tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSuki & Toki's New Slave Dog Ch. 02

Suki & Toki's New Slave Dog Ch. 02


Suki & Toki's new slave dog Ch.2

chapter 2 – Breaking their dog slave

i. Reflections and memories

I lay in our large bed, tossing and turning.

My restlessness caused me to doze for a few minutes, wake up, and then doze again.

An over active brain occupied with thoughts about our new slave dog, currently in bondage and sedated in the cellar. Some small measure of worry for my beautiful lover Toki, engaged on her night errand, burgling the ex professor- now our slave dog's, apartment; removing any evidence of a link between us.

As I lay awake, it seemed natural to be excited and sexually aroused at the thought of starting our new slave dog's breaking and re-conditioning. It would set the proper obedient foundations for a changed existence. Our new slave would learn all about pain and humiliation; my beautiful girlfriend Toki and I would be its teachers.

There were bound to be tears at first, but they would not be our tears. Any sobbing and weeping from slave dog would be irrelevant to our objective of producing a totally servile slave.

We would not be kind to our new dog; part of the thrill of having such a slave to serve us is the pussy dripping delicious fun; to be sooooooooo cruel.

I wondered if slave dog was awake yet, it was still very early in the morning. I tried to picture its pure terror at waking up in total darkness, suspended from the top of its cage, securely tethered and the smallest fraction of movement serving to pull and tighten the leash around its neck. Would it scream for rescue at the un-responding cellar walls, through the ball gag that I had securely placed in its mouth or would it sob in disbelief that such things could happen to a respectable English professor.

While lost in my thoughts, a hand had drifted down to my pussy; gently massaging my clit.

The status of slave dog's life would drastically change, correction, it would have no life in the accepted sense. Its existence would be total servile obedience, serving at our beck & call.It would be subject to our cruel whims and the extravagant demands upon its mouth and tongue.

Both Toki and I were both eager to have another slave dog about the house. We both missed the opportunity of abusing at a whim and when the mood took us.

After we had completely broken its will and all previous aspects of its life had been conditioned out. It would happily accept its new slave doggy role and wag its false tail, as it begged to be used by us.

We would tread carefully at first to gauge its level of subservience in the new scheme of things. If things progressed well, both of us could watch its humanity vanish; only to be replaced by doggy obedience.

Pain and reward would form the major part of our strategy, and just like Pavlov's dog's it would soon be scrambling to carry out our every instruction; regardless of any deep seated distaste at the specifics of that instruction that may have been planted in its mind by conditioning and standards from its previous life, now gone forever.

I giggled silently at this and continued to stimulate my clit; thinking of the human toilet equipment in the cellar. It was all ready to be connected to an appropriate slave, efficient waste disposal and even self cleaning, some motivation required of course.

Toki was particularly keen that slave dog should quickly assume the role of our piss and shit slave. It was a big turn on for her, especially if the slave begged to be used in that way.

Now I was giggling even more at the thought of this once self important English professor, reduced to our subservient dog, begging us to use its mouth for our wastes; its pathetic little cock straining against its chastity device, as it tried to become erect at the mere thought of us letting it consume our shit and piss.

Yes all in good time, but Rome wasn't built in a day; although we were not prepared to wait for another empire to be built.

My thoughts turned to Toki again and the hope that she would quickly return to my arms.

Toki had really liked to use our previous slave dog. One of her favourite little games involved pussy & arse worship, accompanied by punishment, topped off with a large helping of her shit and piss.

She had adapted a normal wooden chair so that there was a cut out section in the seat. Their leather masked naked slave would be positioned under the chair so that its face could be fitted into the cut out section.

The slave was then placed in restraints, with its head tightly secured so that its face became an extension of the chair. Leashes were then attached to rings on the sides and top of the mask so that that slaves head and especially its mouth and tongue could be pulled upwards.

Toki would install the slave under the chair for a long session of oral worship.

She would pull open the zipper on the slave's mask and issue her instructions.


The slave would be required to snake its tongue into her pussy or arse. She would keep its tongue working for a couple of hours at a set pace which she strictly maintained. If the slaves tongue showed the slightest sign of flagging its balls were shocked as an incentive to keep licking at the required pace. I've known Toki have twenty to thirty orgasms using an oral slave this way, and since she liked to squirt; the slave was required to swallow mouthfuls of her delicious pussy juice.

Sometimes she would fit a double dildo gag into the slave's mouth, using that to get off rather than its tongue. A high work rate from the slave was still required; it would have to ensure that the dildo was in constant motion by pushing its head forward and up at all the times; so that Toki could squeal with pleasure.

In the second part of the session Toki would use a large ring to fully extend slave dog's mouth open; a large funnel was then fitted into the ring so that its mouth could receive her shit & piss.

After it had chewed and swallowed all of her waste; she would hose its mouth out; before resuming her seat on its face so that her arse and pussy could be licked clean.

It always excited me so much to watch my beautiful darling using slave dog like this, my pussy flooded with juices in response. I knew that when she'd finished with its mouth and tongue; then it would be my turn to use its slave face and that Toki would stick her tongue down my throat or suck my nipples as our servile slave dog continued to lap my pussy or arse hole.

My thoughts turned once again to our new slave dog. If it showed an appropriate subservient attitude and learned quickly, then it's existence would be a lot easier to bear. We would still be cruel towards it, we were unable to change that; it was part of our nature. But we could also be merciful as well and reward it with treats, like being allowed out of chastity to stroke its cock, while sucking our pretty toes.

But if it was stubborn and refused to cooperate, learn or made too many mistakes. Then that would be quite a different matter; harsh measures would then have to be used. The cruellest part of her rather hoped that the latter would be the case; much more fun and sooooo super delicious.

That memory of the past, and how we'd used our previous mark one slave dog's mouth as a human toilet had made my pussy so wet, that the bed sheet now sported a large damp patch. I would get Pop-Pop to change the bed later.

Our sexy eighteen year old slave girl/maid Pop-Pop, would be returning this morning after a two day absence on family business in the north of Japan.

Pop-Pop has been with us for over two years and she has a cruel streak that mirrors our own.

Toki had recruited her from the internet where she'd advertised herself as a submissive slave/maid seeking to serve a young gay female couple. We used her for general household duties and her talented super pussy licking skills.

Both of us liked using our strap-on to screw Pop-Pop in her pussy or up her arse; she always cried out for mercy when we did, begging us to stop, but actually meaning - please do it harder. We treated Pop-Pop well and she had a very easy life with us when compared to how we treated our previous slave dog.

Although Pop-Pop was submissive to us, she liked nothing better than dominating men, especially servile slave dogs.

I expected that with the arrival of our new slave, she would probably be such a good little girl over the next few days, and even more submissive to us than normal. This would get her into our good books so that she could ask to receive a piece of slave dog for her own personal use.

We both approved of Pop-Pop playing a role in the domination & humiliation of slave dog; after all, although a slave herself, she was female, and therefore on a much higher level in the hierarchy. Where women were supreme beings, most men tolerated, and slave dogs – to be treated like shit.

Using our slave maid in the role of reserve tormentor meant that we could enhance slave dog's humiliation; it also served as a reward system to keep Pop-Pop happy, keen & mean. We could also give her the task of instructing slave dog in some of the more onerous domestic tasks that we would be requiring it to perform to enhance its servility; for example toilet cleaning.

Our previous mark 1 slave dog had been required to clean the toilets with a toilet brush fixed to its forehead, and then finish off with its tongue to ensure that it everything was spotless. Pop-Pop had supervised this operation, and took great delight in improving the slave's efficiency by shocking its balls, and giving it even more extra incentive with her black spiked high heel shoes, a perfect match with her maids uniform; in the back of its neck; so that its head was pushed right into the toilet bowl.

As a reward, Pop-Pop had sometimes been allowed to use our previous slave dog for her own pleasure and amusement.

Slave dog mark 1 had been in terror of Pop-Pop and would whimper and sometimes piss itself when it found out that it was being given to her. I remembered one occasion when we had spontaneously allowed her the use of it.

It had been about 7.0pm and I'd been sitting with Toki on the large leather sofa in the lounge. We were all naked and I'd been gently tracing my tongue over Toki's nipples just the way she liked it, as it really turned her on. Pop-Pop had her face buried between Toki's thighs, eating her out. Our slave dog was at our feet with Toki's pretty foot mostly down its throat while it tried not to gag, and using its tongue to lick her heel, as instructed.

All three of us girls had been drinking wine, and were slightly tipsy. Slave dog had to make do with a large doggy bowl of Toki's pee, with a stern warning from her of the consequences if it didn't finish every last drop.

Toki convulsed and moaned as a huge orgasm took her, tightly gripping Pop-Pop's head to prevent her pulling away and removing her pleasing tongue. I glanced down at slave dog. It was licking Toki's heel even faster as in the throes of her ecstasy, she'd increased the pressure of her foot into its mouth.

The evening progressed pleasantly with more orgasms for myself and Toki, courtesy of Pop-Pop's skilful tongue; we even let slave dog suck Pop-Pop's pretty little toes, with their black toe nail varnish.

I could see that Pop-Pop was looking horny and would probably melt if Toki or I placed our tongues or our fingers into her tight hot wet pussy. That wasn't going to happen though; my tongue & fingers were only for Toki, and vice versa.

It was part of Pop-Pop's slavery arrangement, meaning that we would never ease her sexual frustration and get her off. She was of course frequently required to satisfy us.

We used this against her to make her more compliant to us, and she knew that we would give her rewards if she was a good girl. Slave dog was a convenient reward.

With all of her red hot pent up sexual tension, cruel nature towards men, especially servile dogs who were not fit to lick shit off her feet; slave dog was always given a very hard time as Pop-Pop's temporary slave.

Pop-Pop was taking a ten minute breather from exercising her naughty tongue, that a short time ago had made both of us scream the house down in ecstasy. She beamed a large smile as I leaned over and whispered in her ear.

"Would you like slave dog for the rest of the evening? You can take it down stairs to the cellar if you want, but make sure you put it back in its cage with its normal restraints when you've finished with it."

Pop-Pop's thanks gushed like a fountain.

"Oh thank you sooooooooooo much mistress Suki and mistress Toki, I'm so pleased and sooooooo happy. I'll make sure my tongue is better than ever when it's up your pussy & arse next time."

There would be little doubt of that, and sooner than she thought.

But before we allowed slave dog to be taken to the cellar under her merciless care, she was required to give us both one final orgasm simultaneously, using her tongue in one pussy and her fingers in the other.

Slave dog continued to suck Pop-Pop's pretty toes unaware that it would soon be whimpering for mercy under the cruel demands of our beautiful eighteen year old maid.

After our moaning had subsided, both of us were all in, and ready to retire to bed and spend the rest of the evening/night in each other's arms. We told Pop-Pop that she could go, and take slave dog with her.

Pop-Pop quickly attached a dog leash to its nose ring and fitted a cock gag into its mouth to stop its whimpering. I watched as her cute little bare arse swayed from side to side as she led/dragged it away to its rendezvous with the cellar playroom and a very busy unhappy night.

Toki and I lay in our bed playfully petting each other and watching the large plasma TV.

The live action from the cellar playroom could be clearly seen and Pop-Pops near perfect English came through the speakers with perfect clarity, as she reminded slave dog just how servile and pleasing it had better be in the next few hours if it wanted to maintain its health.

We were both amused by this, and our fingers found each other's pussies which were soon dripping with love cream, as we continued to watch and listen to Pop-Pop in action. Slave dog's whimpering was clearly audible also, its cock gag now removed.

"Hmmmm, that is so cool when I mark your arse with the crop-giggle, giggle. Now we'll try your tongue in my arse again, and you'd better do it right this time, or you get ten more marks. Your tongue will up there for at least another hour, so my hole had better be dripping with juice by then."

And with that Pop-Pop pulled the nose ring leash tight again, pulling slave dog's fully extended tongue up her beautiful arse to continue its slavish licking.

Locked in each other's arms, We continued to watch Pop-Pop using slave dog for a couple of hours more; finally drifting off to sleep while the screen displayed the continuing action of slave dog drinking Pop-Pop's pee straight from her beautiful tap and its balls receiving shocks when it spilled any.


ii. Early morning start

I must have dozed off again.

My body came fully awake to a delicious tingling sensation in my pussy as I looked under the bed cover to find Toki softly licking my warm wet pussy with her tongue. Giggling and smiling at my beautiful lover and relieved that she had safely returned from her mission. I remembered that she'd promised to wake me up with her hot moist tongue, when she returned.

Any questions about what she'd found at slave dog's apartment could wait until later.

I mumbled sleepily.

"I sooooooo love your sexy tongue my darling."

Toki managed a short hmmmm of agreement, but was to not be distracted from sucking and nibbling my clit.

My body became more awake as I started speaking, part of me hoping that Toki was listening; but not too much to interrupt the attention she was giving to my swollen clit.

"Once, we've broken doggy and it's fully house trained; it can sleep naked on the floor at the end of the bed. We'll cuff its hands behind its back, but make sure it's able to crawl under the bed covers and wake us up in the morning by licking our pussies. We can set the correct wake up time on the pain remote timer so that its balls are shocked automatically. Once its balls get the message, it will know that pussy lapping time is here; our own doggy slave alarm clock-giggle, giggle."

I knew that my beautiful lover was too intent on worshiping my pussy to debate the idea; but I was sure that Toki would be all for it, probably suggesting an inventive addition to ensure that their slave dog's tongue performed at maximum efficiency.

Toki could be very inventive. They had only just started to explore using some of these ideas on their previous slave dog, when it had suddenly died.

They would of course keep two riding crops in the bed side cabinet, to give it the proper extra incentive when its wasn't licking them correctly or if the power of its tongue started to wind down without permission; their slave dog's tongue never slowed at its tasks unless they said that it could, especially when they were both approaching a delicious orgasm.

It was 0.6.20 am, I would let Toki finish off my pussy and then let her sleep for a bit. I'd have a quick breakfast and then get our new slave dog moving, so that it could be introduced to its new existence. My excitement at the thought of all the coming fun had not diminished.

The cellar was totally silent as I entered and switched on the lights. Slave dog was still hanging suspended in the middle of its cage.

I was wearing a special outfit for slave dog's first taste of its new reality under our control; thigh high PVC boots with spiked heels and a micro PVC bikini that barely covered my pussy and breasts.

Slave dog was clearly still under the influence of the powerful sedative that I gave it last night. This wasn't the place though, for a gentle wake-up call with a cup of tea and a friendly good morning.

I prepared the syringe and loaded it with the stimulant drug and pumped it into slave dog's arse. This would counteract the sedative so that it returned to the land of the servile living. As soon as it was roused I would winch it down to the floor of the cage and release it from its bondage; except for its hands which would remain cuffed behind its back.

It could then enjoy a nice breakfast bowl of dog food and a pleasant warm drink.

Slave dog now lying on the floor of its cage was definitely showing more signs of life, although as expected it appeared to be completely disorientated.

"Well slave dog, I hope you enjoyed your sleep? but you can't lounge around in your cage all day, you're going to be sooooooo busy starting to learn soooooooo many new things, that you won't know if you're coming or going – giggle; So, time to come out now QUICKLY, ON YOUR HANDS & KNEES AND DON'T SPEAK."

I'd attached a leash to its dog collar, and was prepared to drag it from the cage if it showed reluctance or was too slow in carrying out this instruction. However, whether it still had some of the compliance drug in its system from yesterday or it responded to my loud commanding voice, I'm not sure; but it emerged crawling from the cage of its own accord.

I allowed it a few minutes to regain some of its equilibrium before acquainting it with the facts of its new existence.

"DON'T SPEAK SLAVE, JUST LISTEN .You're now just a worthless slave who belongs to Toki and I. Your only purpose is to serve us totally in any way that we choose, we will use you for our amusement and pleasure. You will speak only if given permission and you will address Toki and I as GODDESS. The other member of this house is our maid, and you will address her as MISTRESS."

Well that was the -'we now own you speech' delivered, and it would have been a miracle if it had understood any of it, from free man to slave in the space of a night would initially be too much to grasp; but I had to start somewhere. And it would learn its new reality and a thousand other things as time progressed.

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