tagGroup SexSummer Camping Trip

Summer Camping Trip


"Sarah you really shouldn't have worn that swim suit, you can see you're whole bum!"

"Shut up mum!" Sarah's face flushed a pretty pink. Sally had said the same thing moments earlier in the car on the way here, but typically, she had to say it again in front of all her friends, just to get a laugh or something. "You should've seen the one she wanted to wear first! They call it a "thong" and it's the coolest thing to wear now," she mocked her daughter in front of her three friends. They all giggled. They were all women so it wasn't too bad, Sarah thought.

It was that time of year again. In the heat of the summer, the four families would take a trip up the coast for a few days of camping. It was a tradition that had taken place over the past seven years, and seen as the best part of the year for most of the adults. Everyone had fun, well, who wouldn't on a secluded beach, warm water and the sun all to themselves. Sarah liked it because she could spend time with her friend, Ben. They had known each other since they were very young, but they were the only people under twenty there, and now that they were eighteen and in their final year of high school, it seemed a bit of a bore for both of them.

As Ben arrived back with the three men, couldn't take his eyes off Sarah. Boy, she had grown up quickly. Her slight figure, though not tall and leggy, was perfectly proportioned, with her cute butt sitting nicely atop her nicely toned legs. Her skinny abdomen and perky A-cup tits made her even more beautiful. However, what made most men snap their heads her way was her stunning face. She truly had the face any model would die for, cute and always beaming with life. Her straight, sandy brown hair was held in a ponytail, falling to just above the string of her pink bikini. Not only Ben, but all the men couldn't help but admire her golden tan, and shiny-smooth skin. In two words, Sarah was a delicate angel. As he was now big enough to help, Ben became a part of the setting up of tents and collecting wood and all that 'manly' stuff. He dropped the wood and went to sit with Sarah, thinking back to last year when they even went far enough to making out. He hoped for more this year. It was the highlight of their trips, and other than the fact that his dad, Tom, had chosen specifically for the trip to coincide with his fiftieth birthday; this was the highlight of Ben's trip.

The men all went to their partners, with the exception of Sally, who's husband had been divorced for years now. "Are you two ready to go out on the boat?" Tom said to his son and Sarah. But his wife cut in, "You still have to unpack the camping gear, hun!"

"In twenty minutes alright?" He deliberated. The two teens nodded.

They decided to go for a walk out to the point, and told their mothers so. Both were about the same height, as while Ben had built a little muscle over puberty, he was still rather short for his age. Their mother's watched them walk side by side away, each eying the other's child, noticing how they had grown up so quickly.

Out at the point, Sarah was blunt: "Alright Ben, I can see that you are horny" (eying the crotch of his trunks) "and I wanna' let you know that I am up for more than making out if we are going to have any fun this week." Ben had nothing to say to that. It was all that he had hoped for, but being a bit unintelligent, he couldn't construct a smooth or witty reply. Sarah pushed him back so that he was leaning against a rock, a wicked smile spreading across her face. Where had she learned to pull a face like that? Ben thought. That thought was interrupted when she placed her hand on his hairless chest, running it down his skinny belly as she squatted in front of him. Ben let a gasp of air escape his mouth, but no words. She tugged quickly at his trunks, revealing his cock into the fresh ocean air. Maybe it was the cool air, but Sarah was a little surprised at the size of it. It stood erect, poking upwards with it's rigidity, yet only registered at about 4 inches. "Oh well, he's not as large as the others I've had this year, but he'll do" she told herself.

"What are you going to do?" Ben asked, almost worried. He wasn't a virgin, but his experience hadn't gotten far past the fumblings after a recent party. "What would you like me to do?" Sarah returned. Her eyes told him she knew exactly what she was going to do, and he soon found out, as she plunged his cock straight into her mouth. Ben's mouth hung agape, as Sarah's throat barely stretched to accommodate his package. She held her head there for about ten seconds, rolling her tongue on the underside of his tool. She then pulled off, gasping, with Ben joining in. He was relieved he had lasted this long, and welcomed the break.

It didn't last long, however, as Sarah then plunged unceremoniously down his shaft, grasping his thighs and pushing her face into his crotch. His pubic hair smelt of sweat, but she always loved to give blow-jobs, and lowered one hand to her pussy. Trying to get herself going, Sarah slipt a small finger beneath her small bikini bottoms and into her tight lips. Ben's hands gripped tightly to the rocks on either side of him, as his groans grew louder and faster. Sarah increased the tempo as her handi-work on her own sex organs further stimulated her need to suck. She pushed her face right into his groin, and Ben couldn't hold any longer. "I'm coming!" he managed to shout. She pulled off his cock and held her mouth open. With a boyish grunt, Ben spurt one long strand of cum across her beautiful face, with a few small spurts and dribbles sliding into her mouth. Sarah swallowed willingly, before standing up and wiping the cum off her face. Without a better place to wipe it, she sucked this too, off her finger, glad that Ben tasted better than he performed. "We better get back, eh?" she said, starting to walk away with Ben still recovering with his trunks around his ankles.

As the two teens arrived back at the beach where the group had set up camp, they noticed the change in attire. All the women lay on their towels in the sun with their different coloured bikinis and sunglasses. The men had each changed into trunks, and sat with their partners. Tom and Sue, Ben's parents, were the oldest, closely followed by Sarah's mother, Sally. The other two guys were long-time work mates of Tom's, all in the same construction company. They were both in their early thirties, and while they had similarly tall, muscular builds, they were different in so many ways. Jason was a sensible husband, who married his wife Mary at the young age of nineteen. He had brown hair, and while he was more conservative and caring, he often came up with funny lines. He was fun to be around.

Jack was what some would call a playboy. He brought a different girl every year, each one as attractive as the one before. This time it was the leggy blonde, Serena. He was loud, funny, and confident in everything he did. His arrogance was bearable enough and the two complimented each other well. Jason's blonde hair and striking face left no doubt as to how he got the ladies, and while the rest of his presented body seemed to have minimal hair, Jason's chest, back and legs were quite hairy. While Tom and Jack wore their small trunks, leaving their entire bodies on show, Jack wore his board shorts, but this was the same every year, so it was seen as normal.

Jack shouted out as soon as the teens were in hearing distance, "Where have you guys been?"

"Let's get this show on the road!"

The three men jumped up, jogging down to the water and the boat. Ben followed, and Sally proposed to her daughter, "you can stay with us darling? It's more fun laying in the sun isn't it?"

"No way mum! I wanna get out on the water! I'll see you ladies later." As she turned to jog down to the water, the ladies watched with jealousy as her bubble ass jiggled with ideal firmness.

After swimming the twenty five metres out to the boat, Tom asked Sarah "are you going to need the ladder, Sar? Cos I left it on the beach."

"Nah, I should be fine," she said, reaching up to the boat and trying to lift herself. Ben was already on board, and looked tentative in offering to help. She strained herself, but couldn't pull herself up. "Just give me a push, Tom." He grasped around her knees, and pushed her up. Just as she was about to get up, however, his hands slipped due to the wetness, all the way up her tanned thighs and come to rest at the base of her ass. "Push Tom!" she called in a strained voice. He pushed further, her bikini bottoms riding up her crack and pushing against her pussy lips, but she finally got up. She brought her knees onto the deck, unknowingly giving the three men below her a clear view of her almost bare ass and the outline of her pussy against the thin fabric of the bikini.

Tom and Jack smiled, and Jason had a look of "I shouldn't have seen that" on his face, as they followed her up onto the boat with relative ease. Tom left the other four on the rear deck as he went into the driver's cabin. It was a expensive boat, with a loan only just paid off after four years, and Tom enjoyed the privacy of the cabin. While the windows blocked people from seeing in, he could see out onto the rear deck and through to the front of the boat. He started the boat coasting out of the bay. There was no hurry, so he took a steady pace.

After only about a minute, the door opened and he was surprised to see Sarah walk in. "Hi Tom, I told the others I had never seen inside the driver's cabin and they suggested I come have a look." Tom showed her around the small compartment, as they stood close beside each other. Sarah took little notice of the things he was showing her, but rather admired his burly figure. He had a true figure of a builder, with big rugged hands matching the features of his face. His hair had greyed recently, and as she followed it down his broad chest, her eyes came to rest on his trunks. The large shape she saw held her gaze, and she couldn't take her eyes away. When she looked up to see Tom had stopped talking, he too was gazing at her body. With a leap of confidence, Sarah reached out and grabbed his cock through his swimsuit. Tom's eyes looked back up at hers, held the gaze for a moment, and then locked the door of the cabin.

After about ten minutes, Ben wondered what had kept Sarah so long. He got up and walked to the cabin. Going to open the door, he heard his dad encouraging her, "that's it Sar".

"Hello? What's going on in there? Is that you dad?" The noises stopped briefly. Had he been able to see through the windows, Ben would have seen sarah kneeling between his father's legs, sucking on the head of his penis. It was more than double the size of his son's and Sarah couldn't help but get her lips around it. "Yeah, Ben, it's me and Sarah in here, she's just feeling a little sick." Sarah's head returned to his cock, stretching her mouth around the nine-inch whopper. "Are you alright Sarah?"

"I don't think she can talk right now," and with that he shoved his cock down her throat, holding her ponytail in his strong hands. As he pulled two thirds of his cock from her mouth, Sarah gagged heavily, spitting onto his cock. "Gee, it sounds like you are really sick, Sar, let me in so I can help."

"I don't want you to see me like this, Ben, It's quite disgusting really." She often got seasick so it was not such a strange occurrence on the day. "I'll be out soon Ben, it should pass in a bit." With that, Ben turned slowly and returned to the deck.

Sarah returned her mouth to Tom's pole, pleased she could get some more satisfaction. "That was close, Sar, we better make this quick" said Tom, and gripped her hair again. He resumed pushing her face into his thick meat, and she gradually took more and more of it down her throat. Sue had never in their twenty-eight years of marriage been able to take Tom the whole way, but Sarah was determined. As she had three-quarters down, Tom took her head in both hands, and began fucking her cute face. He had not expected to be doing this, but couldn't get enough of this young beauty. He continued to pump in and out of her, giving her small breaks for air. With one surge of pumping, she managed to take his whole cock, and he held her there, releasing his load in a guttural roar. Hopefully the others didn't hear that. Held firmly in place, the jet stream flew straight down into Sarah's stomach, as she gulped it down gladly. As he pulled the softening cock from his friend's daughter's mouth, he could already feel it begin to harden again. Another time maybe. Sarah checked with Tom to make sure she was tidy, and returned to the deck. He eyed her cute ass as it left the cabin. He wanted a piece of that!

Once the boat was out into the wider sea, they set up the inflated board, and attached it to the long rope to the back of the boat. It was a tradition to do this, and never ceased to entertain both adults and teens. Being younger, Ben and Sarah were allowed first go, and decided to go together, but being in the sea, Sarah felt she needed to wear a life jacket. This was a little surprising, but as she walked to the far side of the deck, she placed the lifejacket on the ground. She then, without shame, untied her bikini, always facing away from the men, and removed it. Her bare back glistened in the sun as all of the men subtly watched her every movement. Bending down to pick up the life jacket, she lingered, placing her bikini on the ground, and her bottom stretched her bottoms. She then quickly stood and pulled the life jacket over her, fastening the buckles. As if this wasn't enough to give them all hard-ons, when she returned, the sides of her small breasts bulged out of the sides of the lifejacket, her naked sides seeming rather taboo.

Without too much lingering, the two teens swam to the floating board and took positions. Lying next to each other, holding a handle on each side, Sarah spoke into Ben's ear, "I want you to put your hand in my bathers." They gave the signal from the boat and were starting to go. "Now!" she said with more authority. As the boat picked up pace, Ben slid his hand down into her swimsuit and felt her warm vagina. There was a little hair, but mostly not, and let his fingers rest on her moist lips. As the boat went faster, the board jumped up and down off the water, as Sarah shouted in delight. Ben also smiled from the thrill, but also from the sensations in his fingers. As her pussy was massaged unintentionally from the movements of the board, it began gushing fluids, adding to the wetness felt earlier from Tom. She thought of his big cock now, screaming in ecstasy through the combination of sensations. After five minutes, her pussy was on the verge of eruption, but the boat slowed and Ben withdrew his fingers in fear of being caught as the board drifted back up to the boat.

"I want to go again!" Sarah said enthusiastically. Ben climbed aboard, expecting Sarah to follow, but she had meant what she said. "I don't mind going with you," his dad piped up. "Can you drive the boat, Benny?"

"Sure dad," he said, a bit puzzled as to why Sarah was allowed two turns.

Let's go then, he said hopping into the water and climbing on the board. As the boat started to move off, Sarah said, "Go on top of me, I'm so horny right now! I just had your son leave me on the edge of orgasm, and I want that big cock of yours in my cunt, right now!" Tom didn't have to be told twice, he knelt above her, holding the handles on either side of her as she lay beneath him. As the boat pick up pace, he used one hand to slid her bikini bottoms over her round rump, almost releasing the handle in awe. He positioned himself above her ass, and released his aching boner. He eased the head into her tight lips, before a bounce in the waves sent it down a few inches. "AAHHHH!" Sarah shouted, feigning excitement from the ride. He continued his descent in notches as the waves helped him up and down into her small slit. Suddenly they were launched into the air, and upon return to water, he powered hi s full nine inches of manhood into the tight teen.

Sarah screamed louder than before, and with every bump in the ride, Tom began to sway in and out of her pussy. Sarah lost all sense of where she was as her mind was flooded with delirious thoughts of ecstasy. Never before had she been so far filled, and so much satisfied. She raised her ass into the air with each hump, their thrusts growing in force and speed. Tom was on the edge again, but felt he could last longer due to his earlier release. Just as he felt the boat slow down, he increased the intensity, pumping with all his effort into the delicate girl. "Oh My God! Fuck me, Tom! Nail my cunt, hammer that huge Co-" He covered her mouth, muffling her exclamations as the noise of the motor died down. As they floated back to the boat, Tom pulled his trunks up, and slipped into the water to hide his erection. Sarah lay there in a semi-delirium filled with complete satisfaction.

Tom realised she wasn't going to move, and was happy to see Jack dive into the water back towards the board. As Tom swam past him back to the boat, he knew what Jack would think, and what he was going to do. "Have fun champ." He muttered as he swam past. Tom heaved himself up on board in time to see Ben coming out of the cabin. Hey Ben, be a good lad and do this one too, will you? You can go out on the board next okay?" He begrudgingly walked back into the boat and started the engines again. From where Tom and Jason stood, it appeared as though Jack was lying face up on the board, holding the handles above him, with Sarah lying on top, also holding the handles. While Jason thought this a little strange, Tom had little doubt of what was happening on the board. As the pace picked up, Sarah's screaming could be heard over the motors and the breeze. "She sure seems to be having fun, doesn't she?" remarked Jason, "And hasn't she changed since last year?"

"Too right! She's got a cute little but on her hasn't she?"

"C'mon mate, I didn't mean that, I meant her attitude, like the way she just stripped right here in front of us. I bet she's a crazy one when it comes to school and boys and all that."

"You don't know the half of it," Tom said with a wry smile.

When their turn was up, Sarah and Jack floated to the boat, both resting in the water. Tom knew why Jack was, for the same reason he was, but wasn't sure about Sarah. Ben emerged from the cabin, and dived straight into the water. "My turn!" he shouted, and jumped onto the board. As he floated away, Jack helped Sarah quickly on board, which is when both Tom and Jason saw what had kept her in there. As the lower half of her body came into view, she revealed her complete naked self. "It appears I lost my trunks when I was out there with you Tom." Jason was dumfounded, confused, and looking for an explanation from someone. As Sarah sat on a seat to hide her nakedness from Ben, Tom looked at Jason with a knowing smile. "No..." he said in disbelief. He looked to Jack, who gave a bigger smile. "Get out of here! How could you?"

With that Sarah strolled over to him, rolling her hips. Tom disappeared into the driver's cabin, starting the ride for Ben. He kept one eye on Sarah, who, with her small life vest still clinging to her small upper body, was teasing Jason with a kind of dance. She had turned her ass to him, and bent over, wiggling her rear. She then turned to him, pulling her ponytail out, and rustling her hair. All of a sudden, she stopped, crouched down, and looked up into Jason's dumbfounded face. With her pouted lips and big, beautiful eyes, she said "Jason, I've been a naughty little girl. Will you help me by teaching me a lesson." Jack and Tom laughed at his discomfort, as Jason tried to stay faithful to his wife. As much as he wanted to whip out his cock right there and shove it down her throat, he said: "sorry Sar, I can't do it, I have a wife." With a pause, she pouted further, and wandered towards the back of the boat, swaying her hips even more. As she bent over the back of the boat, she looked back at him: "that's a real shame, I thought you could give a girl like me what I need." She turned out to the water where Ben was enjoying his ride.

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