Summer BeachTrip


It started on her lips. A light touch, something just brushing against them. Then can me the smell. It was unmistakable. It was leather. The tip of the riding crop slipped between her lips just long enough for her to taste it. Then it tapped her the underside of her chin. Every inch of her body cried out for it as it inched down her throat. It paused at the top of her sternum. Fiona realized she was only thinking of the riding crop. Victor had completely slipped for her mind. She wasn't wondering where he was standing, what part of her he was looking at. She was entirely focused on the small leather flap pressed against her skin. It slide down into her cleavage. It felt like her nipples were in competition to attract it, both feeling more erect than usual. For a moment in vanished, the lightly slapped against her left breast. She heard it, the noise actually startled her after the total silence

slowly it swirled around her breast. Each circle was tighter. It was approaching her swollen nipple. She ached to feel it. Without warning it impacted her sensitive skin with enough force to be almost painful, but not quite. Fiona's body quivered, and the noise echoed in her otherwise empty ears. Then it was on her right breast. It flitted between them like a hummingbird. Fiona was so focused on it that could feel the air disturbance between her breasts and the riding crop moved back and forth.

Because of her head down angle, the liquid from between her legs was flowing towards her breasts. The stream of wetness ran over her clit and onto her belly. She was completely shaved, so nothing impeded the stream as it crept towards her breasts. Any movement in the air gave her chills along the wet area.

The riding crop homed in on it, lapping it up. It spread the wetness over her skin and it moved closer and closer to the source. Fiona might have been begging for it to get closer. She still could not hear her own voice.

Just as it finally arrived between her legs, Victor pinched her nipples. He used his teeth on her right side and his fingers on her left. The trifecta of stimulation launched her towards orgasm like a catapult. As the braided shaft of the riding crop rubbed against her clit, the flap spread her lips apart. Victor pulled both her nipples taut at the same time. When she came he released her nipples, but continued to press the riding crop between her legs, sustaining her orgasm for longer than usual. Then the emptiness returned.

The next thing she knew Victor's hands were resting on her ass, spreading her cheeks apart. She still wanted him inside her, even though she did not think she had the energy for another orgasm.

"You have a nice ass," Victor said, his voice the only sound she could hear. Fiona was overwhelmed with anticipation and curiosity. Victor had just come in her mouth, she wondered if he still had an erection. He had cut her story short. Was he running out of time, or just so turned on that he could not wait for the rest of the story. If he was about to fuck her, would it be in the ass?

"I think I will leave that to Frank."

Fiona felt an odd sense of relief. Frank was the only man that had ever put his cock in her ass. The thought of that being something exclusive to them suddenly seemed right. Her thoughts of Frank cut short by the feeling of Victor's dick sliding into her drenched twat. She felt a tug on the band around her waist and Victor used it to pull her towards him. She was suspended at such an angle that his cock slid over her clit before penetrating her pussy. She reveled in the feeling of this thick dick stretching her apart. His erection had not lost a bit of its stiffness. She wondered if he had taken a drug to keep it up, or if he was just really turned on. He buried himself all the way inside her. She could feel his balls pressed against her.

Fiona felt the restraint around her midsection pulling her down while the ones around her thighs pulled her back towards Victor. His hands here now on her breasts, squeezing them roughly.

"I...," Victor said between breaths, "come... in ... your ... mouth."

Without even thinking how he would do it, Fiona nodded and opened her mouth wide. She felt herself lurch forward into a somersault, the falling downward. Victor's cock slipped past her lips. She was facing him, and she hanging head down. Just as her lips closed around his shaft he flooded her mouth again. The hot liquid filled her cheeks. Gravity kept it from going down her throat. His penis stopped jerking and he slowly withdrew it from her. She kept her lips tight against him, not wanting to spill a single drop. She felt herself turning right side up. The fluid drained down her throat as her feet touched the ground.

"The lights are turned down, but it's going to seem pretty bright to you", Victor explained as he removed the goggles. He was standing right in front of her. The ambient noises of the room slowly returned to the headphones. Victor was releasing her, starting with her wrists and arms. In a matter of minutes she was free. Fiona took off the headphones and hung them on the wall.

"I don't know how you did some of that."

"I had my own harness, although I was not up in the air as much as you were. You can watch the computer model of it if you want to." Victor explained, gesturing to a monitor. It showed two stick figures. Fiona sat at the terminal, more curious than aroused for the moment. She used the trackball to zip through the animation, seeing the two stick figures perform seem to defy gravity.

She looked at Victor.

"So is this it, are you done with me?" she asked.

"Only if you want me to be."

"Do you mind if I take a walk along the beach alone?" Fiona asked

"Not at all," Victor replied. "But you need to at least wear a bikini bottom. Although the entire resort is topless, only parts of the beach are totally nude. There should be a few suits in your room."

"I have a room here?"

"Yes, you are spending the night."

"That sounds intriguing."

"It will be."

Fiona walked down a short hallway and found her room. The closet had a few sundresses and a swimsuit. She put it on a barely there bikini bottom and headed to the beach. The privacy fence had a gate, and once on the other side, she found herself in a sea of mostly naked humanity. It seemed like any other beach, just less

clothing. Most of the women and all of the men were topless. Fiona

wandered about until she noticed the sun getting low in the sky, and began

making her way back to the cabana she was sharing with Victor.

As she opened the gate and walked up onto the porch, she noticed that the apparatus Victor had used to restrain her was gone.

"Victor?" she called out.

"In the main room, "was his reply.

"I thought the gate would have a lock, but it opened right up."

"There is a facial recognition system - it saw you approach and unlocked."


She walked into the room with the massage table. There she found Victor giving his assistant a massage. It was the first time Fiona had seen Stephan undressed. He was not as muscular as Victor. He had the physique of a long distance runner, although the muscles he did have were well defined.

"I did not know that Stephan was here as well," she said, walking into the room.

"He usually accompanies me on trips," Victor replied, still massaging Stephan's back.

"Is he staying in my room or yours?"

"He has his own cabin, but I doubt he would complain if you wanted him to stay with you."

"I doubt anyone would complain about that," Stephan interjected.

"I thought he was your masseur."

"He is, but I asked for a few pointers. I was hoping to surprise you later."

"Do you want me to leave?"

"No, I think we are almost done."

"I don't mind waiting," Fiona said, sitting down.

"I think he needs about ten more minutes of practice," Stephan said.

Fiona reclined in her chair. Victor was wearing only his swim trunks, which left just enough to the imagination to be tasteful. Stephan had a towel covering his ass, and

nothing more. Fiona watched has the muscles in Victor's arms tense and

as his fingers pressed into Stephan's back. Both of them were quite attractive,

and she was enjoying the show.

"You are not pressing evenly - trying climbing onto the table," Stephan instructed.

Victor stopped leaning over his subject and was soon on his knees, straddling Stephan's thighs. Once again ran his hands over Stefan's back.

"Much better, and remember to put your thumbs under the shoulder blade."

Fiona watched the two of them complete the lesson.

Fiona open her eyes. It was morning. She could hear the waves crashing onto the beach, and an ocean breeze came in through her window. She had the dream again - the one where men surrounded her and came all over her. This time it was different - she was not

blindfolded. She recognized the men, as they were all former lovers. A

better description would be sex partners, since her relationship with the majority of

them had been purely physical. Most of them were men that had been part

of a threesome with Frank. Frank and Victor had been there, too. They were the last two men to come on her. They were both behind her, coating her ass with their hot sticky contribution. It was probably because of what happened the previous night...

After dinner she had asked for a massage, eager to see what Victor had learned from Stephan. Both men ended up with their hands on her. When they were done she was completely relaxed. She was also exhausted. The long drive, the sex with

Victor, and the long walk on the beach had completely drained her. And

yet she was still aroused.

After Victor carried her to bed she made a request - she asked to watch Victor and Stephan masturbate and come on her tits. She wasn't sure where the idea originated, but she wanted to do something naughty before drifting off to sleep. They had quickly obliged, but unlike her dream, they did not cover her. In fact, it was barely enough to cover her swollen nipple. She had expected Victor to be drained after the afternoon they spent together. She could only guess that Stephan had been equally busy with another guest at the resort. The two men watched her as she pressed her breasts to her mouth and licked each nipple clean. It seemed like the appropriate way to end the day.

Fiona shook her head to clear the night's memories away. It was a new day, and the sound of voices filtered into her room. Fiona wondered if Victor was getting another massage lesson from Stephan. She closed her eyes and thought about the two men caressing each other. She could not think of a better way to start this day.

Fiona looked around. There were a few additions to her room. Each corner of her bed had a rope tied to it, extending to the ceiling. She wondered what devious

use Victor had for them. There was one other addition as well. A small brass bell

sat on the nightstand. Fiona picked it up and shook it gently. The faint

ringing sound brought Victor and Stephan into the room. Both were wearing

shorts and nothing else. Stephan was taller and thinner than Victor, with

spiky blonde hair. His well-defined chest was covered with same blonde

hair. It faded from view when he stood in the shadows, but glistened in

the sun.

"I hope you are rested. We have

a lot planned for you today," Victor said.

"I'm ready for anything," Fiona replied.

"In that case, can you show us your hands?" Stephan asked.

Fiona extended her arms towards

the two men. Each of them seized a wrist, buckling a leather strap around

it. The strap was connected to the rope by means of a metal clamp. Fiona

recognized them as climbing ascenders - devices that would slide along the rope

until they were locked into position. Stephan slowly removed the sheet,

revealing Fiona's naked body. Her nipples had already become erect in

anticipation of what was to come. Stephan and Victor wrapped restraints

around her ankles, and soon all four appendages were secured to the ropes

around her bed. Fiona noticed both Stephan and Victor had bulges in their

shorts. This excited her even more. Normally Victor has impressive self-control. If even he could not hold back, what was about to happen had to be quite impressive?

Stephan and Victor both reached to the floor to pick something up. When they stood Fiona's hard heart began to pound. Victor was holding a riding crop. The crop was plain brown leather with a braided shaft, about two feet long. At the end was a soft leather flap just under two inches across. Stephan was holding a black leather flogger. The handle of the flogger was about six inches long and had four metal studs sticking out if it.

Its leather strips were about ten inches long. As Victor moved to

the foot of the bed Stephan began to softly slap the flogger against her neck. Fiona could smell the leather as the tendrils slipped over her throat. She looked at Stephan and met his hungry gaze.

"Stephan's toy is special," Victor said," Why don't you show her what it can do?"

Stephan squeezed the handle and

the crackle of electricity filled the air. An arc jumped from one of the

studs to another. Fiona gasped.

"What the hell is that?" Fiona asked.

"You know what it is." Victor responded. "You are actually the inspiration for it."

"How?" she asked.

"A few months ago I saw you in a fuzzy sweater and no bra. I saw your breasts bouncing up and down in that sweater and wondered what kind of current you were creating. Knowing how much you like the flogger, it seemed natural to combine the two,"

he explained.

"It looks painful."

"The handle is for show. There are two leads mixed in with the leather, but much less voltage. You probably generated more power running in that sweater."

"Okay, but if you hurt me I will personally kick your ass," Fiona warned.

Victor tapped Fiona's hip with the riding crop, dragging the tip across her midsection. The feeling of it sliding back and forth between her hips sent a thrills through her. With

each transient Victor moved it lower. Soon it was rustling through her

pubic hair. Fiona glanced at both of the men. They were smiling and

both were clearly turned on. Victor's cock was so stiff it created a gap at the

waistband of his shorts. A small dark spot appeared on Stephan's shorts,

marking the spot where pre-cum was leaking out of his erection. Fiona knew a much larger spot was forming on the sheet between her legs. Just this brief foreplay had her dripping wet. She formed her lips into a round shape, hoping at least one of them would

consider filling her mouth with a nice hard cock.

Stephan flicked his wrist and the flogger cascaded down onto Fiona's tits. It stung, but just a tiny bit. The second time he brought it down he pushed the button just at the

two electrodes were on Fiona's nipple. It felt like someone biting her. Her squeal of pleasure was barely audible over the crackle of the toy. Stephan continued to flog her, covering every inch of her breasts.

He was very sparing with the shocks. Fiona found herself wishing he

was would use it just a little more. The brief sting was exhilarating.

Victor was running the riding crop along the inside of her thighs, with a feather light touch on her clit has as he moved it from one side to another. Fiona writhed with excitement when he pressed it firmly against her vagina.

Abruptly they both put their toys down. Victor and Stephan both pulled on the ropes connected to Fiona's wrists, clipping them to the side of the bed with a carabineer. As they tightened the rope, Fiona was forced into a sitting position with her hands near her hips. Stephan pulled down his shorts and put one knee onto the bed. He put his hand on the back of her head, grabbing a knot of hair. Then he pushed her head down, and Fiona inhaled his cock. She moaned involuntarily has her lips slipped over the crown of his dick. It felt so good to actually touch him. Soon his cock filled her

mouth, either from her leaning forward or him pushing down - it was difficult to

determine. Stephan briefly relaxed his grip, then pushed her down again, causing

her head to bob up and down on him. Over and over her lips stretched

around his engorged penis. Finally he released her.

Fiona had just sat up, when Victor pulled her down onto his dick. He did not stop until his entire penis was in her mouth. Fiona felt the head of his cock slide down her

throat. As she deep throated Victor, Stephan began to use the flogger on

her again. He alternated between the nape of her neck and her breasts.

He refrained from shocking her. He did arc the toy once, and the

sound caused a Pavlovian response in Fiona.

Victor released her and Stephan took her again. He was not as rough this time. Fiona wrapped her lips around him tightly and pressed her tongue against his rigid shaft. She was determined to make him come. Victor had picked up the riding crop and was tapping it on her nipple. She focused her lips and tongue on the most sensitive

parts of Stephan's cock. It did not take long for him to start leaking into her mouth. That encouraged her. She moaned again as Victor pressed theriding crop between her legs. The vibrations from her voice pushed

Stephan over the edge. He filled her cheeks with a rush of warm fluid.

Fiona gulped it down and sucked on his cock, eager to get every drop.

As soon as Stephan's penis was out of her mouth, she turned her head to Victor. Before he could put his hand on her head she had engulfed his cock. Victor seized her head, turning it side to side. The head of his cock pressed against her cheeks, causing them to bulge out. Fiona worked her tongue up and down his penis.Stephan had his hand on her breast, squeezing it firmly. His other

hand was dragging the flogger along the inside of her thigh. Victor's grip tightened a bit and he began to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. Stephan pressed the flogger firmly between her legs. Victor and Fiona climaxed at the same time. She groaned as his cum poured down her throat. The moment his dick slipped from her lips she screamed with pleasure.

Fiona felt the tension in the ropes decrease, and soon she was lying down in the bed. Stephan and Victor began to kiss her. They kissed her on the lips, on the cheeks, and on the neck. She felt their lips and tongue on her ears. As they began to lick and suck on her breasts, she felt their fingertips glide across her ribs. She was painstakingly close to feeling their lips on her nipples, but they moved at a snail's pace.

Each second that ticked by only increased her desire. Their fingers moved at an equally glacial speed, stroking across her hips and onto her wet, swollen labia.

Finally they engulfed her. Both men pressed their lips to her swollen nipples, bring her sweet relief. At the same time one of them plunged his fingers inside her while the other gently pressed against her clit. She had no doubt who was doing

what. She had noticed that Stephan had larger than average hands, and the feeling between her legs certainly not average.

The pressure from their lips and hands ebbed and flowed. Each time she thought she was going to climax, they backed off. She began to wonder if Victor had some technological wonder that was holding her in this sweet prison.

Just when she thought she could take no more, they stopped. Victor wrapped a fur lined leather belt around her waist. They rapidly ran the ropes through rings on her wrist and ankle restraints, then secured them to the belt. The ropes grew

tight again and Fiona found herself lifted off the bed, suspended in midair. Spreader bars were placed between her arms and legs. She spun over, so that she was facing the bed below her. In a blur Stephan was on the bed below her, and Victor was behind her, on his knees, between her legs.

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