tagGroup SexSultry Sales Trip

Sultry Sales Trip

byArt Martin©

It was before noon and I had checked into my hotel. I called the potential customer to confirm my afternoon appointment, only to be informed that something had come up and he wouldn't be able to meet me that afternoon. Agitated, I fumed for a few minutes, for if I'd known that, I would have waited to fly into Rockford until the next morning. Now my afternoon was wasted, not to mention the needless expense of a night in a hotel. Then I remembered that my old running buddy, Vincent Zemoza had been transferred to Rockford about five years ago.

I checked my address book. I tired the numbers I had only to find that they were either no longer in service or now belonged to someone with a thick foreign accent. I knew that he had changed jobs a couple of years ago and after racking my brain I finally remembered the name of the company he was now with. I called directory assistance, placed the call and after getting through a couple of layers of secretaries, Vince answered the phone.

"Vincent Zemoza."

"Vince, Nathan Moore."

"Nate! You old son of a bitch! How are you doing?"

"Fine old buddy, how about you?"

"Great! How's your wife?"

"Uh, we're divorced. Bitch took me to the cleaners."

"Sorry to hear that Nate. She caught you with your pants down?"

"Yeah," I said. "I was banging my next door neighbor's wife and got careless."

"You dumb fuck! Was she worth it?"

"Yeah, I guess so. Nice girl, young, maybe 25. She and her husband, Dave, have rather libertine tastes. They were always having wild parties. Dave invited Anne and me over one night and after a few drinks he puts the make on Anne, while his wife put the moves on me. Anne got all huffy and we went home. Anne wouldn't even speak to them after that, but Dave and Kayla kept talking to me. One thing led to another and suddenly I was the third peg of an ongoing threesome. Well, Anne found out and now I'm living in a trailer."

"I told you not to marry her. Remember? She was much too much the prude. Remember when she slapped me silly?"

"Yeah, she said you tried to feel her up. Then she got mad at me, because I didn't think it was a big deal. I should have told her to kiss off then."

"I told you not to get tied down to just one pussy, especially her, but you were in love or some other such crap!"

"And crap it was. Well how about you?"

"I got married three years ago."

"You? Married? You're shitting me, Vince!"

"No, but it's okay. Married a wild girl. Hell, it's great. I still get lots of strange pussy and get home cooked meals too!"

"You need to introduce me."

"Love to. You need to come into town for a weekend. I promise you, you won't forget it."

"I am in town."

"No shit! Where are you staying?"

"At the Mayflower."

"You busy this afternoon?"

"Actually I'm not. I got stood up for an appointment."

"How about a round of golf? I have a membership at the Rockford Valley Country Club. Great course. Fantastic course!"

"I didn't bring my clubs."

"No problem, I have an extra set of clubs at the house. Tell you what Nate, I need to finish up a few things around here. Then I'll pick you up, in about an hour."

About an hour or so later, the room phone rings and Vince is downstairs waiting for me. As we drove towards his home, he told me that it was too bad, but his wife was out of town. She was stew for Titian Air and she wouldn't be back for a few days, but he ventured that we might have some fun anyway. We chatted and tried to catch up, it being nearly five years since we last saw each other.

We parked in the driveway and went in through the front door. Vince stopped to look through the mail on the foyer table. I walked in to check out the house and was stopped dead in my tracks at the sight of two naked girls on the living room floor, eating each other out in a 69. The blonde girl saw me and bolted upright.

"Who the hell are you?" she demanded.

I didn't answer as I was too occupied feasting my eyes on the bare flesh of the two nubile girls. The pretty blonde had nice firm tits, maybe 36C's with bright pink nipples. Her wavy long hair cascading over her shoulders was incredibly sexy. She was evenly tanned with no bikini lines; it was obvious that she sunbathed in the buff. Her playmate was a stunning brunette with ice blue eyes. The brunette tried to cover herself with her hands in an attempt to be modest; still I got a good look at her dark nipples capping what had to be D cup orbs.

"Who are you?" demanded the blonde girl again. About that time Vince walked in to see what all the commotion was.

"Tanya, what are you doing home?"

Her green eyes brightened. "Oh, hi Vinny!"

Vince walked by me towards the two girls. "Damn! Whose your pretty friend?"

"Vinny, this is DeeDee. DeeDee, this is Vinny." The brunette girl's ice blue eyes darted back and forth between Vince and me in alarm.

Vince knelt beside the girl and placed a hand on her bare thigh. "Pleasure to meet you DeeDee. Do your parents know what you're doing?"

"Oh, Vinny!" chided Tanya, "Of course they don't know. We got dismissed early today, came home and started to fool around."

Vince's hand slid up the girl's thigh and he gently caressed her pussy. "You're soaking wet darling," he said. "Do you just like girls, or do you like boys too?"

DeeDee responded by spreading her legs wider, giving him better access to her vulva. His fingers slipped into her and she closed her eyes as he stroked her sopping slit several times before settling in on her clit while his other hand roamed freely across her big yet firm breasts.

Tanya stood and for the first time I could judge her height. She was about 5'6". There wasn't an ounce of excess fat anywhere, just enough to enhance her youthful body. My eyes darted across her. I found her deep belly button to be very erotic. She walked towards me until she was just inches from me. She looked up and as she unbuttoned the first button of my shirt, she purred, "I've asked you twice now. Who are you?"

I stammered, "Uh, uh, I'm Nate."

Her other hand slid from my belly and caressed my rock hard cock. "Well Nate, I'm Tanya, pleased to meet you."

My hands automatically found their way to her bare back and glided across her silky smooth skin. She got three buttons of my shirt unfastened and I felt her manicured nails raking across my chest. I pulled her close to me and as I looked into the pools of her verdant eyes, I kissed her. At that point I lost all control. I rammed my tongue into her mouth. I slobbered all over her mouth, lips, face, neck, and ears and she slobbered right back. While she was sucking on my ear lobe I heard a passionate cry. I glanced over her shoulder to see DeeDee, the brunette, bucking about the floor while Vince was furiously abusing her clit. About that time I felt Tanya unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants. I kicked off my shoes and finished with my shirt, nearly ripping the last button off. I looked up and across her shoulders again. Vince had his pants down below his knees and was positioned between DeeDee's outstretched legs, raking her pussy slit with his stiff dick. My pants fell to my ankles and before I could kick them clear, Tanya had sunk to her knees and began kissing my cock. I heard DeeDee cry out again and knew that Vince had penetrated her.

It was great! It was just like when Vince and I were young Turks, fresh out of school and rapidly climbing the corporate ladder. We shared an apartment in those days and we made a good effort to fuck every chick in the apartment complex, single, married, white, black, beautiful and not so beautiful. Actually Vince got the girls up into the apartment and had first dibs. I usually got next day leftovers or fresh seconds, not that it really mattered.

Tanya nibbled down my appreciative cock shaft and nuzzled my balls and then she nibbled her way back up my throbbing sex shank. Her tongue swirled around my cock head several times before she engulfed me, her lips embracing the base of my cock.

I looked over at Vince. He was firmly buried in sweet DeeDee's snatch, pausing a moment while he removed his shirt and tie. Then bare chested with his pants still around his ankles, he began putting it to her again, accompanied by the slapping sound of bare belly to bare belly contact and DeeDee's passionate moans and groans.

For the past several months I had been living the life of an impoverished monk and my only sexual encounters had been with my own right hand. Now suddenly and quite unexpectedly, I was getting a blowjob from a young blonde babe while watching another ripe babe get the hell pounded out of her. I really didn't last very long. I closed my eyes and let it rip. I expected her to pull off after the first blast of semen shot into her mouth, but she kept sucking as I unloaded.

After I withered in her mouth, she stood and whispered, "You taste good Honey." Then she gave me a sloppy, sperm laden kiss.

Now it was my turn to sink to my knees, kissing and sucking her pert little pink nipples on the way down. God I love sucking tits! The basic layout is the same, but each girl's tits are unique and I never tire of the endless variations. Her bright pink aureoles were about the diameter of a nickel and her nipples were little nubs. Nonetheless they were filled with as many nerve endings as any other girl, and concentrated as they were, she was very responsive to my oral attentions. When she got too sensitive, she pushed my head away and I continued down her abdomen, stopping to probe that fantastic navel of hers, before I headed for the grand prize.

I let my tongue trail down the inner thigh of her left leg and then back up and around to her right thigh. She spread her legs apart by about three feet giving me free license to her pouting sex. What a nice pussy! She shaved everything but a small patch of gold fluff on her pubic mound, revealing every detail. Her vulva was coral colored and I saw the glint of gold rings piercing her outer lips. I flicked a ring with my tongue and then licked and nibbled the edges of her labia before driving my tongue up her vagina. She reached down and pulled her outer labia apart by her rings, revealing her bright pink inner labia for me to trace with my lingual digit. I circled her honey hole several times before fucking my tongue into her again while rubbing my snout on her swollen clit. I orally pleasured her and lapped up her juices until she came with a shudder, wildly gyrating her hips, making it quite difficult for me to keep my face buried in her sweet cunt. She broke away from me, covering her cunt with her hands, her face twisted in an expression of sweet anguish.

The doorbell rang and then rang again. Vince grunted, "Nate, get the fucking door!"

I looked through the peephole and saw three guys milling about, one carrying a twelve pack of beer. I opened the door wide and with my best wrestling face, glared at the three young jocks. I've kept myself in pretty good shape over the years and at 5'9" and 240 pounds, I look like a pro-running back. The three young men gawked.

"Uh, is, uh, is…" stammered the guy with the brew.

"Beat it!" I shut the door.

I had to laugh. Poor schmucks, I knew exactly how they felt. When I was still in school, a girl I was cozy with called and asked me to come over to her place for an afternoon of fun. I got the brilliant idea of going to a grocery store and buying a cheap bouquet of fresh flowers for her, knowing that she would like them so much that I would be able to do anything with her I wanted.

On the way to her apartment I visualized tying her up and raping her anally. The thumping of a flat tire interrupted my fantasy. Naturally I didn't have a spare. I removed the flat and rolled it a few blocks to a tire store and waited for what seemed an eternity to get it fixed. Then I rolled it back to my car and put it back on.

I drove the remaining quarter mile to her place and bounded up to her door, flowers in hand. A guy wearing only boxer shorts answered the door and told me to get lost as he shut the door in my face. Dragging my tail in the dirt I went back to my dorm room, flowers in hand. I then went out and got drunk.

Next day she calls, and berates me for standing her up. I explained the car trouble and told her that I didn't stand her up, that I was late, through no fault of my own. Then I saw the flowers lying on my desk, "Hey, I have something for you, can I bring it over?"

"Sure," she said. I grabbed the flowers and rushed over to her place. As I was handing her the bouquet, I realized that the flowers were now wilted. She looked at them and said in her best sarcastic tone, "Oh, this is real nice," and then she shut the door. Just as I turned with my tail dragging in the dirt again, she opened the door and tossed out the faded blooms. Never fucked her again.

I swaggered back into the living room, my semi-stiff pecker swaying between my legs, eager to explore the depths of the little blonde girl's tasty twat. Vince had rolled off DeeDee and was busy getting his shoes, socks and pants off. DeeDee was still spread out on the floor, now oozing semen from her freshly fucked snatch. And what a snatch that girl had! Like Tanya she shaved, but she left a larger triangular patch of dark pubic hair. Her inner pussy lips were engorged and were protruding from between her outer lips and looked like strips of crinkled pink meat.

I was going to help myself to her when Tanya went down on her. Tanya had her butt high in the air as she lapped at DeeDee's seeping pussy. I jerked myself a couple of times to firm up my dick and when I was ready, skewered the pretty little blonde from behind. I was only halfway in when she thrust her hips back driving my engorged cock deep into her hot depths.

"That's it Nate," exclaimed Vince, "fuck her! Fuck her good!"

I was merrily humping away, slamming her with each thrust. Once Vince discarded his last sock he maneuvered to straddle DeeDee's head, shaking his limp dick in her face. "Come on girl, suck it! Suck my dripping dick. Taste your pussy on my dick. Yeah baby, that's it, suck it good. Get it hard bitch, I want to fuck you again."

I must have been hammering on Tanya's G-spot as she began wildly gyrating. Her passion pit contracted and squeezed my thrusting man-meat. I ground my groin into her haunches and luxuriated in the feel of her vaginal spasms. Her contractions were so hard that it seemed like her cunt was trying to expel me from the deep depths of her warm, moist interior. Suddenly she lurched forward and towards the sides, ripping my dick from her cunt. There before me was the glistening, pulsating snatch of DeeDee.

I scooted forward. Grasping her legs I lifted them and pushed them up against Vince's back. Vince was pumping her face. Without missing a beat, he reached back and wrapped his arms under her legs. She was helplessly pinned with her ass rotated off the ground. I had my pick of which hole to fuck and just couldn't resist her luscious cunt with those engorged ripe pussy lips. I gripped Vince by the shoulders and slowly sank into her; watching as my dick spread the hot petals of her pussy until I felt the head of my dick flatten against her cervix. She was nice and tight, just like Tanya was and I suddenly remembered that even though Vince had a longer dick than I did, I was thicker and I always had a nice snug fuck even on sloppy seconds. I partially withdrew and gave her five or six short stokes before driving deep to her cervix again. I used that pattern for several minutes and soon she was wiggling about and I felt her pussy squeezing my dick.

Almost simultaneous with DeeDee's orgasm, I felt a well-greased finger slide into my ass and stroke my prostate. I nearly lost it. Reluctantly I pulled out of DeeDee's pulsating cock socket in order to keep myself under control. Desiring to pace myself and if possible fuck these two good-looking girls all afternoon, I simply wasn't ready to cum again yet, and I just wasn't sure how long it would take for me to get it up again.

It had been ages since a girl finger fucked my ass, my ex-wife having nothing whatsoever to do with anal play of any sort, and I sort of sank my head to the carpet. It was so nasty and yet it felt so good.

I was aware that Vince had let DeeDee's legs down and gotten off her face. I was enjoying my finger fucking when I heard DeeDee groan, "Oh gawd!" Vince had one of her legs draped across his shoulder as he sat back fingering DeeDee's ass, his middle finger plunging in and out while his other hand swept up and down her juicy slit. I watched for a moment before closing my eyes to savor Tanya's practiced attentions.

After several minutes I heard DeeDee protesting, "No, not in my ass! Please, not in my…. aaaaaiiiieeeeee!!! Ohhhhhh fuck!"

I heard Vince reassuring her, "There, there, the worst is over Baby. Just relax; you're going to like this. Now nod your head when the pain is gone. Oh, already? Okay, I'll take it a little at a time. There how's that feel? Good, huh? Yeah baby, you're a natural."

All the while DeeDee made little whimpering noises, interspersed with, "Oh that feels so fucking gooooood!" and "easy, easy, oh gaaaawwwwdddd!" and other such approvals.

Tanya pulled her finger from my ass, leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "Would you do that for me?"

"Yes," I hoarsely croaked, "anyway you want it Baby." She got up and walked over to the dining room table. I struggled to get up. My ass was pleasantly burning and as I watched Vince sawing in and out of DeeDee's ass, I wondered how she was going to feel in an hour.

"Come on Nate, do me!" pouted Tanya as she sat on the edge of the table. I found a bottle of lube next to Vince, pick it up and went straight to the horny little slut. She lay back on the table and rolled to her stomach, reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks. I lubed up my pecker, greased up her little puckered hole, and pushed in. I was surprised at how easily I penetrated her. She was no anal virgin that was for sure. Still, she was nice and tight and after a few tentative strokes, she was relaxed enough that I was able to butt fuck her as hard as I could.

Once I felt that familiar tingling sensation building in my genitals again I knew I had to pull out and cool off for a moment. I looked back. Vince was sprawled on the floor next to DeeDee. Her eyes were closed and her tits were heaving in the air. I knelt down and helped myself to a feel of her magnificent tits. This girl was stacked! She had big ole hooters with dark, silver-dollar-sized aureoles and long nipples as thick as a pencil. I couldn't help myself and bit a teat. She moaned, but otherwise didn't protest so I gently gnawed on her nipples until she did protest.

Vince heard her complaining and he sat up. DeeDee was sitting up too, protecting her tits from further abuse. Vince looked at her quizzically and asked, "What's your name again, honey?"

"DeeDee," she said with a hurt look on her face.

"Yeah, DeeDee. I like you DeeDee," said Vince, "you're a fine little fuck and you're welcome to come over here anytime." DeeDee wasn't sure how to take that comment and she sat silently sulking. "How about if we take a little break girls and take a soak in the hot tub.

"Nate you want a beer? How about you girls? A Coke? Lemonade? Kool-aide?"

That's when it hit me. How old are these girls? Who are these girls? I cornered Vince in the kitchen and asked him.

"Tanya? She's my wife's daughter. She's eighteen. DeeDee? Beats me."

"Tanya's your step-daughter?"


"What if your wife…"

"Oh, don't worry. I told you, Maggie, my wife is a wild girl and so is her daughter. They're both total sluts and I'm a lucky man. Say, that DeeDee is some fine chick."

"She's underage Vince!"

"I don't know that. She's very willing." The girls were strolling nude through the kitchen on their way out back. Vince looked at them and said, "Hey DeeDee! How old are you Honey?"

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