tagBDSMSuccumbing to You

Succumbing to You


I'm dressed in a white low cut top and short black and white skirt. You move towards me and kiss me full on the lips. You turn me round pull me close to you, I can feel your bugle pressing against my back. You run your hands down my body, starting from my shoulders down to my tits were you stop to rub and squeeze them. Then your hands move down to my stomach until you come to the bottom of my top, you pull it up over my tits were you begin to massage my tits with your hands you can feel my nipples becoming hard beneath your hands. You move your hands behind my back and release my tits from my bra. You move your hands back to my tits and roll each nipple between your thumb and finger you can feel them become harder as you continue roll n squeeze them harder. This makes me softly moan, I feel my pussy becoming wet and wanting your touch.

You move your hands down towards my legs. Through my skirt you can feel my stockings and suspenders. You throw me face down on the bed, you lift my skirt over my ass. You can see that I'm wearing black lacy knickers. You rub your hands over my ass to my pussy. Feeling my wetness through my knickers. You then pull my knickers between my ass and pussy. You grab my hands and tie them behind my back. You rub your hands over my ass down my legs feeling the silky material of my stockings you stand there rubbing up and down my legs enjoying the silky feeling of my stockings. You start to spank my bare ass cheeks, telling me how naughty I am. You spank me hard leaving red marks on my cheeks.

You blindfold me then move me up on my knees. You grab both sides of my knickers and pull them high on my hips. You start lick up and down my pussy. You move a bit away from me but close enough for me still to feel your hot breath on my pussy. You lick my clit with the tip of your tongue which makes me jump. You can feel my wetness through my knickers. You pull hard on my knickers making them tighter on my ass and pussy sending shivers through my body. You lick up and down my pussy sucking clit making it hard in your mouth. I start rock my hips back and forth against your face.

You flip me over on to my back and rip off my knickers. You then dive your face into my very wet pussy. You lick me up and down with the tip of your tongue, then you dive your tongue into my juicy hole which makes me moan out loud. I squeeze my legs around your head. Then I start to fuck your face with my pussy going faster and faster until I squirt all over your face and fill your mouth with my juices. You move towards my face, I can feel my juices dripping of your face on to my stomach and tits. I can sense you above my face but not sure what you are going to next. I feel your thumb on my chin, you slowly open my mouth wide. I can feel my juices flowing out of your mouth to mine. You move down and kiss me making sure .I get every single drop.

You start to kiss my neck, heading towards my tits. You kiss all around my tits. You lick my nipple making it wet, then blow on it making it erect, sending shivers cascading through my whole body. You move your hand towards my shaven pussy, you start to rub my clit with one finger, going in a circular motion. Then you hold my clit between two fingers and rubbing it up and down going faster with every stroke. My pussy is on fire wanting your touch. You rub your whole hand up and down my pussy, feeling how wet it is, covering your hand with my juices, You then insert one finger in my wet hole finger fucking hard and faster. Then you insert another finger inside me fucking me faster and deeper with every stroke. With your thumb your start to rub my clit up and down. You can feel my pussy squeezing your fingers as you fuck me deeper. I squirt my juices all over hand. You tell me how fucking hot that is as you rub my juices over my stomach and tits.

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