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Suck Me Joe


Joe was a twenty year old college football player with dark blonde hair. His longish bangs immediately drew your attention to his bright blue eyes, and no one could miss his amazing dimples. All the girls were crazy for him, but he only had eyes for Jesse, the bartender at the club across town.

Jesse had dark eyes and dark brown hair. He was tall and slender, contrasting to Joe's more athletic physic, but he was muscular as well. He wore a scruffy beard which also drove the ladies wild, but he wasn't looking at them.

Joe and Jesse met when Joe was bummed about a game that his team lost. He had ordered a lot of shots that night, and Jesse had lent an understanding ear. Joe thought that he was getting the right vibe from Joe, but he couldn't be sure. He knew he had to take things slow.

After about three more visits from Joe, Jesse started talking about his exes- and they were all men. Joe was so relieved, he didn't want to be the first one to reveal himself. Joe was also happy when Jesse described himself as 'half in and half out' of the closet. Joe flashed him his biggest smile and said bravely, "I'm all the way in. Does that kind of thing turn you off?"

"Not at all," Jesse assured him. "I don't really date seriously anyway, so if a guy is looking for a good time, there's really no need to advertise, is there."

Joe could feel a large lump in his pants and a burning desire to get alone with Jesse. Unfortunately, just at that moment, the bartender disappeared to make some drinks for another customer. When he finally came back he said, "Would you like to get together after work?"

Jesse told him that he was closing tonight and offered to let him stay when he locked up. "It will be just the two of us," he told his new friend.

Joe agreed. He couldn't wait. He spent a lot of time on the dance floor, making sure he was in view of Jesse. He danced with the hottest blonde babes he could find, grinding his body against there's and being very free with his hands. It was amazing what college girls where willing to let a football player do, even though they didn't really know him. He pressed his crotch into them from behind and ran his hands up their stomachs and over their breasts. They liked it so much they pressed back into him and even let them do shots off their shoulders. But his hard prick wasn't from them at all. It was all for show, and hopefully to make the hunky bartender just a little bit jealous. After all, he had his hands all over them. Did Jesse want Joe's hands all over him as much as Joe wanted to touch the sexy brunette?

He took a break to order a round for a group of five hot blonde chicks, who were all up on his balls and he got his answer. "Dude, you are making me so hot out there. I wish I could kick every body out and shut down early."

Joe smiled, "I could have all five of them sucking me off in under an hour- at the same time, but it wouldn't be half as satisfying as getting into your pants."

"Flirt!" Jesse admonished, dropping cherries into all the drinks. Joe left and Jesse could feel a twinge of jealousy watching the girls flirt with him, tossing back their heads to laugh at his jokes. Well, the joke was on them, Jesse reminded himself. I get him later, girls, not you.

Finally the time came and the club was closed down. Jesse did the worst job ever of cleaning up that night. Fuck it, he thought, the tables will just have to be sticky. Who the hell would even notice?

When the doors where locked and the two of them were finally alone, Jesse pulled Joe right up tight with an arm around his waist. Joe smelled like Adidas cologne, and Jesse could not believe how that preppy smell got to him. He ran his hand over Joe's clean shaven face as he brought there lips together for a kiss. Jesse let his tongue search out Joe's, and found that Joe was just as hungry to taste him.

Jesse stroked the ball player's cheek and ran a hand through his dark blonde locks. He let his hard cock rub against Joe's inner leg, and experienced first hand Joe's own excitement.

It wasn't romantic, but he didn't care. Jesse felt like he was going to burst. "Suck my cock, Joe. Please."

Joe hesitated for a moment. "Usually I..." he trailed off.

"I'll make it worth your while," Jesse promised.

Joe sank to his knees and unzipped Jesse's pants. The cock that popped out was too long to fit all the way into his mouth. His heartbeat sped up as he held the monster in his hands. It was a beautiful masterpiece of a cock and Joe was excited that it was to be the first he'd ever sucked.

Joe licked the tip delicately at first, and stroked Jesse's shaft in his hands. Jesse moaned encouragingly. Joe took more of the tip into his mouth and swirled his tongue around Jesse's head. Jesse's hands ran over Joe's hair, but he resisted the temptation to push him further into his massive, vein mapped member. Blood throbbed to the head of his cock and he desperately hoped for Joe envelope it soon into his mouth.

Joe did not disappoint. Steadily he brought more and more of Jesse's prick into his warm mouth. He found that his enthusiasm grew steadily with each lick and suck. The taste of Jesse's hard thick cock in his mouth was driving him to a frenzy. His own cock seemed in danger of bursting through his jeans.

Joe unzipped and pulled his own member out to stroke it as he sucked. The steady rhythm of sucking off Jesse and stroking off himself pushed him further into his own pleasure. Jesse moaned and squeezed his hair. He encouraged him almost lovingly, begging him to bring him to climax.

"Oh God Joe, Oh God. Suck me Joe, suck me. That feels so good Joe. Mmm. Oh God yes, suck me. Suck my cock Joe. That feels so good."

Joe didn't know what would happen when Jesse was ready to come. Would he shoot off in his mouth? He had never tasted jizz before, and wondered what it would be like. Would he like it? Would he spit it out? Or maybe Joe would pull out, but where would he shoot it then? On the floor? Or on him?

His questions where soon answered when Jesse blew his load. "Open up, Joe," he groaned. Joe opened his mouth and tilted his head up as Jesse jacked himself hard, shooting spurts across his face. The hot sticky liquid felt so good splashing across his cheeks, Joe felt his own cock start to twitch. His balls where tight and full and heavy, he needed release. Some of the jizz shot into his mouth and he found that it was salty and not unpleasant. It was so hot though, having just sprung from his hot lover's balls.

Jesse unloaded all over Joe's face and then sank down to his knees in front of him. His final act took Joe by complete surprise. Jesse reached out to grasp Joe's cock and stroke it for him, and at the same time, he licked all of his own cum off Joe's face. His warm thick tongue ran over everywhere that the man juice had been deposited. It felt so unexpectedly amazing that Joe finally began to spurt his own love juice as Jesse brought his mouth over his own once again to share the taste of his sex. They sucked each other's mouths as the final spurts of cum launched from their loins.

At last they sank down together in satisfaction. Jesse brushed Joe's bangs back and Joe ran the back of his hand over Jesse's rough cheek. Heavily, they both breathed, looking into each others eyes. Lustful satisfaction was all they saw.

"That was hot," Jesse finally said as their respiration returned to normal.

"Yeah," Joe agreed. "I'd fuck you any time."

Jesse smiled, "I'll be here all week."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/12/18

Coming in my mouth

It would be my first time i can't wait for some cum

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by Anonymous03/15/18


Got me hard.....love a mouthful :)

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by Anonymous02/23/18

Love the first time

I wish you would have swallowed the whole load

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by Anonymous02/08/18

I loved the story so much I got naked while reading it and jacked off my hard cock as my ball juice spurted onto my face and mouth.

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