Such a Tease!


Grinning, Steven's eyes dropped to Brandy's glistening breasts. "Mmmm ... did you like the little bath I gave you?"

Brandy nodded, a soft laugh bubbling from her throat as she rubbed some of his cum into her nipples, looking at him knowingly. "What do you think?" she teased. "The real question is did YOU like it?"

"Mmmmm, sure did," he said with a grin. "But I think you might need a little more."

Settling over his waist, Brandy smiled as her wet cunt rubbed into his stomach. Lifting her hand to rub his cum into her flat belly, her head tilted a bit to the side as she asked, "Are you gonna give me some more, Stevie?"

"I'll give you as much as you want," he said, feeling his cock start to swell as just thought of making his beautiful girlfriend all sticky and messy.

Brandy smiled, looking down at him as she felt his cock start to stir and brush up against the curve of her ass. "Do you want to cum all over me? Do you want me to be your little cum slut?"

Moaning, Steven reached down to shove his cock between her ass cheeks, smiling at how perfectly it seemed to wedge in between. "You know I do," he grinned up at her, "cuz that's what my little slut likes."

She purred and wiggled on top of him before moving to lie on the bed beside him, her fingers moved to stroke his rapidly hardening cock. "Mmmm ... are you going to treat me like your own personal little fuck toy, baby?"

"Oh hell yeah," he groaned, quickly moving to lay on top of her, loving the way her neck, tits and part of her belly glistened with his cum. Slapping his cock against her cunt, he growled low into her ear, "You like it when I rough you up, don't you?"

Brandy gasped, arching up beneath him as his cock made contact with her cunt, blue eyes widening in both surprise and passion. "Oh god ... you know I do!"

Popping his cock inside of her, Steven thrust deep before pulling back out slowly in one smooth motion. Gritting his teeth to hold back his full aggressive nature, he growled low through his teeth, "I'm gonna fuck you so hard ..."

Moaning deeply, her back arched up as he pushed deep inside of her, as if wanting more ... needing him to go deeper, harder. Reaching for his hips, her nails dub into his ass as she cried out in wanton need, "Oh yeah, baby! Fuck me, Steven ... fuck me until I scream!"

Pulling all the way out, Steven pounded his cock hard back into her, making her whole body jerk. Then he slowly pulled back, doing the same thing again ... ramming his cock deep inside of her, power-fucking he r slowly and hard, deeper each time as he slammed into her cervix.

"Ohhhhhhh ... yesssssss ... uh, uh, uh!" she cried out, her whole body shuddering with each powerful thrust. Wide blue eyes watched his muscles ripple beneath his hard flesh, loving the way they flexed with each motion. She wanted to stay like this with him always. "That's it baby ... oh god, don't stop!"

Leaning forward, Steven slipped his hand around to the back of her neck. As his body began to speed up, using the same powerful motion, he groaned ... moving harder and faster; BAM ...... BAM .... BAM .. BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!

Brandy gasped to feel his strong hand go around her neck, tensing up a bit before arching up willingly into each one of his powerful thrusts. She cried out uncontrollably as he quickly elevated her towards that next earth-shattering orgasm. She could feel her tits bouncing wildly as he pistoned in and out of her, hard and fast. No one had ever done that for her and as the bed frame banged against the wall, she could only imagine the kind of dents they were permanently marking there.

"Ohhhhh yesss ... yessss!" Steven groaned, his balls slapping against the sweet curve of her ass.

Brandy cried out again, the echo reverberating in the room along with the sound of his balls slapping against he r flesh, the squishy sounds of her juices giving way to his powerful cock. It felt as if he were laying claim to what already belonged to him: her body. "Ohhhhh, right there baby! Right there!" she screamed out.

Grabbing her legs, Steven pushed them towards her head and leaned forward so that his cock was pounding inside of her at a downward angle. Ramming into her cunt wall with every powerful thrust, he relished the screams coming from her as if his cock was spearing right through her. He could feel her nails digging into his muscled forearms as her head began to thrash on the bed beneath him.

"Oh god, yess!" he moaned, continuing to pump his cock into her. "Baby, you feel so damn good!" He could feel his cock throbbing more and more the closer he got to cumming.

Screaming, Brandy cried out as sobs ripped through her from the intensity of their joining. His cock head was slamming into her cervix, pushing deeper with each thrust, pulling tears from her eyes that streamed down her flushed cheeks. As her cunt walls finally collapsed around him, she came hard all over his cock once more as it speared her time and again. "Ohhhh fuck!!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh," Steven groaned, quickly sitting up as he started to jerk his cock over Brandy's beautiful face.

Crying out as he suddenly pulled out of her, Brandy could feel her cunt sucking at air as if it were still trying to milk his cock. Her lips parted naturally as if they were already hungry for his cum as she arched upwards, offering her tits and body to him for his gift.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he cried, exploding ... cumming harder than before as shot after shot of thick sperm arched up into the air, spraying her body with his jizz. "Ohhhhhhh fuck!!"

Brandy gasped for breath, her eyes shutting as his cum suddenly spewed forth, erupting from his cock as he jerked out over her face. She could feel the hot splatters of jism splatter on her cheek and lips and neck. Darting her tongue out, she tried to capture some as he continued to come.

Steven managed to aim down as more dribbled out onto her sticky tits. "Oh goddddddddd," he moaned, staring hungrily down at his girlfriend. "You're such a good little slut."

Shuddering beneath him, she moaned uncontrollably as her hands reached up to rub his cum into her tits. She loved the way he could be rough and aggressive one moment and the next, loving her like she was a tender china doll. "Yes baby, I'm your little cum slut ... your hot, personal fuck toy,' she cooed.

"Oh god," he groaned, flicking his cum towards her, watching the last drop fling onto her gorgeous nick and tits. "Your face is so cute, covered with my seed."

Brandy simply moaned in response, shuddering as she relaxed some beneath him. Her tongue darted out to clean some of it off her lips as her fingers reached up to take some off her cheek. She looked at him with this innocent expression on her face as she sucked her fingers clean.

"You are so fucking hot," he moaned, collapsing on the bed next to her as he tried to catch his breath.

Sighing deeply as he collapsed on the bed next to her, Branding rolled to her side to look at him adoringly as she rubbed some of his cum off. Laughing softly, she said in a soft but knowing whisper, "Looks like I need a shower ... again."

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