tagLoving WivesSubservient One Ch. 04

Subservient One Ch. 04


On a later day Ken went with me to grocery shop. He had me wear my "come hither" outfit as he called it: a braless sheer tight blouse with four undone buttons, a tight red leather miniskirt cut to just below my ass cheeks with a black thong, 4-inch heels, and heavy dark red lipstick. He was always having me check prices of bottom shelf items, and, even though I squatted rather than bent over, the bottom third of my buttocks were plainly visible to anybody in the vicinity.

At first the aisle was pretty vacant. But there were a few lone male shoppers that oddly were always shopping in whatever aisle we were in, as were, more oddly, two stockmen. Ken went up to one of the men stocking shelves.

"Do you like that? When she squats you can look through and down her blouse and actually see her tits and nipples. What do ya think? Wanna see her pussy too?"

"I think that is the hottest thing I've seen in ages," he replied.

"Wanna have her, right here and now if you can find a spot? For only ten bucks she'll blow you or for $15 she'll suck your dick and fuck. That's a bargain rate – she's worth over $100 on the street," Ken went on. "For the bargain rate I get to take some pictures... of her, not your face."

His excited answer, "I got the time and know a place," was followed by $15.

Ken beckoned me over. "This man is going to show you how they keep the groceries in storage. While he's doing that you're going to suck his cock and then he's going to put it in your cunt."

I followed the man to the back. Ken followed. We silently walked to a remote warehousing room. The man stopped, unzipped his pants, pulled out a normal sized but great looking cock, and said, "Suck on this and get it hard enough to fuck you for a long time; I want to get my monies worth." His words confirmed my conclusion when bills passed hands that I was now an official whore for my husband. I got on my knees and sucked his cock into my mouth and went to work on it. After just two minutes he picked me up and sat me on a table high box.

"Let me see if your pussy is as good as I was told it was," he snarled, lifted my skirt, and ogled and felt my pussy lips. Then he pulled me to the very edge of the box, stuck his 6-incher in and slowly fucked me. Ken had his regular camera and took pictures to add to his photos of me sucking. The man told me to tighten my pussy but still went very slow trying to make it last. We were still going at it after ten minutes when I heard a door slam and some rustling. I saw Ken run over to another man that had stumbled in and say something to him. Then I saw the second man hand Ken some cash.

I got the guy to play with my tits while I had my arms around him and was doing the heavy pulling of his body and cock into my pussy. We went another 5 minutes when he bellowed and fed my pussy a load of cum. He pulled out, zipped his pants and walked out. Ken told me to sit still and he whispered something to him as he walked out, "Don't tell anyone of our special deal. I got $35 from this guy."

The second man came over to me and without a word pulled out his cock and shoved it in my mouth. He wanted to control the action, grabbed my head and face fucked me as I was bent way over still sitting on the box. He had probably another inch on the first man, and was contorting my head backwards trying to get his 7 inches all the way down my throat. He did. He held it there and did the trick of simply rotating my throat around his cock's head. Ken got some good shots of that. Then he lay on the floor and told me to ride him and do all of the fucking work – "I paid for it," he added. I rode his cock while he too twiddled my tits and nipples, and after 5 minutes of screwing I took his load up my pussy. He left.

"How did I do?" I asked my husband.

He smiled, "Very good. And you are now, besides my slut wife, officially my whore. You'd better be a good whore for me, fucking anyone I line up for whatever price I want to charge – $200 or 25 cents, which is what a two-bit whore gets. You're better than that, though that's what your mom will start at, and there will be times I sell you for that just for sport."

I brushed my self off and we returned to the store. There was a shopper curiously standing at the doorway to the back. He followed us with his cart without ever looking at groceries. Ken retrieved our cart with the few groceries and went to check out. The shopper stranger was right behind us, never diverting his eyes from me. While waiting in line Ken confronted him but I couldn't hear what was said. We checked out but waited for the shopper to check out, too. He got back a bunch of change but instead of putting it all in his pocket he stealthily handed Ken two twenty-dollar bills. Ken quietly said to me, "Take him out to our van and do ypur thing."

Ken watched both carts as I led the shopper to our minivan. I opened the sliding door to the back, which had been modified for sleeping. I followed him in and said, "take your cock out so I can see it while I remove my clothes and you tell me what you want." I was getting into whore mode quickly; Ken would be pleased. I was naked and fiddling with his cock in 30 seconds. "I paid for you to suck me hard and then fuck your ass." he said.

I knelt and engulfed his cock as he massaged my tits. After two minutes he pulled my mouth off and yelled, "Get on the bed with your ass high in the air, bitch." I did. "Grab the head posts with both hands and don't let go," he yelled again. I did. He then began whacking my ass with his palm landing full force on it.

"What the...?" I queried.

He loudly continued, "Don't quarrel with me, bitch. I paid, and was told I could do anything I wanted for 30 minutes. If you resist I'll report it to him and he said he'd make you pay dearly. I'm not sure what that means but I bet you do." He continued with his hard spanking. He must have hit me three dozen times. I was whimpering, working hard not to cry out, and was feeling my ass cheeks getting warm. He stopped and showed me one of his purchases – a raw 8-inch cucumber.

"I'm going to warm up your asshole with this. First I'll lube it up by sticking it up your cunt." He did. "Now let's add some saliva to it," and he shoved it in my mouth. Then he forcefully shoved the cuke all the way up my ass. God that hurt but I stifled any reaction. He then fucked my ass with the cucumber, rapidly shoving all 8+ inches in and out. He cuked fucked my ass for ten minutes, pulled it out and said, "I'm going to park this in your cunt while I fuck your ass. But your not supposed to go from asshole to cunt so you have to clean it first," he explained as he shoved the slimy cuke in my mouth. He laughed as he held my head so I couldn't spit it out. "I like a good little shit eater," he sneered. Soon the cuke was embedded in my pussy and he was ramming his cock deep in my now open ass. "Ooooo, you have a nice ass to fuck. This is great. You're worth more than your man charges," he commented. He managed to fuck my ass for ten minutes, shot his load into my bowels, pulled out and got dressed right at the 30-minute mark. "Keep the cucumber," he bellowed as he left the van.

Shortly Ken and our groceries were in the van and we headed for home. "I hope you gave him his money's worth," Ken said. I replied that he said I was worth more than he paid. "I'll decide what you're worth. Don't give me any backtalk or I'll really whip your ass," Ken retorted. We drove on in silence. I certainly know when to keep quiet around my husband.

On the main 4-lane highway we passed a young, clean but disheveled hitchhiker. Ken quickly pulled over. "Where are you headed?" he asked. The hiker replied, "I'm going a distance but a ride down this road to anywhere would help." "Get in the front here," said Ken. The hiker got in and I scooted to the middle.

We drove in silence for a mile. Ken asked, "Have you snuck a peek down her blouse yet? If not you really should. She has no bra and you can see her whole tits." The lad stammered embarrassed. I knew he had been sneaking little peeks. "It's all right," Ken went on. "She likes to show off her tits. Wanna see her pussy?" Before he could stammer an answer Ken told me to lift my skirt and show him my shaved pussy. I did, turning slightly toward him. "Have you ever seen a nicer pussy?" Ken kept on. After a brief pause with no answer Ken said, "I bet not, and I bet you would do anything for a respite from your hiking for a little nookie, wouldn't you?" Ken pulled off to the side and stopped.

Ken offered me with, "If you have a few extra minutes this little filly would like you to fuck her. And since you look very strapped for cash and since she's already had a few dicks in her this afternoon, I'm going to charge you only 25 cents."

"Oooo, that'd be great, mister. But I honestly have only one nickel on me right now."

Ken continued, "Well, I believe in helping out my fellow man, and I wouldn't take your last cent. So if you agree to fuck her, I'll make her pay you $20."

"What's the catch?"

"The catch is, if you fuck her you have to fuck her as hard as you can and ram your dick in as far as you can; don't have to be nice to her – she's hot but still nothing but a two-bit whore. Cunt-for-brains, take him to the back and fuck his brains out. Now!" We had to go outside to get in the back. As soon as we were in I stripped off my blouse and skirt, unbuckled and unzipped his pants, and pulled them and his underpants off. He had a marvelous 8-plus inch thick cock that I immediately started making love to. Then I told him to lie on the floor. I straddled him, placed his hands on my nipples, lowered my pussy onto and over his cock, and began pumping my pussy as fast and as far down as I could.

As my pussy was already stretched a bit I had little trouble with his colossal cock. It felt fantastic in my pussy. I told him, "You have a marvelous cock. I love the way it feels and how you use it in my pussy. I'd pay any day to have it up in me." Then I uncharacteristically bent forward and French-kissed him, fucking his mouth with my tongue. I held the kiss and moved my ass like a battering ram up and down his cock. He started to moan and his cock began to swell. I cooed, "I'd like your cum deep in my pussy unless you want to shoot it in my mouth or on my face." He didn't answer. Soon my now overflowing pussy was flooded with his jism. I cooed some more, "You shouldn't be hiking dirty; let me clean your cum and my pussy juices off," and I slurped up every drop of fluid on his still pulsating cock.

I asked him to put his pants on but leave his cock out. "Ken," I said, "drive him to the exit where we will drop him off. We're going to sit back here and I'm going to jack his cock. And give me the $20 I owe him." Ken passed back a twenty, pulled back on the highway, and I sat in the back jacking off that magnificent cock, kissing its head between jerks.

Soon we let the hiker off and went home. Ken intoned, "I got $90 for your first afternoon of real whoring. When you get better I'll have you fucking five guys in an afternoon plus six in an evening and collect $500-600. But for a novice, you were good today. When I get your mom on the street I'll be pulling near $1200 every day I put the two of you out, assuming you fuck your quota... which I know you will so you won't get beaten by me.

"O.K. Let's go to bed. Suck my cock as I doze off; if you can pull out some cum to eat, all the better. And remember to work on your vagina exercises I told you about. You have to keep your cunt muscles taut even after two dozen pricks try to stretch it out. You can't shortchange #25 of the day just because your cunt is tired."

We finally slept.


About a week later Ken informed me that he had met the neighbors. "It turns out to be a fun opportunity for me. The father, Joe, and his 18-year old son, Charley, are home while the mother is visiting her parents. Charley is a classmate of Dolly's and he dreams about her. I want you to arrange a welcome the neighbors cocktail party this Saturday, and get Brenda and Dolly to come. The basic coupling is: Joe is going to get a piece or two of your ass; and I'd better see you giving him your best whore fuck. Charley is going to get his wish – poontang from Dolly. I'm going to be an actual motherfucker and stick my dick in your mom's cunt and ass, but we'll mostly watch you getting reamed by Joe and Charlie humping his dream. Make sure your mom is dressed like the whore she'll become and Dolly like the whore I'm going to make her... and of course you like the dirty whore you are. Make sure tits are visible and cunts and asses easy to get at. I want each of you to give any man a raging hard-on just by standing there. Got it all?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Yes what?"

"Yes, Sir; Yes, Master. I'll do everything you say," I added.

Saturday rolled around. I had set things up and prepared a bar. I also had a pair of twin mattresses waiting in the wings. Joe and Charley arrived early – a little before 7pm – and I had a chance to get acquainted. After a while Ken intoned, "Hey, Charlie, one of our guests is a close friend of my wife but still in high school. Maybe you already know her – Dolly?"

"Yeah, I know of her," Charlie answered.

Ken: "What do you think of her? Do you think she's hot?"

Charlie: "Yeah, she's one of the hottest in the class, but hard to get to know."

Ken: "I can imagine. You'd like to get in her pants but so would everybody else, yet she remains distant?"

Charlie: "Yeah, I'd like to get in her drawers. I don't know about everyone else. I think she might be getting it on with a couple of guys.

Ken: "Well maybe we can improve on that today."

About that time mom arrived. I think more and more that she's actually getting into this whore stuff. She looked like a street whore fit to kill. Her blouse was near see-through – right to her nipples with no bra. Her skirt barely covered her ass. She wore 4-inch heels and had on a ton of ruby red lipstick. While Joe and Charlie were noticeably excited when they met me, they fell all over themselves when mom showed up. As Ken wanted, their pants were bulging as they were introduced.

I fixed everyone, including Charlie, a drink, and made mom's extra strong as Ken directed. We continued to socialize and chat, though it was hard to direct the conversation away from the insinuations and double entendres about mom's and my dress and looks.

Dolly arrived about 7:30. Joe jumped to the introductions with, "Wow! Holy shit – pardon my French. I would have bet against anyone looking hotter than Barbara and Brenda, but here you are. It's so nice – a real pleasure – to meet you. I think you know my son, Charlie."

Dolly thanked Joe and said hi to Charlie who returned a more muffled 'hi.' Charlie offered to get Dolly a drink and she readily accepted. I noticed the quiet but evidently smart Charlie triple the normal alcohol in her cocktail. "You have a little catching up to do," he said politely as he handed Dolly her a full 8-ounce tumbler.

The socializing, drinking, and munching continued and became heavily peppered with sex. Ken whispered to me, "This is going easier than I thought."

"Well, four of the six are totally aware and on board," I offered.

About 8:30 Ken announced, "This get-to-know-the-neighbors party has started off real well. Now we're ready for the party game – one I call "get to know the neighbors real well. Is everyone ready for the real party?" He got enthusiastic yeses.

"First, the women have to undress... though with Brenda it might be hard to tell the difference," he laughed. "Undress with a twist. The women don't undress themselves. They stand in the middle of the room and two will undress one, in this order: Brenda will be undressed first by Dolly and Barbara – Dolly the lower half and Barbara the upper. Then they'll walk Brenda around the room to give the men a close-up. Then Dolly and Brenda will undress my lovely wife – let's keep Dolly on the bottom and Brenda the top. After Barb is paraded around for inspection, Brenda and Barb will get the clothes off Dolly – Brenda the pussy end, Barb the tit end. There's one catch. The girl removing the bottom clothes has to remove panties with only her teeth."

Dolly struggled with mom's panties trying to keep her mouth as far from mom's pussy as possible. In ten minutes she was in her naked splendor and displayed to the men. Ten minutes later I had been stripped and put on parade. Then Brenda and I went to work on Dolly. She had a little hesitation, but glowers from Ken cured that. As we got her naked I commented, "Look how hard her nipples are."

Mom, different from Dolly, seemed to relish getting her mouth close to Dolly's pussy, commented, "I don't think I've ever seen so much pussy juice."

They paraded her around, stopping at Charlie as Ken joined us, "Is this how you dream it, Charlie?" adding to Dolly, "Charlie dreams a lot about you – asleep and awake." After Charlie's uh huh, Ken asked, "Is this how you imagined her pussy?"

"Pretty much," Charlie responded.

Ken now announced, "We'll start with giving Joe a big personal welcome. My slut wife is going to give Joe a big welcome with her marvelous pussy. She'll pull his cock out of his pants, give it a big welcome kiss, and ask it to fuck her. So, Joe, if your cock says yes and you agree, I'm going to give you a sample of the best pussy in town. Just dive in for a little nookie from my Barb." I did as Ken said and Joe surprised me with the thickest cock I've ever seen. It was a normal 5-1/2 inches but almost two wrists thick. My first thought was that it could literally kill me. My second thought was that if I survived I might get a super fucking that would make it all worthwhile. I undressed Joe in three minutes and led him over to a mattress that Ken had retrieved.

"Welcome, neighbor," I said, "Would you put that fat sonofabitch in my pussy... and show me no mercy... I want to experience the whole thing." Joe dropped down on top of Barbara and just slammed the thing into her and listened to her loud "AAAaaaaarrrrrrgggggh!" and muffled gasps, "Jesus H. Christ, that hurts! Man, did I feel that! Now fuck the shit out of me with it."

Ken continued, "Dolly, you go welcome Charlie and fulfill his dream by fucking the shit out of him. Go take his pants off, make sure his dick is ready by giving it a few sucks, and show him what your tight young pussy can do." As Joe was pummeling me with his barrel cock I glanced at Dolly and Ken, knowing Ken would be a little anxious about Dolly. Fortunately Dolly didn't hesitate and strolled over to Charlie. Ken followed and chuckled to Charlie, "This is one of the tightest, juiciest cunts in the world. You're about to get the fuck of your life. Ram your cock hard and deep, and have fun." Then he briefly said to Dolly, "You'd best fuck him real good. I'll be watching."

Ken told mom, "I want some sweet mother fucking while I watch the others and get some pictures. Get you silly ass over here, straddle me facing the same way so we can both watch, and slide that motherfucking cunt over my motherfucking cock. Then you fuck me but slowly so I can concentrate on the action." Mom had her pussy gloved around Ken's cock in no time. Ken sneered at her, "Mother fucking gets a bad rap. It's really not bad stuff. After I get you fully trained, it ought to be great"

Within a minute mom was fucking my husband, I was getting split apart by Joe, and Charlie and Dolly looked like they had become close friends. Dolly was even already whispering for Charlie to fuck her hard. "That's good, Charlie... Fill my pussy with your dick... Pound it hard..."

I was surprisingly impressed. This meant that Ken had control of all three of us. I know I would do whatever he tells me to do, whenever and wherever he says. Mom's at the same place and as near as I can tell is becoming as thrilled with it as much as me. Finally, that tight, juicy, jailbait Dolly is also in his grasp. All of this should make him very happy and pleased with me for the help I gave him. I predict mom slides right into whoring without batting an eye. Dad will blow up if he ever finds out; though I recall Ken saying he had a plan. I have no idea what it is but I have a nervous suspicion that me and what's between my legs might be part of it. I also get the impression that Dolly is going to exceed our predictions and shortly be fucking and sucking anyone that Ken finds for her and then whoring for him.

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