tagGroup SexSue and her Daughter Barbara Ch. 01

Sue and her Daughter Barbara Ch. 01


When I got a new job at the University of Sussex, my family couldn't joint me at once, so I rented a flat in the centre of Brighton while looking around for somewhere to buy. I'd heard that Sue lived in Brighton, with her husband Robert, who taught in the Economics department; I hadn't seen her for well over twenty years, scarcely since our brief affair when I was a student and she was, on and off, my friend Edward's girlfriend. But I had kept in touch with Edward, so I knew that Sue Potter, as was, was now Sue Thompson, and Edward told her that I was coming to Brighton -- he'd kept on Christmas-card-and-short-letter terms with her over the years. When I arrived, there was a nice note from her awaiting me, saying it would be good to meet up, and suggesting I called. Sue, it turned out, had a part-time job in the university library, and, before I had the nerve to call her, I bumped into her in the library entrance.

No danger of my not recognising her! She was certainly older and she had put on a bit of weight, but that thick dark hair and sudden toothy smile were quite unchanged. We had a cup of coffee and caught up on our news; she worked mornings in the library, and had one child, a daughter, Barbara, who was in her final year at school, before going to university, she hoped, the next autumn. They had been in Brighton for eight years, and much preferred Brighton to Manchester, where Robert had taught before. Robert would be teaching a course in the United States the next summer, but Sue and Barbara couldn't go with him, as Barbara would be sitting her A-level exams.

I bumped into her a couple of times over the next weeks and we had coffee again, and then I had a call asking me to have dinner with them at home. They lived in a spacious detached house near the edge of the town -- very different from my urban flat. There were a couple of other people there and it was a thoroughly pleasant evening. Robert was fun, easy and informal; he knew I was a friend of Edward's, but I don't know if he knew any more. Sue made and excellent hostess, and Barbara was very much her daughter -- thinner certainly, for Sue had always been a bit plump; but she had the same thick shortish brown hair and the occasional gesture reminded me so much of her mother. She had just had her eighteenth birthday, and was quite reserved in adult company; but she listened a lot, and I enjoyed watching her as she followed our conversation. She was simply dressed, in a teeshirt and a loose skirt that came below her knees; as far as I could see, she had tiny breasts, and when she stood up it was clear that she was not wearing a bra, but her nipples made assertive little bumps in her teeshirt. At one moment, as she was listening, she quickly put one foot up on the sofa and I was placed so that I caught a quick glimpse of plain white panties, before she lowered her leg again.

Sue and I had coffee a couple more times, and I once had lunch with her and Robert at the university. Then he went to Boston, and I didn't hear from her for a month or so, till she phoned and asked me to dinner, in the middle of May; I wondered what sort of social life she was setting up for herself while Robert was away. Certainly I still much enjoyed looking at her, and she brought back warm memories of her enthusiasm being a whole lot more that a quick smile; one night, in fact, it was she I thought about as I masturbated; but I hadn't thought much more about her than that -- she seemed very relaxed and not obviously looking for outside male entertainment.

So I went round to dinner. First surprise, Barbara was not there; she was staying with a friend as they revised for their exams. I was quite sorry about this, as I had enjoyed looking at her, the last time I went to dinner. But I was sorry only till the next surprise: it was just the two of us. Sue was nicely dressed up -- a slightly see-through black silk blouse with a black bra underneath (it was a warm evening), and a light loose wrap-around skirt that readily slipped off her knee; black tights, and a rich perfume. We shared a bottle of white wine before dinner, and a bottle of red with a delicious, and pre-prepared, stew. By nine o'clock, we were talking very warmly; she a little about Robert -- she was loyal and friendly but maybe a bit bored, and far more about Barbara, comparing her to Sue herself when she was eighteen, and talking about her own curiosity about sex at that age. This was the first time that sex had been mentioned since we met up again, and so, naturally, we moved on to a quick laugh about our own brief affair and a word about Edward's hurt feelings, and about the final planned occasion when in the end we had NOT met.

We were sitting side by side on a long sofa, and as she turned to talk to me she tucked one knee up on the sofa. Yet again, her skirt slipped off her knee and she made no effort to replace it -- and wasn't she wearing stockings? wasn't that flesh I could glimpse up her thighs? A couple of buttons undone on her blouse showed she still wore her little bra high, so as to give her small breasts a tight little cleavage. As she talked, I began to feel that the way she was turning towards me and looking at me was a bit more than just flirtatious, and I began to tell her about my own life, and the recent hiccup in my marriage, and about how, since that fraught affair, I no longer believed in my own seduction sales talk of past years.

She listened well, and then said that she had had a couple of affairs herself, one quite casual, but the other more serious, which had ended about three years ago when she realised that she couldn't leave Robert and take Catherine away with her; no real regrets now, but maybe her life was a bit routine sometimes, she said. Then a warm laugh, and she went to get a couple of brandies. When she came back she sat a bit closer, so that she couldn't turn towards me without our knees brushing, and suddenly the conversation became a bit halting, as I became very aware of her physical presence and her perfume -- had she put some more on when she went to fetch the brandy? I put an arm along the back of the sofa behind her, and she seemed to lean gently into it, so I softly moved it down onto her should and she slid towards me till she was leaning against my shoulder. A couple of sips of brandy, and we were suddenly kissing vigorously, wetly. Memories came sweeping back, the feel of her lips, her teeth and something about her movements; but I immediately realised that she was less nervous now than she had been then, more sure of herself.

We both knew where we were going now. My hands went for her blouse buttons, brushed across her bra and down onto the flesh of her tummy, soft and plump, with folds as she sat; and her hands brushed down my chest to my leg, and then back, as she began to undo my shirt buttons. I brushed across her bra again, more firmly, feeling for her nipple, and found that it unclipped at the front. After a short struggle I undid it, pulled aside her bra and saw again those marvellous wide dark red areaolas on her little breasts, now with little dark hairs around them; her breasts weren't much bigger than before, when they had been little more than big puffy nipples, but they were a lot softer now, with a deep crease under them, but almost the whole of the breasts were covered with that deep red pigmentation, and her nipples hardened as I gently took then between my fingers.

I lent down to kiss one of her nipples, to take it between my lips, and she shivered all through her body -- I had forgotten that her nipples were such a trigger. My other hand, resting on her knee, felt her thighs open and took the invited path. Yes! stocking-tops! and soft ample warm flesh above them. I had seen her skirt drawn tightly over her thighs, her hips and the wide rich curves of her arse, but it was only now that I was feeling her flesh that I realised how sumptuous her flesh had become. Her skirt was now open to the waist, with her knees wide open, but her plump white thighs were still just touching each other above her stocking-tops; and I could now see her panties -- not really panties, but loose little black lacy French knickers: no wonder I hadn't seen a panty line.

She had me largely unbuttoned too, now -- my shirt and my trousers; her hand was running down over my prick and balls, through my cotton briefs, and then she reached in quickly, to touch the flesh of my cock. I laughed and said that I was horribly tied up in my trousers, and she replied that I knew just what to do about that. So I stood up and slipped off my trousers and briefs. Looking down at her, I could see her body properly for the first time, as she lay back along the sofa, her right foot on the floor and her left foot up on the sofa with her knee up. Her breasts were spilling sideways in her wide-open blouse and her thigh-tops were certainly not touching now! Around the loose lacy edge of her panties I could see a clear fringe of dark hair, and there was more hair down over her wide fleshy bum cheeks, at the base of her panties. Had she been as hairy down there before? She was certainly not as modest as before, when she had never really let me look at her naked.

Those thighs were an open invitation, and I knelt down beside her, burying my face into the flesh above her stockings, while I reached over to play with her nipples, and then put my hand down to feel the flesh between her things and the soft hair on her bum. She reached down beside her to tickle and stroke the length of my shaft and down below to my balls, with a little touch a bit further down that made me jump with surprise and excitement. Soon I slipped a finger inside her panties and felt again those full fleshy outer lips and the deep crevice of her cunt, now sopping wet, and I slipped my finger quickly inside her, thrilled by soft warmth and moisture; then I found the little crinkles of her inner lips as I rubbed up to moisten her clitoris with her juices, seeking a gentle rhythm as I touched her. And should I kiss her there? that hadn't been allowed all those years ago.

As I pulled the little gusset of her panties aside, she wriggled to help me and to loosen them where they were tightly caught between her bum cheeks, and then lifted herself to let me slip them right off her, lying wide open to my lips and tongue. With one hand I continued to play with her nipples, while with the other I felt beneath her, squeezing my fingers into her fleshy bum, and gently brushing up into the hairy crack between her cheeks. I lowered my face onto her, and for the first time inhaled the rich musky smell of her sex, as I extended my tongue, first to brush lightly the full length of her slit, and then to probe more, below at the entrance to her vagina, and up towards her clitoris. It was extraordinary to feel how her ample outer lips held my tongue in place, as if she was sucking my face into her sex.

I was so excited by the feel of her flesh that for the moment I was attacking her from all sides, with my hands and my face and my tongue, but soon I slowed down and began to focus on her slit and her clitoris. But would she come? I remembered that she never had when we had been together before. At first, she wriggled and moved around restlessly, as if she couldn't settle down, but when I slowed down still more, and began to lick very softly and rhythmically across her clitoris, she gave a sigh and began to move gently in time with my tongue. A few flicks of my tongue down to her vagina let me realise just how wet she was, but I continued to touch her clitoris as she began to move more vigorously and breathe more deeply -- and then she was coming, with urgent gasps of breath, and 'oh my god, oh my god' as the spasms ran through her whole body, and she lay back quietly with a deep satisfied sigh, leaving my whole face wet with her juices.

'I want you inside me now', she said after a pause, 'I'll kiss you after, but I need you inside me NOW!'

She hadn't kissed my cock before, either, so there was more to look forward to, but of course I accepted her invitation. She quickly undid the waistband of her skirt and slipped off her blouse, and I removed my shirt, and then she lay back on the sofa with her knees up and her legs open, ready for me. I knelt between her thighs and brushed my cock up and down her soaking wet fleshy slit, just touching my tip into her opening, and then, sooner than I had meant, I was deep inside her, as she pushed up to meet me and impaled my cock in her vagina. She was big inside, and very wet, but the fullness of her flesh was also deliciously firm, and held me closely, down the full length of my prick. I caught my breath for a second as I thought I might come immediately and paused for a few moments, but then began to seek out a slow rhythm as her thighs opened wide around her hips and I plunged my full length deep inside her. At the same time I lent forward and brushed her nipple with my mouth, making her shudder, and then took the nipple firmly between my lips, sucking it in the same rhythm as I was thrusting into her down below. Soon she began to move with me, and I realised that we were there, as she pushed her groin, then her breast, then her groin again up towards me, and I nipped her breast gently with my teeth just as she came with a shriek, pumping her big hips beneath me, running with her wetness.

'Thank you for waiting for me', she said with a wide soft smile, 'please come yourself now'.

I didn't need a second invitation, and a quick glance at her nipples and the soft folds of her breasts pushed me over the edge, and I was pulsing deep inside her, wet in wet, flopped across her fleshy belly; a giggle of pleasure from her, and then a moment of quiet.

'Let's go upstairs -- it's more comfortable there', she said, and I followed her swinging rump up the stairs, longing to reach out and grasp her cheeks as they moved and wobbled, but held back for now. 'I'm going to wash, do come too', and I followed her into a spacious bathroom, with a toilet and a bidet.

She quickly sat on the toilet with a smile and a sigh of relief, and peed for ages. I moved over to the bidet, trying not to make it too obvious how fascinated I was by the sound of her peeing, of the whoosh of her jet as it came out from between her lips and the splash in the water. She didn't wipe herself, but came over to me and offered to wash me. She soaped me gently all round my cock and below, round my balls and up under my bum; I shivered as she touched my anus, and she went back and stroked and tickled it some more, seeing how sensitive it was. It was her turn on the bidet now, and I returned the compliment, delighted to soap her hairy groin and to reach round with my fingers between her fleshy ass cheeks -- she certainly wriggled when I touched her anus for the first time.

We dried each other and went through to her big bedroom -- a very feminine space -- and threw ourselves onto the wide bed. First I focused on her breasts, as they flopped sideways towards her armpits, but then she reminded me of what she had promised, and laid me on my back, kissing my nipples and belly, and then moving down towards my shaft, standing out fully erect from my body. She didn't immediately take it in her mouth, but licked round the base of my cock, then very gently nibbled along the side of it, almost as if it was a sweetcorn, and licked round the head before she took the tip in her mouth. With her big teeth, she couldn't get it that far into her mouth, but she nibbled very lightly round beneath my helmet, sending tingles throughout my body, before moving down to kiss and lick my balls and then further, just for a moment tickling my anus with the tip of her tongue.

After she had explored me for some time, I told her it was my turn, and laid her on her back, to take another mouthful of her cunt lips, once again dripping with her juices; I licked a little down below her vagina, and touched her with my finger, whereupon she turned over and lay on her front with her thighs open, inviting my tongue and touch to explore her between those sumptuous arse cheeks. Lifting her hips up towards me, she opened herself so that my tongue could probe right into her arse, and she shivered as I tickled her puckered hole, relishing the feeling of her soft bum-flesh all around me as I wedged my nose and tongue into her crack.

'I want you inside me', she said, and turned slightly onto her side.

I pulled back, not quite sure how she wanted me to take her, and lay down behind her. She gently pushed her arse towards me, and I slid my hard cock along her bum crack, brushing it against her little hole and then up and down between her cheeks. I didn't know whether she wanted me to penetrate her there, and just nudged my tip into her, asking 'Yes?' 'Yes, but gently', she replied, and I moved softly until suddenly my whole knob was inside her, beyond her tight sphincter; I moved around very slowly inside her without penetrating her any more deeply, till she pulled away a little and moved round so that she could lodge her larger, softer, wetter hole against my penis, and thrust herself deep down onto me. From behind, I could reach round and stroke her breast, and we again found our rhythm, till she came, thrusting her soft ass hard back against my belly as my cock was deep inside her. Then, after a pause, she began to move rhythmically up and down my cock and I realised that she was also flexing her cunt-muscles in time with her movements; the sensation was startlingly intense and suddenly I was there, again spurting deep inside her, as she gave a happy, satisfied little laugh at this demonstration of her prowess.

'Do stay over', she said, and I did. We had a gentle, straightforward fuck in the morning, front to front, with her soft thighs tight round me, and then both went off to work.

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