Sufferance Ch. 07


"That's it? What next?"

Curgia shook her head. She had no idea.

"She told you something important," I prompted, handing her the figurative spider's egg sac. "Her opinion about her son."

The merchant Noble had seemed to calm some during our exchange, and she gave my words some actual thought. Perhaps it was just that I was discussing something about which she had not even been able to whisper, and in frank language, too. Practical. Non-judging. I could wonder how anything might have been different for me if I'd been able to speak of my blood sister's abuse to another set of ears. Perhaps it would have depended more on who that other was.

She shuddered after a moment of thinking, however, perhaps remembering Wilsirathon's son mounting her. She shook her head. "I don't..."

I shrugged. "Either she will take the child once it's born, or she will end the pregnancy herself. Those are her choices. She won't leave it with you regardless."

This had clearly never occurred to the pregnant Drow. She would have to become much faster on the uptake to survive her next play for status, if she attempted one. However, I finally seemed to hit the catalyst and I could see her mind working as every Drow's did eventually.

"A gift from the Abyss, half divine through her," she whispered, and I nodded when she looked up at me. "He's magical, the...sire is."

I smiled wryly. Perhaps she wasn't entirely stupid. "Very. He's power to her. Any offspring would be, too."

The rate of the Noble's mind finally started reaching normal levels; her eyes brightened considerably. "She won't let me keep it? But I wanted...her help to end it."

"She knew you would before you ever took his seed."

At last it hit her on the head. "She'll give me what she was going to do anyway, but for a price."

I couldn't help chuckling. "Good. Pull your head out of your twat much sooner next time, before trying to dig your guts out through your birth canal."

She swallowed and made no action, no expression, no comment; she clearly did not know how to take an insult from a Red Sister except in silence.

I wasn't finished. "Now think, Curgia, what she might do if you do not ask her for help at all. If you carry as if you want it and have no plans to abort it."

Curgia was still a merchant deep down. "She'll make me an offer first."

"And if you respectfully decline the first offer?"

The despair that had been framing her eyes ever since the worship ball seemed at last to begin to melt away. She nodded her understanding; she had more power and her growing fetus had more value than she had been willing to consider.

"Easy to over-extend your reach, though," I warned her. "Were I you, I would give the Priestess exactly what she wants in the end. Just get something for it. If you defy her, you'll wind up dead or worse. It's only another year at most. You'll have the Consort much longer than that, if you don't kill or make yourself infertile first."

She nodded, her brief look of fear telling me she hadn't considered possibly scarring her womb, while it had been the first thing to cross my mind. I knew well how it could be done.

It also hadn't yet occurred to her to be suspicious of my generous advice, but it would occur to her later—that would be hers to wade through on her own. I'd already held her hand far too long down the path staring her in the face ever since she'd left Wilsirathon's presence with Kerse's wetness coating her thighs.

"Now you want from me, Red Sister?" she asked hesitantly.

I hadn't considered that yet. I had acted on the desire to see the game change from the direction it plainly had been going. I wanted to add an extra loop in Wilsirathon's plans just because I could. I still didn't like Priestesses and would never think highly of their nature, Kerse's mother in particular. I couldn't respect an older Drow who shared her son with others and then would get vengeful when he enjoyed another other than her.

Strong jealousy was rarely useful, in my opinion; it was like trying to stuff Time back into a bottle. More useful to move forward with the new interest and see what could be gained in exchange for what was lost or changed.

That Wilsirathon did not think, as far as I knew, to bargain with me on her son's interest made her weak in my eyes. No wonder Kerse had been prowling around on his own, if his only expectation for wanting someone other than his mother was to be denied and restricted further.

Nevermind of the volatile nature of demons, I already knew how most of any Drow-blood responded to that. If not for D'Shea's explicit orders against it, I might have considered playing with him. That would have been pure rebellion, shaking the dragon's nest and making obscene gestures the entire time: not smart, but undoubtedly satisfying.

"When it's time to repay me, you'll know," I said to Curgia now, smiling to show teeth.

The merchant nodded, accepting. "Whatever you wish, Red Sister, if I can grant it."

I enjoyed hearing that.

I waited until she looked away, distracted by her thoughts and the noises of the gardens and household, before stealing backward and away from her. It wasn't completely silent because she knew I was there; I just wouldn't turn my back on her while she was watching.

I was well-practiced at this point in getting out of the area unseen and slipped out in good time. I felt finished with my time here; it had been whole cycles since I'd been back to the Sisters' cloister with no summons from D'Shea.

Sometimes it felt good to choose my own time.


I stopped by Gaelan's quarters first, intending to get cleaned up and check my supplies before going to the stockrooms. My pallet was still here even if I often bedded down in several other places. I lit a low candle to more quickly check over my armor as I removed each piece.

I had filled a large bowl with warmed water, had disarmed, stripped, and was wiping myself down when Gaelan returned, standing at the open entrance. At a glance it looked as though she had come with a purpose, had sought me out; it wasn't our time overlapping by happenstance.

"Waiting for me?" I asked, continuing to scrub myself, dipping the thick cloth and wringing it out.

Her copper eyes trailed down me familiarly as they often did and she didn't speak at first. I tried to read her expression; all I could sense was that something specific was on her mind, and it had to do with my nudity. My ego might think that went without saying, but that didn't make me discard tension I didn't understand.

"What are you thinking?" I embraced the frank approach here; like with Jaunda, Gaelan and I had long passed the period of tap-and-dance in our conversation.

"That I'd like you to take me," she said with her arms folded, leaning against the doorway. It had a casualness that was a bit forced for how much tension rolled off her.

I smirked, feeling myself respond and thinking it a fine way to relax after the last few cycles alone in the field. My casual tone was not as forced. "If you like, Gaelan."

"I want it as I took you in the cave," she continued. "With your hips properly between my thighs."

I paused in wiping the cloth along my skin but didn't look at her. So that was it. Damn. I really should have known better.

When I didn't respond, she stepped in to slide the door closed behind her and came closer to me. Her eyes focused on my nipples, hard from the mild chill and the rubbing of the cloth, before looking up at my eyes.

"I know D'Shea initiated you," Gaelan murmured. "You've worn it now, you know what it's like. Why didn't you tell me?"

"I have reasons, and D'Shea didn't want it common knowledge yet." I gave her a look. "Have you been talking?"

Gaelan shook her head.

"How did you hear, then?"

"I didn't. I watched you. I've known something's changed over the past few weeks and the last time you awoke here with me, you stroked at a phallus that wasn't there. It was only briefly but I caught it."

I sighed inwardly; she'd also gotten me to confess without having certain knowledge of my "initiation." I knew that trick, I had even used it myself, so why had I fallen for it?

"It's been two weeks since we had some time alone," she said. "I want to lie under you, I want to feel how you fuck with it, now that you are allowed to wear it. You can borrow mine."

"Yours or D'Shea's?" I asked, mostly just to distract her.

"Mine, as of a few cycles ago. She said it's mine for the foreseeable future."

Interesting timing on D'Shea's part, I thought, awarding Gaelan with her own Feldeu for her service.

Gaelan removed her gloves and reached to slip her hand over my haunch, which was still damp from the cloth. She leaned to kiss the edge of my ear in the spot I liked, her hand sliding up to cup my breast, tweaking the nipple and making it harder.

My desire flared in my chest and between my legs as her soft mouth moved to nibble on my neck, even as my mind told me I couldn't give her what she wanted. Not yet. I could not trust myself.

Refusal, however, would only make her wonder, make her watch more closely. And if she figured out I had some revelation I wanted to hide until the right time?

Sadly, I didn't know when the right time was.

What would happen if I tried this with Gaelan? Should I prepare her anything? It would take so much explanation...

Gaelan's hand slid down my front and my belly and her familiar fingers slipped into the folds of my sex. I let her. I wanted her; I wanted the release. But I didn't know if I could give her what she wanted. It was why I hadn't even tried to get her to remove her weapons and clothing. As long as she was still dressed, I couldn't plunder her snatch and ream it loose using all the wild rage and lust of the Duergar imprint.

I sighed and considered I might rather accept her mounting me instead, even if it was in private where no other Sister would see Gaelan was still supposedly the dominant one between us. It would be preferable to what I might do otherwise, and I so wanted the sex.

"You're ready," she whispered lustily, withdrawing her hand to remove her dagger and short sword. "Sirana, I want you to use every hole I have. Make me sore."

"I always do," I murmured, watching as her belt and gloves were quickly set to the side. She removed her Feldeu from the secure compartment in her desk and placed it atop the flat surface, walking away from it.

I did nothing but watch as she stripped, my mind fogged with desire and still not certain what I was going to do. My basest want in that moment was only to see her naked.

I received more than that. She took her hair down completely, leaving it loose, and after she was fully unclothed, the purple tips of her breasts proudly pointed out, she got down on all fours on my pallet—not on her bed—and spread for me, arching her back. She smiled back at me over her shoulder.

Clearly submissive; clearly in heat. A new pussy I had not felt from the inside yet, and a tight, clutching backdoor that would yield to the pressure.

I saw a slick, versatile tongue snaked out from between dark, full lips. My lungs struggled to draw in enough breath as I felt a shiver pass through me. I looked at my sorted, folded uniform; I could gather it all up and leave right now. I owed her no explanation.

Her brow drew down some at my hesitation and she reached back to run the pads of her fingers over her sex, through her white thatch, showing me some of the pink between her folds.

"Do you need a fight first?" she asked.

I shook my head. "No."

That would definitely not be a good idea.

"Then put it on. I want to see it on you, like I wanted to see your reds." She began rubbing herself a little faster, seemingly pleased with the memory of her first time helping me dress in the reds. "I'm offering. Fuck me, Sirana, and take no demands from me."

Other than the demand of me providing the fuck in the first place.

I was breathing harder and I shifted my hips, feeling hyper-sensitive netherlips brush against my inner thighs. We both wanted me to fulfill that demand.

I looked from her oozing well of desire to the pole I would use to enter it. "I am not well-practiced, Gaelan. I could cause pain or be clumsy."

I could give her that much warning.

"So be it."

I raised a brow at the short response but she only looked impatient, still presenting her backside to me, now shifting her weight on her knees. She did not like being idle for long. Few Sisters did.

My hand shook a little as I reached for the smaller, still-so-familiar Feldeu on the desk. It did cross my mind to think what D'Shea might want me to do. She had never explicitly forbidden this.

I could justify it. I would test my control. It would be practice.

It would feel so good. I wouldn't be frustrated. My cunt wouldn't be empty as she felt the pleasure of being filled.

I could focus on my own pleasure first; my Sister had said so.

I blinked and became aware that I had moved to my pallet; I was standing near to her head and was rubbing the bulb of the attaching end of the Feldeu against my sex, quickly slickening up the surface. I felt a magical tingle over my sensitive flesh at the contact and my channel pulsed hungrily, knowing what to expect.

Gaelan's large, copper eyes looked up expectantly, her desire clear on her face. She never looked away and at the moment I pressed more of the bulb inside, my body stretching so willingly around it, she murmured the command word that completed the connection.

My knees weakened considerably as I felt the Feldeu seat itself fully and bond with me. I sank down on the pallet, shuddering and gasping at the even fiercer hunger that radiated from my gut, my hands holding the stiff, life-like flesh at first, but I let go after the sizzle of sensation almost hurt.

"Ohhh," Gaelan cooed, enraptured at whatever she was seeing on my face. She crawled forward to put her face in my lap and I felt her tongue flick out and caress me.

"D-don't—" I gasped, my hands shaking badly as I tried to grab her loose hair, to pull her off of me. I missed and next felt her mouth engulf my turgid rod completely.

I had no control of the sounds I was making as she worked her mouth on me; I could barely brace myself on her shoulders, digging my fingers into her flesh. I could say she was in greater practice than D'Shea, and her talent kept me helpless on my knees as I stared unseeing toward the ceiling.

She accepted the thrusts I made with my hips, pushing deeper into her throat periodically, where it got tighter for an instant, and when she would swallow against it or gag, all I could think was, "Different."

Nowhere else I'd ever plunged this pole felt quite like that. D'Shea had performed some brief oral, I thought, but not like this. Or if she had, I didn't remember it. Now I knew how Callitro had felt, clinging to that rope hung from the ceiling with me kneeling before him.

I was still myself, so far.

"Don't stop," I whispered.

She didn't; she continued and I came quickly, pushing the head just a little farther down her throat. A sharp cry escaped me as bright lights seemed to explode behind my eyes and I shuddered. The right side of my head began to ache suddenly; it felt like obsidian slivers being inserted at shallow angles into my brain, and I started pushing at Gaelan's shoulders.

"," I demanded hoarsely through gritted teeth, my eyes closed tightly.

Gaelan took her mouth off me and shifted backward enough that I knew she was studying my face. Her tone was cautious and wary.

"What's wrong, Sirana?"

It was the Duergar impulses again; they were fighting to rise to the surface. I was fairly sure that was what I was feeling, though the head pain was new. It felt different this time; my first desire was not to attack, to hurt, to draw blood. I kept my eyes closed and could smell Gaelan's skin and her sex so clearly. Before, I clearly remembered a brief surge of dislike for the scent: *ChiDrowen guinelk.*

Trickster Drow in heat. Mistrust. Distaste. Hate.

Now the thought was still there, but my personal enjoyment of the scent remained. Warm. Spicy. Beautiful.

My arousal did not change and I hadn't blacked out yet. I had just climaxed—a rather painful one, I had to admit—but I was still erect and aware of my bedmate. I was still myself while I could also feel the impulses that were still strange, still not me.

*Bentich kor...ulbar ich kor...*

I knew what that meant. She wouldn't fight me; she wouldn't attempt to dominate me. Unlike D'Shea the Elder, Gaelan was mine. I knew it. He knew it. We agreed on it.

There was no conflict. After a few deep breaths, the pain subsided.

My eyes opened as I took Gaelan by her underarms and lifted her up. Her eyes went wide as I continued pushing her backward, but quickly she understood and scrambled to get her legs out from beneath her to sit on her backside. I was already between her legs and my knees pushed her thighs wider as my hands pressed her shoulders.

"On your back," I growled, my lust coming through with surprisingly little threat.

Gaelan obeyed, settling back with her breasts flattening against her chest a little, her hands even with her shoulders and turned palm up. They remained where they were as I kneeled upright between her open legs. I took the Feldeu in three fingers of my left hand and guided it to the slick entrance of her body, pressing inside greedily. Her mouth opened in a gasp, and I groaned as I felt the incredible warmth that surrounded me.

She didn't reach for me as I started to fuck her in earnest. Like Auslan, she was keeping her hands where I could always see them. I watched the fingers at times as they were very expressive in showing me when I'd hit the right angle or speed inside her.

Wanting to get in deeper, I pulled her strong, toned legs up vertical so her calves rested on my shoulders. Her bottom rose slightly off the pallet and her body folded more as I leaned forward, as I braced my fists near her waist and started moving instinctively, thrusting in and out.

Oh, Lolth, the pleasure...!

It lasted a long time for me; we seemed in no hurry to finish and after I'd taken a great helping of my own pleasure, I started mimicking the techniques I had used on Gaelan before, while applying the Feldeu manually. I attempted to meld them with what I was doing now, with only mild success. It was so different.

Eventually I could focus on her face again. I could believe Gaelan was behaving now as I had been in the cave. She needed to be fucked; she didn't care about anything else; she didn't want to fight or to resist. She laid back and let me take her as I wanted, so long as I did.

She liked what I was doing. Small climaxes rippled through her a couple times, but she was subtle about it, as if she didn't want to distract me. She never said my name, and she only murmured encouragement in wordless sounds. Her hands made the occasional affirmative gesture, silent and probably more reflex than conscious thought.

She'd grown much more slick and when I realized my thrusts had become a bit mechanical, that was when I decided I wanted her back portal. I wanted her face down and ass up. I pulled out.

"Turn over. On knees and elbows."

Gaelan not only obliged but did so with a suppressed squeak of delight.

I slapped her haunch. "I heard that."

She chuckled.

Her crack was already wetted from our coupling thus far, and she didn't ask for any special lubricant; she remained submissive to my whim and will. I used a combination of my saliva and more of her own wetness to prepare both her ring and my phallus. I did not use my fingers on her; we had both been well-trained and I knew her netherhole yielded readily to steady, slow pressure—no pre-stretching required.

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