Bound to the cross,
Of my dark desire.
You taste the whip.
Tortured by your need,
For that primal kiss,
You whimper your joy.

My touch a whisper,
Of deft fingers,
Skates barely,
Across sensitized skin.
Excited sparks,
Finds a sensual path,
To the depths,
Of your loins.
Your journey,
To sub space,
Has begun.
And I?
I Am with you.

My steps light,
Around you.
Brings my deep,
But gentle voice.
That soothes you.
Moves you,
Ever deeper.
And I become the keeper,
Of your soul.

Nipples clamped.
Pulsed with blood,
From your,
Loved drenched heart.
Adds its notes,
To the symphony,
That is ours.
Such music,
Only you,
And I,
Can hear.
So near,
To that place.
That space,
Where dreams reside.

I touch you.
So deep,
I touch your mind.
Our loins,
But the vehicle,
That takes you their.
That space so near.

Your body,
Barely contained.
Then melts you,
Inside out.
Like the ripple,
Of a stone,
In the pond, Of your body.
That space,
That place.
You have become.
And I?
I Am with you.

By Robert Bo Golden ~ (c)8/21/02 AKA LovngStrength/HerheartsLilOne/MythicPrince..ect.

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