tagNovels and NovellasSue Ch. 21-24

Sue Ch. 21-24


Chapter 21

Fringe Benefits

So, with that resolved, the next time I was getting ready for a trip, I took my time in packing and left my case open on the bed, hoping John would notice some of the things I was taking with me. He always liked seeing me in sexy underwear and until then I had never taken any of his particularly favourite things with me, keeping them 'for us'. This time I had, leaving them on top of my other things, so he couldn't help but notice them and wondering if he would actually say anything. He didn't!

Of course, having geared myself up, nothing happened on that trip. There was a man sitting next to me on the plane who spent most of the trip ogling and leering at me but even if he'd had the nerve to proposition me he would have been disappointed. I wasn't simply looking for a grope and a fuck, I still had my standards, it was just that I was available, if someone I fancied came along.

I was luckier on the next. I usually hate eating alone and most times I'm away I'm entertaining a client or someone associated with the business - but at the last minute my client cancelled out of an arrangement, leaving me stranded. By then it was getting late and I was tempted to have a meal sent up to my room but finally I decided instead to brave the restaurant. I spent a bit more time in getting myself ready, putting on some of my special underwear - 'Just in case.' - I thought to myself.

Most hotel restaurants put women who are eating alone off to one side or in a corner, probably recognising they are vulnerable to predatory males and thinking that in that way a woman can somehow 'hide' herself. This one was no different but of course men who travel frequently know what's going on and merely make sure they get seated in he same kind of area. It was just my luck to have one plonk himself down at a table near me, he was fairly drunk when he arrived and by the time he'd had two fast pre-dinner drinks and the first of several glasses of wine he was becoming quite obnoxious. My waiter was only a young chap but when he saw what was going on he did his best to protect me, first by moving me to another table and then hovering nearby as often as the demands of the few remaining diners allowed him to.

He was a good-looking young man, in his late teens I guessed, tall, blonde, with brilliantly blue eyes - the sort of young man featured in TV commercials and magazine advertisements.

Even though I had been moved further away from him, the man, who was getting quite drunk by this time, still persisted in staring at me with a stupid smirk on his face and on at least two occasions he got up to try to wobble over towards me and I was very grateful to see my protective waiter persuading him to stay where he was.

So by the time I had finished my desert I had had enough and when the waiter asked if I would like coffee I said - 'No thank you - I'd rather leave before there's any real trouble.' He smiled apologetically and then, asking me to - 'Please stay there for just a minute.' - walked quickly away. I didn't know what he was up to but did as he had asked and sure enough, in only a minute or two he was back.

'The manager understands the inconvenience you have been caused and would like to know if you would like coffee and a brandy, or perhaps a liqueur, brought up to your room?'

On the surface it sounded like the sort of thing you hope a good hotel would do, good public relations. But I had to smile - what he was doing was so transparent. He hadn't had time to explain anything to the manager, even if he was still around at that time - he fancied me and had come up with a way of at least getting into my room, after that he'd take his chances on getting into my pants!

So of course I said - 'That's very considerate of the manager.' - adding flirtatiously. 'I hope you're going to be the one bringing it up to me.' When I saw him blush furiously I knew I had been right and then, when he saw my grin and realised I knew what he'd been thinking he couldn't help responding with an even wider one.

'You can't blame a guy for trying can you.'

'I don't - and I'm serious - I hope you're going to bring it up to me.' I repeated quietly.


'Seriously. Room 422. How long before you finish here?'

For a moment I thought he was going to back down but I guess the look in my eyes convinced him he was really on to a sure thing and his hormones no doubt made the decision for him. Having had a quick look around the restaurant he answered - 'Half an hour or so. Is that O.K.?'

'That'll be fine. Don't worry about the coffee or brandy though, I've got a mini-bar in the room - just bring yourself!'

He did, though he was a bit longer than he had said he would be, taking time to get out of his waiter's uniform and, I guessed from the smell of him, to have a quick shower after he had finished in the restaurant. He wasn't a great lover but what he lacked in finesse and staying power he tried his best to make for with youthful energy. He came very quickly the first time - but within a matter of minutes was hard again and lasted quite a bit longer before he climaxed again. I let him rest for a while, got us both a drink, then, almost casually began to play with his cock and 'hey presto!' soon had it back inside me - and that time he actually gave me an orgasm too.

Afterwards, as we lay there smoking and finishing our drinks a thought suddenly occurred to me.

'I don't know your name yet!'

'Mike. What's yours?' he asked, grinning madly.

'Sue. There, that's better - at least we know who we've been screwing with now. By the way.' I added as another thought popped into my mind. 'Have you had any dinner?'

'No, we normally get a meal after we've finished work. I had something better to do!' he said, still grinning like a cat that had swallowed the cream.

'I thought so. Now, get on to room service and order something, I don't want you fading away from lack of energy.'

I don't think until then that he realised that I planned on us doing it again and, if it was possible, his grin got even wider still.

I got him to disappear into the bath-room when room service delivered - and couldn't help a wistful thought or two about the times I had done that during the week-end that Brian and I had had together - and I paid for it in cash to avoid problems in trying to explain to my boss why my expenses included two separate meals in one evening. Mike had just wrapped a large towel around himself and while he ate I sat and watched him for a while then, telling him to carry on with his meal, I slid down on to the floor between his legs - and slowly began to eat him.

We went at each other on and off most of the night, dozing a while between bouts then one or the other waking and getting started again until, by about three o'clock in the morning I had to admit that I had really been well and truly fucked - and had a very sore pussy to prove it! Mike admitted that he too was exhausted and was as happy as I was at that stage to call it quits - so we finally rolled apart and slept.

The flight home the following evening was really the first chance I had to think over what I had done that night. It certainly wasn't the first time I had in effect taken charge of a sexual situation, I had always enjoyed the strange sense of power making love to, rather than with a man, gave me - and of course I could never forget that I had virtually raped Brian that very first night. But I had never before had a night of just pure, raw sex with a man about whom the only thing I knew was his first name.

I was surprised to find that looking at it in that way made the memory of it even more exciting!

In fact I found that as I sat there, looking down at the swirling clouds far below us - remembering the sight and feel of Mike's strong, young body - I could feel my still tender pussy not only tingling but actually getting quite damp.

When John made overtures to me that night I made a point, for the first time since we had been together, of telling him I was just too tired from my trip to be able to make love with him. He not only accepted my rebuff without a murmur but I had a feeling that he was almost relieved by that response and I couldn't help wondering just what he might have been up to the previous night. I doubted he had been as energetic as Mike had been but then perhaps he had strengths he had never demonstrated to me.

I suppose that in a way, from then on we developed an unspoken agreement between us - that what either of us got up to when I was away was 'private territory'. Often one or the other would make a special effort either the night before I went away or my first night home, not always, but more often than not. I guess in doing that we were convincing the other - and perhaps ourselves as well - that this was the permanent part of our lives, the other events were a side-show.

The freedom I and in fact I suppose, we had given ourselves changed my attitude to my job in several ways.

For one thing I was less reluctant to be away for two or three days, previously I had often tried to cram several things into one day, so I could get home to John at night. Now I gave myself as much time as I thought the job really needed, so of course I began to get better results, the clients were happier and because of that, my boss made sure I got regular pay increases or a bonus from time to time.

I also began to look at the clients in a different way.

Most of the senior people I dealt with were men of course and up to then I had always maintained a very cool, almost distant relationship with them, just to avoid any potential problems. Now I began to open-up more, be more my natural self - if one of them appealed to me and made a discrete advance I wasn't afraid to respond - which occasionally led to some extremely enjoyable evenings! And of course, didn't do the business any harm either. Not that I used my sex to push the business along, though if it had been my own company I might have had a different attitude. But if - I enjoyed myself, got taken to places I couldn't otherwise have afforded, was given an expensive gift from time to time and at the same time - the company I worked for had happier clients, then I figured everyone was better off.

But of course all of that was still a relatively minor part of my life, most of the time I was home with John, my trips were interludes, worthwhile and mostly very, very enjoyable - but still just interludes.

We had our friends, his, mine and the newer ones that we had met since we had been together, we both enjoyed the occasional party, a trip to the beach in summer, the theatre or a movie when it was wet. I had persuaded John that we should fix up the flat a bit, so we did some painting and papering, got some new pieces of furniture and it was really starting to feel like 'home' to both of us.

In fact as time went by I began to think that it was a possibility that John and I could soon be talking about a truly permanent relationship - then Vicki came on to the scene.

The two nurses in the flat below, that had been the mainstay of John's extracurricular activities had been gone for a week before I even knew Vicki had moved in. Although I knew what had been going on between John and the nurses, I had always given a cheery greeting on the odd occasions I bumped into one or the other of them and sometimes stopped to pass the time of day. I don't know what they thought - whether I didn't know about their 'spare man' or that I knew and didn't care - but either way, I wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of being sure, so purposely kept up a normally casual, neighbour's relationship. So, on one of those occasions a couple of weeks earlier they had mentioned that they were planning on moving, they said they had got themselves new jobs at a hospital on the other side of the city and because of the strange hours they worked, had to look for somewhere closer to where they would be. But I hadn't actually seen them go - and I certainly hadn't seen Vicki move in.

So, as I learned later, by the time I first met her, she and John had already started on their sexual adventure. We met at the front door one evening as we both arrived home from work at the same time. I couldn't help noticing the remarkably attractive young woman walking down the street from where she had parked her car but was surprised when she turned into the building, just ahead of me. When she saw I was following she held the door open for me and as we were obviously both going to go up the stairs it was only natural that we should speak to each other.

'Do you live here too?' she asked.

'Yes, top floor - and you?'

'Yes, the one below, I moved in ten days ago, my name's Vicki.'

'Hi, mine's Sue.' As she heard the name her eyes widened fractionally but she said nothing.

'You may have seen my guy around the place, John, he works at home most days so he usually knows more about what's going on than anyone else. I'm surprised he hadn't mentioned you - he usually has an eye for a good-looking woman. You must have taken over the flat the nurses were in.' I added.

'Yes I met them briefly the first day - they seemed like a couple of fun people - and I have met John, he was able to fix a fuse for me.'

'Interesting!' I thought to myself. 'Why hadn't John mentioned the new tenant? Was he up to something with her already?' But, in my wildest dreams I could never have imagined just what they had been up to in such a short time!

We bumped into each other several times over the next few weeks, she was always so smartly turned out and beautifully groomed that I couldn't help admiring both her looks and her style and, in spite of my suspicions I maintained the same casually friendly attitude that I had with the nurses.

Then John was involved in an accident, he was coming home by cab from a business appointment and the cab was hit by a car that had jumped a red light. John's side of the cab took the full force of it and he ended up in hospital with a badly broken leg and concussion. I got the call at work and of course dashed straight off to see him. Although they had already cleaned and stitched up a nasty cut on his head from where it had hit the side window he still looked a mess with that side of his face badly swollen and already discoloured from the bruising. His leg had been broken low down, near the ankle and it was plastered and elevated on a frame. Naturally he had been given pain-killers and he was still very woozy from those and the shock but he still managed to give me a weak, lop-sided grin when he saw me.

'Don't try to talk love.' I said when I saw how difficult that was for him. I leaned over and kissed his forehead then sat down beside the bed and held his hand, again he smiled weakly then, with it still on his lips he relaxed, closed his eyes and just drifted off to sleep. When I was sure he was settled I eased my hand from his and went in search of the sister in charge, who explained what she knew of what had happened, what his injuries were and that she thought he would be kept in hospital for three or four days, mainly to ensure there were no complications arising from his head injury. She said John would probably sleep for several hours and having found out what times I could visit, I left and went home to collect the things he would need for the next few days.

As it happened I met Vicki on the way in and when she saw the expression on my face she naturally asked if I was all right. I explained that John had been in a car crash that he was in hospital and that I had to take some things in to him. She was really nice, not just sympathetic but genuinely wanted to help and after some protest I accepted her offer of a meal after I had been back to see John that evening.

When I returned later he didn't look any better of course, he was still on sedatives for the pains, mainly from his leg and after sitting with him for about an hour I decided he would be better if I just let him try to sleep, so having promised to return the following day, I left.

Chapter 22


I was tempted to ignore Vicki's hospitality but I neither wanted her to think me rude nor really fancied the prospect of just sitting on my own, worrying about John so I knocked on her door. She let me in, asked how John was and offered me a drink, which I suddenly realised I actually needed. As I sat down I couldn't help admiring what she had done to the flat in such a short time, it was the same lay-out as ours upstairs of course but it looked so different, so feminine, somehow much more welcoming. Having talked about John's condition and the nurse's estimate of how long he'd be in hospital we began to simply chat. She told me that she was secretary to a man who owned a fairly big import-export company and I told her what I did, which she appeared to find really interesting.

Anyway, she got us both another drink, we continued chatting and as I began to relax, one thing led to another so that by the time we had moved to the kitchen to put the finishing touches to the meal she had under way, we had naturally got around to talking about men.

She was obviously far more experienced than I was and after she had opened a bottle of wine and we had started to eat she soon had me laughing as she recounted some of her attitudes and actual experiences and then, as the level in the bottle got gradually lower, got me to tell her of some of my, to my mind much less interesting ones. So, by the time we had finished both the meal and the wine I felt as though she was an old friend, one that I hadn't seen for some time and was simply telling her about what had happened to me since we last met. It was also obvious that she felt comfortable with me, I got the impression that for some reason and like myself, she didn't have any really close friends and that she was enjoying the opportunity to swap intimacies as much as by then I was.

But though she asked about previous lovers and what had happened between us I noticed that she never once mentioned John and although I wasn't quite sure why, I avoided bringing him into our conversation too.

By the time we cleared the table and took the dishes out to the kitchen I'm sure we were both just a little bit drunk, we were certainly giggling a lot and maybe that partly accounts for what happened next. It started when she made a comment about the shape of the cock of one man she'd known, I burst out laughing and told her that was ridiculous so then she told me she'd prove it. We went back into the other room and I sat down on the sofa while she disappeared into what I knew must be her bed-room, she was gone a couple of minutes or so and when she came back I saw she was carrying a photograph album.

'You mean you've got a picture of it?'

'It - and lots of others!' she answered with a cheeky grin. 'Do you want to see?'

I realised I had never seen a picture of a man's erect cock and was strangely fascinated by the prospect.

'Mmmm.' I answered with a nod as she laid the book down on the coffee table in front of me.

'Do you fancy a port or a liqueur while we're having a look?'

'Why not. Do you happen to have any brandy?'

'Ah, a woman after my own heart.' she said and poured two more large drinks for us. 'Now, let's see if we have similar taste here too.' she added as she sat down beside me and opened up the album.

What a collection! She started by flicking some way through it to find the picture that had started it all, of the man with the bent cock - and I had to apologise to her when I saw it, it really was bent. 'It may look odd but it was certainly effective. It got into some unusual places, with some quite dramatic results!' she said with a laugh.

As I continued to stare at it I tried to imagine what she meant and found the picture and the thoughts her comments had roused starting up a strangely exciting feeling inside me.

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