tagNovels and NovellasSue Ch. 09-12

Sue Ch. 09-12


The following material is sexually explicit erotica.

If you are offended by hard-core pornography close this file.

Chapter 9

Sharing the Bath-Room

Brian had bought food from where he'd hired the boat so we had a good lunch, washed down with a small bottle of wine that he'd kept cold by dangling it in the river and after we finished that we lay in the shade and talked for a while before we both dozed off. When we woke again we found that it was about time for us to pack up for the return trip and after getting the boat out into mid-stream Brian let me take it all the way back down the river. He dropped me off at the same place that he'd met me in the morning and it soon after that we were in his car, driving back to the motel.

When we were inside our room he took me in his arms, held me tight and said. 'That was a day I'll never forget darling - I know it sounds silly to say 'thank you' - but I really do thank you, for so much.'

'It's me who should be thanking you Brian, you've made it all possible - and never forget that I'm enjoying everything - and that includes you - just as much as I hope you are. Anyway.' I said more brightly, 'The day isn't over yet - is it?'

He took my face between his hands and I saw that his eyes were shining with happiness as he smiled down into mine. 'No, it certainly isn't, so let's get freshened up. You then have to decide whether we go out somewhere nice for dinner or, if you prefer, we can have it brought up here.'

I didn't even have to think about an answer, I could eat out anytime I really wanted to but my time alone with him was precious. 'No contest love - we'll have it here.'

I could tell from the expression on his face that's what he had hoped I'd say and I grinned as I added. 'You didn't really expect me to say anything else did you?'

'Well, I'll admit I was hoping that's what you would say - but at the same time I didn't want you to feel cooped-up.'

'We've been out of doors all day, I could hardly accuse you of cooping me up could I. Anyway, we don't have that much time together - and I just want to make the most of it, you should know that.'

'I still have to keep pinching myself darling, you must understand that.'

'O.K., say no more - we both want to eat in - and that's that. Now, who gets to shower first?'

'I'll unpack our stuff and make us a drink - anyway, if I know anything about women you'll take longer than me - so you go first.'

'That's one disadvantage of having an older man - they've had time to get to know more about women, I'll have to remember that.' I said over my shoulder as I picked up my toiletries bag and headed for the bath-room.

A bit later, when I was about ready to have my shower he knocked on the door and, opening it just a little, asked me. 'What would you like to drink darling?'

'What choice is there?'

'There's a sort of mini-bar here, so I can get you almost anything you fancy.'

I'm not a big drinker but it was a special week-end and I didn't see why I shouldn't break-out a bit so, having thought for a moment, I answered. 'I had a gin and tonic once, that was a nice refreshing drink, how about one of those.'

'Yep, that's here. One G & T coming up.'

I turned on the shower, adjusted the water temperature, stripped off and was just about to get into the recess when there was another light knock on the door and Brian came in, carrying two drinks. When he found that I was undressed he stopped and stood there, looking at me with such intensity that it was almost as though he was seeing me naked for the first time. He obviously wanted to say something, equally obvious that he was embarrassed to say it and, when he finally did, it came out in a stumbling rush.

'Would you, er, would you mind very much if I watched you take your shower Sue?' he asked as he handed me the glass.

I took a sip of the drink, looking over the rim and straight into his eyes, then smiled and answered. 'I'd like that Brian - but, then I'll want to watch you when you have yours.'

'Sounds fair.' he said quietly as he sat down on the lid of the toilet and, clutching his drink tightly, watched as I stepped under the warm spray and began to soap myself.

Just as I did when he had watched me taking a pee, I found I got a kick out of having him there, intently watching me and I admit I took a bit longer than I normally would have done, soaping and washing myself, particularly my breasts and pussy even more thoroughly than usual. He didn't say a single word during the whole time but from the burning look that developed in his eyes I knew that my efforts were being fully appreciated!

When I finished I stepped out and, leaving the shower running as I began to dry myself, said.

'Your turn love.'

When he stripped I saw the evidence of what watching me had done for him, his cock wasn't fully erect but it was at that half way stage, thick and fat and almost as long as it would be when fully aroused. I liked seeing it like that, it meant he was excited but that there was still something left for me to do for him. It gave me a nice, mildly sexy feeling and as I sat and watched him begin to wash himself that feeling got steadily stronger and stronger.

I had never seen a man shower before and I was surprised at how differently he went about it. First of all he didn't stay under the shower, once wet he stepped to one side and soaped himself, because of his chest and other body hair he built up a much thicker layer of lather than I did and once that was done he used that lather to wash the rest of himself. His actions were much quicker, stronger than a woman's, almost rough, scrubbing rather than smoothing the soap over his body and I noticed that he used the extra thick amount of lather that built up in his pubic hair as a kind of reservoir, his hands returning to it from time to time then using it to wash some other part of himself. Of course each time he did that his fingers brushed over his cock and I imagined that in its already half aroused state, coupled with him having me there, watching him, those actions must have increased its arousal. It may have been my imagination - or just wishful thinking - but as he continued to wash himself it certainly seemed to be stiffening up.

He left his face until last and when he began to wash it, I got up, moved close, reached into the shower and fondled his slippery, soap covered balls and cock. My first touch made him tense with surprise but as I lifted and fondled his heavy balls, then closed my fingers around his cock and began to slip up and down the shaft, he relaxed and just stood there with his eyes closed while I enjoyed the feel of it slowly pulsing in my hand. But though I thought I felt it stiffening even more I found I couldn't get it fully erect.

'That feels sensational Sue - but I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you this time, I think it's been totally drained. It's a long time since I've had so many erections and I can't remember when I've made love as many times in one day as I have with you today. I think it needs a longer rest before it's ready for action again. Sorry.'

I looked up and smiled as I reluctantly let go of him.

'Don't worry, I just wanted to please you. I wasn't expecting you to suddenly ravish me on the bath-room floor you know.' I added with a grin. 'In fact.' I said as I rinsed my hands. 'I'm feeling a little over-used too. Not that I'm complaining.' I added hurriedly. 'But I'm going to put some cream on, just to make sure that I'm not too sore tomorrow.'

I took a jar of moisturiser from my bag but he stepped out of the shower, reached across and took it from me.

'I'd like to do that for you, if you don't mind darling.'

I nodded and he threw a towel on the toilet cover, sat me down on it then knelt in front of me, gently eased my legs apart and, with his strong hands resting lightly on the tops of my thighs, just looked at me for several moments.

'It's so pretty - the soft, little pink folds - like a flower-bud that's just about to open. And when I think of the incredible pleasure it gives me, I just can't believe that such a delicate little part of you is capable of such powerful actions. It's beautiful and wonderful'

Having him admiring me like that gave me a nice warm, feeling and I became aware of a faint tingling sensation that was centred on my pussy and which, as it slowly grew, began to spread out from it into the rest of my body. Then he eased my legs further apart and, taking care not to overbalance me, lifted them, leaned forward and began to lightly lick the outer folds of my pussy-lips.

He'd developed a bit of a five o'clock shadow but I found that rather than being uncomfortable, the mild roughness of it grazing against my inner thigh in fact only increased my excitement. He took his time and I got the strong impression that he was getting just as much pleasure as he was giving to me - and that was a lot!

Having him watch me shower then in turn watching and fondling him must have got me more excited than I had realised because after a minute or two of his tongue's gentle licking I felt the tingling sensation turning into something stronger. He couldn't get his tongue deep inside me but every now and then he did poke it between the thickening folds and those little stabbing movements quickly helped to arouse me even more. So when he finally turned his attention to my clit it had already swollen into a hard ridge and, when he slowly wiped his tongue over it the sensations were simply electric and as he saw me responding, he slipped his hands under my bum and managed to lift me higher. In that position he could reach me even better and began to lick and suck me even more strongly, forcing me to hold on to the rim of the seat as I arched myself, offering up my pussy to his devouring mouth.

I was amazed at how quickly I came, it wasn't an earth-shattering climax but it was a lovely one and, being so unexpected was even more satisfying than I imagined it could have been. Afterwards, when he was sure I had finished, he sponged me with warm water, dried me and then finally, very gently applied the cool, soothing cream to my still sensitive pussy.

As he got up I saw that in spite of his earlier protests, his cock was definitely harder than it had been before and felt sure that before the evening was over I'd be able to get it fully erect again - for the benefit of both of us!

Brian rubbed his face and said 'I should have had a shave before I did that darling, the stubble gets a bit rough by this time of the day, I'll have a quick one now.'

'Do you usually shave twice a day?'

'Not usually, no.'

'Do you have something else in mind for later then?'

He grinned shyly. 'I might. I'm certainly going to want to kiss you goodnight - and I don't want to make your face sore, do I?'

'Or any other part of me I hope.' I said, grinning up at him.

'Particularly any other part of you.' he replied with a laugh.

So, while he had his shave I went into the other room and got into my nightie, it too was new, white, trimmed at the edges with green ribbon and very short - at the back just covering the curve of my bottom and at the front just hiding the tiny, matching g-string panties. The material was semi-transparent and when I had finished brushing my hair and took a good look at myself in the large mirror, even I had to admit that I looked terrific. I could see the curving swell of my breasts and the shadow made by their rosy tips and, when I turned quickly and made the material flare up and out from my body, from the back, with the string of the panties buried between my arse-cheeks, it gave the impression that I was totally naked below the waist.

Just then Brian came out of the bath-room - he didn't have to say anything, the expression on his face said it all.

'That's, I mean, you - you look absolutely gorgeous darling! I can't believe how different you look. Even younger somehow - and' he added. 'If it's possible, even more sexy.'

I did a slow turn for him and saw his eyes travel up and down, taking in the view of everything I had to offer and, as I recognised the look of desire on his face, the thought flashed through my head - 'How strange men are! He's just seen me totally naked, watched me showering, fondled and made love to me. Now that I'm partially dressed I'm re-exciting him, in some ways I'm even more desirable.' But of course I wasn't complaining about that!

He put on a pair of light-weight, short pyjamas then we sat and finished our drinks while we looked through the menu, ordered our meal and then actually turned on the TV to see what had been happening to the rest of the world while we had been creating our own. Brian had made us both a second drink and we were still sipping those when there was a knock at the door. He got up, slipped into a bath-robe and looked across at me.

'Pop into the bath-room for a minute darling - no point in giving the motel staff even more to gossip about than they already have.' I understood what he meant and only came out again when I heard the door close again a few minutes later.

Brian and the waiter had set up the table very nicely and the sight and the smells of food made me realise that I was actually quite hungry. I noticed that Brian had ordered a bottle of wine to go with the meal and felt sure that on top of the two drinks I had already had I'd be feeling quite light-headed before the meal was over.

It was a lovely meal, a hot, lightly spiced sort of fish soup, called bouillabaisse and then an enormous plate of mixed seafood - all of which, Brian assured me, would have been caught locally that morning. There was a pile of oysters at one end of the main dish and I turned the plate so that they were in front of him. He looked up, saw my wicked grin and chuckled.

'Let me tell you that with you around, looking the way you do, oysters are one thing I won't need darling.'

Chapter 10

Taking Charge

The food was delicious and I couldn't believe how much both of us were able to eat of it - crab, lobster, prawns, a couple of things I didn't even recognise and of course, the oysters and we both had to stop from time to time not just to savour the variety of flavours but to 'catch our breath' so to speak, before starting again. In between mouthfuls we chatted, at first about the food and how good it was then, as our initial hunger was satisfied, of a variety of things - but, I noticed, Brian carefully avoided talking about us. That was hard for me, sitting there with him, the memories of the wonderful day's events still fresh, seeing out of the corner of my eye the bed we'd soon be lying in together and yet having him talk about everything except the one thing that was uppermost in my mind - us.

I wanted to tell him how much pleasure he'd given me, remind him of special moments during the day, of how it had felt being with him, touching him, having him touch and make love to me.

So, while trying to keep up my end of the conversation, in my head I was re-living each of the wonderful moments we had enjoyed - and realised I was also totting up the number of times he had given me an orgasm. There had been the first, frantic session just after he'd arrived - I couldn't believe how short a time ago that had been - then, in the clearing where we had first stopped, after the excitement of having him watch me and then being able to handle his cock while he pissed, afterwards we had made love on the blanket and I had climaxed twice more. The next had been during our walk, when my skin-tight shorts had turned him on so strongly and he had fucked me from behind - and just now, the smaller but equally satisfying one he'd just given me in the bath-room.

That was a total of five and though I knew he'd only actually climaxed twice himself, even for a young man the performance would have been impressive - and, I hoped, the day wasn't over yet!

He must have thought I'd gone mad - he was actually in the middle of talking about something to do with work - when I suddenly burst out with -

'Do you realise I've had five orgasms today! I can't believe that, can you?'

'Pardon?' he said, confused by my sudden unrelated outburst. But when I repeated it and he understood what I was talking about, he grinned, raised his glass to me and replied.

'From the way you said it that sounds as though that's good - and so, as the provider I accept the implied compliment.'

The way he said it made me laugh but after that I said. 'Sorry to interrupt you like that but it's been such a fantastic day, all I can think about is the boat, the river, the scenery and most of all, what we've done together. I've got so many memories of us already, I just want to make to sure that none of them slip from my mind - and I guess I want to know that you've enjoyed making them as much as I have. Sounds silly when I try to put it into words though.'

'It doesn't sound silly to me Sue, it sounds marvellous, marvellous that someone like you could get as much pleasure from being with someone like me as I have from the time we've had together. And.' he added sincerely and affectionately. 'You obviously know from my reactions just how much pleasure you've given me. You've aroused feelings I didn't know I was capable of, even as a - even when I was younger I didn't experience the strength of passion that you've aroused in me today. And, as I've said before, sitting here with you, seeing you looking as beautiful and as desirable as you do, it's more like a fantasy than any fantasy I've ever had.'

That made me feel even better than I had been already and I felt a warm glow colour my face as I smiled across at him.

'It's lovely to hear you say it Brian. I'm glad it's been worth all the heart-ache and the problems that I'm sure you've had in arranging all this for us. Thank you, thank you for everything.'

'Hey, it's me who's trying to say 'thank you' to you.' he said in a brighter voice. 'There isn't a man alive who wouldn't give his right arm to change places with me - and I wouldn't change places with anyone and I mean anyone!'

I reached for his hand squeezed it and as I said, 'Nor would I Brian, nor would I. Now, why don't we clear the table and see if there's anything to watch on TV for a while - give ourselves a chance to digest that lovely meal. '

He grinned and said. 'I thought it was only swimming we weren't supposed to do on a full stomach. But you're probably right - and I think I made a bit of a pig of myself.'

So we stacked the dishes and put them outside the door to be collected, rinsed the smell of fish from our hands then I checked the TV programme and found there happened to be a nice, romantic movie on and we lay on the bed to watch. Although it turned out to be quite good, within half an hour I wasn't that surprised to see that Brian had fallen asleep, in fact, after all the day's activities I was surprised that I wasn't feeling sleepy too but for some reason I wasn't. So I turned the lights and the sound down and then, without disturbing him, settled myself down to enjoy the movie.

When it was over I turned the set off, went to the toilet and did my teeth - and still Brian slept. As I stood beside the bed, looking down at him I suddenly found myself remembering Richard, asleep in the sun in our 'special place' a couple of years earlier - and what I had done to him both then and the many other times during my 'experiments' - and began to wonder if I could do the same for Brian.

He wasn't naked of course but his pyjama shorts were quite baggy and the fly was held closed with just a single button. Crouching on the floor beside him I undid it and opened his shorts, there lay his cock and balls, looking just as harmless and defenceless as Richard's had, the only real difference that I could see was that in Brian's case the surrounding hair was tinged with flecks of grey. I touched him, very lightly, stroking his limply curled cock and then the warm sac beneath using just the tips of my fingers, marvelling at how different he looked like that, compared with my memory of the sight of him when fully aroused.

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