tagMatureSummer Employment Ch. 08

Summer Employment Ch. 08


Chapter 8: Vera

I'd told Elizabeth to come to the cottage after dark, but when I heard a splash in the pool outside, I decided not to make her wait for me, even though it was barely dusk. I removed my clothes, went out and jumped in.

She was waiting at the deep end. "What do you want?" she asked as I approached her.

"I want the same as you," I said, attempting to kiss her. She pulled away from me, pretending to play hard to get.

"It's unlikely that we have anything in common. You're my husband's driver, a mere boy," she said, using the Witch's voice I'd heard the first day at the office.

"You liked the way I finger fucked you in the van today."

"That's preposterous. I would never let you touch me in such a way," she said, lifting her breasts above the water line for me to see that she was naked.

Perplexed, I tried again. "You not only let me touch you in the van; but I got you off twice by sticking one finger in your pussy, and playing with your clit with my thumb."

"Stop talking that way this instant. If my husband sees us together, he'll have you killed."

"Elizabeth, are you forgetting that Tuck gave me permission to fuck you?"

"He would never permit you to touch me," she said in an authoritative tone.

"He not only permitted it, he watched us fuck while he beat off."

"He may be watching from an upstairs window. Swim to the other end of the pool so he'll see that you're not molesting me," she implored. I humored her, by swimming to the other end of the pool. On the way back, I glanced up at the second floor windows and saw that not only Tuck was watching, Missy was also at the same window. I couldn't tell if either of them was wearing anything, but I was surprised to see that Tuck was definitely playing with her tits.

Elizabeth was waiting with open arms. I put my hands under her ass so I could lift her breasts out of the water. I alternated kissing her and sucking her nipples. "Is he watching?" she asked.

"Yes, he's at one of the windows with Missy."

"Is she wearing my panties?"

"I couldn't tell for sure."

She encircled my back with her arms, and my ass with her legs, making me support her. I felt her breast against my chest and her pussy rub my stomach as her tongue invaded my mouth.

"Swim to the other end of the pool and pay attention this time," she said, impulsively pushing me away.

This was ludicrous. Why was Missy letting Tuck play with her tits? Why was Elizabeth playing hard to get? I put my hands under her ass, and hoisted her onto the side of the pool. "What are you doing?" she asked, but stopped talking when I clamped my mouth to her pussy.

"They'll see us," she complained as she opened her legs for me. "Oh, MY GOD!" she exclaimed as I ate her.

Elizabeth locked her legs around my back. I didn't hear any more resistance until she'd climaxed, and I'd joined her on the concrete skirt that surrounded the pool.

"They'll see us," she said when she saw what I was going to do. "OH, MY GOD!" she said as I entered her. "Are they watching?" she asked.

I looked up at the window. "Missy is shaking her tits and Tuck is beating off. They must like the show we're putting on for them," I said.

The next time I looked up at the windows, Tuck and Missy had disappeared. "Show's over," I told Elizabeth, and she suggested that we put on a show for ourselves inside the cottage. She stayed all night, and even let me get some sleep.

The next night, Missy admitted that she'd let Tuck play with her tits. "He lost interest in my tits and watched what you and the missus were doing. I liked it too, and we got off about the same time. He gave me a tip and went to bed." She seemed pleased with the way things had turned out.

As my social schedule became firm, we all knew what we could expect. Missy tolerated my being too tired to perform, especially on Wednesday nights after my Tuesday appointment with the Tucker sisters and Eric. I found other differences between Caroline and Sarah. In addition to Caroline's tiny clit, she was tighter than her sister. The next time Sarah fucked me in the dark, I knew it was her by the easy way I slipped inside her. Once though, when I fucked her first, before Eric stretched her pussy, it was hard to distinguish her from her sister.

Elizabeth monopolized my Thursday nights and all day and night on Saturdays and Sundays, except once when she let Trudy work on Saturday with me. We took a long lunch hour, which was plenty of time for me to give Mark his sloppy seconds with Trudy and Joyce. I got sloppy thirds later, first with Joyce in the apartment, and then with Trudy in the van after we went back to the office.

Elizabeth went ape the next day when she discovered than I was listless, and could only do her with my finger and thumb. "That's it. Trudy can forget about working alone with you again."

It was the same for Betty. Elizabeth didn't let her work alone with me either. I found that Elizabeth was very manipulative. She hired a young man to keep the cars washed, and when Tuck became convinced that Marty hadn't told the cops that Tuck was behind the shootings at Ginger's apartment, the young man drove Tuck around on Elizabeth's days with me.

Elizabeth's scheming backfired on her once though. She scheduled a day off for Eric, Caroline and Sarah one Tuesday, hoping they'd go away to a cabin the family owned. She made it a point to tell me that Sarah wouldn't keep her date with me, but I was stubborn, and went to Vera's house at the appointed time anyway.

I parked in back of the house, which was dark. Eleven-thirty came, and no one had shown up. At midnight, I was about ready to leave when I saw a figure approaching the car.

"Victor?" Vera asked.

"Hi, I was waiting for Sarah," I said.

"She's...they're not here. Didn't you know they had the day off?"

"No," I answered, wondering why Sarah didn't call to inform me they were not going to be there for our weekly foursome."

"Isn't that just like Elizabeth? She knew they would go to the lake," Vera said, irritation in her voice.

I wasn't surprised at her actions. I'd seen enough of Elizabeth to know she was probably waiting for me in the cottage. "Elizabeth means well," I said, giving her credit for ingenuity. I was tempted to start the car, and hurry to the cottage to see if Elizabeth was there.

"Would you like to come in and wait for Sarah?" Vera asked.

I didn't think twice about accepting her invitation, not that I cared if Sarah and her sister showed up or not. I was a little pissed at them for taking off without letting me know they'd be gone. But going inside with Vera presented another opportunity. "Sure, I'd like that," I said.

Vera had come from the restaurant she managed. She was dressed in her usual way, long-sleeved blouse and long skirt. I waited until we were inside the old house before beginning my seduction of Vera Tucker.

"There's something that I've been wondering about you, Vera," I said, and watched her turn. She was standing at the edge of a large braided rug. I was at the other end, about twelve feet away. The rug was colorful and covered wide flooring.

"What is that, Victor?"

"Why do you wear long skits to work? I'll bet you're hiding nice long legs under the skirts you always wear."

Vera eyed me, critically curious. "How old are you, Victor?"

"I'll be twenty on my next birthday," I lied. My brother was going to be twenty six months from now, two months after I turned nineteen. Yeah, we were close in age.

"How old do you think I am?" she asked. I noticed how her eyes were glistening, like she was having as much fun with this as I was having.

"Thirty-nine?" I asked, knowing she had to be older. Caroline was twenty-three.

"You're close," she said, so convincingly that I decided it was possible that she'd been sixteen when Caroline was born.

"May I see them?"

"My legs?" Vera asked.

What the hell did she think I was talking about? "Yes."

"May I see yours?" she asked.

I didn't hesitate to drop my pants. With a pull on my belt, and a flick of the top button, my pants fell to my ankles.

Vera was slower and more deliberate. Her eyes never left mine as her hands worked to unhook her belt buckle, and then to find the first two buttons. She held the top of the skirt with both hands, her expression placid, before releasing it, and letting the material puddle at her feet.

Even from twelve feet away, I could see that her legs were something to behold. They were as shapely as either of her daughters' legs, tanned and smooth.

"Why? Why do you keep them covered?" I asked, unable to take my eyes off her legs.

A sound came from deep in her throat, something between a grunt and a hearty laugh. "Why do you keep your legs covered?"

"Ah, I understand, it's because of the intrigue it creates in the minds of the opposite sex. That's why I wear long pants. Is it the same with you?"

"Most men like to imagine what's under my long skirt. You asked to see my legs. That shows that you're not satisfied with imagining. You wanted to see for yourself. I hope seeing my legs met your expectations," she said, bending over to pick up her skirt.

"Wait...wait, Vera; I couldn't...would you mind...?"

Vera looked at me and seemed to understand. Her blouse was interfering with my view of the tops of her thighs. She picked up the tails of her blouse and held them, watching me fill my eyes with the sight. Her panties were black, and from twelve feet away, they appeared to be made from satin or silk material with lace trim at the seams.

"Would you mind holding your shirttails up so I can see the rest of your legs?" she asked and I obliged her, proudly lifting my shirttail. My jockey shorts were not fancy like her panties, but she looked closely as if they were.

As we stood there, displaying our legs for the other, I wondered how to approach the next step. It was after midnight on Wednesday morning. Time was wasting. I was expected to be at work in a few hours. Why beat around the bush? Why not get right to the point?

"Your husband gave me permission to make love to you...if you want me to, of course," I said, lying. Tuck hadn't told me if I was on the list approved to fuck his wife or not.

Vera laughed, and laughed, and laughed, but she remained standing at the edge of the braided rug, still holding the tails of her blouse up for me to see her panties.

"My ex-husband doesn't tell me who I can make love with," she said.

"Does that mean that you're amenable to having sex with me?"

She laughed again. "Victor, you're nineteen years old. Why are you in such a rush? You have lots of time. Let's take this slow. Are my legs the only thing you admire about my body?"

I saw where she was taking this. She wanted suspenseful build up. So what if I didn't get to bed until four o'clock in the morning, and was dead on my feet tomorrow. "I've pictured your breasts. Would you mind removing your blouse, Vera?"

"I don't mind if you will remove your shirt," she said, already unbuttoning the front of her blouse. I quickly unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it to the floor.

Again, we stood at opposite ends of the braided rug and looked at each other, approving what we were seeing. From the distance of twelve feet, she looked trim and statue-like in the black panties and matching bra. My boner was obvious, and I felt naked in my jockey shorts.

"I suppose you want me to take off my bra?" she asked, already reaching behind her back.

"That would be...that would...ah...yes, that would...be."

Vera released the bra and we watched as it floated to the floor. She squared her shoulders, making her breasts stand erect, almost. There was noticeable sag to them, but no more than would be expected, given her age.

"I'm forty-three," she said, calmly returning my gaze.

I came so close to admitting that I was eighteen that it was frightening. "I'm...I'll be twenty in six months."

Vera took one step forward and stopped, looking at me quizzically, as if she expected me to do the same. I nearly tripping on my pants before stepping out of them to take one step forward, now standing about nine feet from her.

"You have lovely breasts," I observed.

"Thanks you," Vera said, standing proudly erect.

'The nipples seem to be growing." I said.

Vera took another step forward, and when I did the same, we were maybe six feet apart. "It's the cool air that makes them like that," she said, not trying to hide the trickle of sweat that rolled down between her breasts.

"Are you sure it's not from excitement of being almost naked and letting me look at you?"

She laughed, and from six feet away, I watched her breasts shimmy. "Do I look excited?"

"No," I had to admit that her expression was placid. Was she letting her breasts shimmy on purpose?

"I am," she said.

"You're excited?"

She nodded, making her breasts jiggle. "I'm excited, wondering how you're going to proceed. Do you have a plan, Victor?"

"Well, yes, I have a plan."

"What is it?"

"My plan?"

"Yes, I'd like to know your plan. It would make it easier for me to respond."

"My plan is to have sex with you."

Vera laughed again. "That's your objective. I need to know your plan. Do you have a step-by-step plan as to how you're going to reach your objective? It would help me immensely if I knew what to expect."

I took a step forward. "That's my first step," I said.

"Would you like for me to come closer?" she asked.

"Yes, please."

She took the step, making us approximately three feet from each other. Two drops of sweat were rolling down between her breasts, and beads of sweat were collecting at her neckline and shoulders. There was a summer breeze outside, but the house had been closed up while Vera was at work, and there was no air conditioning.

"Don't make me ask if I should do something. I want to know what's expected of me in advance."

She wanted me to choreograph our love making session, step-by-step. What was wrong with spontaneity?

"I'll start by going down on you, and making you orgasm," I began, but Vera immediately stopped me.

"Wouldn't it be appropriate to remove my panties before you go down on me?" Vera asked.

"Isn't that a given? Of course I'll remove your panties first."

"How will you go about it?" she asked.

"How will I go down on you?"

"No, silly, how will you remove my panties?"

"Oh, you want my step-by-step plan."

"Yes, I need you to be specific so I'll know how to respond."

"Ah, first I'll get down on my knees, and then I'll pull your panties down. Next, I'll..."

"Wait, I need to know if you'll look up at me before you pull my panties down."

"Would you like for me to look up at you?"

"Yes, I'd like for you to look up at me and smile. I'll smile back so you know I approve of your next step."

"Okay, I'll look up at you, see you smile, and then I'll pull your panties down. Next, I'll..."

"Wait, I need to know if you'll bring my panties to your nose and..."

My cock was killing me, and I'd had it with Vera questioning my every move. I closed the distance between us, and watched her grin as I pushed my lips into hers. She kissed me back until we were both breathless.

"Where's your bedroom?" I asked.

"I thought you'd never asked," she said, taking my hand, and leading me upstairs.

I fell to my knees as soon as we were inside her room, and looked up at her before I lowered her panties. She smiled down at me as she stepped out of them. I fastened my mouth to her pussy, and lowered her to the carpet.

Vera struggled to turn me around and tug my shorts off. We took turns, me tonguing her pussy and her sucking my cock. Her orgasm hit first, but I was right behind her.

"Give an old lady a minute to rest," she said, getting to her feet and collapsing on the bed. I joined her there, and removed our shoes. She teased me about how long she'd kept me busy outlining my step-by-step plan.

"I didn't get to the part where I tell you how I'm going to fuck you," I said.

She snuck a look at my cock. "I don't care how you go about it, Victor, but I do have one request."

"What's that, Vera?"

"Please don't compare the way I fuck to the way my daughters fuck."

"I won't," I promised as I got between her legs.

But she'd gotten inside my head, and I believe she knew it. How could I not think of Caroline's pussy as I entered her mother? "Which one are you comparing me too?" Vera asked.

"Neither one," I lied, wondering if it would be the same when I fucked Caroline and Sarah again. How would I be able to forget Vera when I was inside one of her daughters?

Not that it detracted from the enjoyment of fucking Vera. She was incredibly tight, not what I would have expected a forty-three year old woman to be at all. She was also fun, making jokes about being old enough to me my mother.

As it turned out, that was our only night together. After that, Sarah and Caroline never missed a Tuesday night with me. I believe they knew that their mother had entertained me. Every time I saw Vera, she would wink at me and make a remark that indicated she would be agreeable to another time with me. "I hear the girls and Eric have a day off next Wednesday. I hate being alone in that old house," she would say.

"I'm sorry, Vera, but I have to stay in the cottage on Wednesday nights," I would answer. She may have surmised that Wednesday was one of Missy's nights with me. Or, she may have guessed that it was one of Elizabeth's nights.

It was the same with Betty. She went out of her way to let me know that her daughter would like to meet me. "Carrie's your age. She's a lovely girly, even if I say so myself."

"I'm sure she is if she looks anything like you, Betty," I said.

But my schedule was set, and Elizabeth made sure I adhered to it. She never made the mistake of giving Sarah and Caroline a Tuesday off again. Once, when Missy had her period, Elizabeth found out, and came to the cottage to fill in.

When the summer ended, I'd worked seventy straight days. Tuck handed me a bonus check, saying it was for my fine work as his driver, but I think it was because I'd fucked the bitchiness out of Elizabeth. I don't believe he knew about me and Vera.

Unfortunately, the bonus check was made out to Victor Thomas.

Oh, well, no one got themselves killed. ____________________________________________________________________ Epilogue:

I've been back to school for three months and I'm still trying to find out if it really happened. Did all those women throw themselves at me?

The only person I've told about my awesome summer of sex won't believe me. Victor did, however, deposit the checks I sent home into his account. So far, he refuses to share any of the money with me. His dormitory is adjacent to mine, but I seldom see him. He ignores me at parties. On the rare occasions that he talks to me he accuses me of exaggerating.

In the three months, I've only gotten lucky once. Robin is a freshman, and lives across the hall from me with three other girls. Later, after our night together, she said she only invited me into her room because her roommates were with my roommates.

Robin spread rumors about me; I found out about it from my brother.

"Hey, Romeo, I hear you can't even get it up," Victor said, tauntingly.

"Hell, I did everything but cure her of overbite," I retorted. Robin had told me she'd never climaxed three times in one night before. "She was embarrassed at the way I made her scream my name."

"You're such a phony, Brian. Come over to my room sometime if you want to see how a real man operates," he said. Victor had a girlfriend. I've seen them together a couple of times, and frankly, I would take Robin over her, overbite and all.

Unfortunately, Robin was convincing, and I got a reputation for being a dud in bed. I finished the semester without having another date.

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