocks back in their pants and went back in without so much of a 'bye.'

Another time it almost got out of hand at what might be called a biker bar. A giant of a man at six feet- three inches and 250 pounds and wearing a fancy black leather jacket, jeans with a wide leather studded belt and boots asked me to dance. "But there's no music," I protested. "Don't need it," he replied and danced me around the floor sans music. He challenged me to a game of pool, led me to the pool room before I had a chance to reply told a nearby blonde girl wearing an open black leather jacket, "Bring the filly's drink."

He interrupted a pool game in progress and announced that I was a good player and was going to put on an exhibition of pool shots. He evidentially either didn't know I had not played more than one hour of pool in my life -- or, as it turned out, didn't care. He racked the balls, broke, put the cue ball in the middle of the table and told me to show them what I had. I had to lean far across the table to take a shot. He replaced the cue ball back in the middle of the table and I leaned over to take another shot. "Her pool shots aren't as good as her ass," the giant announced as he held my back down with one hand and pulled my skirt up with the other. The other dozen or so roughnecks voiced approval. The giant then pulled my head up by the hair and said to my face, "Bitches don't come in here unless they fuck."

With breakneck speed he led me to an empty back room, held my arms behind my back and told Blonde to take my clothes off. She must have done this before; within a minute I was stark naked. Still moving faster than I could think, he roughly laid me on the bare floor, had Blonde take his cock out, and climbed in between my legs. "I'm going to fuck your cunt. And if I don't crush the life out of ya the other boys are going to get a piece of your ass." I was becoming frightened but could do nothing as the giant, with Blonde's help, rammed what was the biggest cock I had ever seen into my cervix. Now with Blonde holding my legs high Giant fucked the shit out of me. His weight made it hard to breathe and I was gasping for breath the whole time. Three minutes later he shot cum -- I swear -- into my uterus.

He withdrew and the first of what looked like a dozen men took over. I still felt fearful, not certain what was going to happen. Then I noticed Ken had wandered in and was standing against a wall with the biggest shit-eating grin I've ever seen. He at least was enjoying the hell out of my gangbang. By actual count 15 guys fucked me with no mercy, most making me clean off their cocks when done. "You come back anytime, bitch, that you need a good fucking," Giant said. "Now get your ass outta here. We've all fucked you and you're no good to us anymore today." He threw my skirt and blouse at me. I put them on and staggered out to the car where Ken was waiting. "You were fantastic!" he declared. "I haven't seen you fucked this good for a long time. We'll have to come back here soon."

"I don't think I can," I responded.

That again triggered Ken's mad personality. He slapped me hard three times, yanked my head back by my hair and squeezed his vise-like hands hard on a nipple. "Oooowww!" I screamed with a sob and a tear of pain.

"Don't you dare give me any of your shit, you worthless cunt." he yelled. "You'll do whatever I say with none of your fuckin' back talk," and he slapped me hard on the ear. "And stop that fuckin' crying, you cunt lickin' cry baby, or I'll beat the shit out of you," he hollered. "Maybe next time I'll just give you to them for a whole week, let them keep you in the back room and get fucked by everyone in the bar for seven straight days. How would you like that? And if you answer anything other than you want to do whatever I say, you're going to wish you were dead."

I hesitated briefly and thinking he might mean it said, "I want to do whatever you tell me to do." I then cringed and bit my tongue until he released his vise grip on my aching nipple. He had me suck his cock and fingered my pussy as we drove home.


Mid-week we were talking and Ken said there is another thing I could do to please him. "Anything you want." I purred.

"I want you to line up a piece of ass for me." he said.


"Yeah. Men need a change of pace now and then, and I want you to help. You know your young friend Dolly? Still in high school, but built like a brick shithouse? And always flirting with me when she's here?"

"Uh huh." Even though I was five years her senior we had been good friends for many years. "But she's only 18," I balked.

Ken responded, "There's nothing better than young tight juicy pussy. Of which you qualify for, too," he quickly added. He went on, "I bet you could get her to fuck me with not too much effort. Deep down I think she's inclined. And she trusts you. You can use that trust for my benefit.... Ya know, like, 'trust me Dolly and fuck my husband.' I would love to get my cock into her pussy, maybe her mouth and way down her teenage throat, and who knows what else. I wonder if she has a virgin cunt or mouth. Do you suppose she has kept those high school studs out of her pants? That would be super. Men love virgin pussy. And I want you to help set it up. Whaddaya say?"

"God damn, Ken. This is new. I don't know," I pled.

He reached over and pinched and pulled my nipple with all of his might. The pain was immediate and intense. "Now whaddaya think?"

"O.K. O.K. I'll do it. I'll do it for you," I cried.

He kept the vise-like grip on my tormented nipple. I held back a whimper of pain. After 15 seconds he let go. "Good. Just wanted to test if you could take a little pain without fussing."

I invited Dolly over this coming Saturday. Unbeknownst to me, while Ken did want to get in Dolly's pants, his other purpose was to retest my commitment to being totally subservient to him in all ways no matter how odd, gross or nasty the things he tells me to do.

Dolly arrived about 7pm. Despite her age she was an experienced drinker and we all had had two double screwdrivers and working on our third just 45 minutes into her visit. Dolly and I did most of the talking and it was becoming quite animated. We quickly sailed past the normal school questions and were moving into how sexy some of the high school boys were. We carried on with girl talk oblivious to Ken: any boys you're hot for? Do you date any of them? How do you keep them out of your pants but still interested? Do you let them feel you up or play with your tits? Do you have a steady or date lots of boys?

Three doubles were down and everyone was on their fourth, now singles. Our talk was getting less innuendo and more direct, not to mention slurred and giggly. Ken was now just an invisible fly on the wall listening to two hotties. Which boy plays with your tits best? Do you let them inside your bra? Do you sometimes not wear a bra or panties? Do you like tit squeezing or nipple pulling best? How do your tits compare with the other girls' tits? Do you let any boy feel your pussy?... or put their fingers inside your pussy? How do you stop them at that? Giggle, giggle, giggle, blush, blush, giggle.

"Do you have bra and panties on now?" I asked.

"I wore panties but no bra today," Dolly replied, "How about you?"

"I'm usually not out in public so I seldom wear either a bra or panties.... just feels freer," I said and went on, "You said you might have the largest breasts in school. How do my tits compare to the other girls in your grade?"

Dolly continued, "I think you're tits are outstanding. There aren't many senior girls that could match your pair."

"How do my tits compare with yours?" I inquired.

"Well, it's hard to say," Dolly mumbled, "...hard to tell."

At my suggestion we finished #4 and took a big swig of #5. It was getting close to pounce time. Though still wide-awake, Dolly was very wobbly. "Let's see who has the finest tits," I commanded. "Ken can be the judge. He's my husband but can be fair and objective. Besides a man is the best judge of tits, don't you think?" Suddenly Ken was back in the picture. While Dolly was slowly mulling that over I unbuttoned and removed my blouse and told her, "C'mon. Get your blouse off, like me. Do you need any help?" Everything was going far faster than Dolly's brain could process. Reflexively Dolly said no thanks, unbuttoned her own blouse and removed it. There were now two well-endowed bare breasted women standing on front of Ken.

"Wha now?" Dolly slurred with a titter.

"Ken inspects our tits." The girls stood there, albeit a little wobbly and confused -- especially Dolly -- as Ken looked our tits over carefully.

"I need to take some measurements," Ken said. He grabbed a measuring tape and wrapped it around Dolly's bust, right on her nipples. Dolly stood there in a stupor. Ken moved the tape back and forth ostensibly to get the correct measurement but really to scrape it across her nipples. Ken then put the tape down. Dolly protested, "But you didn't measure Barb's."

"Don't have to," Ken answered, "I already know her size. Just like I already know how they feel, so yours are the only tits I have to touch." Still before Dolly could react, Ken put both hands on her tits and massaged and squeezed them. Dolly looked like she was working on a protest when Ken said he had to know the different sensitivities. "Tell me what feels best to you," he commanded, and came up with an amazing number of comparisons, most of which had to do with nipples: pull easy; pull medium; pull hard; twist a little; twist a lot; tweak it up and down; left and right; bounce them. Then, after getting no resistance: tongue flicking; kissing; or sucking. As Ken continued his "inspection" Dolly closed her eyes and began moaning, whimpering, and taking deep breaths while trying to answer Ken's inspection questions. When Ken's mouth wasn't on a tit, his hands and fingers were and his mouth was pressed against hers, his tongue deep in her mouth. Without thinking, Dolly rotated her tongue in his mouth, and her moaning got more intense.

Ken and Barbara thought they had her where they wanted her. Ken whispered in her ear, "Your tits are passing the touch test real good. Does it feel good?" Dolly replied with a slow Uh huh. Ken continued, "I can't give a complete touch test without knowing how the rest of your body feels." Ken motioned for me to pull down Dolly's panties. Dolly gave a little grunt of protest but before it got serious Ken had a hand on her pussy and fingers working in her cunt. This was too much for Dolly who kissed Ken hard, moaned out loud and ground her pelvis against his hand, trying to work his fingers further up her cunt. As Ken's mouth was tied up, I got into the moment and whispered in Dolly's ear, "You have a beautiful pussy."

Ken momentarily broke their kiss and said to Dolly so I could hear, "You have the wettest pussy I've ever seen. Your pussy juice is pouring out. You're so hot. Do you get this hot when your boyfriend has his fingers in your pussy?" Dolly couldn't answer and simply hummed. Ken said to me so Dolly could hear, "Take her panties all the way off, babe. She wants me to fuck her." Dolly protested, "Ooohhh nooooo," as I removed her panties. Contrary to her protestation she lifted her legs to help me get her panties off. Ken cooed to Dolly, "I bet your boyfriend wouldn't like you puttin' out for me.... or doesn't he mind you puttin' out and lettin' other guys get in your pants?" Dolly mumbled another, "Ooohhh nooooo." Ken motioned for me to remove his pants and continued, "The trick is to not let him know. He doesn't have to know I'm getting a piece of your ass. It'll be our little secret."

It was a struggle but I got Ken's pants off and removed his underpants. His cock shot out like a cannon. I don't recall seeing it that hard before. I sopped up some of Dolly's pussy juice and rubbed it on Ken's cock, thinking this really does please my Ken and I'm so happy it does. Ken continued with Dolly, "Ya know I'm as hot as you are. Feel how hot I am," he said. He took her hand and placed it on his cock. Giving it no thought she squeezed it. Ken and I both then knew it was a done deal.

Ken picked Dolly up and carried her to the middle of the room and laid her down on the carpet. She protested more seriously. "Oohh, no. You can't do this. This isn't right." "I can't do this," came with a couple of sobs. Ken lifted her legs and, so Dolly could hear, told me to "Guide my cock into her pussy." He said to Dolly, "Of course we can do this." Then he gave her a slight but noticeable slap. "Stop your God damn sobbing! Nobody wants to fuck a crybaby!" The slap surprised Dolly and gave her pause. At just that moment Ken's cock slid into her very wet pussy. I grabbed the digital camera and quickly took a number of photos.

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