tagLoving WivesSuman’s Saga Ch. 04

Suman’s Saga Ch. 04


Reaching home, Suman fell on the sofa, her hands holding her forehead. She was worried and tense. Wicked grin of Mr. Mehta was flashing again and again in her mind. She had the feeling that she was in big trouble. Son of a bitch had chased her all the way to home. "Oh God what have I done. I shouldn't have agreed to the proposal of Kallu."

Just then door bell rang. Her heart skipped a beat. Slowly she rose from sofa and walked to the door, her legs trembling. She had the feeling that it was Mr. Mehta on the door.

Reaching the door she stood holding the door, undecided what to do. When bell rang again she opened the door taking a deep breath. She went into shock seeing Kallu on the door.

"What are you doing here?" she said in an angry voice. "You had promised that you would not follow."

"Yes I know my promise. I have not come here willingly," he said. There was tense expression on his face. "Look something unexpected happened when you left the bushes."

Suman heart jumped inside her chest. "What happened?"

"Your neibour Mr. Mehta came to me and asked me what we were doing there in bushes."

"What did you tell him?" Suman said anxiously.

"I said that that was none of his business. He warned me that if I didn't tell the truth he will take me to police. I panicked and told him everything."

"What? How can you do that?"

"Look he had already seen everything. There was no point in lying in front of him. Had I not spoken the truth he would have dragged me to police station."

"Great, you have come here to tell all this shit to me."

"No, I have come here to save you."

"To save me?"

"Listen, Mr. Mehta is hell bent on making your life hell. He wants to tell each and every person living in this area about our jungle adventure."

Suman's throat went dry. "You are responsible for this. He will destroy my life now. He is our enemy."

"I can understand your pain. Really I had no idea that he would come there to see our secret adventure."

"Now what should we do. He will tell everyone."

"Calm down, things are under control. I offered him proposition he couldn't deny."

"What proposition?" Suman had the feeling that it was something bad.

"I offered him that he can too enjoy with you once."

"What!" Suman shouted. "How can you do that?"

"Try to understand, I had no other option. He was forcing me to narrate full incidence before people. Only when I offered this proposition he went soft on his plans."

"I can't do that," Suman said shaking her head. "Not even in million years."

"We don't have any option, try to understand. He has given us only one hour to decide. After that he would start meeting people and will start narrating our secret tale."

"How can he do that?"

"Trust me, I have seen in his eyes. He can do anything. You have to decide quickly."

"I can't agree to any such thing. This is disgusting," Suman said, her voice shaking.

"I can understand. But at the moment we don't have any other option. If you didn't get ready for this he will start barking in the street and that would not be good for you."

"Try to understand, I hate him. I can't let him touch my body."

"Does it mean that you will let him disrepute your character in public."

"No, I don't mean that," Suman said. "There must be some other way."

"At the moment I don't see any other way. If you can think of any than suggest fast because clock is ticking."

Suman started pacing across the room, trying to find some solution. But nothing was coming to her mind.

"It is not a big deal. You should let him enjoy with you."

"It may not be big deal for you. But for me it is."

"You might enjoy..."

"Shut up. I can never enjoy with him!" Suman shouted before Kallu complete his sentence.

"For a second, just forget that he is your enemy and you hate him. Just think about his dick. Think about sex. Treat it just normal sexual adventure."

"I can't do that."

"You have to do that."

Suman remained silent. Feeling was rising inside her that she had to do it. Though it was disgusting but she had to do it.

Slowly and slowly one hour passed.

"Our time is up. Please tell me your decision. If I didn't go to him immediately he will start talking to people."

Looking at Kallu Suman swallowed and said, "Okay I am ready to do it. But ask him to promise that he would end the matter here itself and will not demand any such thing in future."

Smile gathered on Kallu's face and he slipped out of the room quickly. He returned after ten minute. He had a carry bag with him.

"He had promised that he will finish the matter here itself. But he wants you to wear this while he comes here to enjoy with you," Kallu said extending the bag toward her.

Suman took hold of the bag and pulled out the clothes. It was short length skirt and low neck top. They were designed to reveal than to cover. Her face went red when she imagined herself in those clothes.

"I-I can't wear them," Suman said.

Kallu patted on her bum and said, "Trust me you will look gorgeous in these clothes."

"Err...What you are doing. Are you enjoying this situation?"

"I didn't have such intention, but now things have changed. Really it would be wonderful to see you in these clothes."

"I am not going to wear it."

"You have to wear it. His condition is that you should be waiting for him in these clothes when he comes here."

"How can I wear such clothes in front of him try to understand."

"God has given you such a beautiful body; you shouldn't hesitate to reveal it. In fact I would suggest you that you should make his life miserable by becoming bold. I bet old man would not be able to handle the heat of your body."

"No...No I can't do it," Suman insisted.

"Try them in front of me first. Your hesitation would disappear. Without these clothes he would not come inside and you know what he might do after that. We should not make him angry."

Though idea was weird but Suman thought that she should try it. Holding the clothes in her hand she disappeared into her bedroom. Wearing skirt and top she went to the mirror and examined herself. Skirt was barely able to cover her buttocks. And top was revealing over half of her breasts. Her face went red seeing herself in such clothes.

Just then Kallu knocked on the door. "Open the door. Let me see how you look."

"I can't come in front of you in these clothes. They are too revealing."

"So what, I have already seen your pussy and ass and also have drilled them with my machine. You shouldn't be shy from me."

"Try to understand, I can't wear these clothes in front of him."

"Let me see first," Kallu said. "Please open the door."

Slowly Suman opened the door and stood in front of Kallu, her gaze on the floor.

"Wow you are looking so sexy. Old man will die of heart attack when he will see you in these clothes and after that I will enjoy the party," Kallu said in a lusty voice.

Suman face went red. "I can't wear these clothes in front of him."

Kallu moved forward and embraced her tightly into his arms.

"What are you doing, let go of me."

"Please let me hold you for a minute."

"You had promised me that you will not ask anything else from me if I agree to give you my ass. I gave you my ass and still things are as they were."

"Sorry I can't help it," he said, his hands moving downward toward her buttocks. Reaching on her ass cheeks he took hold of them in each hand and started kneading them lewdly.

"W-what are you doing," Suman said, her breathing was rising. But strangely she couldn't push him away. She was enjoying herself in his lusty grip. Her young body was feeling proud to get such attention. She had no idea why she was feeling such thing. May be it was effect of clothes or may be of his skilful hands which knew how to play with woman's body. She was melting in his arms.

"Please stop, Kallu," She pleaded.

Kallu placed his lips on hers and kissed her deeply. She felt the wave of intense thrill inside. Suddenly Kallu moved away and turned her around in front of him.

"W-what are you doing?"

"Please bend down," he said.

Don't know what had happened to her. Kallu applied pressure on her shoulder and she bent down in front of him.

Kallu pulled her panties down and next moment she felt the head of his dick at the entrance of her pussy. He gave big jerk to his body and head of his penis slipped into her wet pussy. She gave a loud moan when it happened. Just then door bell rang.

"Shit, I think Mr. Mehta has come," Kallu said.

Suman pushed him away. His cock slipped out. She turned toward him and saw the glistening head of his cock. Obviously it had traces of her pussy juice.

"Tell him that I will not come in front of him in these clothes," Suman said.

"He is already here. Come on. Trust me you are looking so sexy and hot."

"I don't want to be sexy and hot for him."

"We don't have much time. He is already here. Go and open the door."

To be continued...

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