tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSubway Release

Subway Release


Chelsea laughed to herself as the subway doors opened and more people tried to pile in. She almost had to gasp for air as the doors shut and the subway rocketed off. She had never seen this many people packed into the commute home before. Straight from her elementary teaching position adorned in her white blouse and pencil skirt, Chelsea sighed and her mind drifted to her husband. Straight out of college and 22 years old, Chelsea had met her husband just before graduation. Her shoulders were cramped and she broke a high heel as everyone jostled around to try to fit themselves in. Discouraged, Chelsea tried to relax as much as possible but found it difficult as she was in constant contact with those around her. With a lot of work, she squeezed her arms up above her head and found it more comfortable to grab the handle above her. Suddenly, she felt a man's presence directly behind her.

Chelsea could feel the bulge of his cock nestle in between her skirt-covered ass cheeks. Disgusted, she tried to take her mind off the violation. Every few moments, she could feel the man's penis twitch and become more erect. Helpless, she tried to wiggle forward and found herself pushed directly in front of a seated man. With bodies all around her, the man to her rear continued his violation, grinding his manhood into her ass. As she was continually violated, she had no choice but to try to escape her perpetrator. She leaned forward and was forced to spread her legs around the seated man in front of her. Filled with embarrassment, the man seated in front of her looked up and smiled slowly. Chelsea quickly became frightened, suddenly aware that both men had coordinated their efforts.

Without warning, the subway momentarily lost all light and the man behind her forced her mouth open. With considerable strength, he stuffed a small rag in her mouth and covered it with packing tape. He thrust his hips forward and Chelsea found her face smashed up against the window, her breasts squeezed against the seated man's head. He wrapped another piece around her wrists, securing her hands to the bar above her. As the lights came back on, Chelsea became genuinely scared. Tears ran down her face as the seated man reached up and undid her blouse, her black lace bra protruding from the opening. She could feel his breath on her cleavage as she struggled to get free. The man behind her was fully erect now, his cock constantly rubbing up and down her ass crack as the subway roared on. There were so many people in the subway that the act was unnoticed by anyone around her.

With her arms secured above her head, Chelsea was helpless to try to free herself from this human prison. The man to her rear shoved Chelsea's skirt up above her waist to reveal a matching black lace thong. He violently pulled it down to her mid-thigh. Her legs spread around the seated man and bent over, Chelsea knew her womanhood was on display for her violator. Humiliated beyond anything she had ever felt before, Chelsea's sobs were smothered by the rag in her mouth. No one had ever seen her like this, not even her husband. Chelsea was an innocent young woman, a believer in saving herself for one man only. The last two years of marriage with her husband had been a slow progression towards discovering what sex was all about. Chelsea felt as if she was just becoming comfortable with being naked in front of him. She let out muffled moans that were useless amidst the roar of the subway. She felt the man behind her unzip his fly, his cock springing free and slapping her pussy roughly.

The seated man began groping her breasts and tweaking her nipples over her bra. Her nipples responded, hardening to the man's torture. He grabbed her bra roughly and yanked hard, the strap ripped and her bra fell in the man's lap. Chelsea felt her breasts bouncing against the man's face as it was ripped from her. Chelsea winced in pain as the man continued kneading her young, firm tits. All the bodies around her only seemed to press in harder, trapping her in between the two men. The man behind her positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy and she could fell his cock-head throbbing in anticipation. Her embarrassment was unbearable, and she felt the tears run down her cheeks as her tits were smashed against the man's face. She looked down and watched her violator as he entered her most sacred area, the place she saved for her husband alone. Chelsea moaned loudly as his large cock-head slid into her pussy. She was embarrassed at how moist she was between her legs, the tears continuing to flow as her perpetrator entered her fully. Her eyes opened wide as she watched her pussy stretch to allow the assault. Chelsea pulled with her arms and lifted herself up on her tiptoes, trying with all her might to avoid the inevitable. Everything she believed in had been shattered in a few precious seconds. Her humiliation reached a new level as the man leaned forward, his cock pressed deep inside her, and whispered, "Fuck me."

Chelsea let out a moan, shaking her head in embarrassment. Not only was she being raped, but the man assaulting her wanted her to do the dirty work. She would never give him the pleasure he desired. Immediately, the seated man took her right nipple in his mouth and bit hard. Chelsea felt as if it were on fire and letting out a muffled scream tried to pull her breast out of his mouth, only increasing the pain. Her tears flowed freely, sobbing, the man released his clamp after a few seconds. Moaning in pain, Chelsea's entire body relaxed, her pussy quivering as it engulfed her violator's member. She knew what they wanted, but how could she do it? Chelsea wasn't going to rape herself. Again, she felt the seated man wrap his mouth around her left nipple, his teeth clamping down even harder this time. Chelsea let out another stifled scream, the tears continuing to run down her cheeks. All her muffled screams were drowned out in the roar of the subway, the noise of the commuters, and the crying of small children. She couldn't bear the pain, and when the man released her nipple, she dropped her heels back on the floor. Chelsea could feel her violator's balls slap against her pussy as she lowered herself. She dropped her head in defeat and cried tears of humiliation as she looked at herself. Her breasts were dripping saliva, her nipples sore and rubbing against the seated man's face. She looked at her pussy, stretched open, engulfing her perpetrator's thick cock. Her thong was causing her pain now, wrapped around her spread legs and digging into her skin. Chelsea's nose was dripping snot and tears were running down her cheeks, her arms helpless. As the seated man wrapped his mouth around her nipple again, Chelsea decided to listen to their demands.

As the man clamped down, Chelsea let out another moan and began to push and pull herself up and down her violator's cock. It wasn't easy in the huge crowd, but her self-rape went unnoticed by the subway's constant movement. When she started fucking herself, the man released his bite and Chelsea was free of pain, but not her humiliation. Chelsea continued raping herself, her ass slapping against her perpetrator as she bounced up and down. How could she go home to her husband after this? She had never cheated on her husband, and now she choked back sobs as she willingly raped herself. Chelsea was embarrassed, humiliated, and completely degraded. Her tits bounced in front of the seated man's face and he stuck his tongue out, licking her nipples every time they brushed over his mouth. Chelsea looked down, watching as she fucked her violator. Through her tears, she watched his cock as it entered her innocent pussy. For the first time, she realized how large it really was. Eight inches of penis raped her moist pussy, and she began to feel it as her adrenaline wore off and exhaustion set in. Her thong was really causing her pain as it dug into her thighs. Her nipples throbbed from their previous torture, and her pussy began to ache as she continually fucked herself. The seated man reached forward and ran his fingers across her clit. Chelsea shuddered and sobbed as jolts of pleasure ran through her crotch. She couldn't believe her violators were actually making her feel good, and she choked back some more tears as she gave in to her exhaustion.

As the seated man rubbed her pussy in a slow and sensual motion, Chelsea tried to fight the urge to orgasm. She couldn't allow her violators to make her cum. She was breaking every moral that she held dear to her heart, and she wasn't going to get any pleasure from raping herself. Chelsea tried with all her strength but it was too much to bear. The enormous cock filled her completely, and each time she lowered herself onto her violator's manhood, her body twitched in pleasure. It was humiliating to be violated on a subway, humiliating to be forced to rape herself, and even more humiliating to get pleasure from it. As her orgasm built, Chelsea's mind drifted to her husband of three years. How could she lay in bed with him tonight? Chelsea's moans were stifled by the rag, but they were long and drawn out, just like her orgasm. Chelsea stopped fucking her violator and could feel her pussy convulsing around his cock, her clit still being rubbed by the seated man. One of her breasts was in his mouth, his tongue circling around her hardened nipple. Her body shook, the pain of her rape slipping away into feelings of pure pleasure. The orgasm was intense, her legs shaking as she stood on her tiptoes. Her tears ceased for only a moment as she lowered her head and moaned one last time.

Chelsea was jolted back to reality when she felt the first ropes of cum splashing her pussy walls. The tears immediately began again as she realized what was happening. The pain of her perpetrator's cock, balls deep inside of her, set in once more. She couldn't help as her innocent pussy convulsed with the after shocks of her orgasm, milking her violator's entire load. Chelsea's pussy was overflowing with cum, the warm liquid running down her thighs. She moaned in disgust, standing on her tiptoes and feeling her violator only press his cock deeper. Her humiliation was complete, her embarrassment reaching another level. The subway finally came to a halt. A jostle of bodies and shoving only helped her perpetrators quickly file out of the crowded doorway. Helpless, Chelsea moaned through her primitive gag. The cum dripped from her pussy, her black thong catching it around her thighs. Her skirt pushed up above her hips, Chelsea dropped her head in embarrassment and looked at her breasts, her swollen nipples protruding from her unbuttoned blouse. As new commuters hopped on the subway, no one seemed to notice her in the crowd. Chelsea was humiliated to find a couple of the men noticing and simply staring at her exposed body. The tears rolled down her face again as she felt a man's presence behind her.

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