tagLoving WivesSubservient One Ch. 03

Subservient One Ch. 03


Ken wasted little time in speeding up the action and ordered Dolly over this Saturday. I called Dolly. She was nervous and reluctant and asked why. I told her I assume that Ken wants some of her pussy. She still searched for excuses until I reminded her of her promises and the posting of her videos if she didn't. She resignedly said she would be there dressed as Ken wanted in a braless tight blouse and a short micro skirt.

Dolly showed up at 4pm looking really hot in her outfit but dejected in her face. "Barbara tells me you balked at my invitation," Ken began. "I have to teach you how wrong that is." He draped her over the sofa arm, pulled her skirt up and her panties down, removed his belt, doubled it over and gave her four hard whacks on her bare ass. She let out a loud yelp with each blow. "That's just a sample of what will happen if you do that again," he went on. He pulled her head up by the hair and said, "I bet you understand now, don't you."

"Yes," she mumbled.

"And when I tell you to get your ass over here you'll do it forthwith, won't you?" he continued.

"Yes," she sobbed.

"Because your body now belongs to me, right?"

"Yes," she repeated.

"O.K," he said. "Let's relax with a stiff drink. Then I'm going to tear me off a piece of your cute ass."

We finished our drinks though it wasn't relaxing. Ken had Dolly chug 5 ounces of bourbon, which she did in two minutes albeit with a lot of coughing. "Learn to drink your liquor or I'll have to hold your mouth open and pour it down," Ken warned. "Like this," he continued and had me hold her head back and mouth wide open as he poured two more ounces straight down her gullet.

Ken commanded, "As I record, stand up and take your clothes off, always smiling into the camera. I'm going to get some even better video of you that I can post on my website if needed." Dolly slowly removed her shoes, blouse, skirt and panties as Ken recorded. "Now grab your tits, push them up, out and together. Show the camera what great tits you have," he went on. After filming Dolly playing with her tits Ken had her finger fuck herself and massage her clit. "Get a bunch of cunt juice on a couple of fingers, show it to the camera, then, with a big smile, lick your fingers clean," said Ken. He taped that and gave me the camera.

"Come over hear, get on your knees, unbuckle my pants and, with your teeth, pull my zipper down. Then take my cock out, slide it into your mouth and give me a blowjob." I got some great video of Dolly struggling to unzip his pants and slurping on Ken's cock with Ken giving her a little coaching on the side. He introduced her to face fucking, holding her head steady and pistoning his cock roughly in her mouth. He would bend her head back and jam his cock deep in her throat. The first time she gagged terribly. She got slightly better the more he did it. Ken offered, "We can take our time so you can get use to this since my cock is going to be buried in your throat a lot in the future." Soon he was deep throating her every thrust. He even gave her the nose squeeze trick a couple of times. Finally he returned to face fucking until he pulled his cock out and splattered cum in her mouth and on her face. "Swallow it all, bitch. And wipe my cum off your face and eat that, too." My close-up video of Dolly's face as Ken gave her a cum bath was exemplary.

"Now, as I recover, slide down on the couch and masturbate until you cum, always smiling and pursing your lips at the camera," was his next directive. Ken and I relaxed with our drinks as we recorded for almost ten minutes Dolly getting herself off. Just as she exploded in an orgasm George and Jimmy walked in. Ken went on, "Lie on the floor. I'm going to bury my dick in your snatch. Then my friend George is going to fill your cunt with his cock while you suck on my other friend's cock to get it warmed up. Then he'll fuck you." Ken had her hold her legs back almost to her head and pounded her pussy with his cock. "You have an outstanding cunt," he cooed. "Very tight and very juicy -- just made for fucking." He humped her for five minutes, and blasted his second cum load deep in her.

Ken pulled out, spread her legs and reached down to spread open her pussy lips. "Did you ever see such a tempting cunt?" he asked George. "Even after my stretching it, see how snug and tight it still is. You're going to love it." George pushed his cock up to the hilt and began pumping Dolly. Ken gave her some coaching. "Wrap your legs around his back and fuck back as George rams your pussy." Jimmy put his cock in her mouth. She struggled because this was new to her, but Ken helped with more coaching. "I know you can walk and chew gum at the same time, so show me you can fuck and suck at the same time. Just keep your focus. Don't think of anything other than pleasing two cocks in you."

George fucked her for another five minutes. Then Jimmy turned her over and fucked her doggie style. "Now for some added attraction," Ken announced. "Does Barbara look good?" he asked her.

"Uh huh," she replied.

"Does she taste good?"

"Huh?" was the answer.

"Well you're going to find out. You're going to eat her pussy!" Dolly's eyes bugged out but Ken didn't notice as he was directing me to get naked on the floor with my pussy in Dolly's face as she was still on her hands and knees. I was a bit dumbstruck but knew better than to question Ken. Ken pushed her head hard against my pussy lips and soon Dolly was slurping, tongue fucking, and clit flicking and sucking. "George hasn't had his cock in a mouth yet," Ken said as he directed George's cock into mine. Some of the video was my mouthing George's cock but most was of Dolly chowing down on my pussy while Jimmy pounded hers. I was being lifted to a higher place. It also seemed as if Dolly was getting into all of this debauchery. Soon I exploded cum juice all over Dolly's face, and she ate it up as Ken told her to. Then Jimmy gave Dolly her third cunt cum load. I missed getting a cum load from George.

"Now for a little back door action," Ken announced as he handed me the camera and directed his cock to Dolly's asshole.

"OH! Not there," Dolly cried when she figured out what was happening. "I've never done that! It'll hurt!"

Ken responded, "This is a good time to learn. And trust me -- it'll only hurt for a little while and then you'll like your ass getting stretched by a cock almost as much as your cunt. Especially after you take lots of cock in your ass." He then forced his cock fully up her ass in one hard push.

"OOOOOWWW! Oh, God," Dolly screamed. George, Jimmy and I watched as my Ken reamed Dolly's ass. Soon her cries of pain turned to whimpers. Ken impressively kept it up for close to twenty minutes, and then deposited his third load of the afternoon deep in her bowels.

Ken went on, "For the closing action, George, you've had your cock in my wife's mouth so now put it in her pussy. Jimmy, while George fucks her she'll give you a blowjob. And, Dolly, use your mouth to clean my cock." Ken gave Dolly no time to react and jammed his cock deep in her mouth. George fucked me on my hands and knees so my mouth would have easy access to Jimmy's cock, and we began our three-way. Ken kept his cock in Dolly's mouth for a minute or two then they sat and watched me service George and Jimmy. Then Ken told me to balance on one hand and finger fuck Dolly with the other. That made it a four-way, and I could see that Ken was very pleased with me. It hadn't been long since they had cum but they were determined to explode once more and kept up their face and pussy fucking for a good twenty minutes. I was almost spent and getting cramped when I got simultaneous cum loads down my throat and up my pussy, just after Dolly drowned my fingers with her cum juice.

Everyone began leaving. George and Jimmy thanked Ken profusely for getting to use his teenage slut and me. Ken reminded a disheveled Dolly, "Whenever I want a piece of your ass or there's a buddy I want you to fuck, I'll call, and you come runnin', ya hear?" Dolly returned a muffled yes. With total resignation she acquiesced. I could tell she was going to be in full servitude to Ken. I was happy that I made that happen and pleased my husband by getting him a super hot, juicy, tight young cunt.

After everyone had left I whispered in Ken's ear, "And thanks for letting me have a little of all that cock. I'll take all the cock you want me to."

"Good show, babe," he replied.


The next day Ken told me the next action. "I want to watch you get fucked again by some guys that you've screwed before. But this time it will be a duet with your mother helping you service them. I think I can get them to pony up some bucks for having their way with you two super sluts, especially with your mom being a virgin gang banger. First, though, I want your mother here for my preliminaries including a warm-up fuckin'. Plus, I haven't decided yet but one of you will muff dive the other -- I want to record a mother-daughter action video and insure your mom is solidly in my stable. If you have some initial reservations with getting it on with mother, get over them fast and get used to it, because I want to see it and it's going to happen. She goes to a bridge club or something Wednesdays; this Wednesday make her come here late afternoon instead and have her tell your father she may be late."

I silently nodded agreement. That night Ken fucked me slow and easy. "You have the best pussy of all," he cooed. Yours is the pussy I like to fuck most. Yours is the cunt I want my friends to fuck most. And you have the cunt any stranger would like to fuck most. I want you to get in the habit of fucking me, all of my friends, and any stranger we can find." He eventually blasted his cum up my pussy the same time I drowned his cock in my cum juice.

Monday morning I awoke to Ken securing my wrists to the bottom of the posts of our four-poster bed. Before fully awake he had my legs spread, bent over my head, and secured to the top of the front posters. I was totally vulnerable, unable to move, and my pussy looking like a big bull's-eye between my legs. Ken let his cock fly into me and pounded the bejesus out of me; there was nothing I could do to mitigate his hard thrusting. "This helps you become a total sex machine," he said as he filled me with his cum, pulled out, quietly got dressed and left. 15 minutes later he returned, removed my bindings and said, "This is how it should be -- your cunt always in position."

Monday Ken went to the biker bar and arranged a private party for Wednesday night with everyone at the party -- man or woman -- doing whatever they wanted to do with Mom and me from 7 pm until 1 am -- six hours! I didn't find out until later but Ken got $500 for it.

Monday night we got onto bed and Ken said he wanted to give my ass a workout. Sans foreplay he put me on my hands and knees, lubed my asshole and penetrated my bowels with his cock. He fucked it slowly but hard and deep for a few minutes. Then he sat up and had me straddle him face to face. In this position his cock easily penetrated my ass and his thrusting rubbed against my vagina walls. Suddenly ass fucking was delightful. He controlled himself fucking my ass slowly until I had my very first anal orgasm. Ken kept going. Soon I had my second and I was in ass fucking heaven. Then he taught me how to clean a cock that's just been in an ass.

Mother showed up at 4 pm Wednesday wearing a braless tight blouse with three open buttons, a tight miniskirt 8 inches above her knees, a gold thong and 4-inch heels, as I had instructed her. She had to cover the outfit with regular clothes when she left her house; she would make herself up sluttily with my makeup.

Ken didn't so much as nod hello when she came in. "Open you blouse and show me your tits, then lift the skirt, pull the thong down and let me inspect your cunt," he abruptly ordered. He fondled her tits briefly, gave her a compliment, and then ran his fingers in and around her pussy. "You did a nice job of shaving your cunt like Barb told you to. It smells nice, too. I hope you can juice it up because tonight you're going to get more cocks than you can count while I watch and record," Ken told her. "We can now relax with a drink. Barb, would you get us drinks, and make your mom's 5 oz. of something straight.

We sat around drinking our drinks, though mom struggled a bit with the straight whiskey. She only gagged and coughed once however after she had learned that Ken would pour one oz. straight down her throat if she did. After a bit, Ken told mom to chug the last two ounces, remove her skirt and thong and get on her hands and knees on the floor. She swallowed the last of her drink then did as she was told and removed her lower body clothes while Ken told me to remove my pantiless skirt and ready the camera. Ken freed his cock through his zipper and walked to mom's face. "This is the cock that owns you. I don't own you, I boss you. The cock owns you. Tell my cock thank you for being a good owner and for fucking you."

"Thank you," she whispered.

"Thank you what?" Ken asked.

"Thank you for being a good owner," she said looking directly at my husband's cock.


"And for fucking me," she mumbled.

Mom was getting quite tipsy, having drunk 5 oz of straight whiskey and another ounce poured down her throat by my punishing husband in less than an hour. "Makes the bitch subservient, imminently fuckable, and willing to do whatever I say," he said to me

Ken got on his knees and without a word shoved his beautiful cock to the hilt in mom's pussy. As he pistoned in and out of her pussy he commented to the back of her head, "Your cunt is sweet and still tight. I'm going to love fucking you as your slut daughter watches. You'd like showing off your fuck skills in front of her wouldn't you? Your sweet pussy is going to make lots of cocks very happy -- maybe hundreds before I'm through. I'm going to love watching you get fucked by all types of cock. Now squeeze your cunt muscles on my backstroke to make my cock feel even better." He then coolly explained the plan. "This is just a warm-up fuck to get you lubed up. Did Barb tell you I lined up a lot of studs to fuck you and her tonight? Anyway, there will be cock after cock in one of your holes all night long as I get it all on video. I want to see you give every cock your best -- don't let me see you slacking off one bit, ya hear?"

Mom mumbled an assent, though I had told her "few" not "lots." Ken continued to pound away at mom's pussy doggie style then abruptly withdrew and positioned his cock at mother's asshole. "This is a brief diversion just to insure your asshole is open tonight, too," he said.

"Ooooohh! Please don't hurt me," mom cried.

"It only hurts for a little while, then, as I said, you'll get to love my dick pushing in your asshole," Ken replied and then shoved his cock deep in mom's rectum. He pumped her ass for just a couple of minutes when mom began moaning in time with his thrusts. "See," he said to me, "The bitch already loves her ass getting reamed.... Don't you bitch?" Mom whimpered. Ken returned his cock to her cunt and soon unloaded a load of his cum.

He went on, "There might be a few women there, too, that want servicing, so I'm going to warm you up for that. Barb, slide your cunt under your mom's face." Barb did as she was told but her mom resisted, "I can't do this! No way! This is not right!"

"Yes, you can. Yes way. It's right because I said so. You're going to eat your little daughter's sweet cunt because I said so," Ken said as he slapped her along side the head. Before she could react Ken slammed her head into my pussy. "Now eat her cunt and eat it good. If you're real good I might let you get a breath." Ken had pulled out of mom's pussy, had one leg against her buttocks pushing her body into me and was holding her mouth and nose against and in my pussy with all his might. Soon she whimpered and began tonguing my pussy and clit. "That's being a good cunt-licking motherfucker," Ken sneered. "Keep tongue fucking your daughter now while I record it for prosperity. Eat her cunt until she comes in your mouth. Then gulp down all of your daughter's cum juice. Don't miss any; otherwise you'll have to lap it up off the floor.

Mom ate my pussy for a good 15 minutes. Meanwhile Ken had straddled my upturned face and began to face fuck me. Even though he was in a position to really force his cock down my throat with my head blocked by the floor, he was gentle. He was also in a good recording position having a straight shot of Mother's face as she lapped my pussy and then pointing it down on me so both mother and daughter could be clearly identified. He made us both smile broadly into the camera as he filmed, she with a mouthful of my pussy and me with his cock bulging my cheeks. Soon I came in my mother's mouth and Ken withdrew. He noticed a tiny bit of fluid on the floor and made mom lick it up. It took a little hair pulling but the rug got clean. Much to mom's chagrin he then had me give her pussy a minute's worth of tongue fucking, "Just for the introduction," he snickered. I was alarmed for a few seconds, but after a while mom's juices mixed with my husband's cum tasted pretty good -- as long as I ignored that it was my mother.

As we drove to the bar I inquired, "You won't let them hurt us will you?"

"There might be a little rough sex but nobody will get hurt," he answered.

I continued, "How did you get them to agree to your video taping?"

He replied, "I promised them that their faces would be blocked out and gave them a discount. I charged them only $500 for both of you for the entire night. Normally it would be more than $1000; maybe $2000 for a mother-daughter team like yourselves."

"That makes us whores. When we get money for sex, that's a whore," I protested.

Ken explained, "You are not full time whores... though you would make good ones. This is an ad hoc thing -- whores for a night call it. At any rate, if I want to whore you or mommy dearest out, a whore you will be. You'll do it whenever and wherever I choose and you'll do it with gusto or get some of my punishment. Also you're half wrong: when I whore you out, you don't get money; I do. Consider it getting fucked and screwed at the same time. But that's the way it is. You and mother -- and maybe Dolly soon -- fuck and I get the cash.

"Did you get that, mother bitch? You'll service any cock I tell you too. If I get money for the use of your nasty cunt, all the better for me. If you ever give me any static you get punished plus you have to watch me beat the shit out of your cunt-faced daughter. Is this clear?" Mom muttered a yes.

We pulled into the parking lot and went inside. It was 6:50 pm. As we walked through the door, it was locked and a "closed" sign hung in the window. "Giant" greeted us. "A nicer pair of asses I've never seen," he smiled. "I bet your cunts are top-notch, too. But enough small talk. There are 18 studs and four gals in the back waiting for a night of sucking and fucking. So let's quit wasting time and get back there and meet everyone." Giant led the way to a large back room with a pool table and four mattresses in the center and about two dozen people sitting at tables sipping cocktails and beer. Giant introduced us, "Everyone, meet the best mother-daughter tandem sex machine in the world." Cheers and hoots went up. Giant turned to us, "I think they all want to meet what's under those clothes. So why don't you two start by doing a little striptease and undressing... each other?" As I began unbuttoning mom's blouse, and she mine, I noticed Ken and his camera whirring away.

Soon we were stark naked in the middle of the room. Giant said, "Before we participate we all want some entertainment. You two -- mom and her lovely daughter -- climb on the pool table and show us some 69 action?"

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