tagNovels and NovellasSue Ch. 13-16

Sue Ch. 13-16


Chapter 13

Sharing Memories

Later still, as we drove back to the motel I racked my brains for a way to avoid what I thought might be a depressing evening, worrying that the thought of our having to go our separate ways in the morning could end up ruining the few hours we had left together. Brian had been quiet too and must have been wrestling with the same problem as, just as we were about to turn into the motel he said.

'About this evening. I thought we might have dinner in our room again, if you don't mind, so we can just be together and talk - I'd like to share some of my earlier experiences with you. And perhaps you'd share some of yours with me. But only if that appeals to you of course.'

It was a brilliant idea. Talking would help to keep our mind off the morning, sharing was just what I wanted to do with him and re-living other times would hopefully get both of us feeling sexy!

'That appeals Brian - all of it.' I answered quickly.

His hand reached over and he squeezed my thigh. 'Good, one way or another we'll make it an evening to remember.' was all he said but I felt sure I knew exactly what thoughts were going on behind his words.

We shared the shower that evening and even though the recess was small and gave us little room to move, we managed a lot of intimate fondling as we helped each other to wash away the sand and salt our bodies had accumulated during the day. I put on the same little nightie I had worn the previous evening and so, after we had enjoyed a drink and ordered our meals, again disappeared into the bath-room when dinner was delivered.

We had talked and had a giggle about the day's events of course and were almost half-way through the beautifully grilled fish and side salads we had ordered as our main course when Brian said. 'That's only the second couple I've actually seen making love you know.'

'When was the other time?' I asked, thinking to myself, 'Ah, the evening's entertainment begins!'

'When I was just a bit over eighteen. I have a sister, a couple of years older than me, I saw her and her fiancée at it - I've never told that to anyone else.' he added.

'Tell me about it Brian.'

He remained quietly thoughtful for a few moments, then began. 'My parents had an old, two-storey, Victorian style house, large garden, big rooms with high ceilings and lots of moulded plaster- work, cornices and around the light fitting in the centre of each room too. You don't see many of those places left now they've all been pulled down to build apartment blocks. Well, as a little fellow I'd naturally enough explored the house from basement to attic and amongst other things, had found that there were spaces between the plaster that was around the lights, and that if I lifted some of the old, loose floor boards in the attic, I could see down into the upstairs corridor and also into some of the rooms, the larger bed-rooms.

I remember how excited I got when I first discovered I could see people without them knowing I was there, I felt sure it was wrong, almost dangerous and doing it made me feel incredibly wicked. There were a few times when I managed to catch a sight of my sister in her undies, when she was dressing but other than that it was mostly Mum making beds, dusting, the usual kind of things - but for a few weeks I'd disappear up to my secret world and watch whatever there was to see.

I got bored with it soon enough and for years I forgot all about it. Then, when I had just turned eighteen - and remember that at that age we were very different to your generation, getting a kiss from a girl was probably a bigger event than going to bed with one is for a guy today - anyway, at about that time my sister, who was then twenty, got engaged. He was a nice enough bloke, Mum and Dad both liked him and he made an effort to get on with me too - but I suppose seeing him with her, made me begin to think about my sister as a woman, rather than as just my sister. She had always seemed to me to be a bit of a prude, even for those days and the thought of her making love with this bloke, or anyone at all come to that, seemed odd.

Anyway, to get to the point, one Saturday, my parents had gone visiting someone, Alice, my sister and her fiancée, Charlie had gone down to the church to arrange the wedding details and when they came back obviously thought I had gone out too, that they had the house to themselves. In fact I had been lying in my room reading, heard them come in downstairs and for some, odd reason, kept quiet when Alice called out to see if I was in. I could hear the muffled sounds of them talking to each other but not what they were saying, then silence, then Alice making half-hearted protests and Charlie's deeper voice. Then I heard them coming upstairs. My bed-room door was ajar and I got off my bed and went and stood behind it so that when Alice looked into my room she wouldn't see me.

'I told you there was nobody home love.' Charlie said to her. 'Come on, we probably won't get another chance until after the wedding now and I want you so much love.'

I felt myself break out in a sweat, they were going to do it! And for some strange reason I suddenly remembered my spy-holes, upstairs in the attic, if I could get up there without making a sound, I could watch. Alice didn't say anything but as she took him into her bed-room and closed the door behind them I suppose she didn't really have to.

You can guess how nervous I was, even though I crept about in just my stockinged feet I felt sure every floor-board was going to creak, that I'd knock something over or that I'd make some kind of noise that would alert them - but I didn't, even when I lifted the floor-boards they came up without a sound and soon I was lying flat on my stomach peering down into Alice's room.

It hadn't taken me long to get to that position but they hadn't wasted any time either and as I looked down I could see them standing almost directly below me, kissing. Charlie had already got one of his hands inside Alice's blouse and was fondling her breast while the other was doing the same to her bottom. Alice seemed to like what he was doing but didn't do much to help him, letting him struggle with her bra strap, the rest of the buttons on her blouse and then get them off her. He moved back a bit and looked at her and told her what lovely breasts she had, which gave me a chance to see them properly too of course - and, as I'd never seen completely naked breasts, other than in pictures in the odd girlie magazine that got passed around amongst the blokes at school, I thought they looked pretty good too - and felt myself beginning to get stiff.

He fondled and kissed them and when her nipples got darker and stiffer he began to suck them - I tried to imagine what it would feel like to do that and felt my cock getting uncomfortably hard. He did that for quite a while, Alice just standing there, sighing a bit and letting her fingers play with the hair on the back of his head but, other than that, still not actually doing anything. It was only when he started to fumble with her skirt that she came to life, to stop him.

'I'll do that Charlie, you get yourself ready.' she said, turning away from him - and me - and moving out of my line of sight. Charlie did as he was told, stripped off quickly, just dropping his clothes on the floor and, as he moved across to her I could see from the size of his cock that he was already 'ready' for her.

At that moment she must have turned and seen him and I heard her say, sharply. 'Don't forget one of those things.' she obviously meant a condom and Charlie had to go back to where he'd dumped his clothes and rummage around to find one and put it on. While he was doing that Alice came back into my view again and as she pulled back the covers and got into her bed I saw that she too was stripped naked.

Looking back I realise that it was pretty uninteresting session - he got between her legs and there was a fair bit of panting and grunting as they got on with it. All I could really see was his bottom moving up and down and after just a minute or two it began to get faster and faster and the noises he was making got a bit more urgent.

But although I had to imagine most of what was going on, actually seeing it happening right there below me was just too much - my cock got into such a state that I had to relieve it, to do it to myself. Without taking my eyes from the action below I rolled on to one side, undid my fly and, with difficulty managed to get it out. I was a bit like Charlie, having got to that point I had to do it as quickly as possible and that feeling, plus the excitement of seeing and hearing the increasingly urgent action below me brought on my climax at about the same time as Charlie's - which was lucky since I'm sure I wasn't able to completely stifle the grunts I made as I saw the stuff shoot across the floor-boards.

So, that was the other couple I saw making love.'

'I can imagine how you must have felt Brian - as you were talking I could almost picture myself there with you, watching you, as you were watching them. Did you ever see them together like that again?'

'Yes, once, after the wedding. They had the reception at home and that evening, when they went up to change out of their wedding clothes, before they left on their honeymoon, I slipped away and went up to spy on them again. I don't really know why, maybe I just wanted to get myself off and knew that just watching them undress would get me excited enough. Anyway they took the opportunity to have what I guess you'd call a 'quickie' - not that Alice seemed very keen on it but as he was then her husband I imagine she thought she had to do the right thing for Charlie. It was as unimaginative as the other time, just straight sex, no extras - but it was enough for me, I climaxed again and as I straightened myself up afterwards I noticed that the stuff had landed almost precisely on the stain on the floor I'd made with the previous lot.'

'Deadeye Dick!' I said and we both laughed at the silly pun.

'So, things being so different then, did you have to wait until you were married, or at least engaged, before you could made love to a girl?' I asked.

'Most people probably did - but there were plenty who didn't of course, human nature hasn't changed much, just the social attitudes to things like that. There were plenty of 'shotgun' weddings in those days - if you got a girl pregnant you got married, simple as that really. And of course divorce wasn't as easy or as acceptable as it is today, so people tended to stay married, even if their lives were miserable. There were abortions, done by back-yarders, some of them doctors but most of them not and plenty of women died or at least got damaged so badly that they couldn't have children after it. Society was much more moralistic - stupidly so I think.'

'But you, did you make love to a girl before you were married?'

He paused a while before he answered. 'Yes, yes I did actually, with two - no three - two girls and a woman, plus the girl I eventually married.' he went quiet again but I egged him on.

'Tell me, if you don't mind talking about it that is - and remember that this was your idea - tell me about the others, the two girls - and especially the woman.'

Chapter 14

Loss Of Virginity

'The first was a girl at the wedding, one of my sister's bridesmaids, Mary. She was a couple of years older than me and I'd seen her looking at me a few times during the day, but she was a red-head and I'd never really fancied them much, so if it hadn't been for the fact that she seemed to have taken a fancy to me I'd not have taken much notice of her. But later, after the episode up in the attic, everyone was outside, seeing Alice and Charlie off, there was lots of fooling around, tying messages and tin cans on the car, throwing confetti, all the usual stuff. I couldn't be bothered with all that so I'd stayed inside, I was pinching myself a drink actually, my parents only allowed me to have a couple of beers during the reception - thought I was still too young to drink spirits, so I'd taken the chance to pour myself a big rum and coke. I was just about to take a drink when Mary came into the room and from the expression on her face when she saw me it was obvious that she'd been looking for me.

She looked at the drink, asked me what it was and when I told her, said that she'd like one too, so I poured one and then she suggested we go and sit out on the back veranda so we could enjoy them without having everyone else bothering us. Mum had one of those swing seats out there and that's where we sat, just sipping, hardly saying a word at first. But after a while she started to talk about the wedding, what a nice day it had been, how lovely Alice had looked and I suppose she half expected me to say how beautiful the bridesmaids were too - but I didn't, it just didn't occur to me, so she had to continue to make the conversation. After a couple of remarks about some of the weird friends and relations she said something about Alice and Charlie's 'big night' and that she hoped everything worked out for them and although I can't remember exactly what I said it must have been something that implied it should be all right since it wouldn't be their first time together.

She instantly picked up on that, sat up, leaned closer and asked me how I knew and though I tried waffling around she was insistent and kept badgering me. I could feel that the rum was starting to have an affect on me, I was getting tongue tied and that plus her pestering questions got too much and I finally admitted I had seen them doing it together. Then of course she wanted to know how, when and where and I had to tell her that too.

When I told her, her face broke into what I can only describe as a smile of pure triumph.

'I knew it!' she said. 'I knew it was something like that.' She saw my puzzled expression and laughed. 'I saw you creeping away earlier, wondered what you were up to and followed you until I saw you go up those funny back-stairs, they go up to the attic do they?' I just nodded dumbly. 'I hung around until you came down again, you tossed yourself off while you watched them didn't you.' she whispered, leaning even closer. I'd never heard a girl use those words and felt myself blush furiously as again I just nodded. 'I could tell you had, you had that funny look blokes get after they've done it. But although I felt sure of it I couldn't understand why you'd gone up there, I thought maybe you had some dirty magazines stashed away, now it all makes sense. How much could you see, tell me all about it, what they did, everything.'

I told her and although there wasn't really that much to tell I could see by the look of growing excitement in her eyes that she was getting herself turned-on by imagining the bits I hadn't seen. So much so that when I had finished she grabbed me by the hand and said. 'I want to see for myself, take me up there, please.' I said that now they had left there'd be nothing to see, I doubted that the bed-room light was on and that in the dark she wouldn't see a thing - but she insisted - so, gulping down the last of my drink and being careful not to be seen by the guests who were now back inside partying, I took her up into the attic.

Even though I thought Alice's room would be dark and deserted now I told her to take off her shoes and move carefully so that we wouldn't be heard by anyone in any of the other upstairs rooms and left the loft door open just enough to let in a bit of light so we could pick our way between the junk that Dad had stored up there. I felt her grab my hand and squeeze it as we stood still for a few moments, letting our eyes get used to the darkness, then I led her across to where the loosened floor boards above Alice's room were. She knelt down beside me as I carefully lifted them out and put them on one side and as I was doing that I suddenly found that the mere closeness of her and the smell her perfume was starting to affect me.

As I lifted the floor-boards out I saw that the light had been left on in the bed-room, so we could see down into it and, as Mary leaned lower to peer down, the front of her dress gaped open and I found that even in the dim light I could see straight down it and see the rounded curves of her breasts - and I felt myself getting even more excited.

Although we couldn't see it from where we were the bed-room door must have been left a bit open because just then we heard voices, low and indistinct at first and then, as the door was opened wide and someone came in, we quite clearly heard a man's voice saying.

'See, nobody's here, I told you it'd be safe in her room, come on.'

Then a woman's voice, whispering indistinctly, the door being shut and the light went off!

I'd recognised the man's voice, it was Bert, one of my uncles, who was generally regarded by the family as a bit of a black sheep, being still unmarried didn't help his reputation - and meant that whomever was with him was quite likely to be someone else's wife. Mary was still trying to see down into the blackness below us but when she realised that was impossible, sat up, reached out, squeezed my hand again, harder this time and leaned close to me to quietly whisper.

'Who's with him?'

'Sssh! No idea yet.' I whispered back. 'Let's just listen.'

At first there wasn't much to listen to, I guessed they were just kissing but after a few minutes we heard the woman sigh and a bit later Bert's voice. 'Help me get these things off Shirley, I can't see what I'm doing.'

Shirley! Shirley was my aunt, the wife of my other uncle and if I hadn't heard it for myself I would never have believed it. She was the most straight-laced member of the entire family, church every week, never allowed anyone to smoke or drink in her house, what my father called a real 'pain in the neck'. Yet there she was, obviously about to let Bert fuck her - and from the way he had spoken to her, it sounded as though it wasn't for the first time!

Then there was the sound of them getting undressed, very quickly, then a lot of mumbling, snuffling and more sighing, followed a bit later by grunts and finally his groans and Shirley's sharp little, satisfied cries.

But while that was going on Mary and I were only half listening. Once it was clear that they were actually going to do it, not just have a quick kiss and a cuddle, she turned to face me and even the dim light I could see that her face was flushed with excitement. 'Kiss me Brian, touch me.'

As we were still kneeling on the floor it wasn't easy but I managed. By that stage the total situation had given me a full erection and the quick view I'd had of her breasts had got my hands itching to feel them and as my lips found hers I held one of them, fondling it as best I could in that position. She put one arm around and held me and, to my amazement, immediately started feeling for my cock with the other. She couldn't do much more than give it a bit of a squeeze of course but as I'd never had a girl even touch me before that was pretty heavy stuff!

Her bridesmaid's dress was made of some kind of stiff material, taffeta I guess and I wasn't able to get a proper feel of her breast through it so when she started groping me I felt it would be O.K. to try to undo it and started fumbling around at the back for the buttons. But as it was soon obvious that I wasn't being very successful she pushed me away, reached around behind herself and, in a couple of seconds, was naked to the waist, both dress and bra falling down between us. I used both hands, cupping and fondling the smooth, rounded weight of them - not believing either my luck or how good they felt. Then I felt the nipples getting stiffer and after looking up to see her reaction, bent forward and began to suck on them the way I'd seen Charlie suck Alice's. I was very nervous and tentative at first but then, as it became obvious she didn't object to what I was doing, I got more confident and I heard her begin to sigh just the way Shirley had done below us.

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