tagLoving WivesSugar and Her Father-in-law

Sugar and Her Father-in-law


Dulcinea "Sugar" Garcia awoke from a fitful sleep, with her carnal needs not even close to having been satisfied. She glared at her husband, who was lying beside her, sound asleep and snoring loudly, and silently called him some vile names in Spanish. Although she is bilingual, that is her native language, and Sugar knows all the worst of some really nasty things to call people. She used a substantial part of her vocabulary as she lay in bed early that morning, but he remained asleep, and would not have heard her even if she had said them aloud.

It wasn't his snoring that bothered her; she was being driven up the wall by his refusal to attend to her sexual needs. Sugar is a very sensuous woman. Before her marriage to Ricardo, she had enjoyed all forms of sex with men, and even a few women. She is not a lesbian or even bisexual; she just loves sex, and what she loves more than anything is having her pussy caressed by the agile tongue of either a woman or a man until she is brought to a thunderous orgasm.

Before their wedding, Ricardo had gone down on her body a few times, rather inexpertly, but well enough to bring her to a climax each time. Sugar expected her bridegroom to continue giving her pleasure in her favorite way and to improve his technique after their nuptials, but that had not happened. From their wedding night on, he had absolutely refused to touch her with his mouth anywhere below the waist, only occasionally kissing a breast and nowhere else above that line of demarcation. The lack of what she craved was what kept her from having a truly satisfying sex life and from getting the full night's sleep she wanted and really needed.

Later that morning, after her well-rested husband had gone to work, Sugar Garcia decided to do something about his inconsiderate attitude. She thought of him as being selfish because of his absolute refusal to satisfy her in bed, even though she did everything he wanted, which was one of the reasons he slept so soundly. There were other men, she knew, who would do what she needed, and she believed one of them lived right down the street.

Ricardo Garcia Senior, the father of her spouse, had a multitude of beautiful young women who loved and adored what he did for them, and Sugar knew, from asking some of them, he was an expert at eating their pussies. Although sixty years old and retired, her father-in-law was still a vigorous, desirable man, and Sugar decided she would call on him that day while his son was at work. What she wanted was to get his face between her thighs and his tongue in the needy, wet place where it would do her the most good. If he wanted to fuck her after that, it would be more than alright with her. The mere thought of his tongue and cock in her pussy was enough to start her lubricating.

Determined to get what she deserved and needed, she picked up the telephone and called him. "Hello, Ricardo. This is Sugar, and I want to come to see you and ask you to do something for me."

"Of course. C'mon down. You know I'll do anything for a sexy girl like you. My wife is out visiting her mother today and tomorrow, so there won't be anybody around to keep us from doing what you want."

Sugar was very glad to hear that and, from what had been said, wondered if Ricardo Senior already knew what she wanted. "Alright. I'll be there in about an hour." That would give her time to carefully bathe and apply some cologne. It would help in the seduction she planned, but she knew better than to put it near her pussy, because Sugar was aware the natural scent of that part of her body was, by far, more alluring to men than anything artificial she might want to add.

Her father-in-law had been speaking only partly in jest. He believed she was interested in him, because some of the young women he serviced sexually had told him of her curiosity, and he hoped to add the gorgeous and sexy Sugar to his long list of regular bed partners. He would not be deterred by the fact she was married to his son. At the same time, if her request had nothing at all to do with sex, he would just claim to have been joking, and he would probably do what she wanted, because he was very fond of the young hotty, besides being so taken by her beauty

When he answered the door of his home in response to Sugar knocking, he was extremely happy to see her and let her in, because she was dressed in a more provocative manner than he had ever seen her. She was wearing a short, tight skirt and a low cut blouse and, from the way her breasts moved, he was certain she was wearing only a very skimpy bra, and maybe not even that. Although tempted, he did not use his hands to determine if he was right or not, being fairly sure he would know in a few minutes anyhow. Besides her sumptuous body, she has a truly beautiful face, with a clear, light tan complexion, a great cloud of shiny black hair and striking facial features, especially her smoldering dark eyes.

"Come in, you sweet thing," he welcomed her, followed by hugging and kissing the red lips she turned to him, and leading her to the family room.

Sugar followed, although the bedroom was where she would have rather gone. Her host was not particularly handsome, but he was in excellent physical condition, slender and broad-shouldered, with a bushy beard and mustache, which his female friends all said felt great on their swollen clits and pussy lips. She hoped to find out for herself that morning and afternoon.

They sat on a small sofa, and Ricardo turned to the young hotty and asked "What's on your mind, Sugar?" As he spoke, he placed his hand on her bare knee and gave an affectionate light squeeze.

She made no attempt to push the hand away, and even made it more welcome by pulling her skirt higher up on her thighs. "Ricardo, I notice you have a lot of girl friends, some of them young enough to be your daughters. Or even your daughter-in-law."

"Yes, I do," he replied, elated at the direction her visit was taking. "I must have something they like, or do something." As he spoke, he moved closer, and his hand crept up to the middle of Sugar's thigh.

She smiled and spread her legs slightly, as if to give the questing hand more freedom to go where it wanted, which was the same place she wanted it to go. "I was hoping I could find out what it was they like so much. Especially if it's something you do."

"I think it would be better for me to show you rather than telling you." By that time, his hand was on the inside of her thigh, less than an inch from the crotch of Sugar's panties, and he was smiling eagerly.

She smiled back just as eagerly, raised her ass from the sofa and hiked up her skirt so it was bunched around her waist, showing off her snug red panties. "Can you show it to me here?"

"I could, but the bedroom is a much better place."

"Well then, let's go there, instead of sitting here talking about it." Sugar stood up but still held her skirt high to show off the cameltoe and the small but spreading stain in the crotch of her panties.

Ricardo escorted his horny visitor to the bedroom he usually shared with his wife, happy she was going to be away overnight. He was glad he had changed the sheets after Sugar's call, in the expectation his hunch would be right, as it obviously was. When they stopped in front of the bed, he stepped behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders, before moving them around her body and cupping her luscious breasts. That was something he had wanted to do from the time he first met the sexy young woman who later became his daughter-in-law.

However, fondling her breasts was only a small part of what he wanted to do, so he pulled the blouse from her short skirt and began to unfasten the buttons. She turned to face him and started to do the same to his shirt, but he finished first and she turned around to let him pull her blouse all the way off, besides unhooking her bra. Wanting to tease, just a little, Sugar held the cups in place over her breasts when she turned to face Ricardo, before pulling it all the way off and moving her body so her succulent bosom would bounce enticingly in front of him.

He had always known her breasts were beautiful, but he could hardly believe just how succulent they really were. Raptly, he cupped either of the lovely orbs in a hand and bent down to lick one of her dark brown nipples. They were already hard, and Ricardo could even feel all the tiny erect ridges and the pebbly texture of the young woman's areola against his tongue.

Ripples of pleasure coursed through Sugar's body, and she cooed happily and started squirming under the ministrations of the older man. It felt even better when he transferred his attentions to the other nipple. "Oooo, that feels good," she told Ricardo. "Why didn't you teach your son how to please a woman?"

He raised his head, but only briefly, to answer her question. "He's too dumb to know what's fun, either for himself or for you." Having answered her question, his mouth returned to the activity he and Sugar both much preferred.

"That already feels wonderful," she told him. "But it'll be a lot better if we're lying down."

Having made that obvious suggestion, she removed her skirt and lay on her back with a pillow under her head, naked except for her panties, and held her breasts in place for more oral attentions. Ricardo took his shirt the rest of the way off and joined her, his tongue immediately resuming what it had been doing to Sugar's erect nipples.

For several minutes, his mouth alternated between the luscious breasts of his daughter-in-law, while her movements under him grew more strenuous. Some of the time, he caressed her whole nipple and areola with broad strokes of his tongue, and sometimes he used just the tip. Sugar was sighing and cooing happily, especially when he drew one of her breasts into his mouth and started to suck on her soft brown flesh. While the delightful globes were engulfed by his mouth, his tongue continued to lick where it was doing the most good.

He was immensely enjoying what he was doing, as was Sugar, but the truly delectable aroma of her pussy was luring him to go lower on her body. Avidly, he licked and kissed and nuzzled his way down her soft belly until he reached her pubic hair. He kissed her Mount of Venus and slid off the bed, to get back on at the foot and approach Sugar on his knees. She was still wearing her panties, with a big, wet area in the crotch from her copious juices, and that was the aroma calling him forward. Ricardo reached out, hooked his fingers in the waistband and started to tug on that final garment. Sugar grinned and lifted her ass from the bed so he could pull them down and off around her feet, leaving her totally naked, just as they both wanted her to be.

He had never seen her nude before, and Ricardo had fantasized about what Sugar's pussy would look like. She has a heavy, black bush of pubic hair, which delighted him, because he loves naturalness in the pussies he eats or fucks. The skin surrounding the curly hair was a soft tan like her face, and her dripping slit, with her inner lips blossoming through, was a lovely soft pink. In his life, he had seen many alluring pussies, and one of the most beautiful was at the apex of Sugar's thighs.

Still on his knees, Ricardo moved in closer and leaned forward so she could raise her legs and rest them on his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and leaned forward so his face was inches above her gorgeous pussy and breathed in deeply. The aroma was incredible and, when he tasted some of the fresh juices, their flavor was even more delectable. This would be one of the greatest sexual adventures of his life, and he continued it by licking off the juices which had spattered on Sugar's sexy, plump legs. Her skin was soft and smooth and warm and, of all his senses being favored by her pussy, the sense of touch was being pleased the most.

Sugar was squirming under his ministrations as he licked all the fresh juices from her crotch and started on an outer lip. Her black hair was thick, but it felt delightful against his tongue, and he took a long time licking everything up to her soft mons, which he kissed. Her joyful movements had evolved to writhing under his face, and her blissful cooing was music to Ricardo's ears. As he had always believed it would be, eating Sugar's pussy was a treat to all his senses. After pleasing his taste buds again with the juices which were flowing heavily from her, he started licking her other outer lip.

She felt as she were in Paradise when this one got the same treatment from Ricardo as he had provided the first. Waves of pleasure swept back and forth over Sugar's body as his clever tongue slowly caressed her all the way to her mons again, and he raised his face, smeared with her juices, and grinned. She smiled back; Ricardo winked and lowered his face again. Seconds later, Sugar felt his tongue mopping up the fresh juices she knew she had produced, and this was followed by his starting to apply his tongue to an inner and outer lip. He started at a very sensitive place -- the tiny, ultra smooth and soft area between the origins of the two labia.

When he finished that small area, he began licking between the two lips, his tongue simultaneously pleasuring both the inner and the outer. She saw him tilt his head so he could probe his tongue into the seam and take a long, highly satisfying time with what he was doing. Over and over, the pleasuring organ stroked the most sensitive parts of her pussy, sending solid streams of bliss to inundate her body. This was what she loved and had missed ever since her marriage, but Sugar vowed she would never do without it again, as long as there were men willing and available.

As fabulous a time as she was having that morning, her father-in-law may have been having even more fun. He loves eating pussy, and a truly memorable one, such as the one starting to thrust up against his face, can fill him with delight and, the more time he spends on it, the better it is for him. Very slowly, licking every square millimeter of Sugar's pussy lips many times over, his tongue wandered all the way to where her clit had pushed its way out from under its hood. With the utmost delicacy, not wanting his partner to cum too soon, he caressed the little cutie with his tongue.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she whimpered happily, and her pussy began to fuck harder up against the mouth that was providing such exquisite pleasure.

By that time, Sugar's head was rolling from side to side on her pillow, while she bucked and thrashed on the bed. She didn't see her father-in-law's face when he raised it to look at her, but he smiled with delight at her reactions. Once more, his mouth returned to her dripping pink hole and devoured all the fresh juices before starting to treat the other inner and outer lips as he had done the first pair of labia.

Taking his time and truly relishing every second and every stroke of his tongue, Ricardo licked between Sugar's pussy lips until he reached the end of the inner one. Once again, he raised his head, but not for very long. His daughter-in-law was thrashing all over the bed and her thighs had turned partly outward, fully presenting her pussy to him. She was as sexually excited as she was going to get, and it was time to take her clit into his mouth and suck until she achieved her orgasm.

He opened his mouth wide and enveloped the precious morsel, his lips forming a seal at the base. As he sucked, his mouth and cheeks acting as a bellows, his tongue caressed the swollen top and sides of her clit. Sugar's movements were even more strenuous and erratic as she reacted to the extreme sensations her body was receiving, until she joyously cried out she was cumming.

"Oh, god! Oh, god! Keep sucking my clit! I'm cumming!" she crooned.

Reflexively, Sugar clamped her thighs onto the temples of the man who was giving her such excruciating pleasure, and her hands buried themselves in the hair on the back of his head to press her face even more closely against her pussy. She bounced up and down on her succulent ass, ramming her pussy against his face and swinging her legs from side to side while she begged Ricardo to keep sucking her clit. Such an entreaty was unnecessary; he had no thought of leaving a pussy as outstanding as the one plastered against his face. He clung to her thighs to keep from being thrown off the bed by her strenuous movements and continued sucking and licking her clit.

When Sugar climaxed, all her muscles clenched momentarily; her wet pussy rammed into Ricardo's face for an ultimate time, and she cried out in ecstasy. After her orgasm, she totally relaxed, releasing the grips her legs and hands had on his head and sprawling under him. He moved his face back, but for less than a second, because he wanted to feast on all the delicious juices her pussy had just secreted. Ricardo licked the delicious treat from Sugar's soft thighs, crotch and lips and everywhere else they had spattered, but he left them in the pink hole that had produced them. When his tongue had sluiced up everything he was going to allow himself, he moved back again, this time letting her legs fall from his shoulders.

Ricardo's cock was harder than the wooden headboard of the bed, which was to be expected after such an erotic experience as eating a pussy as fabulous as that of Sugar Garcia. He needed to fuck, which was why he declined to eat the juices inside her pussy, which would be needed for their natural function of lubrication. He got off the bed, took a condom from his pants pocket before removing them and his underwear, and rolled it onto his raging erection. When he was ready for fucking, Ricardo got back onto the bed to kneel again between Sugar's legs, which were still sprawled where he had let them drop. Ricardo smiled at the sight of her face, which was a mask of delight, her eyes closed and her lips parted in a smile of absolute bliss.

When she felt the bed moving, Sugar opened her eyes and gazed at the sight in front of her. "That was fantastic, Ricardo. I don't think I've ever cum like that." When she saw the stiff cock aimed at her, she grinned lewdly and reached her hands between her thighs to spread her pussy lips. "I hope your cock can do me even half as well."

"You've got such a great pussy. Any man that doesn't want to eat you out is either gay or some kind of pervert. I just hope I did you justice before and that I can do it again."

Ricardo moved in closer and leaned forward, supporting his weight on one hand he placed on the bed, while guiding his cock with the other. Still holding her pussy lips open, Sugar raised her legs and spread them farther apart to accommodate the big man who was moving in between them. When she felt the tip of his cock between her fingers, she centered it in the pink hole where it belonged and moved it around to spread the wetness. There was a plethora of that, from what had been left in her pussy and what she had secreted in eager anticipation of what was about to happen.

"Give it to me, Ricardo. Right here," she urged him.

He needed no further invitation, and thrust forward, feeling the head of his cock wedge between Sugar's fingers and against the soft edges of her wet pink hole. He had barely started and, already, he knew his cock was going to be in one of the most wonderful places of its extensive experience.

Sugar also had a fair amount of experience, at least before her marriage and, after the second stroke, which drove two inches of stiff cock into her, she had a similar thought. She realized her pussy was receiving one of the best ever of the many hard cylinders, real and plastic, that had been made welcome there. When she felt Ricardo's cock surging into her for the third time, she spread her thighs wider to allow an additional fraction of an inch of penetration and thrust back to meet him. This time, he drove the entire length into her, and their two bodies came together with a satisfying wet sound, accompanied by matching sounds of joy.

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