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Suck Him Harder


Suck my husband – harder.

My name is Harry and my wife is Helen and actually we have a very good sex life. Ok, so we're not at it like rabbits every day of the week but all in all it's not too bad.

Helen is quite adventurous too, she's game for most things as long as her mood is right and the circumstances conducive.

But everything has to be just right for her to enjoy really good sex; I guess it's the same the world over! Hotel rooms are better than your own bedroom, a good meal goes a long way and decent wine is a must. Oddly, a certain degree of abstinence helps too. Urgency is a wonderful aphrodisiac!

However, I have a problem, and I'll bet I'm not the only one. It's that little matter of an orgasm; easy for me but so much harder for her. Well maybe not harder, I think she nearly always cums, it just takes longer and needs more attention, don't get me wrong, I'm complaining! There is nothing in the world I like more than to feel Helen's orgasm exploding but whilst this is always my ultimate goal, to be honest I don't always succeed.

Like all women her orgasm is more assured if I focus all my efforts on her; a shoulder massage, an oily back rub, then a bum massage with loads of oil in her crack, which she really loves, followed by some gentle tongue work; things I could do to her all day! The problem is that

Helen really likes to feel me inside and often stops me pleasuring her to achieve this. I'm quite big and she loves to feel full and when she does she can fuck hard and long; but being deep inside her is the beginning of the end for me – I'm always rock hard after giving her all that attention and it's a one way street for me once she decides take me inside her, all too quickly she drains my cum.

In fact she has an incredible ability to milk me dry! Sometimes she does this by squatting over me then slowly lowering herself down until she has every bit of me inside her then lifting herself off equally slowly and with real concentration – repeating as necessary! It makes me hard just to think about it, but it makes me cum quickly too!

Anyway, to make amends for my failings I came up with a cunning plan. Helen has always admired a female colleague of mine called Rachael. In fact I think she has secretly fancied her for some time; Helen knew a good body when she saw one and Rachael's was nigh on perfect; not skinny and not big, but enough curves in exactly the right places to hold anyone's attention. Back in the office it was no secret that Rachael had enjoyed a few female lovers in her time, a fact that just made her more attractive to both sexes, and her constant flirting (with both) kept this attraction on the boil!

Now, back to my plan. Some months ago I'd bought Helen a set of sexy handcuffs and a eye mask, you know, the soft fluffy ones. She was very pleased with them but nevertheless they had sat in our toy box for some months, waiting for that right moment. My plan was to make that moment come sooner rather than later!

Helen and I had both been working very hard recently and one our self treats was to book into a particular hotel only a few miles away and wine and dine ourselves. We'd always book the best room available which had one of those huge walk in showers, a bath tub in the room, a massive bed, a good TV and a DVD player – all the important stuff!

Now this is where I was a little devious; I booked the hotel as I usually did but this time I invited Rachael to dinner too, or at least I asked her to accidently meet us in the hotel.

Rachael and I got on really well, although we had never been intimate, but we talked a lot and I had told how I wanted to give Helen a truly memorable orgasm and she quickly assured me that in her experience only another woman can do this and then she willingly agreed to be the one.

Very keen indeed!

The chosen night arrived. Helen and I had only been at our table for about ten minutes when out popped Rachael, announcing she had let down on a date – I was delighted, and relieved, that it was Helen who quickly invited her to join us. Things were looking up!

Dinner was great and the wine flowed, afterwards we all retired to the bar for a brandy, sinking into one of a number of huge leather sofas, easily big enough for the three of us. I sat at one end with Helen next to me and Rachel at the other end. It was very relaxing and Rachael had already started flirting with Helen, showing a little too much leg and the odd flash of red knickers, it was not outrageous but enough to hold her attention.

At about 11:00 Helen and I made moves to go up to our room and I could sense by now that she was well and truly worked up. As we parted I quietly slipped Rachael one of our room keys, then kissed her goodnight. She and Helen kissed too and maybe I'm imagining it but it seemed to linger!

When we got up to our room Helen, as is her way, shot straight into the shower while I put on a blue movie and tucked the cuffs and mask under the pillow. Helen emerged looking totally relaxed, she dried herself off then beckoned me to her and started to tease me by rubbing my cock and balls, I had to quickly pull away and dive in the shower before I regretted it!

I always lingered in the shower on these evenings because I knew that Helen liked to get into the movie; she always touched herself while watching others fucking and through the open door I could see her massaging herself enthusiastically. She was clearly very horny and was playing mischievously knowing I was watching, sinking her fingers deeply into herself then licking them, lifting her legs high so I could see her arse.

After my shower I turned the sound up on the TV which was a pleasing mix of good music and the sounds of serious fucking. Helen was still fingering herself but I insisted and gently rolled her on to her tummy in preparation for her special treat; I then dribbled oil on to her shoulders and back massaging gently; I could feel her relax more and more with every stroke; she really loved to have her bum massaged, it was easily her most erogenous zone, so I spent lots of time there allowing trickles of warm oil to run down her crack. When I put my finger tip on her arse hole she would respond by squeezing her cheeks tightly together almost sucking it into her; she loved this and was very skilled at it She was so hot by now that she would have happily let me slip right into her, but I resisted for the sake of better things to come – if that was possible!

Next I gently rolled her on to her back and suggested we have a little fun with the cuffs and the mask and as quick as a flash she had them on! She looked so horny lying there on her back, arms stretched out above her head, her legs wide apart and her feet just touching the floor. I could have happily fucked her there and then, or wanked all over her – that's another thing she really loves!

Instead I knelt on the floor between her legs and massaged more oil up and down her soft thighs allowing my fingers to just brush up against her very plump cunt lips. She moaned loudly and her bottom wriggled again all of its own accord! In truth she was already primed for one of our wilder nights but this time I was determined to give her more than just a fuck.

I could sense we now had company; Rachael was in the room and had already slipped her clothes off leaving just that beautiful red lace G-string, as she kneeled down I could see it slipping into every crevice available. What a fantastic arse, I nearly came right there and then just thinking of fucking that one instead – or better still, fucking them both!

Anyway I slowly moved away from my position in-between Helen's thighs and almost seamlessly, Rachael took over. Her hand moved like silk over Helens inner thighs and labia – she clearly was an expert, it was almost as if she was not touching her at all but the increased wriggling of Helen's bum was clear evidence of the new much deeper pleasure that Rachael was giving her.

What's more the mask was now off and she was looking Rachel straight in the eye and smiling broadly. It was becoming very clear to me that Rachael and Helen had hijacked my plan some time ago!

Even though Rachael was enjoying every accessible inch of Helen, it was obvious they both wanted much more.

"Lift my legs, Harry" said Helen "and hold them right up, I want to give Rachael a better view."

I stood behind Rachael, who was still on her knees, her face very close to Helen's cunt, and slowly lifted Helen's legs as high as I could holding them wide apart while she wriggled herself closer to the edge of the bed – and Rachael's face.

Now she was really exposed, her cunt, her arse, and everything in between and Rachael was kissing and sucking every bit she could, whilst reaching down between her own legs to finger herself. What a sight, and it seemed to be going on forever with the movie soundtrack being increasingly drowned out by Helen's moans and some very loud and very wet noises from Rachael!

Worst of all, I was now so hard I was almost bursting but I had no hands free to wank because both were holding onto Helen's legs! I just had to get some relief so I started to rub my cock on Rachael's hair, my pre-cum stringing from it as her face moved up and down my wife's cunt and arse, her head rubbing against my balls with every movement.

By now Helen was way past the point of no return and Rachael could only just keep up with her, finally she exploded leaving Rachael, quite literally, dripping with her juices; her face, her neck and her tits, were absolutely soaked!

The room seemed to stand still for a moment then I carefully lowered Helen's legs to the floor and with my hands now free I grabbed my cock and started wanking. But Rachael and Helen had other ideas; Rachael, still on her knees turned to face me, immediately taking in the full length of my cock in one swift movement, right up to my balls! I must have been half way down her throat! She started to suck me in long slow strokes, cupping my balls at the same time. Helen was watching intently with her face very close to the action.

"Suck him harder" she instructed, "suck my husband till he fills you with his spunk."

Helen was now sitting up, the cuffs discarded, and her hands were gently pressing on the back of Rachael's head pushing her on to my cock while giving me small wanks.

"Suck him, suck him, suck him" she urged. "Suck him dry, I want to see you drain him, I want to see him cum in your mouth, I want to see it dripping out."

This was too much for me and I could hold back no longer, with uncontrollable jerks I emptied load after load of spunk into Rachael's mouth, making her swallow hard to avoid choking! I rested inside her for a moment then as I pulled my softening cock out of Rachael's mouth Helen quickly started kissing her passionately sharing my spunk before it had all been swallowed, licking the final drops from her tits.

We all collapsed on the bed exhausted, not moving for almost five minutes, then we washed together in that huge shower chatting happily about our evening. Once we were all cleaned up we climbed into bed and watched the last half hour of the movie before putting out the bedside lights and drifting off to sleep.

Later that night a whisper woke me.

"Fuck me," Rachael whispered, "please fuck me."

Feeling like the luckiest guy in the world I turned to face her, my fingers already tracing down her stomach to her very tidy bush only to discover Helen's very wet hand already expertly working Rachael's cunt.

The instruction was obviously for Helen, not me!

So I just lay there and watched them. Wanking; I must be in heaven!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/24/18

I think someone is a fool

Stop shouting, figure out where the caps lock key is that you keep hitting and chill. REAL men don't need to talk shit.

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by drabcas01/24/18

I think someone should mind his own business

Someone SHOULD REALLY MIND HIS OWN'S BUSINESS and stop talking about hitting nerves when IT'S OBVIOUS that he's the one who's hit hard by the fact that there are still REAL MEN who make him feel exactlymore...

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by drabcas01/24/18


And IT'S RIDICULOUS to say that "hotel rooms are better than your own bedroom"!Come on,THE VERY LARGE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE CLEARLY PREFER THEIR OWN BEDROOMS for having sex!IT'S A NORMAL THING and IT'S MUCHmore...

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by rightbank01/24/18

Dear Bruce 4672

I think you hit a nerve for anonymous

I think at this point EVERYONE KNOWS his opinion

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by Anonymous01/24/18

Absolutely bullshit

YOU CAN'T POSSIBLY SAY that "only another woman" can give "a truly memorable orgasm" to a woman!WHAT A BULLSHIT!EVERYBODY KNOWS that ONLY A MAN CAN GIVE A TRULY MEMORABLE ORGASM TO A WOMAN!
Also,IT CERTAINLYmore...

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