tagLesbian SexSuburban Housewives Ch. 06

Suburban Housewives Ch. 06


Over the following weeks, Annie, Jen, and frequently Terri engaged in more exciting and lewd behavior together. Yet, Annie also found she had a wandering eye and desire for other younger females. It was shortly after Jen's encounter with the young shop clerk Maggie that Annie began to realize how much she wanted to explore these other avenues, just like her sensual friend.

While having one of their frequent 'coffee' get together (where coffee, tea, and chit chat was increasingly becoming coffee, tea, and me -- with the emphasis on the 'me'), Jen blurted out that she had been with Maggie. Jen held her head down expecting some scolding words for acting so publicly and impudently with such a young woman or maybe even a jealous response, as if Jen was to remain 'faithful' (what a laugh!) to Annie and Terri. Instead, Annie became noticeably intrigued; peppering Jen with a series of questions on what she did with Maggie in the back of that adult 'love' shop.

It was becoming ever more apparent that the two women were becoming more aroused by this discussion, where Jen retrieved the items she had purchased from her special hiding spot (mustn't let 'hubby' know about this!), which finally led to a little play acting to re-enact the events between Jen and Maggie.

In short order, the two very aroused women found they had removed many articles of each others' clothing, while caressing and kissing one another in the process. Soon, only an open blouse and hiked up skirts were left to cover them; their breasts swaying freely and their moist pussies easily revealed, as neither woman bothered with underwear due to their expectation that they would only be a hindrance to the inevitable pleasure seeking they would indulge in.

Jen had remembered to bring the items she had purchased that earlier day so she could show them to Angie. She knew he had made the right choices when she saw Angie's eyes widen and heard her sounds of approval when she pulled the double headed dildo from her bag.

"Jen that thing is enormous and so long! That thing must have absolutely pounded your womb, your nasty girl!"

Jen merely smiled demurely and pressed the dildo's head against Angie's overheating vagina, whereupon Angie lifted her hips a little, opened her legs some more and pushed her cunt's opening onto the head and down its lengthy shaft.

"Oh fuck, ya, this is amazing!" Angie bucked a little as she felt the elongated phallus probe her tunnel, before noticing added pressure when Jen mounted herself on the other end and pushed up against Angie.

The women spent several minutes pushing, writhing and almost flailing on the dildo and each other; clasping each other round the waist, hips, and playfully slapping and squeezing each others' breasts. Eventually they collapsed in a wet, heated mass before Angie propped herself up, her legs still intertwined with Jen's and the new toy still enmeshed inside each woman's vagina; then stroked Jen's face and hair and moved onto the next experiment. Poking about in Jen's bag, she noticed the lotions.

"So after using this lovely device you finally licked her all over, is that right?" Annie interrogated, as she and Jen continued to caress, feel, finger, and probe one another with hands and toy.

"Yes, but she had some lotion on her, as did I by the end," Jen replied, extricating herself from the dildo then laying back with her legs provocatively swinging open and closed, intermittently exposing her lovely, plump wet pussy.

Annie got up then returned with some chocolate sauce and whipped cream. "I'm not as keen on mangos and honey today, but I know you are a real fan of chocolate." Angie encouraged her friend to get up and then lay on the kitchen table, where she returned to her provocative leg movements.

Jen licked her lips and smiled, "Mmmmm, you know I love that!"

With that, the older woman lavishly poured the chocolate sauce over her friend's face, breasts, torso, mound and then down her thighs before shaking the canister of whipped cream before spraying it onto Jen's nipples and clitoris.

"Oooooo that tickles!" Jen cooed as her rock hard nipples were engulfed by whipped cream. The bigger girl shifted and then began rubbing her thighs closer together to feel the squishy sensation of the cream and chocolate meld with her own body's cream.

Angie repeated the pouring process on her own body before mounting her lathered lover whereupon the two women enjoyed the taste and touch of the lotions and their body's interaction with them and each other.

"Mmmmm, I always love the taste of chocolate and cream, but this is definitely the best I've ever had" Jen expressed before her tongue returned to its almost natural place of probing Angie's sticky, sweet poon.

"You sure know how to make a girl wanna add to the cream!" Angie replied in a husky, panting voice that was followed by her own plunging tongue into Jen's sweet candy coated cunt.

Finally, the two hussy housewives concluded their afternoon delight with a wild, exceptional obscene act of body to body rubbing- using the chocolate cream combination as a lubricant for their unseemly friction. When it was all over, the two women found themselves almost entirely covered in a somewhat tangy, sickly sweet coating of their own juices with the added feature of a confectionary solution.

When the two finally recovered from their afternoon of debauchery, Angie turned to her lover and stroked her hair and kissed her sweetly on the mouth. "That was amazing, darling!"

Jen grinned slyly and replied, "Yes, maybe even more amazing than my time with Maggie."

Angie gave Jen a playful slap on her buttocks and shook her finger at her, "You ol' cougar; preying on poor little things like that!"

The mature girls giggled at this before kissing again.

"You know, I think it might be fun to seduce a girl like that. Maybe corrupt some virginal type." Angie mused.

"Have anyone in mind?" Jen inquired as she noticed Angie staring out the window at a young woman walking past her house.

"Maybe I do, maybe I don't" Angie coyly replied.

"Maybe that young little thing you're looking at out there?" Jen teasingly poked her friend in the ribs, with the consequent play wrestling and Angie pushing Jen's hand to the floor while straddling her belly.

"Maybe, . . .just maybe." Annie purred before kissing Jen deeply again.

"Isn't she your babysitter?" Jen returned to the topic at hand, not willing to change the subject.

"Yes, . . .that's Emma . . .she's helped us out quite a few times over the last 2 or 3 years. Always thought she was a pretty girl, but lately I have noticed that she's really blossomed into someone much prettier, more womanly than before. Although now that she's eighteen and started college, she hasn't been as available for babysitting as before."

"Well, if you were to try someone a little younger, she might be an option" Jen whispered into Annie's ear from behind before nibbling her lobe and pressing her bare breasts onto Annie's back; her hands reaching under to cup and massage Annie's lovely 'b' cups as they surveyed the view.

"Oh you have become quite the slut! Certainly not the demure, conservative thing I used to know!" The women chuckled before resuming their love making for the afternoon.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Over the course of the next number of days, Annie went out of her way to be around her neighbor Emma. If she saw her outside she would make the effort to go outside as well, always smiling and saying hello; frequently offering her a cool drink if it appeared Emma was tired looking after a day at college or bringing over fresh baked cookies to Emma's house to let her be the first to try them out. In these cases, whenever Annie had the time and opportunity, she would dress a little more provocatively although regardless how she may have dressed, she always made sure to add a little flirtatious ingredient to their meeting; soon it became apparent to Annie that Emma was not repulsed or offended by this behavior, so she continued the practice and gradually increased its intensity and obviousness. Indeed, she soon heard through the grapevine that Emma had been telling her friends that she thought Annie was definitely the 'coolest' and 'sexiest' older (Annie was 36 after all!) chick she had ever met; both in how she dressed and acted. Word of this only heightened Annie's desire and affirmed that her strategy was paying off.

Emma was a tall (at least 5'7" from Annie's estimation), slender girl of eighteen. Not terribly curvy or busty (a very firm 32b cup, yet with quite noticeable nipples; even through thick sweaters), but what she did have were amazingly long sculpted legs and just enough of what the boys considered all the right curves. Her hair was a silky, auburn color, a little longer than her shoulders and her eyes were an amazingly deep green.

Finally, after a couple of weeks of Annie's plan, Annie had her golden opportunity (or so she had thought!). She saw her pretty, young neighbor in obvious distress, as Emma was making her way to her house from her car. Annie soon realized Emma was alone at home and decided to go over to see what was wrong. When Emma opened the door she had a look in her eyes that indicated she was in a daze and seemed like she had nowhere to turn.

"Hey, Emma, are you alright? You seem a bit upset?"

"Oh, um, yes, . . .I am Mrs. Jamieson!" Emma blubbered and covered her face as she stood weeping.

"Oh honey, what is it? Can I help out at all?" Annie wrapped her arms around Emma and pulled her wet face down to her shoulder, stroking her hair and rubbing her back.

"Well, I don't know . . .it's . . .it's just you know . . .?" Emma bawled her eyes out into Annie's now damp blouse.

"Is it some trouble with your boyfriend?" Annie inquired, holding Emma's face by her chin so that she could look her in her eyes.

"Ya, he . . .he cheated on me . . .I just caught him in bed with another girl," Emma sniffed and tried to compose herself, but to no avail as she pressed her face into Annie's chest and began to cry again.

"Oh dear, oh dear! Well, he didn't deserve a sweetheart like you . . .how bout you come to my place and I make you a nice cup of tea and we can try to get your mind off of him?"

Emma just nodded, rubbed her eyes and tried to fix her hair. She noticed the big wet spot on Annie's blouse that made it rather transparent; now some of her chest, all the way over to her left breast, was quite obvious- as was her lack of a brassiere. Emma felt a little strange at this sight, but resumed her 'clean up' and followed Annie to her house. As she walked behind Annie, she noticed Annie's skirt hem was even shorter than she would have expected from this older married mother. At one point, as she glanced at her behind, she could see the tops of Annie's stockings for a fleeting moment, which made Emma feel most peculiar.

"Why don't you have a seat on the couch while I get us some tea?" Annie offered a small, gentle grin as she directed Emma to the couch.

"Thank you for being so kind to me, I feel so confused and agitated . . .I really don't know what to do!" Emma sat back on the couch, her knees together while laying her hands on her lap with her fingertips just touching the bare skin past her short, pleated skirt.

"Feel free to get comfortable there dear, I'll just be a minute" Annie shouted from the kitchen. Emma could see Annie getting everything ready, but it was when Annie began to reach up for the tea cups that Emma really began to take note. As Annie was trying to reach up to find the cups, her skirt rode up her legs; once again exposing her stocking tops -- but even more so and for a longer time than Emma had seen outside.

Annie could see Emma's curious stare out of the corner of her eye and decided she would test the waters a little more by making more of an effort to reach up; her skirt now riding even farther up her thighs. Annie then reached back and pretended to scratch her bare thigh, pushing her skirt up more and exposing much of her bare bottom (It wasn't that Annie neglected to wear any today, it was more that she stepped out of them when she saw Emma arrive home- ever the wishful thinker!). After doing this Annie again glanced over to Emma out of the corner of her eye to see a gape mouthed Emma gawking at her legs and derriere. To add one more touch to her test, after Annie had placed the teacups on the countertop she 'accidentally' dropped the spoon she had got out of the drawer, which she immediately bent over to pick up, not fully bending her knees so as to ensure that her ass would protrude forcefully through her skirt and her hem hiked well up her thigh. When she got back up, Annie made no effort to straighten out her skirt, leaving it pulled well up above her thigh high level stocking tops as she walked into the living room to an obviously flushed and blushing Emma.

"Nothing like something hot and sweet to make you feel better after a tough day!," Annie grinned and bent down to place the tray on the coffee table before Emma, her partially unbuttoned blouse easily flying open just enough to permit full exposure of her dangling bare breasts to the already confused and squirming young visitor.

"You like a nice couple of lumps, dear?" Annie almost purred the words with a certain devilish look in her eyes.

"Oh, um . . .yes, that would be great Mrs. . ."

"Just call me Annie, dear, no need for formal titles here hun" Annie cut Emma off before she could complete her sentence. Annie's breasts began to jiggle as she chuckled at her comment, while each sugar cube was carefully dropped into the tea before Annie began stirring it. By now, Annie's nipples were quite visible, not only through her somewhat sheer, damp spotted blouse, but also Emma could catch a glimpse of the top of each of Annie's breasts as she had little choice but to peer down Annie's top when she was leaning over.

"Th-thank you, Annie" Emma stuttered as she was handed the cup by the buxom older woman.

"It was my pleasure dear," Annie replied as she sat adjacent to the teen, her legs crossed in such a way as to ensure her skirt would ride well up her thighs and her foot 'accidentally' brushing over Emma's bare calf. Annie sipped upon her tea and somewhat lasciviously lipped her lips as she starred at her nubile guest.

"You like it?" Annie asked rather ambiguously.

Emma was still feeling a little curious why Annie happened to run her toes over her calf and even more uncertain of Annie's meaning, but decided it was the tea she was referring to, "Yes, very soothing." She smiled and returned to sipping her drink.

"Mmmmmm yes, nothing like a hot cup of tea followed by a massage when you want to ease your mind of all that troubles you." Annie smiled and cocked her head to one side, playfully teasing a lock of her long black hair.

"A massage?" Emma inquired, "What do you mean?"

"Oh nothing really, it's just that I find it helps in situations like this, but the tea is fine on its own too."

Emma felt conflicted. She enjoyed the company of this older woman and the thought of a nice rub down was appealing to her, but yet she hardly really knew Annie and there was something a little odd in her behavior and general 'undress'. Annie could see her neighbor's uncertainty and made sure to reach over and pat her on the knee and smile to assure her. Although this did seem to help Emma relax a little, nevertheless, she had to screw up her courage just to pursue the matter.

"um, when you say massage, what do you mean?" Emma knew that sounded silly and awkward, but it was the best she could do.

"You know, a rub down, you lay on your stomach or back and I rub you all over to help loosen you up," The way Annie said "loosen you up" only maintained much of the ambivalence in her meaning but Emma accepted the definition and grinned.

"Well, I guess there's no harm in that, I could probably do with something to keep my mind distracted right now!"

"and maybe we could paint each others' nails and do all those other girly things that help us keep our minds of you know what!" Annie chortled, which soon revived Emma's own similarly spunky personality leading her to join Annie in the enjoyment of the moment.

"Now, how about we start with a rub down?" Annie asked her now calmed acquaintance, "let's start with you taking off your top and unclasping the back of your bra, while I get us a mat to lay upon, ok?"

Emma was a little nervous, never having even considered disrobing with this woman, but she knew it was customary to remove articles of clothing for massages so she nodded and complied with Annie's request. In the meantime, Annie collected the mat and some baby oil; she also managed to ensure her blouse was unbuttoned a little more- now truly leaving little to the imagination. When she returned she nearly gasped when she found her young companion wearing only a bra on top - one that was partially dangling down over her pert little breasts as it was obvious Emma had unclasped it. Annie quickly composed herself, before letting on to Emma that something was wrong, and laid the mat down on the floor; her own breasts swaying visibly as the fabric of her blouse was hardly covering anything now.

"Alright, honey, now lay down on your belly and I'll begin the rub down."

Emma again complied, her bra nearly slipping right off her before it was stopped by the mat as she lay. Annie gazed at Emma from behind. Emma's bare back, the straps of her bra now lying open away from her, cute little skirt rather thoughtlessly pushed up by her laying action thus exposing almost all of Emma's beautiful long legs and a hint of her panties.

"Is this alright?" Emma asked with an almost childish tone as she glanced back at her masseuse.

"Yes, very good," Annie nearly whispered as she began to apply some baby oil to her hands as well as to Emma's back, then straddled the girl from behind, her own skirt pushed up higher as she sat resting on the small of Emma's back before beginning to rub down Emma's tense shoulders.

It was at this point that Emma realized something, something she felt on her back; Annie wasn't wearing any panties and her vagina was not only quite bare it was also quite wet! Emma was perplexed and a little unnerved by this, but then she knew Annie was rather unorthodox for a woman her age- that's one of the reasons all the young women thought she was such a cool chick. Another feeling also emerged; Emma was feeling far more excited by this than she had thought possible. Still, she kept her thoughts to herself and wallowed in the pleasure of Annie's firm- yet soft- fingers probing and caressing her shoulders and back.

"You like how this feels, sweetie?" Annie leaned down to whisper into Emma's ear, one of her breasts now freeing itself from its enclosure within her blouse and gliding over Emma's skin.

"Mmmm yes I do, it's very soothing!" Emma cooed as she felt Annie's digits work her flesh.

"I'm just moving down to your back's lower half now, so don't be alarmed by any unexpected movements, ok?" Annie pushed back on the girl, her wet pussy leaving a bit of a wet trail as she soon found herself mounted on Emma's buttocks where she again massaged Emma; this time over her lower back.

Emma felt the older woman's wetness and the rather provocative mounting of her buttocks, which only added to her own growing sense of desire. She tried to convince herself that this was just the sensual feeling one gets from a massage, but deep down she knew better. A quick glance back only confirmed this buried desire, as she saw Annie working on her back, she could see her almost entirely bared breasts jiggle and sway as she fingered the small of the young girl's back. She could tell the woman enjoyed these things more than was normal, Annie's skirt was now nearly riding over the tops of her thighs- fully exposing her stockings and also some of her womanhood as it rocked gently over Emma's buttocks in response to the ongoing movement associated with the massage.

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