tagErotic Poetrysuggestions for erections

suggestions for erections


when it comes to pleasing you baby
i'm open to any suggestion
i'll do whatever it takes
to help you maintain an erection
i'd wear skimpy clothes
that cling to my body
and even let you use me
as your personal potty
you could gag my mouth
and tape my titties together
or take a different approach
just tickling my body with a feather
you can watch me masturbate
as i make myself cum
it's all up to you
i can be your princess or scum
how do you like it
what are you in the mood for
want to pretend i'm an innocent virgin
or a dirty little whore
tell me how you want it
i won't think you're sick
which position do you want me in
go ahead and take your pick
would you like to see me
in a "g" string and a pair of high heels
and just touch me all over
so you can see how smooth i feel
do you want a blow job
that lasts for an hour
do you want to get butt naked
and fuck in the shower
what gives you a boner,
a woody, a stiffy
you need to be sure
you can't be iffy
i'm a generous lover
i'll fuck you 'til i hurt
but the pain will be well worth it
'cause i'll get to make you squirt

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