Summer Fun


It was one of those hot August nights. The type of night when you just want to sit on the patio and wait for a little breeze to come along to take the heat off your body, if only for a moment. I was sitting on the chaise lounge finishing off the last of my nice cool lemonade.

It was nearly midnight and the stars were out in all of their glory. I was thinking about getting up the energy to go get another drink when my husband John came out to join me. I was wearing a pair of shorts and a halter top, both of which were probably about one size too small. (I like to show off my assets -- hehe). John was wearing some shorts and a nice polo shirt. He looked good. His black hair was showing a little gray, but his body was still pretty fit for his age. As was mine.

No, my body was quite a bit more fit for my age and I prided myself on my ability to keep trim.

John was carrying a quilt, which was pretty odd since it must have been at least 85 out at midnight. He sat down next to me and I could see by the glint in his cool blue eyes that he had some mischief in mind.

Without out saying a word John grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the lounge chair and led me into the back yard where he laid out the quilt under a small tree we have there. The grass felt cool on my bare feet as I watched him. Then positioning me in the center of the quilt, John looked at me slyly and began pulling my shorts down.

I looked furtively around to make sure that none of the neighbors were up and about, and was relieved to see that our closest neighbors house was dark.

Reaching behind me, John loosened by halter top and soon I was standing there topless in the middle of a quilt, under a tree, in our back yard. I instinctively moved my arms to cover my breasts and could feel that my nipples were becoming erect.

Moving to the edge of the quilt opposite me, John stood before me and peeled off his shirt. He then unbuckled his belt and his shorts fell to the ground and he kicked them to the side. Bending down, he quickly slid his underpants off and stood there before, the moonlight highlighting his body.

John moved toward me and knelt down at my feet. His hands slipped into the elastic of my panties and they were quickly pulled down. After I stepped out of them, John tossed them to the side with the rest of my clothes.

He stood up and we embraced, kissing each other passionately. As he ran his hands down my back to my ass, the hair on my neck and arms stood up as if an electrical current had run through my body. My nipples pressed into his chest and I could feel his cock grow from its flaccid state into a raging erection.

The whole situation aroused me. We were nude in the middle of our own back yard and I knew we were about to make love. Any neighbor looking out of their window could surely see us standing there in the moonlight. But I didn't care. A warmth was growing inside of me, a fire actually, that wouldn't be quenched until I had my husband's cock erupting inside me.

My knees nearly buckled at the thought. I had never had such a feeling of total eroticism as I had at that moment. Carefully, John pushed me down to the quilt and began kissing my neck and shoulders. His kisses electrified me further and my nipples became as hard as rocks. When he moved to my breasts, his kisses felt so wonderful. Suddenly, his lips surrounded one of my nipples and I nearly came then and there just from the sensation. I let out a moan that I thought might wake the neighbors from their slumbers.

Instinctively my hand moved to his hard cock and I began kneading it gently. Taking this cue, his hands moved to my pussy and he rolled my hard clit between his thumb and forefinger. I erupted in orgasm at this touch. My body convulsed as the first wave of pleasure rushed from my pussy through the rest of my body.

I craved his cock and greedily my mouth found its way to it. As I engulfed his erect cock with my wet and warm tongue, John bent his body so that his sweet, sweet tongue entered my soaking pussy, where it played among the folds there, darting in and out with such expert abandon that I was soon cumming yet again.

My mouth feverishly moved up and down on his now throbbing cock and I marveled at how thick and hard it was, how the large vein on its underbelly felt so good on my tongue.

John continued to lap my quivering pussy and I felt the wave of yet another orgasm building there, slowly at first but then erupting in a torrent of ecstasy that eclipsed the first. I gave me entire being up to him and my pleasure was only heightened when his cock spewed forth its creamy nectar into my mouth in great three great spasms. It was all I could do to swallow his cum as it poured into me.

After expending our passion, we lay there quietly, his cock still in my mouth and my pussy in his. I felt his cock start to go soft, but I wouldn't have it. No, I was not done with it! I began sucking it and soon the softening member turned hard once again.

"John, I want you now!! John, please fuck me! I want to feel that meaty cock inside me, pounding me!! I want to feel your cum shoot into me!" I cried. I was in a sexual frenzy, almost beside myself with lust. I had never been so turned on in my life.

My husband never spoke a word, but simply grabbed me and turned me face down on the quilt. I knew what he wanted and got up on my knees, with my ass in prime position for him. Kneeling behind me, John stroked his cock as he inched in between my legs, placing the head of his swollen cock at the entrance of my dripping pussy. Slowly he insert the head into me and the immediate pleasure I got from it was intense. Placing his hands on my hips, he rammed his hardness into me. The excitement of this act was so great, I nearly passed out! As he began pumping his cock into my pussy, I could feel his balls slap at the base of my pussy whenever he shaft penetrated me fully. I don't think his cock was ever harder because it entered me so deeply at times I thought that I would split apart!

Clutching at the quilt with my fingers, I moved my ass backward to meet his every thrust. I fucked him as if my life depended on it. And the pleasure!! My god, I had never felt such intense pleasure. Within ten strokes I was cumming yet again, and just when I thought my orgasm was about to subside, another wave of pleasure overcame me.

Sweat from John's brow was beginning to drip onto my ass as he plunged into me again and again. Suddenly, and with a violent spasm, John's cock rammed by quivering pussy so deeply I cried out in pain and pleasure. His body tensed and I knew that he want cumming, cumming so very deep into my pussy. I squeezed the muscles of my vagina to milk his cock and he finally cried out in pleasure.

We collapsed onto the quilt and he put his arms around me and held me so very tightly. We lay there in each others arms for some minutes. Every so often he would kiss my neck and caress my breasts. And as I lay there in his arms, I looked at the moon and the stars and thought to myself how wonderful this moment was and how lucky I was to have such a loving man.

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