tagSci-Fi & FantasySubterrane Ch. 04

Subterrane Ch. 04


Keenly I felt the flip in the roles as I stared at Gaelan and her phallus. The confusion on my part and the urge to resist, to defend my standing warred with my body's desire as I quivered and froze up. My cunt flexed once, hungrily, to what I was seeing before my eyes. It looked so real, and I wanted it.

"Seeing as how your mouth is already open, Sirana..." Gaelan snickered as she braced herself and slid toward me along the lounge, settling in front of me on her knees and placing her hand on the back of my head.

I didn't need the explicit command; I understood. Up close her erection still looked quite real and I turned my head slightly before letting her slip the "magical device" between my lips. The texture was accurate, though the taste remained a bit sterile as I swirled my tongue around it. I was shocked to hear Gaelan moan, to feel her shudder in my mouth.

*She can't possibly feel it as a male did...?*

I'd never even heard of such a device! I could already see it being highly coveted and sought after, as I knew the false phalluses, no matter the material or the price, often fell so short of the real thing. One would never feel the tip of the damned thing.

If this item was not common knowledge...who did know about it? Who made it? It was so real, I could almost imagine I was sucking on that Bred Consort instead instead of Gaelan's phallus.

"Ohhh, that's it," she whispered, "you're talented, Sirana. I knew you would be. I watched Cloyan's expressions at the altar... as she had your face trapped between her thighs. I believe she came twice."

I couldn't say that I'd noticed, given the circumstances at the time.

"I want you to service me like that as well...later...but first," she reached below me and cupped my breasts, squeezing them, then the nipples, and I groaned loudly around her shaft. She lodged it deeper at the back of my throat, holding it there. "First...I think you need to be bred, isn't that right?"

I couldn't breathe with how far she'd pushed it in, and she still had hold of my nipples. My eyes squeezed shut and I started to tremble with sensation and air deprivation. I touched her thigh, pleading, and she withdrew so I could suck in a breath. Her phallus was glistening with saliva.

"I said, isn't that right?"

I blinked tears back as I absorbed the question. My pussy answered in a loud trill of sensation through my body before I even got my tongue working. "Yes...yes, Sister. I need to be bred."

"Over and over," she said, "until it is as though every male at Court has run himself through one of your holes."


"Until you are soaked with sweat, and your holes are gaping and sore."

I nodded, a flare of uncontrollable heat scorching me on the inside. I gritted my teeth but still said, "Yes. I need that."

"Tell me you want to be bred as you were just recently, rutted and dominated with your face pressed to the ground."

I felt a deep flush burn into my cheeks, and she chuckled at my expression and took firm hold of my hair to guide me back onto her erection. I was gagged and silenced as effectively as if a root had been jammed into my mouth. Apparently she didn't need me to answer that time.

"Do you realize you haven't even worn proper clothes since that last party where you were still a Noble, Sirana?" she taunted me. "You've been naked, and used, and your body has been ours since then. And it will continue to be ours from this day forward."

A flash of both denial and anticipation swept through me and I garbled something as she thrust her cock deep inside with a groan of her own.

"It will be better if you just accept this, Sirana," Gaelan cooed. "You will be the youngest Sister, just as I have been before you. Every one of us will sample you, at least once, and likely after Lolth's Threshold has worn off for you. No Red Sister who has survived through the training to earn her uniform has avoided this. You have to earn your place."

Was she trying to frighten me? See if I would break at this revelation, this sentence? If I would try to fight?

I coughed when she dragged the black, magical prick from my throat and I stayed still as she slid off the chaise to step around behind me. I trembled as she got close enough that I could feel her heat and fairly shuddered as her hands touched my haunches. My breath shook and I ached for her to penetrate me in spite of what she'd told me, in spite of how this usually worked between two females.

The one with the strap-on was going to dominate me, she'd be on top. How different was that...?

"You already know what you have to do, Sirana," Gaelan said quietly.

I arched my back in answer, presenting myself and even widening my legs for her, opening myself up for her choice of when and how. The formerly-youngest Red Sister took hold of my shoulders, wedged her pole between my cheeks, and chose first to breed me up the ass.

I cried out as she pressed firmly, inexorably widening the ring and squeezing her cock into me before holding still with it lodged inside. I could feel myself trembling around her, adjusting quickly as possible, my eyes wide but staring sightless at the fabric of the chaise as I shuddered again. It had hurt fiercely at first, and yet it felt so good now.

I waited for her to move; she took her time, languished in my backside until I squirmed against her; finally she withdrew slowly and then pressed back in. The sensation caused my eyes to roll back in my head. Oh, I wanted nothing more than to stay kneeling and be plowed.

I chirped in excitement as she pumped me again, and at last I came within the first minute, screaming, "Yes!...oh fuck, Lolth, yes!"

"Yes. Remember this, Sirana," Gaelan's voice shook with passion. "It won't be the last time a Red Sister takes you this way. Keep chirping the way you are. Say my name. Say who is strumming your body like an instrument."

I gasped, mute for a moment, but when she paused and pulled out half-way I answered hurriedly, "Gaelan...Gaelan!"

She thrust back inside me and I shrieked in ecstasy.

Gaelan voiced some very appealing sounds herself as she fucked me through several peaks, adding lubricant scooped from my own body by her hand as I knelt helpless, not wanting to move for the pleasure. At one point my shoulders were even down on the lounge, one side of my face pressed to it—just as it had been back in the many-candled chamber—the Red Sister kneeling behind me, driving into me. I think I drooled onto the velvet.

*More, please...more...*

At one point Gaelan withdrew from me and took a break to go bathe herself at the fountain while I stayed as I was, feeling my anus twitch and wink and quiver. I listened to her splashing water as I caught my breath and squirmed a little at the continued aching need. The clear head, perhaps, did not come so immediately without semen...

I was just as glad for it to continue as I was afraid that I'd be broken before I had any clarity back.

Gaelan caressed me from buttock to the back of my neck when she returned, smelling less of sex than I did and more of clean water. She tugged on my hair to get me to lift my head again and fed her eternal erection back into my mouth.

"Clean enough?" she chuckled, and I nodded. She'd been thorough; there was no aftertaste.

Pulling back out, she pushed my shoulders to roll me onto my back and lifted my legs up before spreading them wide. She instructed me to hold them that way, then she pierced my slit and began abusing that next. I could not speak for the sensations stampeding over me, though I made plenty of noise.

"Be thankful it was me who found you first, Sirana," she gasped, looking down at my eyes as she pounded at my swollen sex. "Some have not been so lucky...instead to be captured first by a much... older Sister with no particular liking for D'Shea, to whom we both belong."

Gaelan panted to catch her breath as the magical cock made such wet, arousing sounds between us. "Elder Rausery... she tries to break every new member...she will have you at some point, but you'll know it's just part of the ritual."

I could only nod; on some level I did understand the wealth of information she was giving me and was listening to her. Somehow I understood that D'Shea must have provided as much resource and advantage as she possibly could to Gaelan in her search for me in the Underdark.

But I still writhed and moaned beneath Gaelan like the insatiable breeder I was at that moment. She'd been fucking me for hours by now, and she took every opportunity she could to make me aware of just how out of control I was. She wanted me to remember it.

I was so very sore but didn't I want her to stop...

She did stop finally, at a time when I was being less responsive to the fucking; she vacated my body and murmured the release word to get the device to let go of her so she could remove it. She took the time to clean it properly and ultimately stow it away in her satchel, and I honestly wasn't sure if that was a relief or a disappointment.

Next the young Red Sister got on all fours as well, her rump facing toward me and her knees wide, and I blinked.

"You promised you'd repay me in kind, Sirana," Gaelan said, looking over her shoulder at me.

She was presenting herself so elegantly yet so submissive that I almost couldn't believe she had been the one fucking the raw Abyss out of me just moments ago. Her hips swayed seductively and she said, "Make me climax with your mouth. Touch me however you want, any way you want."

Granted, I was tired and wondered why she waited so long only to make the demand now, but I knew I must give it my best effort. I crawled forward and started licking her as tenderly as I remembered she'd done me, in a haze of fatigue and lingering lust that made her requests very easy to accept and follow.

She instructed me on how best to serve her, said that she enjoyed deep exploration and feather-light touches. I was fascinated in spite of myself when she asked me—asked, not commanded—if I would use two fingers, then three...then four.

Even in my haze, I saw her own training—the way she was training me—in the way she moved, presented herself...and took as much as I was curious enough to give.

The little breaths and puffs of air as she made, the moans and little cries so aroused me again that I became more enthusiastic despite my exhaustion. I was inspired to lie on my back between her knees and lift my face to her sex, my mouth closing on her nub even with my hand still moving inside her.

I felt an unfamiliar pleasure and satisfaction when she climaxed, as my face was further marked by her as her sex fluttered and became wetter. I stopped and slowly withdrew, licking my lips as she lay down, breathing hard.

In the following quiet, I realized my mind was beginning to clear at last.

So I had...enjoyed that she'd peaked? I couldn't recall even one time with my sisters where I'd been content in the other's climax. Then, it had only meant that it was over, finally over.

This feeling, hearing Gaelan's relaxed sigh, was...new.

Would I enjoy it again, later? After Lolth's Threshold was gone...?

Gaelan sat up suddenly, looking alarmed at the entry way to this cavern and I tensed. Speaking no words, she took my shoulders and pressed down to keep me on my back where she next squatted over my face and mashed her sex against my mouth. She reached to twist my left nipple and I emitted a muffled cry of pain.

She demanded in a whisper, "Keep licking me. And whatever you do, Sirana...Do. Not. Fight. Obey. Don't speak. Trust me."

*Trust...? Is she serious? Don't fight? I can't possibly—I will determine my own—*

"It's up to you."

Gaelan was moaning and grinding atop me as I heard several sets of boots enter the chamber. There was laughter and a hoot or two and they soon approached us.

"So, here you are, Gaelan. A little anxious to get off the bottom rung, are you?" said a deeper voice that I also didn't recognize. "Is she broken in for us yet?"

The speaker took firm hold of my ankle and jerked me out from under the young Red Sister, drawing a particularly wet slide across my forehead.

I had to make my choice right then. Did I believe Gaelan or not? Would submission help me more now or hurt me in the long run? She hadn't needed to tell me about Elder Rausery or D'Shea...but she could also be lying, a well-planted thought either suggested by or in defiance of Elder D'Shea.

On the other hand, she'd already had that rare magical item in her possession...and she'd indulged me in private with everything I wanted before she had removed it and presented me with her own true sex to service. It could easily have gone much differently.

Meanwhile, I was surrounded by four other Red Sisters, and the speaker was probing with her fingers and little grace between my legs; it hurt. I felt a flash of anger.

*Stop it!*

However I made my choice when one other Sister tried to do the same to Gaelan—simply because she was unclothed like me—and Gaelan locked eyes with her, aggression and hostility almost boiling over in a few moments before the other Sister stepped back.

I made my choice. She was telling the truth. Now she was the one who would have to fight for her standing, now that I had taken her place on the bottom rung...

"By the Valsharess, look how raw she is!" the speaker laughed, first pulling my ankle vertical to help spread my legs so the other three could see, then changing her mind and letting me go, kicking me in the hip. "Come. Show them."

Somehow I managed not to glance at Gaelan and instead simply obeyed. I rose up off the floor—when more than one hand covered a hilt, I noticed—and turned my back to them, bending at the waist to grab my ankles, exactly like in the diamond of the secret chamber where the Red Sisters had tested me.

There seemed to be a subtle relaxation in the air, and I felt a few hands both curious and assumptive caressing and exploring my backside, my legs, my various orifices... I winced a few times but stayed put and kept quiet.

The leader of this pack stepped in front of me then and said, "Look up."

I turned my head and did so slowly, watching as she removed her belt pouch and weapons to hand to the Sister beside her, then she unlaced her leather trousers, opening and pushing them down to her upper thighs. I saw a subtle design of a web traced into her pubic thatch, and that kept me staring for a moment before she caressed herself and got my attention by flicking my ear.

"Come. On your knees. Or must I demand every step?"

I more than understood the unspoken threat and released my ankles to kneel down on the stone. I scooted forward and I felt her fingers thread into my hair. She widened her stance a little more and I leaned forward first to kiss the smooth, puffy lips, then to flick my tongue against them, bathing them in warmth, before outright sucking on them. Her moist heat smelled and tasted of what I could expect—sweat and leather, but mostly a strong female musk that was unmistakable, less like Gaelan but more like Juarinia's had been.

It didn't smell so bad as I remembered; I could almost call it fragrant.

"Oo, not a novice, I see," the leader commented, pushing more firmly against my mouth and gathering up my hair to fist at the back, presumably so the others could watch me with my nose pressing into her hair, and my lips, tongue, and jaw working obediently to stimulate her.

I looked up a few times, glimpsing a heavier jaw and wide mouth, a long and straight nose and eyes not as big as Gaelan's beneath exquisitely arched, white eyebrows. Her forehead was more prominent and her plaited bun wasn't at the base of her bead but at the crest, at the very top.

"Nice work, Gaelan," she continued, her low voice even more husky now. "You didn't have to whip her much?"

"No, Jaunda," my former companion replied. "The ritual, remember?"

"Ah yes, of course. Fortunate for her. Get dressed, Gaelan. You've got until I've finished smearing her face."

My face was already smeared from Gaelan's "work," but Jaunda was well on her way to adding a second coating. She didn't guide me verbally as much as Gaelan had; she used her hands and hips more to take advantage than wanting my participation beyond a convenient tongue. Nonetheless, I participated anyway, as much as I could.

"Put back...the lash, Kiren," Jaunda grunted, her next breath quavering. "She's doing fine...and the Prime's still waiting."

"Aw. Fine, hm? When is it my turn?"

"Later," the leader growled, her fist tightening in my hair and her sex grinding more aggressively against me, mashing my lips against my teeth, bruising them as I tried to avoid cutting them. I tried to think of something to help push her to the edge sooner.

I took a chance and lightly placed my palm against Jauna's inner thigh, and waited. When there was no protest and she seemed comfortable with it being there, I slid up further to caress her sex on the outside.

She groaned loudly. "Good girl...good."

I took it that I could penetrate her, and I did more gently than she'd done me. Her muscles inside flexed and she growled happily, moving more energetically and rising to that vocal peak we both wanted as I stroked her inside as well as out.

I was startled, however, when she literally squirted on me, spraying a clear, tasteless, hot fluid in a surprising amount which covered my cheeks and dripped down my chin and throat between my breasts. Part of it also anointed my shoulders and spattered my breasts directly; another bit went down my throat and up my nose.

I swallowed what I could but couldn't prevent coughing. Jaunda stepped back to let me bend over and clear my air pipe, laughing deep and loud in amusement.

"Yes, that always happens the first time." She sounded immensely proud.

I nodded but kept quiet, feeling more clear-headed than ever before. The fluid chilled quickly on my skin just like semen tended to do. I wondered if it would grow tacky and then, once dry, start to flake as well?

"Alright. Gaelan? Ah, good, you're ready. Let's go."

They put a black bag over my head, secured all my hair inside it, and tied me down on the lizard mount that still waited patiently at the entrance. I was sitting in the saddle correctly this time, but my wrists and ankles were tied to the body of the animal; it was just easier to lie down on it than to try to sit up and hunched over especially since now I couldn't see, and indeed, all my senses except perhaps the sixth one were hindered by the bag.

What didn't they want me to see or know? Was I still to be tested further after all this? Or...maybe it was that, since I was the only naked one and the Red Sisters all had on their uniforms, they didn't want onlookers peering too closely at me? This was one of their secret initiations, wasn't it...?

I was convinced that the reason for the black bag was the latter when I overheard public comments as we finally, after a long ride with minimal talking, entered more populated areas. I was presumed to be a prisoner, and once Jaunda even affirmed it for one curious wannabe Matron.

"I'm sure she deserves the Wrath of the Valsharess's elite, Sister," the onlooker said imperiously. "Give her three lashes for me!"

I felt markedly better when I heard Juanda chuckle and mutter, "Boot-licking fool," after we passed.

For their part, even though Kiren and the other Sisters had tried to poke at my vulnerable backside while we were still on the outskirts (I suppose because they were bored), in the City they kept others from doing the same. No one was allowed to touch me or throw anything at me as some apprehended fugitives were known to suffer at public hands. Each one who tried was soundly dissuaded, and Jaunda merely said it was for the Valsharess to judge and decide. No one questioned her.

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