tagGroup SexSummer Course in Sex Ed Ch. 02

Summer Course in Sex Ed Ch. 02



It was early Friday evening when Sam returned to the Stella's house. She had missed Stella and she was anxious to have Stella's tongue back in her twat. Bobby was a little disappointed that he wouldn't be in Stella's bed that evening but he understood that Stella's friend would be staying for the weekend. Stella had taken good care of Bobby earlier that day with anal and oral sex but she was saving her pussy for Samantha. Both women were naked in minutes after Sam arrived.

"Miss me?" Sam asked as she stood naked in front of Stella.

Samantha like Stella had a fit 34-26-35 figure that looked good on her 5'6" 125 pound frame. They look like sisters except that Sam was a blonde.

"Of course," Stella answered.

"Show me!" Sam ordered.

Stella moved toward Sam partly out of desire and partly out of intimidation. Stella moved her head down and repeated what she had done so often. The tip of her tongue parted Sam's pussy and Stella felt her lover respond and shudder. Sam's hips rocked and she pushed her pelvis against the tip of Stella's tongue. She kept her legs wide and out of the way as she opened herself to Stella's hot searching tongue. With her feet planted on either side of Stella, Sam clenched her hands as she pushed her hips up to meet Stella's face. Sam was hot and her body squirmed as her hips gyrated in an attempt to match Stella's dexterous tongue.

Stella parted and separated Sam's puffy, glistening labia and then licked Sam slowly along her pussy down to her ass and back again. Stella circled her tongue teasing Sam and then licked over her perineum. Sam's pussy lips were soft beneath Stella's tongue and then Stella opened up Sam's hood using the tip of her tongue and delicately teased the stiffening, hardening clit out as it poked out from beneath its hood. Stella's tongue made long sweeps all the way from Sam's ass, over the flesh and back to the soft wet mushy opening of her pussy to the tingling throbbing clit.

Stella quickened the motion of her tongue and played Sam's sex like an instrument. Stella moved her hands around to Sam's firm ass cheeks and placed a moist finger against the puckered nether hole. Stella smiled as she gently increased the pressure of her finger on Sam's anus and it yielded as it accepted the tip of Stella's finger and gripped it tightly. Stella then fingered Sam's asshole as her tongue continued its circular motion and lapped at the engorged clit. Sam's body writhed under Stella's three pronged attack.

"Oh god, take me, take me!" Sam cried, as the penetration of the fingers combined with her clit lapped, licked, sucked and sent her over the edge.

Stella didn't let up as she pressed her fingers deeper into Sam's pussy and asshole. Stella mouth sucked relentlessly on Sam's clit as Sam's body spasmed and contracted around the probing fingers. Sam's gasps turned to screams as her body exploded in a thunderous climax. Stella continued her assault on Sam's body until she felt her lover's body tense yet again as a second orgasm swept through Sam's body.

"Oh my God, oh fuck, you did miss me didn't you?" Sam gasped as she stroked Stella silky hair and added in a sexy voice, "I certainly missed you."

Stella slowed her ministrations as she let Sam recover from the peak of her climax. Stella felt Sam's body relax as it moved to a post orgasmic state. The fingers slipped from Sam's holes causing her to shudder and gasp as they were replaced with the cool air. Stella stood up and the two beautiful naked lovers embraced and kissed deeply. They made quite a picture as the blonde and brunette locked in an embrace.

"I have a surprise for you but I want to save it for later. Let's go in the Jacuzzi for now," Sam said with a smile and patted her lover on her shapely bottom.

They playfully fingered each other and fondled each other while in the Jacuzzi. When it was time to go back in the house both of them were ready for more action. The two girls went back to their bedroom and Stella jumped up on the bed, got on her back and patted her pussy between her spread legs.

Sam crawled between Stella's legs, flattened her tongue and dragged it slowly over Stella's swollen pussy lips. The sudden contact of that warm soft tongue on her inner folds caused Stella to gasp. Her hands clutched Sam's head and directed the mouth to her throbbing clit. Sam's hands slid down and Stella arched her back and screamed in pleasure when one of those long fingers forced its way into her channel. Sam held her finger still and felt the inner muscles of Stella's pussy caress it before she returned to lightly tonguing Stella's clitoral area. She licked and teased in an unhurried fashion, swirled her tongue all over Stella's hot wet flesh, but never more than grazed the smaller woman's nub. Stella found herself in an agony of pleasure as Sam continued to torture her. Sam stopped her tender attention and looked up Stella's body. Stella's eyes were glassy and she was nearly delirious with need. Sam felt the muscles in her own pussy contract violently at the mere sight of Stella and her state of arousal.

Sam stood up despite Stella's efforts to hold her in place. Stella cried out for Sam to finish her, make her cum. But then Stella's eyes grew to the size of saucers as watched Sam put on a leather harness around her waist with a triangle of leather that covered her pussy. Then Stella noticed the imposing dildo that bobbed before the lustful woman. It was flesh colored and very life like with veins, ridges and even a pair of balls. It was easily ten inches long and so thick that Stella doubted she could get her fingers around it.

"This is my surprise, like it?" Sam asked with a smirk.

"It's huge, my God!" Stella exclaimed and thought to herself, "It's even bigger than Bobby's cock."

Sam smiled and knelt again between Stella's legs. When she lifted her lover's legs to her shoulders Stella suddenly seemed to realize what the Sam was about to do.

"No! Wait, it's too big," Stella's words were cut off as Sam grasped the big cock and rubbed the head up and down Stella's soaking slit.

Once the head was coated in Stella's juices Sam positioned it at Stella's entrance. Sam held it with both hands to keep it stiff and on target as the heavy latex would bend rather than penetrate otherwise. Stella groaned when she felt the head nestle at her opening. She had never counted on this and part of her mind wanted to say stop, but her pussy wanted something in it in a way Stella had never felt. The urgent demands of her body overruled her mind and she gripped bed sheet tightly in anticipation of it hurting.

"Relax," Sam cooed.

Stella nodded her head and took a deep breath as Sam pressed forward slowly with her hips and Stella felt the head slip into her. It was very wide and Sam slowed her forward progress. Stella felt the muscles at the entrance to her pussy clench and fight to keep the intruder out. Sam however kept up the slow steady pressure and Stella felt her muscles begin to give way as the head of the massive phallus entered. It stretched her open in a way she could never have imagined. For a fleeting moment Stella wondered if she would be injured, but the thought was driven from her mind as the head slipped past the wall of constricting muscle and her inner lips closed upon the thick shaft.

Stella felt full to the point of her pussy splitting open but it also tingled, itched and created an intense desire within her body. Sam proved to be a very thoughtful lover as she let Stella adjust to the big cock before she slowly pressed forward again. The blunt head of the dildo slid deeper into Stella and forced her inner channel to expand. Stella gasped and Sam instantly stopped. Stella felt positively stuffed and when she opened her eyes to gaze down her body, she was shocked to see that barely two inches of the fake cock had entered her. Sam began to slowly rock her hips but she was careful not to thrust forward as yet. Sam moved in an even motion that withdrew a few inches of the big cock and then pushed it back in. Stella's body jerked as if she was intermittently touched with electricity.

With infinite patience and care Sam worked the big dildo into Stella's quivering pussy. Sam's eyes were glued to Stella's cunt as she watched the pink lips settle around the fake shaft and see the sticky wetness coating the shaft when she withdrew. Stella felt her inner muscles give way as the huge phallus finally came to rest with only an inch still outside Stella's pink lips. Stella was totally lost in ecstasy as she could felt the huge cock head resting in a place where nothing had ever touched before. Her inner muscles involuntarily spasmed around the big dildo and Stella thoroughly believed she could feel each and every vein or ridge in her pussy. It was the largest dildo or cock that Stella had ever had in her pussy.

Sam slowly withdrew her cock and then stabbed it back in. She went slowly and gently at first allowing Stella to get used to it and then she really went to town on her. Stella's hips began to thrust back to meet Sam's. With that reaction Sam wrapped her arms around Stella's thighs and held her tight as she lengthened the strokes and picked up the tempo. Sam pounded Stella's sweet pussy with long powerful strokes.

"Oh yeah fuck me Sam. Fuck me with your big dick. Fuck me hard," Stella cried out.

The huge dildo stretched and filled her as never before. Each stroke produced tiny sounds in her throat that escaped as whimpers and little cries of passion mixed in with her ragged breathing. Sam was still fucking her slowly, but it was unlike anything she had ever done before. Sam's hips rolled upwards with each thrust driving the dildo deeply into Stella as it made constant contact with her clit. Pleasure ripped through Stella's body as she tossed her head from side to side and gripped the bed sheet when her orgasm rocked her body. Sam never slowed down but actually picked up the pace and drove in with more and more force until Stella collapsed in orgasmic bliss. The first orgasm was still rippling though her consciousness when a second even more shattering peak arrived. Stella cried out and her back arched until only her shoulder blades were touching the mattress.

Without warning Stella's pussy spasmed and her inner muscles clenched the heavy thick shaft as this orgasm was beyond the scope of any orgasm that she had ever had. Sam withdrew the huge cock with an obscene popping sound and then crawled up onto the bed and lay down on her side with her head propped up on her hand. She smiled down at Stella and playfully kissed her.

"God, you're a great fuck Sam," Stella said in a weak voice as she raised her head and looked down on her new lover's face and then with a slight tremor she added, "That was incredible, absolutely incredible."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Sam said with a smile.

"Enjoyed it, I didn't want it to end," Stella said in a raspy voice.

"It doesn't have to end," Sam said as she reached down grasped the thick dildo and slapped it against Stella's creamy thigh, "I can go all night, if you like."

Stella giggled and said, "You could kill someone with that thing,"

"Would you like to be orgasmed to death?" Sam asked.

"Maybe later but right now I need to rest," giggled Stella.

The two lovers lay next to each other and stroked each other's body. Stella had just cum like never before and she was not quite ready for another round. Stella slowly nodded off in Sam's arms. Sam looked down on her and smiled at her lover. Sam eased herself out of the bed and stood up quietly with the big dildo dangling between her legs. Sam reached down and playfully stroked the large rubber cock. Then she unsnapped it and licked it clean of Stella's juices. Sam removed the harness and then she pushed the big fake cock into her pussy and masturbated with it until she had another orgasm. Sam then got back in bed with Stella and they slept like babies.


On Saturday the two naked beauties slowly woke up, hugged and kissed. They teased each other until they needed more and then they moved into a 69 position and ate each other until they both had orgasms. After their morning sex they stayed in bed and cuddled. Stella then told Sam about her neighbor Bobby. Sam listened intently and as she did she got excited about the possibility of a threesome.

"Stella you are shameless. I can't believe you seduced your neighbor's son. You are supposed to be watching out for him, not fucking him," Sam said.

"I know but he is 18 years old and he was so sheltered in the private school that I felt sorry for him," Stella told her lover.

"It doesn't sound like he is sheltered anymore. Tell me about his cock."

"Oh, you will love it. It is nearly 8" long and I'm guessing just over 5" around. Not as big as that monster you fucked me with last night."

"You say that he likes to watch porn too."

"Yes, that's how it started. I knew he was watching the movie in my player. His favorite scene was the threesome with the blonde and the brunette. You know where the blonde takes the cock out of the brunette's ass, sucks it and puts it back."

"Yes, I know that scene very well. It is one of our favorites too. I have a suspicion that you are up to something. Are you thinking of us and Bobby in a threesome?"

"You know I am and I want to replay that scene in the movie."

"I thought as much. I getting horny again talking about it. Let's make love again."

The two of them moved back into a 69 position. Sam licked and sucked her lover and felt Stella's tongue play over her pussy again and again. Sam put her hands under Stella's butt and pulled her lover's hips against her face. They wiggled their faces against their pussies groaned with pleasure, their moans muffled by the other's pussy.

Stella pulled back just a little and moved her head down a little and explored Sam's slit with her tongue. She found the small firm bud of Sam's clit causing her to cry out. Stella sucked it and flicked it with her tongue over and over. Stella heard her lover scream and felt her body go rigid. Stella continued to flick Sam's clit as fast as her tongue would go and Sam thrashed against her and Sam's face thrust against Stella's pussy. Sam's body writhed against Stella's but Stella managed to keep her mouth against her lover's pussy and she sucked and tongued her clit until Sam had at least two screaming climaxes.

Stella knew her clit was very sensitive after a climax so she slid her tongue back to her lover's pussy and sucked and lapped at her opening again and again. Sam's sweet juices were very abundant and Stella drank all of the sweet nectar. Their motions became frantic and they licked and sucked their firm swollen clits while their fingers located and stroked their G-spots. Stella was the first to climax and her body bowed up and her pussy slammed against Sam's mouth. Sam sucked her clit and ran her finger around inside Stella's sweet sex. She felt Stella's pussy clamp down on her finger as she screamed out her passion. Suddenly Sam felt a gush of juice against her lips and she moved her mouth down a little and let it squirt into her mouth.

Stella's sweet delicious pussy juice shot into Sam's sucking mouth and she let it flow over her tongue, savoring the taste before she swallowed it. As gush after gush shot into her mouth, it made Sam so hot that she too exploded. Sam cried out in ecstasy and her own hips pushed against Stella's mouth and probing finger. They seemed to feed off of each other's passions and their climaxes seemed endless as they went on and on. Wave after wave of ecstasy shot through their bodies as they soared together from climax to climax. They rested as they recuperated from their fantastic series of mind blowing orgasms.

"I'm going to invite Bobby over to hang out by the pool with us today. By the time we are ready to come in the house he will be dying to fuck us both," Stella said.

"Are we going to wear bikinis or sunbathe in the nude?" Sam asked.

"Let's start out in our thing bikinis and then we will lose the tops and eventually the bottoms. I don't want to shock him at first."

"From what you told me, I think that he is passed the shock stage," Sam replied with a chuckle.

"Come on, let's shower and get some breakfast, then I'll call him," Stella offered.


Stella invited Bobby over to the house after lunch on Saturday and he was excited beyond description. He hoped and prayed that he would get to have sex with both Stella and her girlfriend Samantha. The three of them hung out by the pool all afternoon and Bobby had an erection for most of the day. He kept staring and thinking about the two sexy women who were wearing skimpy thong bikinis.

Bobby at one point thought that he was going to cum in his Speedo when the women removed their bikini tops. He had seen Stella naked before but to see them both topless and rubbing suntan lotion on each other was a real turn on. When the women finally shed their thong bottoms, Bobby had to jump in the pool to cool his jets. Finally evening came and they all went in the house. The women showered in Stella's bathroom and Bobby used the guest bathroom. He had an erection in the shower but he dared not touch his cock as he felt like he would shoot at any moment. They all dressed after the shower and met downstairs.

Sam and Stella were both wearing tight shorts and tube tops. Their protruding nipples were very obvious in the tube tops. Stella served everyone wine and then they went into the living room. Sam told Bobby to sit in the chair across form the sofa and the two women sat on the sofa. After a few minutes Sam and Stella put their wine glasses down and moved close to each other. Bobby watched in disbelief as Sam and Stella embraced and kissed.

"Have you ever seen two women make love before?" Sam asked in a sultry tone.

"Not in person," Bobby replied somewhat nervously.

"Well watch and enjoy," Sam told him.

Bobby took a sip of his wine and ogled the two beauties as they began to make love. The girls kissed and moved their hands under the each other's tub top. They caressed each other's breasts and rolled the nipples between their thumbs and forefingers. Sam then removed Stella's tube top and Stella removed Sam's. They continued to kiss and fondle each other's breasts and every so often they would look at Bobby and smile. Bobby had an erection and he rubbed it through his shorts.

Sam next dropped to her knees and slowly pulled down Stella's shorts and panties. She positioned the naked Stella on the sofa with her legs open and Sam lapped at Stella's enticing pussy. Stella moaned with delight but it wasn't long before they switched positions and Stella removed the rest of Sam's clothes. Stella moved between Sam's legs and licked at her pretty blonde pussy. Bobby was anxious to take off his clothes and join them but he wanted to see what would happen next.

Minutes later Sam and Stella moved into a 69 position with Sam on the top. Bobby nearly creamed his drawers as he watched the most erotic scene he had ever seen with two women. Finally he couldn't take anymore and he stripped naked. His impressive cock stood straight out as he approached the two girls. Sam saw him and she motioned with her hand toward her. Bobby moved over and Sam took his cock right into her mouth. She sucked him a few times and then she put his cock in Stella's pussy.

Bobby began fucking Stella and Sam rubbed his balls, Sam would take his cock out of Stella's cunt, suck on it briefly and put it back in. This went on for several minutes before Sam told Stella to ride Bobby's cock. Bobby got on his back on the floor and Stella straddled him lowering her ass this time onto his rigid shaft. Bobby reached up and fondled Stella's tits as she rode him. Sam again took his cock out of Stella's ass and sucked on it and then put in back in her girlfriend's ass.

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