tagNovels and NovellasSultry Summer Ch. 08

Sultry Summer Ch. 08

byD.C. Roi©

Lori had dropped her son off at a friend's so she could run down to the corner store to get some things she needed to make Mel's dinner. Now she was in a rush to get home. There had been a line, the clerk was slow, and she was afraid Mel would be home before she returned. And she knew if that happened, her husband would be furious. Mel demanded that she be home and have dinner ready when he arrived.

She ran down the street, hoping to get home before Mel arrived. She decided not to stop at Marie's to pick up her son. She could get him later, after she had Mel's dinner ready. Her heart sank when she saw that her husband's car was sitting in the driveway.

Mel was standing in the doorway when Lori arrived in front of their place. "Where the hell were you?" he roared when Lori turned onto the front walk. He had a beer can in his hand and took a deep swallow after he yelled at her.

"I had to get something at the store," Lori said. "I'm not that late."

"The fuck you're not!" Mel shouted. "What's goin' on, there some new stud down there at the fuckin' store that you're servicin'?" He gulped down more beer.

"Mel!" Lori said. Her eyes filled with tears. "What's wrong with you tonight?" She walked by him, into the house, and put her bag of groceries on the kitchen table. She figured there was no point in trying to make dinner. She had to go to her friend's place and pick up her son.

Mel threw his empty beer can in the trash, went to the refrigerator, and got another. He opened it and sucked down half of it in one swallow. "What's wrong with me?" he said, his voice growing louder. "I work hard all fuckin' day and come home expecting a little fuckin' something to eat, and you're out fuckin' some pimple-faced snotty kid at the goddamn store. That's what's wrong with me, you bitch!"

Lori had never seen her husband like this and, for the first time since she married Mel, she was frightened. He seemed so violent, so out of control. She knew right then that she had to get away or she could very well wind up getting hurt. She started for the door.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?" Mel bellowed, lurching to his feet.

"Out!" Lori snapped. She dashed out the door and slammed it behind her. Something hit the door with a loud "Thud!" She realized her husband had thrown his beer can at her, and knew that it was very likely she wouldn't be coming home tonight.

"You fucking slut!" she heard Mel yell through the closed door, "Go ahead, cunt, go ahead and run out and leave me, you fucking bitch! You can fuck the whole goddamn town if you want to, but don't fuckin' come crawin' back to me and fuckin' expect me to take you back, you bitch!"

Shaking, tears streaming down her cheeks, Lori ran down the street. She had no idea where she was going, and didn't really care. All she wanted was to get away from Mel, and find some place where she would be safe. She had been walking for what seemed like hours when she realized she was hungry. She went into a small diner, sat down, and ordered some food. While her food was being prepared, she called her friend, Marie, told her what happened, and where she was.

"You can stay here tonight if you want to," Marie said. "God, Lori, why did you stay with that creep as long as you did?"

"I...I don't know," Lori admitted. "Look, Marie, I'm going to eat something, and maybe walk some more, then I'll come over. You sure it's OK if Donnie and I stay there tonight?"

"Of course it is, we're friends," Marie said. "I'll see you in a bit."

The waitress brought Lori her food and she sat there, picking at it.

"Hey, beautiful, you all by yourself?" a rough voice asked, snapping Lori out of her daydream. She looked up into the face of a heavy-set, bearded man wearing dirty work clothes. Without waiting for her to answer, the man sat down on the stool next to hers.

"Ain't seen you around before," he said, "What's your name?"

"Ah, it's...it's Lori," she replied and was immediately sorry she had. She didn't like the looks of this guy and wanted to be left alone, especially by people like him. Maybe he'd go away if she ignored him.

"Come on, Lori-baby," the big man reached over and laid his hand on hers. "You and me, we could go out do some drinkin' and dancin', have us a real nice time. Wadda ya say?"

Lori could smell alcohol on the man's breath. She'd dealt with enough drunks for one night, for one lifetime, actually. "No," she said. She tried to tug her hand from the man's grasp. "I don't feel like dancing tonight."

"Hey," the man's voice got louder and his grip tightened, "You think you're too good to go out with me, is that it?"

"No, no," Lori said, scared and embarrassed, "It's just that I don't really feel like dancing tonight, I...I had a bad day."

"Look, baby," her uninvited admirer's voice grew menacing, "I want to dance, and I ain't in the mood to take no for an answer."

Lori looked around and realized most of the people in the little diner were staring at them, but it didn't look as if anyone was about to help her. She felt trapped, as if she had no choice but to acquiesce to the oaf's demands.

"Sir," a new voice, soft, but commanding, interrupted the drunk. "I don't think the lady is interested in your company."

Startled, Lori looked up into the face of a man in his late forties. He was dressed in what looked like an expensive business suit.

"Look, buster," the drunk lurched to his feet, "I'm talkin' to this chick. You fuck off. Go find some other chick if you want one, this one's mine."

"I'm here to meet my daughter for dinner," the man in the suit said softly, "And I assure you that neither of us want you to join us. If you don't leave, I'll be forced to call the police and have you removed. Do you understand that?!"

The big man who had been bothering Lori looked confused. "This...this here's your daughter?" he asked.

The man in the suit nodded. "Yes, she is," he said. "Please leave us alone so we can enjoy our dinner. I'm not making an idle threat. If you continue to harass us I will see to it the police deal with you. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

The drunk nodded, then he slid out of the booth and struggled to his feet. With one last glare, he walked to the counter, sat down on a stool, and didn't look back.

"Are you all right?" the man in the suit asked Lori.

"I...I'm fine," Lori replied. She was fine, but she was acutely embarrassed, too. "I...I didn't know what to do." Tears filled her eyes and she knew she was about to lose it.

The man who'd rescued her sat down. "That's all right," he said. "I'm just glad I was here to help."

The waitress came over. "I can't believe you got Eddie to leave her alone like that," she told the man, "Eddie, he's pretty much of a jerk when he's drunk, and he's mean, too. Most people let him alone." She looked at Lori. "You OK, hon?"

Lori nodded.

"Why don't you bring us some coffee?" the man asked.

"Be happy to," the waitress said, grinning. "And it's on the house. I sure did like the way you handled Eddie."

"Why...why did you tell him I...I was your daughter?" Lori asked the man.

He smiled and shrugged. "It was the only think I could think of that I thought would convince him to leave you alone," he replied. "By the way, my name's Bill Watson. I'd like it if you called me Bill."

"I'm Lori...Lori Salter," Lori replied. She smiled weakly. "Thanks...Dad."

"If you'd like, you can tell me why you look so sad," Bill said. "I'm a very good listener."

An hour later, her untouched cup of coffee cooling in front of her, Lori finished telling the man her sad tale. She wasn't sure why she was opening up to a stranger this way, but he was such a good listener, so easy to talk to, that she couldn't help herself. Once she began, the whole sordid story came tumbling out.

"Well, Lori," Bill said when she finished, "You've got more than your share of problems. Is there anything I can do to help?"

Lori was startled by his offer. "What do you mean? I don't understand, how could you help me?" Lori asked. She was overwhelmed by the stranger's offer of assistance. "Why would you want to help me? You don't know me."

"I know you're a young lady in distress. What more do I need to know?" Bill asked. "Do you have a place to stay tonight?"

Lori nodded. "Uh, yeah," she said. "I...I'm staying with my friend Marie."

Bill smiled. "That's good," he said. "I was worried you might have to go home."

"I...I can't do that," Lori said. "I'm not sure I'll ever be able to go back there. Mel, he was so...so wild!" She looked up at the clock on the diner wall. "I'm sorry," she said, "I really should get going. Marie's going to worry if I don't show up soon."

"Mind if I walk with you a little way?" Bill asked. "I think we're going in the same direction for a little while, at least across the street. I'm staying at the Traveler's Inn a couple of doors down the street."

Lori shook her head. "I don't mind," she replied. "I have to go right by there on my way to Marie's, anyhow."

They left the diner and walked down the street toward the motel where Bill was staying, continuing their conversation. When they got to the motel, they stopped and turned to face each other.

"I don't know how I'll ever be able to thank you for helping me tonight," Lori told Bill.

Impulsively, she went up on tiptoes and planted a kiss on his lips, intending it to be a "Thank You" kiss. When her lips met Bill's, she felt his arms go around her and, as his embrace tightened, the kiss deepened.

Finally, Bill released her and Lori stepped back. She could barely get her breath. A kiss hadn't shaken her like this in ages!

"I...I'm sorry," Bill said, blushing, "I...I don't know what came over me. I...I shouldn't have done that."

Lori smiled at him. "There...there's no need to apologize," she said softly. "I...I'm not angry. It...it was kind of nice, really."

They stood there, looking at each other, enduring a long, uncomfortable silence. Finally, Bill cleared his throat. "I...I guess I better get back to my room and get to bed," he said softly. "I...ah...I have...um...a very important early appointment." He turned and started toward the motel.

Lori didn't want to be alone, not yet. She was enjoying Bill's company too much.

"Mr. Watson...Bill..." she said softly.

He stopped and turned. "Yes?" he asked.

Lori took a deep breath. "I...I don't think I want to be alone just yet," she said.

"Would you like me to come to my room for a while?" Bill asked.

Lori nodded. She wasn't sure she ought to be alone with a strange man in a motel room, but she didn't want to be alone, either. And, as nice as Marie was, having to tell her what happened wasn't something Lori felt she wanted to do. Spending a little more time with Bill couldn't hurt anything.

"If you're sure that's what you want," Bill said softly. "I'd be pleased to have your company."

Lori smiled and nodded, then she walked to his motel room with him. The room they went to was no different than thousands of others. There were two large beds, some generic furniture, and a TV furnishing the room.

Lori sat down on one of the beds and, as the enormity of her problems once again sank in, she began to sob.

Bill, concerned by the sudden outburst of tears, sat down on the bed next to Lori, and began to rub her back. Inside him, an alarm sounded,. He knew he was taking a chance doing this! He was happily married and the lovely, vulnerable young woman whose back he was rubbing was entirely too desirable. He could wind up doing things he shouldn't be doing if she stayed.

Lori put her head against Bill's chest. It felt really nice to have him next to her, stroking her back. She stayed like that, letting Bill hold her and rub her back and her sobs began to subside. Finally, her crying stopped.

"Feeling better?" Bill asked softly.

Lori nodded.

Knowing he shouldn't be doing it, Bill took her chin in his hand, held her face so he could look directly into her eyes, and then their lips joined in a kiss.

The depth and strength of the feelings evoked by Bill's second kiss startled Lori. He was stirring embers of need, which were already glowing inside her, into a free-burning inferno of desire. She didn't know what to do. Bill continued rubbing her back while he kissed her, then his hand cupped one of her breasts. Lori's mind whirled and thrills coursed through her.

Bill knew he was losing control, that he was doing things he shouldn't be doing, but he didn't stop. He couldn't. His tongue probed into the young woman's mouth and he slid his hand under her T-shirt, onto her bare, silken flesh.

"Ohhhh!!!" Lori moaned when the kiss ended. "Oh, God, we...we shouldn't, I shouldn't be...Ohhhhh!!! Oh, God, Bill!! That feels so...so wonderful...please...please don't...don't stop!!!"

Bill pulled Lori's T-shirt over her head and she raised her arms to make it easier for him to do it. Then he unhooked her bra and his warm hands cupped her bared breasts.

Lori could feel her nipples extending, pressing into Bill's palms. She saw him looking at her and felt herself blushing.

"You have the loveliest breasts I've ever seen," Bill said, his voice raspy. He began twirling her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

Lori felt as if a high-voltage line filled with electricity was running between her breasts and her vagina. Bill's caresses continued, sending powerful currents of rapture along that line.

"Yesssss!!!" Lori moaned, "Please, Bill!!! Please!!!" She'd never felt like this before! She couldn't believe the way she was acting, that she was begging a man she'd just met and knew nothing about to make love to her! She also couldn't believe how wonderful he was making her feel!

Lori saw Bill's head move toward her, then warmth and wetness engulfed first her right nipple, then the left one. Soon she was so turned on she couldn't tell which nipple he was suckling. It was as if her body had turned into one giant, over-stimulated nipple and he was a huge mouth, nursing it.

"Oh God!! Oh God!! Oh God!!" Lori heard herself babbling. It felt as if she was outside herself, watching all this happen, "Yesss!!! Yesss!!! Yessss!!! Kiss them!!! Kiss them!!! Please, Bill!!! Please!!!"

Bill continued to tease her breasts delectably and Lori clutched his head, pulling him against her, wanting to experience more of the spectacular sensations he was giving her.

"So good!! Oh!!! So Good!!! Good!!!" she moaned, "Oh, Bill, that feels so good I...I think I could...Ahhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!!! My God, Bill!!! I'm...I'm commminnnggg!!! I'm commminnnggg!!! Ohhhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!!" She couldn't believe he'd made her come by sucking and playing with her breasts!

She clung to him as the orgasmic waves breaking over her ebbed. "Oh, Bill, that was so wonderful!" she told him once she was able to speak again, "I never, ever had anything like that happen to me before!"

"I'm glad I was the one who got to share it with you," Bill told her, holding her tight in his arms.

Lori looked at Bill and realized he was still fully clothed while she was half-naked. The realization embarrassed her.

Bill sensed her discomfort, stood up, and shrugged out of his jacket. Then removed his shirt and tie.

Lori watched Bill undress. He wasn't as heavily muscled as her husband, and his body was covered with much more hair than her husband's. But then Mel, muscular as he was, had never come close to making her feel the way Bill just had!

When he was naked, Bill returned to the bed and took Lori in his arms. Once more their lips joined in a fervid kiss. The feel of warm skin against hers was delicious to Lori, and she was elated to realize they weren't done. His hands began to slide softly over her bare back, making her tingle and shiver. She discovered that she was still very turned on.

"God, Bill, I've never known anyone as gentle as you are," she whispered, "You make me feel so wonderful!"

"Someone as lovely as you are should always be treated gently," Bill whispered and planted a soft kiss on her neck. He continued trailing his hands lightly over her body. "It's a crime if you've never been treated that way."

Lori shuddered with delight. She'd never been treated this wonderfully!

Bill lay her back on the bed. His hands went to the waist of her jeans, opened her belt and the snap that held the jeans closed. He slid the jeans down and Lori raised her hips to make removing them easier for him. Now, except for a pair of white cotton bikini panties, she was naked. She didn't care. Wanting Bill was the only thought in her mind.

"Please, Bill!" she begged, reaching for him, "Make love to me."

Bill, who wanted the lithe, lovely young woman as badly as she wanted him, slid off her panties, laid next to her on the bed, and began again to kiss her breasts, licking the areolas, watching the skin tighten and the nipples fill out and grow rigid once more.

His kisses made Lori crazy with need again and soon she was once again aquiver with passion.

While Bill's lips worked on her breasts, his hand softly explored the rest of her lovely body. He stroked her belly, then his hand glided across her hips and down her thighs. Lori squirmed, trying to get closer to him, to bring her flesh in closer contact with his exploring hand.

Then he abandoned kissing her breasts and his lips began to follow the trails of delight his hands had blazed across her body. Lori's back arched and her hips began to twist and turn.

"Oh God, Bill!" she sighed, "You're making me crazy!! Please!!! Please!!! Make love to me, Bill! Take me!" An intense pang of exquisite feeling shot through her when his hand moved through her pubic hair and onto her vagina. Her hips thrust upward, begging him to continue his delightful caresses, demonstrating how much she wanted and needed him.

Bill's exploring hand delved into her heavenly junction and he discovered her engorged, hyper-sensitive clit. When he touched it, Lori reacted as if she'd been touched with a live wire.

"Ahhhhh!!!! Ahhhhh!!!" she cried and her hips jolted off the bed, "Touch me!!! Touch meeeee!!! Please, Bill!!! Please!!!"

Her companion slid his finger up and down through her well-lubricated opening, between her silken lips, and her hips continued to move wildly. Slowly, his finger entered her. She continued thrusting her hips up off the bed, fucking his finger, trying desperately to achieve the orgasm she so badly needed. Why wouldn't he make her come?

"Please!!!" Lori begged, "Oh, please, Bill!!!!" Then she realized his lips, which were still travelling over her body, were moving downward, over her belly, toward her pubic hair. She stiffened. Feelings so intense that nothing else mattered overpowered her when Bill's lips and tongue began to work on her dripping vagina. He sucked on her clit and continued to slide his finger in and out of her.

"My God!!! My God!!! No!! Oh!!! Don't!!! Don't!!! Don't stop!!! Oh, God!!! Don't stop!!!" Lori cried as wave after wave of ecstasy swept over her. "I'm commmiiinnnnggg!!! I'm commmiiinnnggg!!! Don't stop!!! Yesssss!!! Yesssss!!! Yesssss!!!" What Bill was doing to her felt so good, she never wanted it to stop! Never! Her hips beat a tattoo of passion on the bed as the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced sent unbelievable amounts of pleasure racing through her. She wasn't sure she'd ever stop coming, or that she wanted to!

While his companion's writhing waned, settling into sporadic spasms, Bill continued kissing and caressing her. At last she lay still. He slid up next to her and lay there, propped on one elbow, looking at her, surveying her slim, lovely body.

"Oh, Bill, that was incredible!" Lori told him, still barely able to talk.

"You are incredible!" he replied.

Lori reached up, pulled him down to her, and kissed him, tasting herself on his lips. Their tongues dueled and his hand once more began stroking her.

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