tagErotic PoetrySucking My Finger

Sucking My Finger

bySecret Sparkle©

I was driving home
The streets were slick with ice
And I was nearing my neighborhood
Why don’t they clear these streets?

Unconsciously I put the middle finger of my left hand
Into my mouth
It calmed me

My tongue felt good against my finger
I sucked on it as hard as I could
What a great sensation
I continued
Moving the finger in and out of my mouth

I no longer feared the icy streets
I no longer wondered if the cop behind me
Might pull me over

What a delicious thing
I sucked on my finger and I stopped

I began licking it slowly up and down
Gently stroking the length of this digit with my tongue
What a delight

I began to wonder
What about it was I enjoying?

Was the finger enjoying the sucking?
Or was
The sucking enjoying the finger?

And the more I tried to figure it out
The less I knew
For it felt lovely
The velvet tongue?
The slender finger making love to my mouth?
I continued to suck and lick
I opened the garage door and drove inside

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