tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSuburban Payback Ch. 3

Suburban Payback Ch. 3


Involuntarily, Janice shot Renee a look. Renee simply smiled viciously and shrugged. "Answer it." She said. Janice released the disclosing hold she had on her buttocks and picked up the tiny silver cell. Even before she pressed talk she could see from the screen's readout that it was her husband, Jeff. Renee saw it too. The cruelly joyous expression on the brunette's face seemed to broaden. She grabbed Janice's phone just as she was about to speak, and put the tiny instrument to her own ear.

"Hello," she said melodiously. There was a slight pause before the male voice answered querulously. " Oh, it's Renee, Jeff."

Janice could hear the distant sound of her husband's voice asking the obvious question.

"Oh well, it just seemed time to finally bury the hatchet. I mean, how long can you stay angry at the neighbor across the street." She paused and smiled at Janice, who stood shocked, naked, and now with a creeping sensation of some greater dread overtaking her. "Uh huh," said Renee, "I get the sneaking feeling that we are probably going to be seeing so much more of each other. It is really going well."

Renee's expression suddenly transformed as she held her fingers over the mouthpiece and spoke to the dumbfounded blonde. " I'm going to hand you the phone, but before I do I want you to climb up on that big leather seat, face the street, and open those legs just so wide. And I want that pussy opened up with your non-phone hand. You'll stay that way as long as hubby is on the line. Do you understand me?"

All Janice could do was nod mutely. There was no point arguing or trying to negotiate with Renee. She turned and slid up onto the seat. She kept her head tilted slightly downward so that she would not make direct eye contact with the garbagemen who were still a rapt audience. Then with her left hand she reached down and slid two fingers between her outer lips. With the simple execution of an inverted "V for victory" he opened her most private part for their entertainment. Without looking at Renee, she held out her right hand for the phone.

It was not presented. She heard the clearing of a throat and looked up with brimming eyes to see Renee giving her a superior and expectant stare.

"What?" said Janice.

"You did not ask me if that was good enough. Aren't you worried that you might not be pleasing me?"

Janice stifled the tears that threatened to fall. She wouldn't give this bitch the satisfaction. She stared back defiantly.

"Is this good enough?"

Renee leaned forward and inspected the spread that Janice was maintaining and grinned. "Good enough. Here's hubby." She handed Janice the phone.

Jeff's voice was bright and upbeat if not a little curious about the domestic changes that were taking place between his wife and her previously, most declared enemy. Janice tried to answer all of his questions and listened as patiently about his triumphant sales endeavors as a woman providing a graphic suburban peepshow could. One thing alarmed her in particular. He had mentioned that "the boys" at corporate central had noted his hard work and were promoting him. The downside would mean even more time on the road. Finally, desperate to stop the humiliation, she claimed a low battery, and taking small note of the disappointment in his voice, hung up. Even as she pressed off , her fingers relaxed and the gaping of her pussy ended.

Renee noticed and experienced a complete thrill as she put the momentary relief to an end with her next statement. " Good well, we are all done here, I think we can get started on our day."

Janice looked at her. Suddenly she realized that whatever was happening, it was very far from over. She didn't even consider asking for her clothing back. She just turned in the seat, started the SUV and waited while Renee said something to the garbage men that returned gales of laughter and then slowly climbed in to move her own vehicle. Once the way was cleared, Janice drove the last few feet to her driveway. She was already climbing out of the car when she realized that she was doing so voluntarily naked. Clearly the recent string of events had overwhelmed her so that she was now functioning in a somewhat cognizantly blunted state. She was almost to the front door when the shrill whistle of the garbage men behind her pierced her consciousness. A new wave of humiliation passed over her. She yanked the door opened and rushed inside.

It was somewhat better once she was in the house with the door closed. The familiar semblance of normalcy and control prompted a desperate desire for any form of cover. She ran with breasts and buttocks bouncing for the bathroom and grabbed a robe from a hook on the wall. It struck her as amazing how a simple garment could provide such comfort. She sank into an armchair and took a quick accounting of her home. Everything about the tasteful environment seemed foreign to the slutty endeavor that she had been coerced into. She looked at the pastel floral wall paper, the delicate figurines on the cabinet shelves, the simply elegant framed landscapes that she and her husband had loved from the second they saw them in the quaint art shop downtown. This was her, not the nude slave to the horrible woman across the street. Her reassessment of self was just starting to settle her, when the phone rang. She jolted upright. Without even looking she seemed to know. The caller ID confirmed Renee's number. More than anything, she wanted to avoid picking it up. More than anything, she was certain she had to. She took a breath and touched the button. "Yes?" she said.

"Yes?" came the voice on the other end. "What sort of greeting is that for a new best friend?"

Janice bit her lip. There in her home with all the reminders of her life, she felt somehow empowered. She did not feel like indulging the woman's interest in toying with her. "What I just went through was hardly what I would call the result of a friend's actions."

There was silence on the other end of the line. When Renee spoke again her voice was icy. " Fine, then consider it the one of ownership. After all, your ass is mine, isn't it?"

Janice could barely speak. A paralyzing fear seemed to have an almost physical hold on her throat. She suddenly had a powerful visual of a high heel bearing down on it. The accoutrements of her home were just trinkets now. Nothing more. The power that had surged in her home was gone with the force from across the street. "Yes." She said meekly.

"Yes, what, you stupid murdering bitch?"

The words hit with the force of blows. "My ass is yours." said Janice.

"Say it louder."

Janice could feel her eyes welling with tears. All of her pride, all her self-esteem was being torn away with a single phrase. "My ass is yours." She repeated. Her voice shook.

"No crying." Said Renee. "Or this will get a thousand times worse."

Janice stifled the emotional fount.

"Yes ma'am." It had slipped out.

The responding laughter told her that she had provided just the response that Renee wanted. The fact that it had just happened made her feel all the more low.

"Okay, Juggsy….what do you have on? I know you ran home and dressed."

"A robe." Said Janice.

"Uh huh. Well, we have some errands to run, but first I need you over here. You can leave the robe on, but I want you on the phone as you walk over, now."

Janice stood up, and holding the phone to her ear, walked to the front door. She opened and stepped outside. Across the street, Renee was standing in her front window watching.

"Cute robe," she said. "I was expecting ankle length, but the mid thigh is even better."

Janice did not reply. She began walking toward the curb. Just as she came even with her mailbox the voice in her ear ordered, "Stop". She could see Renee smiling at her.

"Take off you robe and hang it on the mailbox." She barely got the words out before she began laughing.

Janice looked around. Mercifully the garbagemen were already to the end of the street. Otherwise the cul-de-sac was vacant. She slipped the robe off her shoulders and draped it over the mailbox. Once again she was completely bare outdoors. Even with no one watching she felt humiliated. She looked up to see Renee leaning forward with laughter. She lifted the phone to her ear. "Now, I want you to jog the rest of the way."

Obediently Janice started to jog. Immediately the effect Renee was hoping for resulted. Janice's big breasts were everywhere, bouncing as high as her face and slapping against each other and her shoulders. She flushed with embarrassment and tried to speed up to shorten the ordeal, but that only made matters worse. Her buttocks, though firm, jiggled perceptibly as she ran. By the time she got to the front door, Renee was beside herself with insulting laughter. Janice jogged in place on the front step waiting for the door to open. A full ten seconds passed before she tried the bell. Another ten passed before Renee deigned to open it.

"Jesus." She said. "You are definitely going to be doing some more of that in the future." She motioned her inside. Janice had never been in Renee's home. It occurred to her, that the décor was almost exactly like something Renee might have worn. There was too much shiny black and gold. She did not have long to contemplate the place as her attention was drawn to the center of the living room that had been set up like an amateur photo set. A slickly polished black teak chair faced a digital camera set on a tripod. Next to the tripod sat a Luis V. bag. Janice surveyed the scene with a strange feeling of dread and awful anticipation. The worst part of the whole setup was the knowledge that no matter what was ordered she had no choice, but to comply. Renee did not let her think about it for long.

"Okay, bitch, have a seat."

Janice swallowed hard and crossed to the chair. She sat down and found herself facing the lens. A cold sensation formed in the pit of her stomach as Renee moved around behind it. She smiled as she worked the focus.

"My God your tits are huge. I think I should have gotten a wide angle lens."

It was too much for Janice. A small plea escaped her despite her earlier resolve to remain strong. "Please don't photograph me, Renee."

A flash of the strobe answered her. Renee simply replied, "aren't we informal, addressing your owner by her first name." The strobe flashed again. "Now, as I direct your little photo session, I want you to respond with 'yes ma'am'. Do you understand?"

Renee peaked over the top of the camera as Janice answered in the described affirmation.

"Renee smiled. "Open your legs, Juggsy. Time to record the goods."

Reluctantly, slowly Janice spread her legs. Renee shot her a quick look and the spread blonde answered with a subdued "yes ma'am".

Her genitalia were perfect, just like the rest of her ripe body. The perfectly matched lips were completely hairless and slightly puffed framing the smooth hood that just revealed her clit. Now that was unprotected from the permanent recording of the aperture's click.

"More" said Renee.

"Yes, ma'am."

A flash temporarily blinded her and the deafeningly soft click followed.

And so it went. She spread her legs wider until the tension actually caused her lips to part on their own, and each change in posture and position was recorded with a flash and a whir of the camera. She was photographed from every angle, at length, from a distance so that her face was visible, and in extreme close-up, so that anyone viewing would feel they knew her intimately. She could not refuse. Every order for "wider" or insertion of a finger in her slit or- in her opinion the worst- hefting her own nipple to her own lips, was answered with an ever confirmatory, "yes ma'am".

Renee loved it. "The stupid bitch", she thought as she snapped photo after photo. The lens of the camera was the snare that would keep her neighbor in her service for as long as wanted, in any way she wanted, and she had such terribly wonderful ideas. She had Janice lean forward so that she got the "hanging" shot. Her huge breasts were already touching the gold carpet while she remained propped on her elbows. From the expression on Janice's face, it was almost more than she could stand. Therein, was Renee's payoff, but nowhere near her payback. She loved the derision she was inflicting. She had burned for so long with the memory of her own embarrassment that horrific evening. By the time she was finished, she thought, the poor bitch would be a walking…crawling synonym for public degradation, and she, Renee, would have shown everybody that she was someone to respect- and, she had to admit, she liked breaking her beautiful neighbor. The expressions, the little involuntary moans or cries of distress or disgust as she complied with the prescribed acts and exposures, actually thrilled Renee. It was, she thought, going to be unlimited fun. To that end, she paused and looked over the top of the camera.

"You really are freakishly large-chested aren't you, dear? I mean, someone should have nicknamed you "Elsie" years ago!"

Janice flushed and dropped her head. She had been so self-conscious for so long about the size of her chest. Even when her husband suggested a dress or blouse that gave a hint of cleavage she nixed the idea. All her life, in gyms, at the beach, or in sports, she had been the victim of catty remarks. Because of that she had winced at any comment or proposed exposure. Now with her breasts hanging in front of the camera, the "udder" reference was enough to affect her physically. She bit her lip to fight back the tears. She could not cry. She knew that. It would be an admission of weakness, and would probably only encourage the cruelty that Renee found so ready. Besides, she had been ordered not to. Renee had other plans anyway.

"Okay." She said. "New theme." Janice seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, which was just what Renee was hoping she would do. Renee reached for the Louis V. bag and popped it open. Whatever relief Janice was half-heartedly hoping for evaporated instantly and a wave of starkly cold fear flooded her senses as Renee withdrew a dildo shaped amazingly like an outrageously large African member. It was plastic, but of a variety that appeared like real flesh. There were even two large scrotal orbs at its base.

"Oh my God" said Janice in spite of herself. She repeated the phrase as Renee extracted another phallus, identical except that it was clearly of a Caucasian variety. A third, hued somewhere between the others was placed next to them. They were all over a foot in length and as thick around as one of Janice's tiny wrists. Janice could not help but stare at them.

They were characateurishly big, so much so, that for a brief second the implication of them, the camera, and fact that Renee was opening a new package of film did not compute. It did not seem even a consideration that her body would be expected to accommodate anything anywhere near those proportions. Renee's voice, however, provided sudden clarification and brought the intention home.

"You might want to get really wet before we begin this next group of shots."

"What?" said Janice incredulously.

"Your choice, Elsie. Either you can run to the store like that and buy some lubricant or you better start working on that little clitty of yours so that these big boys don't do any real damage."

"You must be joking….I can't!"

Renee smiled as she inserted the film, snapped that camera closed, and took a quick picture of Janice to advance the role.

"Uh yea, you will! But it is your choice. You want them like you are, or prepared? Your choice."

Janice could not believe it. Her fists were clenched in a manifestation of resistance. Slowly she looked from the three huge cocks to the camera. If she were not wet, they would injure her terribly. Almost numbly, her fingers unlocked and traveled down to the small fleshy pearl between her thighs. She sighed with resignation as the camera began clicking away again.

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