tagLoving WivesSuck School Grad Ch. 02

Suck School Grad Ch. 02


Joe's and my sex life grew even larger after that BBQ (see Suck School Grad-1), where I came out of the closet, so to speak. Of course my cock sucking skills and desires were never really a secret. Joe had described them to at least a few of his close friends in explicit detail. But the BBQ made it more known. There I had sucked off two of my husband's friends (one in the open back yard), got finger fucked, fucked, and fist fucked by one, and sucked off a neighbor whom I hadn't met before.

Our own private sex life, exorbitant by normal standards, diminished not a whit. But much was added. Usually about once a week, sometimes twice, Joe would invite a friend over after work. Chris and Paul from the BBQ to be sure, but his circle of close friends grew to a half-dozen. There was no surprise associated with their visits. When Joe and a friend arrived I would mix them a martini and we would relax, sip and talk. When the friend's drink was almost gone I would saunter over to him and casually take off all of my clothes. Then I would say, "If you stand up I can get your pants and shoes off and get at your cock." The words varied of course but that was the drift.

After his pants were off I would ask him to sit down and, "finish your drink while I get mine." I would engulf his cock and suck it slowly, bringing him to the point of cumming then backing off with a shaft squeeze before resuming. I could suck a cock for 30 minutes without it cumming this way, and usually did 20 minutes. After 20 minutes of suck-stop-suck-stop-suck he would often be delirious and on the verge of tears and begging me to let him cum. In the meantime my husband, Joe, would get him another drink. My husband also was getting into photography and would take a few pictures and maybe a short video clip for our archives. He then would have his friend relax with another drink and watch me give my husband a blowjob. Sometimes I would make that last a long time, too, and his friend would recover and be ready for seconds. It was not uncommon for me to get three mouthfuls of cum in 90 minutes or less.

I was becoming well-known among my husband's circle of close friends as one who was not only very skilled at giving head but absolutely loved it and would offer very little or no resistance to anyone who offered me a cock. I was still getting almost two dozen mouthfuls of cum a week from Joe, and with Joe's friends could maybe make that thirty. That's four blowjobs a day! Cum was becoming a staple of my diet.

Joe kept expanding his circle of close friends. His bringing a friend home after work went from a once or twice a week thing to virtually every day. At least Monday through Friday I could count on eating a load of cum from one of Joe's friends each day. Then became days when Joe would bring two friends home and I would suck them both off one after another. And if I did my take-it-slow blowjob they had time to recover and sometimes I would suck off each guy twice. Added to maybe one for Joe I could get five loads of cum to swallow over two to 2-1/2 hours.

Then they began showing up during the day while Joe was not home. They would say they talked to Joe and he said it was O.K. for them to stick their cock down my throat. This was more than O.K. with me. I was getting very popular. I remember every high school or college class usually had one girl, known as the class punch, who would do anybody anytime and spent a greater part of her school time on her back taking a dick. I wondered if I had been given the official title of Group Cocksucker. I prefer Blowjob Queen. I also wondered if the girlfriends or wives knew what I was doing with their men's cocks. I secretly hoped some of them knew and were jealous of my skills and that I was eating cum that rightfully belonged to them.

There were days that Joe invited three or four... six once, in for blowjobs. On these days things were more orchestrated. Joe gave each man a glass of wine and had me naked on my knees in the middle of the family room. He also got a little nasty (I like that in a man!) as he directed the action. "When you step up to my nasty slut-whore of a wife, make her finish your wine in one gulp. Get a little alcohol in her and she'll want to give head more than normal... and that's sayin' a lot. Then face fuck her. Fuck her mouth with long fast strokes and make sure she gets every inch down her throat. When you cum hold it deep so she gets it all. Then other than the few seconds it takes to down the wine and for one guy to pull out, I want a cock in her mouth continually so the next guy jam it in before she can barely catch her breath. I want you guys to make her struggle to breathe and to keep going for as long as you can keep it up, if you know what I mean..."

Sometimes he would tie my hands behind my back to make it interesting. The evening six showed up I might have set a world record. I was bare naked on my knees with my hands tied and did three rounds, getting face fucked by six men thrice for 18 in less than four hours with little rest between cocks. About halfway through Joe directed me to yell, "Gimme another cock," between blowjobs. He also thought they might get bored waiting so I had fingers on my nipples, in my pussy or up my ass while giving head. A couple of times I thought my jaws would cramp. Joe threatened to punish me for that and I didn't want my ass whipped in front of this crowd so somehow managed to suck through it.

Joe made a production video the night of six. He set up the camera just behind the man's backside so that he could get a close-up profile of me. He told me to keep my eyes open looking at the camera and to smile between sucks. He would film my face just as a cock entered my mouth and then for a few seconds of sucking. Then restart the camera just as I was taking a load of cum. This time he had the guys pull just out of my mouth as they got off so the video captured cum shooting into it with some hitting my face. Only a fraction of a load didn't make it into my mouth but with 18 shots, at the end, my face was completely covered with spunk and I had put on a good bukkake display, or as Joe affectionately put, "Proves you're a true cumbag." Joe got about an hour of video, all with a cock reaming my happy face, except for when I was yelling for more. Joe mentioned this video would be super entertainment for us and his buddies, or, if need be, great advertising.

For fun, one time with four friends Joe had them come in a cup instead of my mouth. I sucked ten cocks in a row that night. After the last one Joe said, "Gather around, men, and watch the slut have her dinner." He gave me the cup and told me, "Drink as much as you can, spoon up the rest, and chew and swirl it for a few seconds so we can enjoy watching you eat our cum." There was close to ¾-cup of jism that I savored for about three minutes much to the delight of those wonderful men with their wonderful cocks.


Even though I was sucking more cock than twenty average girls put together, Joe said that I still need periodic refresher courses. I demurred given that Joe himself and all of his friends have been totally satisfied and nothing but complimentary about my sucking acumen. He replied, "Even veteran pilots take refresher courses. But I will admit, babe, I have no complaints and have nothing but praise for the way you take care of my and all my buddies. But I confess I like the idea of a refresher course."

"Huh?" I responded.

He answered, "Well, as hot as I get watching you service my buddies, watching you suck off a stranger might make me cum in my pants. There ain't many things sluttier, and the sluttier you are for me the better I like it. Watching you get down and dirty with a man off the street makes you look like a downright cheap whore who is nothing but a sex-craved cum bucket that belongs to me. And when you suck off a truckload, one after another, I go apeshit. You are goddamn hot when you do that.

"I'll find a place for the course, which will be me watching you on your knees servicing dozens of men of any size, shape, looks, or age by sucking cocks of all different size and color, and listening to them degrade you and call you every nasty name in the book. Jesus, I'm getting' hot just talking about it. Whadda ya think?"

I thought for a moment. "Joe, honey: as you know too well there are two things in the world that I love to do best. One is pleasing you; the other is sucking cock. Well, maybe three: a cock reaming my cunt is pretty good, too. So let's do it. Whenever you say. And you can treat me as nasty as you want. I'll try to act like a cheap crazed slut whore and you treat me like one."

Joe was elated. "No problem, my darling slut. You've made my day!"

The conversation charged us both up. We dashed to the bed and had torrid sex. Joe was so worked up he pounded my pud only two minutes before exploding in my pussy. But I was so hot, thinking of all the cocks he would make me suck (Right! Don't throw me into the briar patch, Joe!) and the nasty things he'll make me do, that I came twice in the same two minutes and drenched the sheet with cunt juice.

A week later (after sucking 18 cocks and getting fucked seven times) I dressed in Joe's favorite slut outfit – a tight sheer white blouse with four buttons undone, no bra, a bright red skirt so short it barely covered my ass, a white thong, four-inch heels, heavy red lipstick, and flowing hair – and we headed for another adult bookstore/theater. This one was in a seedy part of town where groups of scraggly mostly black men, occasionally accompanied by a ho-looking girl, hung out on corners. The bookstore had a simple red neon sign, was poorly lit, but had a number of cars in the parking lot. Joe parked on the street a half-block from the store so he could "parade me past some of the brothers."

We walked around the store for five minutes. Joe told me to keep my lips pursed and to let the dozen or so men (and oddly one boy that looked no more than twelve) see them. He also did his little trick of having me bend over to fetch magazines from the bottom shelves. All of this must have worked. When we headed for the private booths everyone was holding some magazine but paying it no attention. I whispered, "They're all looking at us."

Joe replied, "No, they're looking at you, your tits, lips that look ready for work, and fuckable ass." Joe had a way with words!

We entered a booth near the end of the hall. Joe dropped some tokens into the video machine and set up his battery-powered light stand that went with his camera. Rustling could be heard in the next booth, and then a normal-looking 6-inch cock poked through the glory hole. "Time to go to work, slut," Joe said to me. As Joe videoed my profile I tweaked the cock with my fingers, kissed the head, then easily took the four or five inches that was sticking through the hole completely in my mouth.

I sucked on the cock for a few minutes when it exploded in my mouth. As Joe had directed, I held the cum in my mouth and opened it so he could film the jism and my smiling face, then swallowed. "Taste good, slut?" he asked.

"Um huh," I murmured.

Within a minute cock number 2 appeared. I again began with my fingers. Then with Joe filming a close-up of my smiling face, twinkling eyes, and open mouth I directed the cock into my mouth and began my blowjob. Another three minutes and another load of cum that I held in my open mouth. With the camera rolling on my face Joe stuck a finger in my mouth, pulled out some cum and wiped it on my nose. "Need a little cum on your face, slut," he said.

I swallowed and asked, "You going to call me slut all night?"

"Not at all," he replied. "Sometimes I'll call you dirty slut, cocksucker, cum bag, cum bucket, whore, two-bit whore, bitch, cock hound, nympho, bimbo, or maybe asshole. There's a ton of names that describe you. Now you've got another dirty cock to suck, cocksucker."

As I said, he has a way with words. He actually gave me a shiver as I mouthed over dick number three and swallowed another load.

We had been there short of an hour when a black cock a full twelve inches long and almost three inches wide was number four. "Jesus H. Christ!" I exclaimed as I fingered it.

"Good," Joe sneered, "Now I'll see if my little slut is a true professional cock sucker or not."

"Quit playing and suck it, bitch!" came the voice next door. "And suck it good like a black ho, you white honky whore, or I'll come over there and stick it up your ass."

I took four inches of this monster before my mouth was overflowing and bobbed my head over the rim and back down the partial shaft for about a minute. Joe sneered, "He said to suck it like a black ho, bitch," and forced it deep down my throat. It filled my throat so much I couldn't even gag. Neither could I breathe which Joe took delight in, holding my throat full and watching me squirm. He started to face fuck by controlling my head and I was soon getting eight inches periodically down by throat. The man next door groaned and shot a massive load into my mouth. I had a mouthful which I showed Joe but some dribbled out. He had a couple of shots left that hit me on a cheek and right on one eye. I've never seen so much cum from one cock. "You spilled a little," Joe informed. "You can lick it up now or wait 'till later."

I hesitated. Joe went on, "Lick it up now. That way if you spill some more you can lick the floor again." With Joe getting a close-up I dutifully gave the floor a couple of licks with my tongue and got a dollop of fresh cum.

If I counted the last one as two because of its size I could say I sucked five cocks in an hour. Over the next two hours I sucked off another ten and there didn't seem to be an end in sight. One of those was a rather small 4- or 5-incher, and I wondered if I was sucking off some 6th-grader. Since he lasted less than 30 seconds I guessed it might be so, which made me feel good about bringing up children right!

My mouth was holding up but my back was getting sore from bending over to the glory hole. I told Joe. He told me to rest on the bench for a minute, then unlocked the door and stepped into the hallway. I overheard him tell the men that my back was tired and "C'mon and wait in our booth. You can watch my beautiful slut suck while you wait. Just keep her mouth filled. And don't worry about my video: only cocks, no faces."

About three guys clamored into our booth with some men standing in the hallway. I was able to sit with ease on the bench and became a cock-sucking machine. In the next two hours I did another dozen and for the night have eaten over two cups of spunk even though some spilled on the floor. The next hour produced only three dicks. Joe said, "You did great on your refresher course, cocksuck. Over two dozen or so. You were great and I'm hotter 'n hell. Let's call it a night. I got to get you home quick and get my cock in your cunt."

I started straightening myself up when Joe said, "First you have some clean up to do. There's some cum spills on the floor we don't want to go to waste so get your tongue and lips on it on it. And be a good cumbag. Clean a larger area and get some older dried cum. But leave the cum on your face. I want to show you off when we walk out of the store." I got on my hands and knees and began licking. Joe abruptly pulled my legs back and I fell on my stomach. "I like to see cock sucking whores crawling through cum."

After a minute of licking I got up and we walked out of the store. I looked a total mess with my hair tussled, my blouse torn half off, my face covered with cum and floor cum stains all over my skirt and legs. As we were getting in the car Joe told me to get in back. "I love you, babe. You got me so hot, I can't wait!" He shoved my head against the door and, after ripping my thong, put a leg on the back of each seat. My snatch was wide open and Joe fucked me furiously right there on the street. I noticed a couple of brothers peering in but I could care less.

Joe came with a bellow the same time I did. God it was great. Joe went to get in the driver's seat when the brothers asked if they could have some. Joe told them I mostly just suck cocks and she's done all she can do in one night. The two men whined and pleaded. Joe said, "Oh, all right. But just you two, no one else. And fuck her as she lies." I remained with my legs spread and pussy wide open. First one guy climbed on top and fucked me slow but hard.

The second was more vocal and nasty. "Does ya like big black cock?" I nodded yes. "Then beg me for another. Let me her the white bitch beg for black cock."

"Please give me more black cock," I begged.

"What do ya wan' me to do with it?"

"Fuck my white cunt... hard," I answered truthfully, and he did. There is some truth about big black cocks. These two stretched my pussy wide and deep like it never has before. And Goddamn they felt great. I came three times over those two ebony poles.

"Was she good?" Joe asked as I was cleansing the second BBC, "If not I can make her do it again..."

"No, man. That was some of the best white pussy I've ever had."

We finally got home. Joe was fully recovered. He carried me to the bed, tied both my wrists and ankles to the front bedposts, videoed my predicament, then fucked the livin' shit out of me. My! Oh, my! As I drifted off to sleep I reveled in my one day's accomplishments: sucked off more than two dozen cocks and fucked four more. It doesn't get better than this.

One evening driving back from dinner we passed a guy waiting at a bus stop. Joe pulled over and got out. There was animated conversation that went on for a couple of minutes when Joe returned. "He was leery at first but I convinced him it was all on the up and up. Go take him into that alley where I still have a view and suck his cock." I looked at Joe surprised, but quickly did as he said. The stranger and I walked silently into the alley where Joe could still see, as could anyone else walking by. I unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and gave him a blowjob. As I got back into the car, Joe said, "That's what I like. My cumbag whore wife sucking off anonymous cock."

My days and nights with Joe's buddies kept apace. Every now and then Joe would have me fuck 'em instead of blow 'em. He liked when I fucked one and sucked another the same time. Joe's circle of buddies kept getting larger. Soon it was buddies of his buddies, and buddies of the buddies of his buddies. There was over three dozen "buddies" that I sucked off regularly, though some not often. There was also once or twice that I was invited to be the entertainment for one of Joe's distant buddy's parties. Those could be anywhere from 6 to 20 blowjobs on 4 to 10 cocks. Those were great though one gave me pause. It was six guys who were total strangers and felt they had more freedom than normal. I sucked them good but they got a little carried away: stripped me naked, tied me up and took turns torturing my tits, fucking me with bottles and zucchini and their cocks, and took pictures "to pass around to their friends. Most of it was pleasurable, even the more tame tit torture. But when they put two pair of vise grips on each nipple and two guys pulled hard in opposite directions until I screamed out loud I thought I might not get out of this. They finally released the vise grips, but then whipped my bare ass and legs with belts for screaming so loud. I made a mental note to add a pinch of caution to my cum sucking activities.

Joe frequently invited our neighbor over on weekends. He didn't invite him over for drinks or BBQ or something, just called him up and asked if he wanted to come over for a blowjob. About every other weekend I would suck off our neighbor. Once Joe suggested to him that if he ever held business get-togethers at his house and wanted some special entertainment to just give him a call and he'd send his wife over to give everybody blowjobs. Occasionally Joe would offer our neighbor my pussy instead of my mouth, which he readily took and filled with his dick. "She prefers giving blowjobs and will suck any cock I tell her to, like you and your friends" Joe told him. "But she loves to fuck, too, and will also fuck anybody I say.

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