tagFetishSue Gets a Shave

Sue Gets a Shave


Sue or as we know her here as Aunt Gummy; was getting a bit hairy on her snatch. Her pussy looked like it had an afro.

I asked her if she wanted to shave her, but she was afraid that I would nick her pussy.

"How would that look at the ER?" She scowled at me.

Her being a nurse's aide there, she knew that it would all over damn hospital in no time. So I laid it to rest and went back to eating her sweet snatch.

But it got so bad one day that she told me to join her in the bathroom. She stood by the tub with a razor in one hand and can of shaving cream in the other.

"So's here's the deal Mister Man!" She said as if she was the Queen of the house. Which I have to admit at times she was.

"You be very careful when shaving me!" "Then when you are done I get to shave that shit you call hair." She pointed at my bulging crotch. I felt a lump in my throat as well as my shorts, and nodded. I managed to croak out a "Yes"

So we both stripped down to the buff and I joined her in the super sized tub. She lay in the tub, with her feet up on both sides of the tub rim. I pushed the button on top of the can and spread the lather on her hair pussy. The safety razor in one hand; my free hand protecting her pussy lips.

I ran the razor over skin next to her cunt. It took quite awhile to get all the hair off her pussy. Then I shaved the hair over her stomach which was quite thick as well. I left just enough hair on top that it made a little heart. The tip was a bit longer as I made it like it was a guide to her sweet snatch.

After I was done shaving her I ran my hand over her smooth snatch. My fingers ran over her pussy lips and I felt her wetness flowing from her cunt. I grabbed her clit and rolled it between my fingers.

She moaned and she started to buck against my hand,

"Oh Fuck oh YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed and squirted on my hand.

After she recovered she looked up at me

"That was fucking intense!" She smiled. "Now let's do you now!" She said and I detected an evil glint in her eyes"

I knew that she had had her hand in shaving a few balls at work. So I lay back and let her shave me. Her small hands felt nice holding my balls as she ran the razor over them. She was so delicate.

By the times that she was done there was not one stray hair on my cock and balls. She washed it off and then she started stroking me. My cock didn't even much time to get hard as this whole shaving business made my libido go nuts.

She moved her head down and took my golf ball sized nut sack in her mouth and sucked on them

"MMMM Smooth, me likey!" She said with a giggle mixed in.

Then her long tongue snaked up the underside of my shaft and flicked over where the head meets. That drives me up the frigging wall. I have blown my load quite a few times when she just her tongue dance over that sweet spot.

Soon she was twirling her tongue over my cock head and then sliding it in the pee slit a little.

Soon she was taking me all the way down in her throat. Her saliva coating my cock; her head bobbing up and down. Her fingers slide under me and she tickled my asshole.

She teased it as her head moved up and down faster and faster. The air escaping as she brought her head up almost off. A few times she went too far and it would make a loud "POP!"

Then she shoved it back in and her gums enveloped my hard shaft once more. It was as warm and soft as her sweet pussy.

I was soon fucking her face once more. I grabbed her head and started to spurting hot load into her mouth. She swallowed it all. She once told me that she loved sperm.

Loved feeling it inside her mouth, ass and pussy.

I kept pumping her mouth with my cum. "Sue you always surprise me!" I told her between breaths.

"Good honey I am glad that our sex life is never boring to you!" She smiled that toothless grin.

Now we have a weekly shave and a grand sex fest.

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