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Sugar Daddy


There is no sex in this little exposition. It is just me venting a little about what may or may not be happening between my wife and another man.


When my wife and I first met, she was a sexual dynamo. At first she was afraid to tell me all about her sexual history. She was afraid of how I would react to it, although in all honesty I always assumed that I had been more of an old perv than she could ever have been a dirty slut. As it turns out, the answers to those questions were more complicated than I expected.

One of her closest friends was a woman who, it turns out, had been intimate with my wife in a MWW session with a prior boyfriend. There had also been a MMW experience with that guy, and a bunch of other rather steamy incidents. That relationship ended badly. The guy who had been with her at that time had pressured her into those things, and he had been cheating on her on the side as well. In my mind, it was hiss loss, my gain. I loved her from the moment I first met her. Although I would enjoy any or all of the above mentioned situations, I am extremely cautious about bringing them up to her. I had tried to do so at one point, and she began to think that I was going to be like her ex. Her fear got the better of her, and when she told me I was being like him, I decided to let the subject drop forever.

However, she knew how I felt. And she likes to stir shit and push buttons from time to time. She asked me once, flat out, if it would be Ok with me if she had a girl-girl weekend with her one-time lover. I flat-out told her that it would be more than fine, that I would be very turned on if she were to do so. I think that she decided that that idea wouldn't get under my skin enough. I had also told her once that I had a fantasy of watching her get fucked by another guy. She had shut me down at that point. She made it clear in no uncertain terms that she was not going to go down that road. However, lately she has been teasing me. She started asking me if she could get a sugar daddy. It was a joking request I am sure, but she did not seem to realize how close to home the request actually hit me.

There are a couple of points that I should clarify. First, our income is limited, but she works in the financial world surrounded by guys with a lot of money. We are chronically short of cash for home repairs or other expenses. She drives my cheap economy car to work and parks it next to Mercedes and BMWs. Her boss spends money like water, and since she is the junior staffer, her co-workers make much more than she does.

In the past few months, her business has been growing. It has required later hours from her, she has upcoming overnight assignments out-of-town, and she has virtually cut me off in the bedroom. Each of these things, taken separately, is innocuous. However, one of the rich guys at work constantly complains of his wife, to mine, and enjoys bragging to her about how he "used to be a playboy, a ladies' man". For quite a while she would laughingly tell me all of this. Lately, she has not talked about him very much at all.

Tonight we talked about the "sugar daddy" idea again. She likes to bring it up to mess with me, to push my buttons and see how I will react. She promised that if she had a sugar daddy, that he wouldn't get any more nookie then I would. I told her "Oh, well that is OK then." Then I told her that if she got a sugar daddy, that I would get a girlfriend. Her response to that was that, as long as it was a sugar momma, it was OK with her.

Back in reality, I don't actually think that she would do this. I don't think that my wife would fuck another man, be it for love or money. And the truth is that I'd never find a sugar momma. Sure, I could probably find a girl to fuck if I looked, just as she could probably find any number of guys who would fuck her till the cows came home, but it just isn't happening.

The problem as I see it is two-fold: One, Although I don't THINK that she would do this, all of the above reasons for suspicions are true. And Two: Although I am turned on by the fantasy, the thought of this happening in reality frightens me. The thought of another woman eating my wife's pussy thrills me. The idea of watching another man or woman making love to my wife with me as a participant turns me on a great deal. The idea of her fucking another guy without me, or in secret, fills my heart with lead. Although, if it should happen and she wants to stay with me... well, we will just have to see...

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by Anonymous10/07/17

Too Short

More story makes for more loyal fans.

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