tagNovels and NovellasSultry Summer Ch. 09

Sultry Summer Ch. 09

byD.C. Roi©

A very nervous Stacey Dixon was ushered into a sumptuous office by an attractive secretary with long straight blonde hair who had on a tight pink sweater and very snug white mini-skirt. "Boy!" he thought as he watched the attractive blonde walk ahead of him, "I wouldn't mind it if she came on to me!"

"Miss Arlington will be with you in a minute," the blonde said, then she turned and left.

The young man looked around. The office he was sitting in was the fanciest he'd ever seen. It belonged to a prosperous female attorney who had called his home and asked if he was the young man who did yard and pool work. She told Stacey's mother she needed someone to take care of her swimming pool and yard, and asked if Stacey could drop by her office to discuss his working for her.

Stacey's eyes bugged out when a blonde lady who was even more attractive than the secretary walked in a side door and smiled at him. She had on a two-piece outfit, a peach-colored top with a loose, draped neck, and a form-fitting black skirt. As she walked toward her desk, her generous breasts danced, telling the young man she probably wore no bra. His insides reacted immediately.

Marlene Arlington was extremely cognizant of the young man's fervent gaze. She smiled at him. "Are you Stacey Dixon?" she purred, leaning against her desk.

Stacey swallowed hard and nodded. "Yes, ma'am," he replied.

"You're the young man who does pool and yard work, is that correct?" Marlene asked.

Stacey nodded again. "Yes, ma'am, I...I do," he said.

"Several of my friends tell me they've employed you," Marlene continued. "And they tell me they are very...ah...shall we say 'satisfied' by your performance."

"Holy shit!" the young man thought, catching the inflection in the lawyer's voice. "Does she mean what I think she means?" His insides tightened even more. He wondered if Bobby Draper had any idea what kind of favor he'd done when he introduced him to Mrs. Everett.

Marlene leaned over, picked up her phone, and pushed a button. "Carlotta," she said, "I'll be tied up for some time. Please hold all of my calls." She put the phone down, straightened up, and walked to the door.

"I don't believe it! It...it's happening again! It really is!" Stacey thought, his mind whirling, his cock stiffening. He watched the easy movement of the woman's magnificent ass as she walked to the door.

Marlene locked the door, turned, and walked back to where Stacey sat. "Stand up, please," she said softly.

Stacey did as she asked and the minute he did, the woman pulled him into her arms and kissed him, her tongue sliding between his lips.

Stacey needed no further encouragement. His hands cupped the lady lawyer's buttocks and he pulled her against him. Passion arced between them like electricity.

When the kiss ended, Marlene leaned back in Stacey's arms, keeping her middle pressed against his. "That was very nice, Stacey!" she said. She ground her hips against his. "I certainly like what I feel! You may very well be exactly the person I've been looking for."

She surprised the young man by slipping out of his embrace and walking to the window. She stood there, her back to Stacey, not saying anything.

Stacey decided she wanted him to be a bit more aggressive, so he walked up behind her, cupped her breasts in his hands, pulled her against him, and began to kiss what skin he could reach through the loose neckline of her blouse.

The young man had done exactly what Marlene wanted him to do. As his lips caressed her neck and his hands fondled her breasts, she felt hunger surging through her. Her legs began to tremble. "Yes," she purred, rotating her ass against his bulging groin, "You know exactly what I want, don't you, Stacey?"

"You bet I do!" Stacey replied. He started kissing and nibbling her ear.

"I...Ohhhhh!!!!...was...Ahhhhh!!!...hoping you'd understand!" Marlene said. His hands worked on her breasts, making the nipples stiffen and tingle. "I've always dreamed of being seduced in my office," she murmured. The young man's fondling of her braless breasts spread delightful sensations through Marlene's body, sensations that couldn't be denied. She leaned back against him and felt the hardness of his erection nudging insistently against her bottom.

Then, once again, she slipped out of his embrace, moved to her large, ornate desk, and sat on it, leaving her legs spread.

Stacey walked around behind the desk and sat down in her big leather chair. He moved it so that he was facing the lady lawyer. Sitting the way he was, he could see up her skirt and realized she wore no underpants. His cock lurched.

Marlene watched the boy, trembling with anticipation. He was incredible! He seemed to know exactly what she wanted.

Stacey smiled up at her and his hands went to her waist. He pulled her blouse out of her skirt, then slid his hands under it and gently cupped her breasts. His thumbs rubbed over her erect nipples.

"Ahhhhh!!!!!" Marlene groaned as primal sensations tore through her, flooding downward into her groin.

"Does that feel good?" Stacey asked. "Do you like that?"

"Oh, yessss!!!" Marlene responded. He was doing exactly what she wanted!

"Let's get this out of the way," Stacey said. He took his hands from her breasts and lifted her blouse over her head. Marlene raised her arms to help him. She saw Stacey's smile.

"I love the way your breasts move when you lift your arms," the young man said. As if to prove how much he liked it, his lips joined his hands on her breasts.

"Oh!!! Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Marlene pulled his head against her. "Lick them, Stacey!! Suck them!!! Touch meeeee!!!!" She was going to get her her brains fucked out, right here in her office, just like she wanted!

Then her breasts weren't being caressed any more. Stacey had taken his lips away, leaving her stiff, wet nipples cooling in the air.

"Stand up a minute," he said.

Eagerly, Marlene did. He slid her skirt over her lissome hips, leaving only her tiny bikinis on. She felt unbelievably wanton, standing nude in front of the boy in her office.

Stacey helped her back up on the desk and began caressing her legs, trailing his fingertips up and down them, making them tremble.

Marlene was delightfully surprised. The young man's soft, gentle touch surprised her. He was so gentle! And so skillful! Even though her friends had told her what a stud the young man was, he was proving to be an even more masterful lover than she expected. Up and down her inner thighs his hands slid, insistent, searching. She leaned back and supported herself on her outstretched arms.

"Please, Stacey!" she murmured, "Touch me!!! Touch meeeee!!!"

Stacey did. Softly, gently, he touched her, his feather-light touch the silken material covering her vagina drove her wild. He slid the thin strip of cloth aside and began to stir his finger between her drenched, silken labia. Marlene's hips began squirming on the smooth top of her desk.

"I want to come, Stacey!!!" she begged. "Please, Stacey, darling, make me come!"

She felt his warm breath on her, then his lips and tongue touched her center. She ached with need for him and, suddenly, bright lights of bliss began to flash in her mind as he burrowed his mouth against her vagina and his tongue began probing into her.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!! Yesssssss, Stacey!!!!" she cried, "That's it!!!! That's itttttt!!!!! Eat meeeee!!!! Eat meeeee!!!!!" Her hips thrust against the young man's face. She felt him grasp her hips as his tongue sluiced in and out of her swampy opening. Exquisite sensations bounced around in her body. "Ahhhhh!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! Darling!!! Oh, darling!!!!" she wailed. "Yessss!!! Yessss!!!! I'm commmmingggg!!!! Eat meeeee, Stacey!!!! I'm commmminnnnnnggggggg!!!!! Oh, yesssssss!!!! Oh, yessssssss!!!!!"

When her orgasm began to wane, Marlene realized the young man's hands were no longer on her hips, although his lips and tongue were continuing to tantalize her, still sending waves of delight coursing through her.

"Come here," she heard him say, then she felt his hands urging her bottom toward the edge of her desk.

Marlene opened her eyes and looked at the young man. Shaky, still feeling an occasional eruption of joy, she allowed herself to be drawn toward him. Then she realized he was naked from the waist down and his erection was jutting out in front of him.

Once he had the lovely lawyer at the edge of the desk, Stacey sat down in the chair. He reached for Marlene and, as he lifted her onto his lap, he lowered her slowly onto his rigid pole.

Marlene couldn't believe how wonderful what Stacey was doing felt. She'd barely stopped coming, and now, sitting on him, filled with his rock-hard cock, she felt the emotions inside her begin to reverse course. She was getting turned on again!

Then Stacey began to rock his hips, lashing his cock around inside her and Marlene felt herself once more begin to ascend the mountain of pleasure. "Oh, Stacey!!!! she burbled, "Ohhhhh!!!!! Ohhhhh!!!!!! So...so Goooooodddddd!!!! So Goooooddddd!!!!!"

A buzzer sounded. Stacey stiffened and stopped moving, so did Marlene.

She reached out and picked up the phone. "Ah...yes, Carlotta? I...I thought I told you to...to hold my...calls," she stammered, then she listened. "Oh...it is? OK, I guess I had better take it, then." She held her hand over the mouthpiece of the phone and looked at Stacey. "This is a very important client. You stay where you are, this won't take long." She pushed a button. "Hello...Mr. Smith..." she said.

Stacey began to gyrate his hips and, as Marlene talked with her client, she felt the young man's meaty shaft moving in her. A rush of ecstasy swept through her. Damn him! God! He was something! She forced herself to concentrate on what her client was saying.

"Ahhhh, yes, Mr. Smith!" she said, "We'll have to...ah...get right on thaaat!" She was having an extremely difficult time talking. The young man's hips kept moving, driving his swollen rod up into her.

"Wee'lll...ah...contact themmmm immediately!!" Marlene gasped, her voice strained. "And...we'll...ah...notify you...um...immediately if...ah...anything commmmmes...uppppp!!!!" The gorgeous lawyer was very close to coming and found herself taking a kind of perverse pleasure in what was happening. The fact that a third party - who happened to be a very staid, conservative man - had unknowingly joined her love-making session with Stacey served to add to the thrills she was experiencing.

"OK...Ayeee'll...ah...call you...ah...next weeeeek!" Marlene said, then she put down the phone.

Stacey grabbed her waist with his hands and began thrusting into her more powerfully.

"Wuhhhhhhh!!!!! Wuhhhhh!!! Oh, God!!! Ohhhhh!!!! Ohhhhhhhh!!!!! Take ittttttt!!!! Take itttt!!!!" Stacey cried, and exploded into her.

"Yesssssssss, Stacey!!!!!! Oh, yessssssss!!!! Me, toooooo!!! Me,tooooo!!!!" Marlene moaned as powerful feelings once more overwhelmed her. "Oh, God, Stacey!!!!! That feels so gooooddddd!!! So gooooooddddddddd!!!! Oh, yessssssss!!!! Oh,yessssssss!!!!!!"

After they finished, Stacey and Marlene remained snuggled in her big, comfortable leather chair.

"My friends were right," Marlene told Stacey. "You do perform your tasks in a most satisfying fashion. You are amazing, Stacey!"

"Thank you," Stacey replied. "Does that mean I've had a satisfactory interview?"

Marlene kissed him. "You certainly have!" she said, "I expect I'll need your services a lot!"

Their pleasant interlude had to end. Marlene had a court appearance and Stacey had errands to run for his mother. They got cleaned up in the bathroom attached to Marlene's office, then both of them got dressed and Stacey left.

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