tagNonHumanSuccubus Ranch Ch. 11

Succubus Ranch Ch. 11


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The desert sun finally tucked behind the hills and the lights for the Ranch’s sign began to flicker its multiple neon colors onto the road and parking lot. Cars arrived and parked while men and women traipsed up the wide steps to the front door. Jason greeted each and every one of them as they entered; and the women of Succubus Ranch were pleased with the many returning customers that had come to see, and feed, them.

The full moon shined brightly over the quickly cooling arid wasteland as customers arrived and left the southern plantation looking building. They all came with anticipation of having their needs met and left with large smiles from having such pleasures being expertly given. Not one customer had a complaint about the service, as was the norm; and all of them were quiet about the dirty secrets of what their desire the Ranch had offered for them this evening.

It was the darkest moments before the dawn when someone that was not a customer of the Ranch materialized on the edge of the road. The youthful, sharp, hard lines of his face glowed with the flashing neon lights from the business sign. He looked up at it with a visage of contempt; but he gave an exasperated sigh and began to walk toward the building.

Adam Zero was not pleased that he had been tasked with this duty to help this den of evil when he was charged by The Elders to flush out and destroy evil in the world. The very thought that he was actually going to defending this business from the evil that was coming just screamed that The Elders were losing their touch; but Adam was a soldier of theirs and it was tasked to him to fight where he was told to fight.

“Ours is not to reason why,” he mumbled to himself as the steps grew closer. Upon reaching the bottom most step, Adam stood still, his hands in the long overcoat’s pockets, staring at the double front doors, and waited.

The silent message he mentally sent to the business owners was answered within a minute when Adam felt the presence above him staring down from the second floor balcony. Adam continued to stare at the front doors and one of them opened slowly. Standing just inside the threshold was a man in very good physical shape, but not over the top. But Adam knew this was no man, just as the creature staring at him from above was no woman, no matter what she looked like.

“Jason Maurice and Maradith of the Ether, I am charged by The Elders to warn you of great danger that will come upon this house of ill repute,” Adam said without raising his voice too much. He knew that these two creatures would have been able to hear him if he had whispered his words. “Will you come out so that we may talk?”

“Why don’t you come in instead, soldier?” Jason said, standing aside the opening and offering the entrance with his hands.

“I will not enter the domain of demons unless in battle,” Adam said peacefully. “This is not a declaration of war upon you or your establishment; but war is coming.”

Jason took his place in front of the opening again and turned his head to the side. Adam saw the bald man’s lips move as he spoke to someone out of sight. He focused on them and read the words that he was completely unable to hear.

“If anything happens to us, you know the end his nigh. Take all that are here and return to your original home, but all not of our kind are to be released safely.”

So, it was true, Adam thought. He had been told by rumors that the elders did nothing against this brothel of Hell because the owners were not truly evil. Other entities would command that all humans be destroyed before the devils left this plane of existence. These two only wanted to cohabitate with the world.

Jason turned and walked out the door, closing it behind him. As he descended the stairs, the presence above made a sudden move and Adam jumped back, landing in his fighting stance. In his left hand was held a pure silver plated .44 magnum automatic. In his right was the sword blessed by The Elders to destroy any demon that it had been run through.

Just as quickly as he had pulled the sword from the hidden sheath inside his long coat and took his stance, Maradith had already landed and was wrapping her wings about her body like an evening walking cloak of the old days. Adam held his stance as she gave him a wry smile and took a seat on the wide steps, where Jason was already seating.

Jason brought his hand to his lips, holding the first and second fingers up and to his lips. A cigarette appeared out of thin air. Adam relaxed as Jason took a long pull on the cancer stick and the end lit up without the use of any fire. Jason took the cigarette out of his mouth and blew the smoke upward and looked at Maradith sitting next to him.

“I told you he was a solider,” he said allowed. “I’d know a soldier from miles away.” He then looked back at Adam and spoke directly to him. “So, I take it the Council of the Elders has finally decided they’ve had enough of our presence and wishes for us to be dispatched from this realm. Are you here to send us back to the Ether, or worse, to Hell itself?”

“No,” Adam responded, slowly moving back to a standing position; but he still kept the sword and gun in his hands. “I’ve been sent to warn you of an impending battle that is coming your way; and….”

Adam found it impossible to admit the next part. No matter what The Elders ordered, this was still wrong. They were evil, no matter their good gestures. This was just wrong to do this.

“And?” It was Maradith that spoke this time. Even with all of his training, the purging of his spirit and body, the runes and talismans he carried on his person, with that single questioning word Maradith caused Adam’s loins to stir with wanton desires. She was powerful beyond what he expected. She was the real danger that was before him now.

Adam raised his gun and aimed it at Maradith’s body. The blessed silver bullets would not kill her; but they would slow her down long enough for him to run her through and then dismember the body. His finger rested on the trigger, while his mind warred with the orders he had been given. Maradith looked at him with absolutely no expression on her face, either smug or even surprise at this action. Even Jason remained calm, taking another drag on the cigarette.

“Speak again and try to tempt me, I will not hesitate to break The Elder’s orders while defending myself,” Adam said.

“I wondered if they would add that to one of the general orders that The Elder’s give their soldiers,” Jason said. Adam turned his attention back to the bald man, lowering his weapon once more. “So, what are the explicit orders that you were given by The Elders, soldier?”

“You’re not my superior, demon, nor will you ever be able to get me to divulge what I have been taught and trained.”

“Half-demon, if you will,” Jason said nonchalantly before he made a sudden move. In less than a second, the cigarette was missing and Jason was on his feet, standing only a foot away from Adam. His voice and body stature had a command presence.

“I was a lieutenant colonel of the Marines before I was pulled into the command structure of the Council of the Elders. I’ve led more men into battle against evil than the demons you have fought. I’ve done my time with them, lived several years under the damned demanding rigorous structure, and finally found my place. I left them with anger, but have kept my pact to cause no harm to this realm of reality as long as others do not ask for it.

“Now answer my question, soldier, and tell me what the Elders have ordered you to do, or I will make contact with them and find out for myself, and demand they reprimand you in the old ways for disobeying your orders and threatening those you have no right to threaten.”

Adam was stunned to hear this from Jason. The fact of his military career was unquestionable, because no one that wasn’t in the military could have this type of command presence; and when he spoke of serving the council, Adam saw what he had not seen before. The aura was there, just intermingled with the presence of the evils that he had done since leaving the Order’s ranks.

“My apologies, sir,” Adam said quickly, putting his weapons away with the same speed and ease as he had pulled them from hiding. “I did not know. I have been ordered to give you warning of coming danger and offer my assistance to your establishment to defend against the evil that will befall your business.”

“We can handle it on our own, thanks,” Maradith said, her voice no longer having the effect on Adam as it did earlier. Instead of dripping with lust, it had the touch of pain and malice to it. The phrase ‘hell hath no fury’ popped into his mind and Adam felt a woman scorned was nothing compared to a pissed succubus.

“What is this danger, soldier?” Jason asked, as if ignoring Maradith’s comment. Adam decided to speak directly now to Jason and try to ignore the wrath and anger that the she-demon was exuding.

“There is a tear in the fabric between the alternate realms near here,” Adam said. “Demons from those other realms are going to make their way into this world soon; and they will surely be attracted by your business and make it their fist target.”

“How long before they will tear through, and where exactly is this opening? Also, about how many are we talking about?”

“The Elders claim it will be a contingent of around 50 demons of various types,” Adam began, rambling off the facts of the report he was shown. “Flying, crawling, digging and walking types. The entrance is in a cave three miles west from your dwelling. The rip is expected to be open enough for them to come through within the next week, maybe even sooner.”

Jason stood there, his head looking down as he took a drag on the cigarette that had reappeared. He blew the smoke out and looked at the front door for a moment, then back down at Maradith. The demoness nodded and stood up. She spread her wings wide, showing Adam a body that made his body shiver with lust again before she rose up to the balcony and left the two men.

“What are you…,” Adam started, but Jason held up his hand and turned to face the door again as it opened. He felt his lust for sexual desires abate and rise with a different kind of lust. It was the lust for blood and battle, as the woman that walked out of the house could be described as nothing more than an Amazonian warrior.

Her dark ebony skin shined as if recently oiled or sweating after a long hard workout. The woman must have been damn near seven feet tall, and her muscles fought with each other beneath her skin as she walked toward the two men. She wore the pelt of a large black cat, the furry skin just barely covering her breasts and across her hips. It did not hang very low past her groin, either.

“Soldier, I’d like you to meet Malaka,” Jason said. “Malaka, this is a soldier of the council of the Elders. Forgive me and my poor manners, but I have not asked you for your name.”

“It’s Adam,” he responded, still looking up to the woman. “Are you a warrior, Malaka?”

Without saying a word, or giving away her intention by any sudden change to her pace, the Amazonian charged at Adam, her face instantly changing from uncaring interest to one of impending murder on it. From somewhere, she had pulled a stone knife and brandished it like only a warrior would know how. Adam moved instinctively, dodging the stone blade by mere inches. As he moved left, her hand quickly followed him, the blade following his movements as if it were part of his shadow.

Adam batted her wrist hard, but not to hard to cause broken bones; but it was like hitting a rock. The attempted parry proved to his forearm just how sharp the stone was, though. She had cocked her hand just right so that she caught his flesh with the edge, which cut his skin more easily than a scalpel.

Adam jumped way back and stood his ground as he put one hand over the wound. He stared as Malaka brought the stone edge up to her mouth and licked Adam’s blood off the edge.

“First blood,” she cooed, her voice dripping with a hunger that Adam couldn’t tell if it was sexual or blood lust.

“What the hell are you doing?” Adam asked, looking back at Jason. “I came here to help.”

“It’s not my fault, Adam, soldier of The Elders,” Jason said, walking over and sitting on the steps again. “You’re the one that challenged her with that question of yours.”

“Well, call her off,” Adam shouted before making a quick dodge and moving toward Jason as Malaka attacked again.

“You challenged her, and she has accepted,” Jason said before taking a drag on his cigarette. “She’s now drawn your blood. Only you can stop it now, and it’s going to take more than words at this point.”

“I’m not going to fuck her,” Adam shouted as he dodged another swing of the stone blade.

“You just have to beat her,” Jason said. “Just don’t cause any permanent damage, since we’ll need her to fight this upcoming battle.”

Adam’s eyes narrowed to slits as he now understood the meaning for this fight. He had insulted this Amazonian and she was defending her honor. She was in it for the fight, and so far, she was winning, since he was the one that had been cut first. Malaka noticed Adam’s demeanor change and her visage changed from one of playing a cat and mouse game to that of a predator facing an equal predator.

She lunged with the knife once more, and Adam spun his body. He grabbed her wrist as he twisted, bending it backwards as far as it would go; but her grip on the handle of the knife just tightened. Holding onto the wrist, he rolled up her arm, taking the wrist and hand with him, until he was standing behind her. Malaka growled from in front of him, her right arm going straight up, then bent hard at the elbow until her hand, still with the stone blade, was pressed into her right shoulder blade.

Adam’s normal move at this point was to step forward, reach around the body and rip out the throat of his opponent; but she was too good of a warrior to just throw away like that. Plus, she still kept that dagger swinging side to side and poking out toward him. If he stepped in, she’d end up stabbing him in the shoulder with it.

He felt her arm’s muscles twitching beneath her skin and saw her other hand trying to reach for his hand to break free of the hold he had on her. Adam decided that now was the time to agree with his old training about a knife fight. Don’t fight to not get cut, because you will always get cut in a knife fight. Just fight to disarm your opponent before they cut you too badly.

Adam spun his body again, thrusting his back against hers, hearing the dagger cut through the fabric of his coat and shirt. The thanked the Elders for giving him the chainmail vest upon completion of training when he felt the metal pressing into his skin instead of the knife edge. With the momentum of the spin, Adam pulled Malaka’s arm hard over his shoulder and hoped he didn’t do it so hard that he would tear her shoulder out.

The force of his twist and thrust pulled Malaka over his shoulder and she roared with surprise as her body slid across his back and flew several feet before landing on her back, arms and legs splayed open. The morning sun peaked above the horizon at that point and lit up the shadows beneath her skirt. Even her dark skin in the shadows showed the glistening moisture that was suddenly leaking out the woman’s bare pink vaginal lips.

Malaka raised her head, the look on her face was, at first, the look of total shock at what Adam had done to her; then it took on a look full of hunger. She quickly sat up and moved to gain her feet; and Adam brought his hands up in a fight stance, only then noticing that he held the knife by the blade end. The edges were cutting deeply into his palm and across the bends of his fingers.

Adam flipped it, caught the knife by the handle and held it out in defense; watching Malaka very closely. She just remained on her knees, her left hand holding onto her right shoulder and tears in her eyes as she looked up at him. This time, the hunger was still in that visage, but it wasn’t a blood lust hunger. This look was one of complete adoration.

“Do you yield?” he asked her, keeping the knife pointed at her and holding his place a good distance.

She just stared at him, a flash of something crossing her face before her tongue ran across her lips. She then brought her right hand slowly up to her lips and slowly licked off something red, her eyes closing half way as she savored the flavor of it. Adam noticed she wasn’t bleeding anywhere and knew it must have been his blood she was tasting. The look on her face when she opened her eyes full on him again was one of wanton need, and Adam felt his body desire to give her that

But, he felt the pain of the cut on his forearm and the sting of the handle along the cuts in his hand. She would have killed him if he hadn’t fought back as hard as he did.

“Do you yield?” he demanded of the Amazonian. “If we keep this up, one of us will die, but I believe we both are needed for what’s to come.”

Malaka’s facial features changed again, this time with adoration toward Adam.

“You win this round, warrior,” she said, her voice oozing with lust and desire. “Our next time will be so much more fun, though.”

Adam nodded, but didn’t look forward fighting this warrior Amazon again. He would have to kill her if she came at him any harder than she did this time.

“Bravo,” Jason said, standing up and flicking the remains of his cigarette into the air toward the parking lot. Adam saw it disappear in mid air before landing. “When I fought her, I actually had to dislocate both of her shoulders. I guess just one dislocation was all that is necessary.”

“No, it is not enough,” Malaka said, standing fully and walking to the two men. Adam noticed that even on the gravel her movements were completely silent. When she got right next to him, he was able to focus his senses on her and found something completely shocking. He couldn’t smell her. If she wanted to sneak up on someone, they would never know it until they lay dead with their throat slashed and her dagger in their gut.

She stepped up real close to Adam and pressed the front of her body against his as her hand slid down to his hand still holding the knife. She leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the cheek, her tongue giving his flesh a gentle touch as she tasted his flesh. She slipped the dagger deftly out of Adam’s hand and stepped back.

“It was how you dislocated my shoulders, Master,” Malaka said, walking over to Jason. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, the dagger still in her hands. She tightened her grip behind his head and pulled him into a hard, lip smashing, kiss. Adam saw her hand angle the dagger with the point toward Jason’s back, just between the shoulder blades and both of her hands grabbed onto the hilt.

Adam was just about to say something when Malaka broke off the kiss and let out a guttural moan as she threw her head back. One of her legs quickly rose up and wrapped around Jason’s thigh, and both of her hands let go of the dagger as they quickly clutched at the back of his black shirt. Soon, Malaka had both legs wrapped around Jason’s thighs, and Adam could see what had caused her to stop her attempt at murdering him.

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